FanFic - After Hours
"It's Going To Be Okay "
Part 1
by Katie
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the character. So please don't sue.
Summary: : Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Maria pressed the gas pedal down even further, if possible at all. Michael was leaning against the back of the passenger side chair, watching the car that drove behind them so incredibly close that they almost rear ended them.

"Topolski never gives up, does she." Michael said, sounding annoyed watching the car behind them. Which swerved to the left to try to bump them off the road.

"Not from what I've seen she doesn't, and what the hell is she trying to do." said Maria swerving her mother's Red Jetta to the right, trying to avoid clashing with the Black Saturn. Which pulled back after it missed on it's attempt to push them off the road.

"Just keep going." Michael urged on, his eyes never leaving the car that once again was behind them.

Maria drove on, but then suddenly she hit a pot hole. She heard a gush of air come from the right side of the car, and felt the car sink a little towards the ground.

"Damn." she heard Michael say under his breath as his head turned towards the tire which was now wobbling all over the place.

Another pot hole. The tire them went flying off the car and into the desert. Maria gripped the steering wheel as the car twirled around in circles in the middle of the road. She went to scream but nothing escaped her mouth except thin air. She turned to look at Michael, he was sprawled over the the passenger seat, but as the car turned his body went along with it. Limp and lifeless. Then nothing.


Maria woke up holding her head. The pain from the crash still very much alive in her body and memory. Right then she remembered, Michael. Whereís Michael, the though replaying through her mind as she frantically searched the tiny room for any signs of life besides hers. Nothing. Where was he. Then before she knew it she called out his name. "Michael!!!"

"Miss. DeLuca." I voice from somewhere inside the room called. "There is no point in screaming, no one can hear you. You are only wasting your breath, so please be quite." said the voice sounding relaxed and taunt as if he was speaking to a child.

"I'll scream as much as I want to!!!" Maria yelled at who ever was talking to her.

"Where's Michael!!!!?" Maria questioned, still screaming. Hoping that her fit was giving who ever was talking to her a headache.

"He's in the room next to yours. If you walk over to the right side of the room you may see him through the window."

Maria quickly stood up and paced over to the window. She peered through the glass, but couldn't see Michael. She was looking into pure blackness. "Where is he. I can't see a bloody thing."

"He's there." as the voice said this a light came on in the room next to hers, as well in herís. There was Michael unconscious laying on a bed which looked exactly like hers. There was blood running down from his hair line to cross over his cheek. Sweat pouring off of him, soaking through his shirt and running up a fever he obviously had.

"What did you do to him!!?" Maria asked not turning her eyes off of Michael, afraid to show who ever was talking to her that she was crying.

"We have done nothing to him. After your car ceased spinning we quickly removed you two from it's containment, gave you both a sedative. Then quickly moved you to this complex, before the sedative wore off."

"What!!! Why did you bring us here???..Better yet why was Topolski chasing us and where the hell are you!!!!!?" Maria started screaming again, not able to hold her emotions in anymore.

"Miss.Topolski was following you under orders. Our locations is classified and I am in a different part of the complex. Speaking to you through a speaker in the ceiling." he continued. "We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow so could you please Miss. DeLuca return to your bed and get some rest. Or you'll be of no use to us or Mr.Guerin tomorrow." the voice said and then disappeared.

"Hey!!!! What do you mean we have a big day tomorrow!!?" Scream Maria, but no answer. She turned to look at Michael, he was still sweating. But the blood had stopped, which made Maria feel a little better. Then as suddenly as the lights came on, they went out again. In both Michael's and her room.

Maria started screaming, banging against the window. Trying to stimulate some type of response from who ever had taken her prisoner. But nothing. Life outside her little cubical was dead, it didn't exist. Finally Maria stopped her screaming, her voice gone hoarse. She stumbled through the room looking for her bed. When she found it, quickly laying under the covers sleep found her. But not with hope and joy, it was of death and fear.


There was complete darkness. Then it came like a bolt of lightning, visions of what got her into this situation in the first place.

She was driving down 285 South, on her way to deliver some packages for her mother. They were more of her little space alien creations. When all of a sudden there was Michael. Running from the desert and into the middle of the road. Maria slammed on to the breaks and squealed to a stop, inches from hitting him.

Michael turned to look straight at Maria. He had fear in his eyes and he knew Maria saw it. Michael looked back from where he was running and there was a Black Saturn coming fast after him. He looked back at Maria, who was looking at the Black Saturn and quickly ran to the passenger side and climbed in. "DRIVE!!" He yelled. Maria didnít waist any time, she pressed on the gas and speed away not dare looking back.

Blackness again. No more visions of the pass. Only she was there, surrounded by blackness.

"Maria." Michaels voice called out in the darkness.

"Michael?" Maria answered back, not sure why Michael was in her dream.

"Yeah, itís me. Where are you, Maria?" Michael said, his voice sounding closer to her then before.

"Iím over here, Iíll keep talking so you can find me."

"All right just keep up the chatter."

"Chatter!! Well I, all right hereís a question. What were you doing in the middle of the desert being chased by Topolski? And why did you have to bring me into it? And why..?" Maria started to ask, but was cut off when she felt arms grab a hold of her shoulders.

"Yes you chatter." said Michael giving Maria a smile.

He then turned serious. "I was being chased by Topolski cause, well I have no idea why. And that is what is pissing me off. I want to know why." he paused trying to remember what happened, then continued. "I was layingin bed when I heard a sound outside. I got up and peaked through my window, to see Topolski and two other FBI agents. I grabbed some clothes and ran out the backdoor. I ran towards the desert, figuring I knew it better then them. But after I had been out here for two hours they had caught up to me. I cursed to myself and started running again. Thatís when I ran into you. After that, well you know the rest of the story."

"Yes I do, but is this real or are you a dream?" Maria asked looking up into Michaelís eyes. She saw that same fear in him she had seen right before she almost ran him over.

"Yes Iím really here. Once I realized you had fallen asleep, I came here to talk to you about what happened."

"Michael, Iím really scared. They showed you to me and you were unconscious, there was blood rolling down your face. At first I had thought you were dead, but then I saw you breath." cried Maria. Placing her arms around Michaelís waist. As Michael encircled his arms around Maria, not liking why she was crying, or that fact that she was crying at all.

"Itís going to be okay Maria. Iím still here and alive. No worries. Weíll be okay." Michael said, trying anything that would take the tears away from Mariaís eyes.

"How can you say..." Maria started to say but was cut off by the image of Topolskiís face floating around them.

"Itís time to wake up kiddies, we have a very big day ahead of ourselves." She laughed hysterically.

Both Maria and Michael started to fade, they were both waking up.

"Maria!" Michael called out, quickly before they both woke up he placed his palm oh Mariaís forehead. A shimmering light shot forth to encircle her face. Then it left Mariaís face and circled around Michaelís. A wave of emotions and images flooded both of them. Fear, anxiety, pain, worry, stress. Then images of their childhood, various moments they had together, their first kiss, the accident and then Maria crying in Michaelís arms.

They both shot up from their beds to have Topolskiís voice surrounding them.

"Now itís time to get you settled into your new home. For you will be hear quite a while." She said, giving them both the evil laugh they heard in the dream only moments ago.

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