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"Inside My Heart"
Part 9
by Linda
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Summary: Liz’s Grandma was the first person near the Crash sight in 1947. What if she helped a wounded alien hide the pods and agreed to protect them? What if she knew the story of their past lives and how important they were to their planet? What if there were FIVE pods, only one was slightly damaged and opened six years earlier then the others were supposed to open, making this podster an infant when they emerged from the pod?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Other than the ship landing with the pods in 1947, everything else is my version of Roswell. Which means, among other things, that NOTHING in season 2 happened!!! J Dedication: I also have to thank my buddies Lyn ( and Mel ( for helping me get this story started and giving me not only feedback, but help with the ideas for this story. I hope you all like it.
Claudia hugged her little granddaughter goodbye and swallowed when Liz grabbed her tightly and whispered in her ear, “Don’t go!”

“I’ll be back my Honey Behr.” Claudia promised as she always did, and then stepped back and looked around the café at the others.

It had been a week since the success of the picnic and Claudia was pleased with the children’s lives the way they were. Everything seemed normal and safe, just as she had hoped it would be. She didn’t want to leave, but she needed to get back to work, and she knew the children were all being well taken care of.

Max had stepped up to stand beside Liz to comfort her and she had taken his hand. Claudia smiled at him and winked. “Bye Max. I’m so glad I got to meet you.” She told him sincerely.

Max smiled and then he too hugged Grandma Claudia. “Don’t stay away too long. Liz isn’t happy when you do.” He whispered for only Claudia.

Claudia tried to hide her tears at how Max was so protective of Liz already. Their bond was so precious that it often left Claudia not only speechless, but also teary eyed as well. She felt that her daughter was going to be one lucky girl when she grew up.

She met her son’s eyes and nodded toward Michael who was sitting at the counter, arguing with Kyle about something.

Jeff looked at Michael and then nodded to his mother. He had talked with her about how she wanted him to keep a very tight eye on Michael and make sure he stayed safe.

Michael was the only one she wasn’t sure was as safe, and she was very glad both Jim and her son were going to watch out for him.

She said goodbye to Nancy who was going to stay behind with Liz at the café while Jeff took her to the airport. “I’ll take good care of our girl.” Nancy promised Claudia as they hugged.

“I know you will.” Claudia smiled; knowing Nancy was an amazing mother and woman to have taken in the alien child all those years ago.

“And I’ll watch over Liz’s brother too.” She whispered for only Claudia.

Then Claudia looked around at the faces of all the children and she sighed in contentment. She had found them. She had not expected it to be this easy when she’d arrived, but she couldn’t thank the stars enough for this gift.

“Well kids, I’m off. Next time I see you all I know you’ll all be so much taller and even more beautiful.” She smiled at them.

“Well, most of us will be taller.” Kyle piped up as he glanced at Liz.

The others laughed and Liz stuck her tongue out at Kyle, but she too smiled.

Maria ran up to Claudia and gave her a hug, as did Tess and even Isabel. Claudia had made sure she spent time with her charges this past week and had taken Liz and her friends to lunch and out for ice cream and out to the movies. She had just spent time with them getting to know them, and she had shown them all of her artifacts and treasures she’d collected on her many travels.

“I’ll bring all of you girls back some beautiful trinkets next time I see you.” Claudia winked at them and then turned to the boys.

“Kyle and Alex you two boys behave yourselves and don’t let these girls pick on you too much.” She teased the two as she always did and they too gave her hugs.

Then she turned to Michael. She had spent even more time with him this week since he was at the café everyday after school. It hadn’t taken him long to go up and visit Claudia to see her treasures from around the world and hear her stories. He had seemed fascinated with her work and had listened intently. They had formed their own bond through their love of archeology and ancient civilizations. “Be looking for that book in the mail Michael. I will be sending that to you when I get back to my place in Africa.” She promised.

“I will. Bye Grandma.” He whispered and hugged her as well. Ever since she had arrived he’d felt like he belonged somewhere. He felt he had ties now, and was around people who really cared about him. And he felt it was all because of Grandma Claudia as she’d told them all to call her.

Later, as Claudia took her seat on the plane, she closed her eyes. She could finally go back to work with her mind not on the whereabouts of her charges. She was looking forward to her next project. And knowing the children were safe made her new project all the more exciting.

************* The two men sat poring over files they had collected the past few weeks, and sighed in frustration.

“Anything?” The one who hated the desert asked his partner.

His partner shook his head and then threw down the papers and got up to pace. He was getting sick of the hotel room and even sicker of just watching a bunch of kids all day. But he knew it was important. Not right now, but later. Later it would become crucial to find and follow the one they were looking for. But for now, all they could do was wait and watch the one they knew about, hoping he could lead them to the one they really needed. And when they found the one they needed, they would still have to sit and wait, wait until the time was right and the one they needed grew up.


Max finished his test and glanced over at Liz. He could see her frowning over her paper and every once in while, chewing on the end of the pen as she concentrated.

He knew she would ace the test, she always did, so it made him smile when she looked so worried. She second-guessed herself too much he thought.

Max was content to just sit and stare at Liz. It was becoming his favorite past time. He was so glad he sat a few seats behind her and to her left, that way he could watch her without being as obvious as turning around in his seat would be if he was in front of her.

And he grinned again thinking of how many times Liz had been caught by their teacher doing just that. For she liked to look at him too.

Settling back in his seat, he continued to look at Liz. He loved watching her push her hair out of her face, chew on her pen when she was concentrating, and how she bit her lip when she was worried. Today she had her hair straight down and so shiny that it made Max want to run his hand down it to feel just how soft it really was. Max swallowed and shifted in his seat but didn’t stop watching Liz Parker.

She was wearing a cute yellow summery dress with little straps on it, and matching socks, with little white sneakers to finish the outfit. She always wore sneakers on gym class day. Just looking at her legs swinging back and forth as she concentrated made him swallow. She looked so cute with her bare legs and little white sneakers. Max felt his body stir and he groaned inwardly. He HATED this now familiar reaction that he had no control over.

Last year, when it had happened for the first time while watching Liz he’d been shocked and scared and had felt so embarrassed. He had excused himself from class and gone to the bathroom until he had control of his body again. Later that day he had gone to the public library and looked up the things that were going on with him and realized it was natural and part of growing up. At first this physical awareness had scared him, but now he knew it was perfectly normal and he welcomed the pain cause it also felt good to watch Liz. Of course he HATED that it happened when he didn’t want it to, but he wasn’t at all surprised that it only happened when he was looking at or now even thinking of Liz.

He had come to accept the special bond he and Liz had shared since they’d first met. It no longer scared him. In fact, just last week he had realized that if these feelings ever stopped, that would scare him. He seemed to know Liz better than he knew himself and he couldn’t imagine not being aware of her or her of him.

Liz finished her test and her eyes slid back to Max who she saw was staring at her again with that look that made her tummy flip and funny things start to happen to her body. She blushed and turned away momentarily while she processed the tingly feeling she felt all over and tried to breathe normally.

Lately her feelings for Max were becoming even more intense and her reaction to him more physical. She knew from reading up on it, that it was part of growing up, but it was embarrassing to know her body was doing things she didn’t completely understand and couldn’t control.

Max watched Liz’s face turn red and his body hardened even more. He knew Liz was reacting to the way he was looking at her, but he couldn’t stop, and didn’t want to. No matter how painful it got, or how embarrassing it would be to be caught like this, he loved that even his body called out to Liz.

He grinned and tried not to blush himself as he thought of how his body was now drawn to her and only her, as his mind and heart had been from the day he’d first seen her.


“Hey Liz! Over here.” Maria called out to her best friend as she saw Liz enter the cafeteria.

Liz looked over and found the gang had a table toward the back of the room. She nodded and headed over, smiling at them as she slid onto the bench.

“Hi guys! So are we all ready for this afternoon?” she asked excitedly.

“I can’t wait! I already changed into my suit and am ready as soon as school lets out!” Kyle said with excitement in his eyes.

“Me too!” Maria exclaimed and looked around. “So everyone has a cover story right?” she asked.

Tess laughed and glanced at her sister. “Isabel always comes up with great stories for us.” They exchanged smiles.

“Alex, Liz?” Maria prompted hoping they too were all set.

“I’ve got to stay after school for a Spelling Bee.” Alex told Maria.

“WHAT!? No Whitman you promised you’d go!” Maria threw up her hands.

Alex laughed. “No Maria…that’s what I told my mom. Of course I’m going to the swimming hole at the reservoir!” he rolled his eyes and exchanged laughs with the others.

Maria sighed and turned to Liz.

“Liz?” she asked anxiously. She knew that it would be hardest for Liz cause lately her parents had been more cautious than usual for some unknown reason.

“I’m all set. I have a Science Honors Meeting after school supposedly.” She grinned then tightened as she felt Max enter the cafeteria.

He had had gym with Michael right before lunch, so she hadn’t walked from class to lunch with him today like they usually did.

Max homed in on Liz immediately and as usual, his breath got shallower and his heart picked up at the site of her.

“That is just too spooky for words Maxwell.” Michael rolled his eyes as he witnessed Max’s ‘Liz homing device’ once again and followed his friend to their table.

“Maria, we all set for this afternoon?” Michael asked as he slid in next to her and grinned.

“Of course! Everyone is accounted for. We’re going to have a blast!” she exclaimed and her eyes shone with her excitement.

Michael grinned back at his good friend and lightly kicked her sneaker with his. “Way to go Deluca!” he praised her. Leave it to Maria to get all the fun things planned and organized.

Max slid in next to Liz and rested his leg against hers, both of their bodies tensing and then relaxing as they felt the connection and the calming affect it had on them.

“Alex! Did you bring the tubes?” Isabel asked suddenly hoping he hadn’t forgotten.

“I got them Is. Relax. Geesh! Girls.” Alex rolled his eyes and shared a grin with Kyle.

Kyle nodded. “You got that right.”

Tess sighed to herself at Kyle’s words. He was so uninterested in girls still, and it drove her crazy! Here she was almost 12 and she has to like a guy who was totally uninterested in her or any girl. All he cared about was his sports.

“Liz did you bring your cassette player?” Isabel turned to her friend.

“Yep! It’s in my backpack. Did you bring the tapes?” she asked hopefully.

“I’ve got my whole collection.” Isabelle grinned and the four girls whooped and laughed. They had their favorite songs that they usually practiced dance routines too after school, and they knew that meant they could practice out by the reservoir too.

“You brought your football right Kyle?” Michael asked as he leaned over and grabbed one of Liz’s fries.

“Definitely! And I also got a rope from our garage that we might be able to hang over that one old tree and swing on as we jump into the water.”

“Cool!” Michael said reaching for more of Liz’s fries.

Liz slapped his hand away and Michael just grinned. “Get your own fries Michael!” she exclaimed.

“Why? You don’t eat all of yours anyways. They just go to waste.” He threw back and reached for more.

“So! I don’t want your hands in my fries. They are dirty and I don’t want dirty fries.” She complained.

Everyone was so used to them fighting like sister and brother that no one really paid attention.

Liz glared at Michael as he reached for more, but she took one herself and then turned toward Max with the fry.

He was looking down at a book he had picked up but automatically opened his mouth as Liz brought the fry close to him.

“Oh sure! Of course Maxie can share your fries.” Michael teased.

“Maxie doesn’t have your dirty hands and he’s not reaching for them.” Tess laughed and defended her brother. She thought Max and Liz were just too cute and although she envied their relationship, she loved it. It was what she one-day hoped to have.

Michael rolled his eyes. “Whatever!” he sighed.

Maria looked over at Max who sat across from her and tried to see what he was reading.

“Whatcha got there Max?” she asked ignoring the others bantering still.

Max looked up and then quickly showed her the title. “Alien Encounters.”

Maria raised an eyebrow. “You’re reading that here! Right in public?” she said surprised and couldn’t help but look around.

“Maria, it’s just a book. No one will think anything of it.” He smiled warmed by her concern.

He had worried about Liz telling Maria the whole truth, but he needn’t have. Maria was as loyal as they came, and he trusted her completely. He’d learned that having Maria Deluca in your corner was a good thing.

And it helped Michael to know that a human knew about him and still accepted him as he was. With both Liz and Maria knowing, Michael and Isabel had felt much more comfortable and happy as they realized they could be liked for exactly who they were.

Max kinda wished that Alex and Kyle knew too, since they all hung out together so much, but both Michael and Isabel had not wanted to just go telling everyone randomly. Max thought it was because Isabel was afraid of what Alex might think. And yet, Tess wanted to tell Alex and Kyle in the worst way. Max guessed that was because she wanted to share everything with Kyle. Max grinned as he thought of his sister’s infatuation with Kyle and how oblivious Kyle was to it.

“Well, let’s go back to class and meet outside by the bikes right after school.” Alex piped up as the bell rang.

“God it’s going to be so much fun!” Kyle rubbed his hands together. “I don’t think I can wait for the next two hours to go by!” Little did any of them know that soon the question of Alex and Kyle knowing would be taken out of their hands…

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