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Part 4
by Jennifer007
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It's the next day. Max drove Liz home after they questioned Michael. The next day Liz gets up and gets dressed, her parent's are out of town and decided to close the cafe for the day so that Liz and Maria and everyone else didn't have to work. She's meeting Max in the park to talk so she heads out.

She walks to the park and Max is there waiting for her. She goes up to him and he wraps his arms around her, "How are you doing?"

Liz sighs "I'm okay." She wraps her arms tighter around Max, "Who would want to take my journal?"

"I told you that she was stupid Max."

Max and Liz jerk apart and see Tess, she's holding some papers rolled up in her hand.

"What do you want Tess?" Max asks.

"Well I just wanted to share something with you, and then I'll be on my way." "Fine what is it?" Tess unrolls the papers and starts to read, "The thing about Czechoslovakians is that they have these incredibly soulful eyes." Tess looks at Liz who is staring at Tess in shock, "Who is Czechoslovakian? Oh well it doesn't matter." She clears her throat, "Tonight I was kissed for the first time, well wait I can't say it was my first kiss, but it was the first time that I've been kissed that I actually felt alive." Tess looks at Liz, "Hmm who was that?" Liz walks toward Tess, "Ahh Ahh Ahh, if you want it back you'll stay where you are." Liz steps back and Tess continues, "I can't believe that Max broke up with me, I thought that we had something, it's my fault, I hesitated I shouldn't have, and that's why Max wants to step back."

Tess looks at Liz again, "You know I think it was just because of the fact that he was tired of looking at you." She rolls the papers up again and starts to walk away, and then turns around. "Oh and Max if you ever want to hear more, you know where to find me." She blows him a kiss and walks off climbing into her car and driving off.

Max looks at Liz, "What was she reading?"

"Parts of my journal, she's the one that took it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Max that is stuff that I only put in my journal, there's no way she would have known it."

"So what are we going to do about it?"

"I don't know I have to think about it." Liz sits down on the grass and Max sits behind her with his arms wrapped around her from behind. They sit like this for a while and then Liz squeals, "I know what we can do."

Later up in Liz's room everyone is there and they are talking about Liz's plan.

"I think it will work." Maria says.

Max kisses Liz and then gets up. "Okay I'm leaving." He walks out the door and Michael follows him.

Maria looks at Alex and Isabel, "Okay you two know what you have to do so go do it."

Alex mocks salute's Maria. "Aye Aye sir."

Isabel rolls her eyes and pushes him, "okay come on Alex."

Isabel and Alex leave and Maria looks at Liz, okay let's get you ready."

Across town at the UFO center Michael is on the phone, "So that's why I was calling you, I mean Max was totally wrong, why would he want to see someone like Liz when he could be seen with someone like you?" You hear Tess on the other end but you can't hear what she's saying.

"Okay then I'll see you in ten minutes and we can plot how to make Max come crawling back."

Michael hangs up the phone and grimaces at Max, "Well that bitch bought it."

Max shakes his head, "How can someone be such a..." Max trails off.

At Tess's house Alex and Isabel are hiding in some bushes with shades and gloves on watching her house. Isabel is on the phone, "So she bought it? Mmm hmm, okay well see you soon." She hangs up the phone and looks at Alex, "She's meeting Michael in 10 minutes."

They crouch there and a couple minutes later Tess comes out and gets into her car. She speeds off and when she's out of distance Alex and Isabel head to her house. Alex watches for anyone while Isabel unlocks the door. Then they hurry inside.

They find Tess's room and enter it. Isabel starts touching thing's and her hand finally comes in contact with a pencil and she gets a flash.

Tess is writing something down and then she picks up something from the floor and puts it in her closet under a carpet.

Isabel goes to the closet and opens it and peels back the carpet, she sees a book and picks it up and gets an image of Liz writing. She thumbs through the book and satisfied she looks at Alex. "This is Liz's journal."

"Good come on let's go."

Isabel goes to close the door, and then looks at the clothes in the closet, "No I have something to do first." Isabel waves her hand over the closet and all of Tess's clothes change from these designer outfits to all kinds of mismatched polyester, and cotton clothes. Lots of plaids, stripes and polka dots. Isabel nods her head, "okay let's go."

At the Crashdown Liz comes down the stairs, with Max she's wearing a cute little pink dress, she has her hair done up, and her makeup is all fresh.

Maria is right behind them. As they walks down the stairs Isabel and Alex burst in carrying her journal, "Here you go Liz." Alex says out of breath.

Liz looks through it and all the pages are intact, "Thanks you guys." And she hugs both of them. Maria comes thorough the door, "You're on Mija."

Liz takes a deep breath and walks through the restaurant and into the street, carrying her journal.

Alex, Isabel, and Maria follow her but stay inside with the door open.

Michael is walking down the street with Tess and Liz walks in front of them she puts the journal behind her, "Hey Michael."

"Hey Liz."

Tess looks at Liz, "Ahh...I told you that if you ever want your little thing back you better stay away from me."

"You mean this?" Liz pulls her journal out from behind her.

"Michael the others are inside why don't you go inside?"

Michael pats her on the back and walks inside.

Tess looks at Liz, "You broke into my house?"

"Why Tess whatever are you talking about?"

"The only way you could have gotten that is if you broke into my house."

"I don't know what you're talking about, this is my journal so why would it have been in your house? Now I'm going to tell you something, you leave me and Max alone."

Tess looks at Liz, "Yeah, well it won't be soon before he gets tired of you and comes crawling back to me, or some other girl, I mean let's face it, you don't have what it takes to hold a man."

Liz looks at Tess with pity in her eyes, "Well you couldn't hold him, because if he came back to anyone it was me." And then she turns around and goes to walk back to cafe.

Suddenly Tess grabs Liz by the back of the hair and spins Liz around slapping her in the face.

Maria and the others have been watching the two girl exchange words but when they see this Maria is one of the first out the door, she goes up to where the girls are ready to jump on Tess but Liz stops her, Tess and Liz are pulling each others hair and Liz can see it from where she is. "No Maria, I don't want you involved, Michael hold Maria back if you have to."

Tess continues pulling Liz's hair and Liz is trying to get Tess's fingers undone but she won't let go. Finally Liz reaches up and manages to get a handful of Tess's hair she winds it around her hand pulling it tight and Tess crying out let's go of Liz.

Liz winds her hair tighter till Tess is looking at her, "Now are you going to leave Max and me alone?"

Tess glares at Liz and nods her head. Liz lets go and Tess backhands Liz across the face.

Liz staggers back almost falling down, Maria is fighting against Michael trying to get down but Michael has lifted her half in the air. "Michael put me down, I'm going to kill her."

Tess looks at Liz and laughs, "If I had a dumb old diary, do you know what mine would say? It would say that I fucked Max every way we could, and made him moan my name. And you were the farthest thing from his mind."

Tess starts laughing and she's got tears in her eyes in her eyes from laughing so hard, and that is why she doesn't see Liz hurtling to her. She attacks Tess knocking her down, she starts punching Tess in the face, left, right, left, right banging Tess's head against the sidewalk. People have stopped in the street and are watching what is going on, someone says to call the sheriff. Liz probably would have kept going if Max hadn't pulled her off Tess. Max stands Liz on her feet and Michael helps Tess to her feet and whispers in her ear, "Tess people are calling the sheriff, and unless you want him to be told that you broke into Liz's house, then I would keep quiet, you understand?"

Tess nods her head.

The sheriff comes a while later and rights it up as a teenagers blowing off steam.

He leaves and once he's gone the gang breathes a sigh of relief. Max looks at Liz, "I need to talk to you."

Liz nods her head and they go into the back and up to her room.

Once in there he shuts the door, "Liz she was lying, we never did any of that stuff."

Liz smiles, "Max you don't have to tell me that, I know."

"How do you know?"

"Max it took you 10 years to get up the nerve to kiss me, I don't think that you're going to just do it with someone else in a matter of weeks."

Max laughs then he touches Liz's face and she feels a coolness on her skin.

Then Max moves his hand, "You had a red mark from where she slapped you."

Then he runs his hands through her hair healing her there to.

Max hugs Liz to him, "I love you Liz."

"I love you to Max."

They stand like this for a while.

"Max you do know that I have the rest of the day off, don't you?"

"Mmm hmm, so do you want to do something?"

"Well since your asking, can we just stay here, relaxing and kissing?"

Max looks at her and laughs, "Yeah Liz we can do that." He kisses her softly, and within seconds the kiss has become more passionate.

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