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"It's Going To Be OKay"
Part 9
by Katie Zagnom
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
(back in Roswell)

School just ended, and they were out for Summer. Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex had already made plans for a two week get-away to Washington D.C. After a lot of nagging and pleading with their parents, they finally consented to let them go.

They had made plans to stay at Hotel that was near the outskirts of town, knowing where Michael and Maria were being kept wasn't close to the city. Also they saved up enough money to help them stay there.

During the two months Michael and Maria waited to be rescued, Alex stayed seated in front of his computer pin-pointing their exact location. He ended up falling upon a document that Topolski had written, it stated a facility she had worked at, and the specialties it was specialized in. It was a alien related topic, and it being the only place remotely near Washington D.C., they knew that's where they were being held captive.

"How much longer?" Isabel asked, tired of sitting in the back of her brothers jeep for the past day. For they planned to drive to Washington.

"Not much longer. I'm going as fast as I can. Speed permitting." Max said, making it perfectly clear that they had to act normal. Who new if anyone was following them. They were on a long highway and many of the cars held tourist, who knew which one held a government agent.

"Great, cause I can't wait to get out of this jeep. My back is killing me." she whined.

At Isabel's words Alex reached his hand around her back is lightly rubbed the middle of her back. He could feel her muscles relax at his touch.

"Thank you." she smiled and lightly kissed him on the lips.

Night fell, and the stars shinned through the sky as they pulled into a parking lot.

"We're here." Liz said, turning around to tell Isabel, but she was fast asleep in Alex's arms. While he slept as well.

"We should leave them in here." Liz said laughing softly to herself.

"That's not the best idea." Max said right before he opened his door and stepped out. Stretching his tired arms and legs.

"And why not?" Liz asked curious to as why they shouldn't be left where they are.

"Because we're only occupying one room." Max said leaning through the open door window.

Liz knew exactly why they couldn't leave Isabel and Alex in the jeep, because if they did there would be no one to stop them from doing what their hearts longed for.

"Alright sleepy heads time to get up." Max said taring Liz out if her thoughts.

"Um... hummmm.. hunh..." Was all that came out of both Isabel and Alex.

"Come on." Liz said getting out of the jeep and following Max into the front of the hotel.

Alex and Isabel immediately got up and out of the jeep. Alex wrapped his arm around Isabel to keep her warm.

Max walked up to the check in counter. And a middle aged woman turned around to face them.

"Can I help you?" She asked giving a quick look over the four of them.

"Ah, yes. We have a room booked for two weeks here. I was told that we would have room 22." Max said, being the serious Max that everyone knew he was.

"Your name please?" She asked while pulling a book out from under the counter and turning it to a page half way through the book.

"Max Evans." He said looking down at he book, as she scrolled her finger down the lines.

"Ah, yes. Here you are." She said then turned around to grab a set of keys off of a hook.

"Thank you." Max said as she handed him the keys.

"Your welcome, and enjoy your stay." She said, then disappeared into the back.

They picked up their bags and followed Max down a hallway, until they came upon a door that bared 22.

Max unlocked the door and walked in. The other's followed.

"I think we should get some sleep before we do any work." Liz said placing her bags down beside one of the dressers.

"I agree." a sleepy Isabel said.

"Alright, but first we should put our things away." Max said. They all nodded their heads in agreement and went to putting their belongings away into the dressers.

When they were done, they got ready for bed. Max and Liz shared a bed, as well Isabel and Alex shared the other. Soon they were all fast asleep.


(back at the compound)

"I hope they come soon." Maria said, and Michael wrapped his arms around Maria even tighter. She just clung to him.

"They will. Don't worry. You know Max, he probably already has a plan and is closer to us then we could imagine." Michael said, hoping that his words were truly real.

"I hope you're right." Maria said, then closed her eyes as she slipped off into a dream state.


"Where am I?" Maria screamed at the top of her lungs.

"It's going to be okay." a small voice said from behind her.

As soon as she heard the voice, Maria turned around to see a small girl looking up at her. She looked to be around 5 or 6. She had short blond hair and the deepest set of charcoal eyes she had ever seen. She almost looked like a mix of herself and Michael. Then a thought just fit her.

"You can't be." She said in a startled voice.

"You know who I am." She said walking a little closer to Maria.

"Yes, but how is this possible?" She asked kneeling down to be looking her in the eyes.

The little girl reached her hand out and placed a single finger on Maria's forehead. A shimmering white light surrounded them. Images started to flash through Maria's mind, not just images but information of Michael's home planet and the reason why she can talk to her child.

The light disappeared, and the little girl smiled up at her. "Now you know." She stated.

"Yes, I understand." Maria said while her mind went over the information she just contained.

If she hadn't met her child in the dream state, she would have died. There had to be a connection between them. Like the way she and Michael had connected. One cannot survive without the other.

"Thank you." Maria said and picked the small child in her arms.

"Thank you, mommy." The child said, and Maria simply glowed at thought that she was going to be a mother.

"Maria?" a voice from behind her asked.

Maria turned around still holding her child. It was Michael.

"Daddy has to connect as well." she whispered into her ear.

Still holding on to the girl Maria reached out her free hand to welcome Michael into the circle.

"What's going on?" He asked. Wondering why he was pulled into Maria's dream, as he wrapped his arm around Maria and the child.

"Michael, I would like to introduce you to our baby." Maria said. Michael looked on in bewilderment.

"How is this possible?" He asked.

Maria looked at her daughter, but she shook her head. "You must show him."

"How can I?"

"You now contain the power, with the bonding we have become one. Not the same mind, but the same being. No longer human, or Alien."

Maria understood what she meant, but still wasn't sure if this would work.

Michael just looked at the child Maria held in her arms, as she reached a hand out and placed a single finger on his forehead. Then a white light surrounded all three of them, and all the information Maria learned was passed onto Michael. The light faded and he understood everything.

"You are my daughter." He said taking her out of Maria's arms and into his own. He placed an arm around Maria as they all embraced.

A Buzzer went off in their minds, and they started to fade.

"Don't worry, you'll see me soon enough." A small voice in the distance called to them.

Michael and Maria shoot up straight in their bed, to see Topolski walk into the room outside of their cell. The buzzer going off from the door opening.

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