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"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 10
by Katie
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Over the next week and a half Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex were busy making preparations towards the plan to rescue Michael and Maria. They also took half the time to make appearances in tourist traps, so as to make sure who ever was following them believe they truly were on vacation.

All four met back at the hotel and went over the plan for the millionth time to make sure they all knew what they had to do.

"so do we have everything?" liz asked as she sat down next to Max.

"Yes, we have everything ready and planned out." Max said reassuring her that their plan would work.

"So tonight, I'll go into Maria's dream and tell her what we have planned and what they have to do." Isabel half stated and asked. Wanting to make sure she knew exactly what she had to do, on her part.

"Exactly. So you know what you have to tell them, so they can help us get them out of there safely?" Alex asked.

"I have it all planned out in my head." Isabel said, then tapped a finger on her temple.


Maria found her dream quite pleasant for once. She was in the country standing next to a lake. The wind was light, but had a certain chill to it. In her hands she held a cup of hot chocolate and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater to keep her warm. It reminded her of when she was young and use to go camping with her mother.

"Maria." A voice from behind her said.

Maria turned around to see Isabel. "Isabel." She said, a huge smile crossing her face. maria walked towards her and gave her a hug. "It's great to see you."

"Yeah, it's great to see you too. But we must be quick. I came here to tell you that we plan to break you out tomorrow night. So I need you to help me figure a few things out." Isabel said sitting down in one of the chairs that appeared by them.

"Okay." Maria said sitting in the other chair. "First I need to tell you something." Maria said then paused.

"What is it? Come on Maria, you can tell me anything." Isabel said when Maria didn't continue on.

"Well last week when I had fallen asleep, I met my baby." maria said placing a hand over her round belly.

"You what?" Isabel asked not sure what Maria was talking about.

"Well, when I came into my dream a little girl was there. Then she told me that she was my daughter. She placed a finger on my forehead and everything was clear. It's a process all mothers from your planet go through. Michael showed up at that point. I then passed the information on to him, by doing the same thing." maria explained.

"How could you pass the information on to him. Your child apparently has our powers, but how could you?" Isabel asked not sure how this was all possible.

"Well, when she passed the information on to me. I became like you. My whole body metabolism, functions and abilities are like yours." Maria said, but to make it even clearer she stated, "I'm an alien."

"Okay. How can this be happening?" Isabel said, a little freaked out.

"I don't know. But I'm glad it did. I just can't wait for Liz and Alex to go through the same thing." Maria said

"You mean the same thing will happen to them?"

"If you have babies. Which will most likely happen." maria said, a smile coming across her face. As well as Isabel's.

"Alright, so you have powers like me, Max and Michael?"

"Yes. But enough of me. Tell me your plan to get us out of her." Maria said, motioning for Isabel to sit down. For sometime during the conversation Isabel stood up and started pacing.

"That being the reason I came here." Isabel said and sat back down, and explained to Maria there plan, and now how Maria's new found powers can help. them.


Isabel was back at the motel room and everyone was sitting there waiting to find out what she had to say.

"So what happened?" Liz asked curious to know how Maria was.

"Maria's fine Liz, and so is the baby. But she told me of something that happened last week to her. That's just a bit weird, but very interesting." Isabel said sitting up on the bed.

"Well what was it?" Max asked, hating all the suspense.

"Well, how can I put this. She's an alien." isabel said.

"What!!" Came a chorus from Max, Liz and Alex.

"Can you explain that a little better." Max asked, the shocked expression still on his face. As it was on Liz's and Alex's.

"Well she connected with the baby through a dream. Apparently That's what all mothers that are carrying babies from our planet go through. They have to connect with the child when they are nearing birth. And apparently when they go through with this connection the child, mother and father become the same being." Isabel explained.

"I thought you meant Maria wasn't truly a human, but an alien. But she just has highly developed human abilities." Liz said, being the scientist in the group.

"Basically, yes."

"So does maria know the plan?" Alex asked, bringing there attention back to the matter at hand.

"She knows everything, plus a few things we came up with." Isabel said, adding a bit to the end.

"what do you mean. What you came up with?" Alex asked, eyeing isabel suspiciously.

So Isabel sat there and explained the newly developed plan.


Maria sat straight up in the bad she shared with Michael. She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"I have great news for you."

"Hunh?" Michael asked opening his eyes, to see a slightly glowing with joy Maria DeLuca.

"Isabel came to my dream." maria said, as Michael sat up wide eyes.

"What did she say?" He asked, as Maria placed her hands in his.

"Isabel told me their plan to get us out. But when I told her about my condition we changed it around a little." Maria said. Then she went on to explain to Michael how they were getting out that night, but Michael needed to get Carlin to help them.

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