FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Inside My Heart"
Part 8
by Linda
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Summary: Liz’s Grandma was the first person near the Crash sight in 1947. What if she helped a wounded alien hide the pods and agreed to protect them? What if she knew the story of their past lives and how important they were to their planet? What if there were FIVE pods, only one was slightly damaged and opened six years earlier then the others were supposed to open, making this podster an infant when they emerged from the pod?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Other than the ship landing with the pods in 1947, everything else is my version of Roswell. Which means, among other things, that NOTHING in season 2 happened!!! J Dedication: I also have to thank my buddies Lyn ( and Mel ( for helping me get this story started and giving me not only feedback, but help with the ideas for this story. I hope you all like it.
“Well Max. I would love to meet the rest of your family. Perhaps Liz’s parents could have you all over for dinner some night, to get to know you all. I’m sure you’re mom would love to meet some of the neighbors.” Claudia said, her excitement humming inside of her.

“Yeah, I’m sure mom would love that. She hasn’t gotten out much yet. She’s been so busy unpacking and stuff.” Max said, and then looked up at the time. “And I better get home. It’s almost dinner time and I promised I’d be home by 5.” He stated looking regretfully at Liz.

Liz met his eyes with understanding ones and nodded. Neither one of them wanted to be separated. Liz knew this strange connection should scare her, but it just felt too right. Too good for there to be anything scary about it. She just accepted it because she wouldn’t want it any other way. Now that she had met Max, she couldn’t imagine how she’d been without him. What had her grandmother mentioned about soul mates before? She would have to ask her again. She had a feeling she had found hers.

Max gave her hand a light squeeze and then released it reluctantly. He too felt the bond and although it did scare him, he didn’t want to not feel it. It felt too good when he was with Liz.

Claudia watched the two unlink hands and she could almost see a light dim in her granddaughter’s eyes. She watched in total fascination as she witnessed this overwhelming chemistry and connection before her. It couldn’t be more obvious. Those aliens sure knew what they were doing when they had recreated these children and sent them here.


“You’re sure about this mom? Even though it looks like this Max Evans was not adopted.” Jeff asked pacing the living room.

“I know there’s no proof that Max or his sisters were adopted, but they HAD to have been. The feelings I’m getting from him are just too powerful. And Liz! When you see her with him it’s just too unbelievable! Their bond is already so strong!

At that Nancy gasped and sat down as if her legs had given out. Not her baby! She was too young to feel bonded. Too start feeling her alien-ness. Nancy wasn’t ready to let her go.

As if knowing her thoughts Jeff sat down next to her on the couch and took her cold hand in his.

“We still have her Nancy. She still needs us. Now more than ever. If she is starting to develop some alien traits, she will need our love and protection even more. We knew all of this when we took our baby girl into our lives. We can do this.” He assured her.

Nancy nodded. She knew she would do anything for her baby. But she just wanted more time with her safe and normal. It scared her that this alien side seemed to pull Liz away from Nancy. Hearing of the bond between her daughter and this Max Evans terrified her. She was afraid of losing her little girl and it was too soon.

“We’re not losing her Nancy.” Jeff said, knowing her fears. “She’s still our little girl and always will be. Only we have to share her with Max. After all, she was his long before she was ours.”

“But they are too young!” Nancy whispered still in denial.

“And I agree.” Claudia stated. “I don’t think we should tell them anything just yet. If the others know anything about themselves, they’ve learned by now to keep it secret. But if they all knew the whole story, the bond between them all might become even more noticeable, and they would be easier to find. It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Evans are protecting their children very well. There isn’t even any proof anywhere that they were adopted. And I know with you and Jim Valenti watching over Michael, he should be okay. And as long as Liz is in the dark, she should be safe. Other than her natural bonding to Max Evans, she hasn’t shown any other alien traits, and she might not for several more years. So we should wait until they are all older to deal with this. I’m sure my instincts will tell me when the time is right.” Claudia assured Liz’s parents.

Nancy sighed with some relief, but she realized that this was the beginning of her daughter’s journey into the alien side of her life. ***************** “Isabel! Hurry we’re going to be late!” Diane called up to her daughter as she looked at the time. They were to be at the Park in 10 minutes and she hated being late anywhere, especially as a first impression.

She was thrilled when Max’s school friend’s parents wanted to welcome them to town and get to know them. Diane welcomed friends in this new town and thought the idea of a Saturday picnic was perfect.

“I don’t want to go.” Isabel sighed as she came down the stairs dragging her feet.

“Why on earth not!? Isn’t this a classmate of yours? Isn’t she a friend of yours too?” Diane asked surprised.

“No! She’s not in my class. She’s in Max’s class and she’s his FRIEND. Or should I say…girlfriend!” Isabel threw at Max who was waiting quietly by the door.

When his parents turned to stare at him Max turned red and then glared at Isabel. “Liz is my friend! I like her. And she’s nice. You should get to know her Is.” He frowned.

“I think she seems really nice. I want to get to know her.” Tess piped up as she came out of the bathroom.

“You like everyone Tess.” Isabel sighed.

“And you don’t like anyone Is.” Tess threw back at her with a pout.

Isabel just shrugged and then suddenly went from looking disinterested to vulnerable. “She’s gonna think we’re weird. Max TOLD her everything! She won’t like us. She only likes Max cause he’s a boy and he makes goo goo eyes at her.

Max turned read again. “I do not!” he defended and wanted to crawl in a hole as his parents stared at him again.

“Max explained that he didn’t mean to just tell Liz. He didn’t know he was going to be able to heal her. I’m sure she’ll want to be your friend too once she gets to know you.” Diane tried to comfort her daughter who liked to pretend she didn’t care about anything, but was just afraid of being rejected.

Diane and Phillip exchanged worried glances about Liz. That had been worrying them nonstop since Max had told them about how Liz had found out about him. She was only a child! How did they know she would keep their secret? They feared for their children and were very anxious to meet Liz and see for themselves what was going on.

Max had been going to invite Liz over yesterday, but Diane had had errands to run and the kids had had to go with her.

Now she was anxious to meet the girl and judge for herself what she was like. Usually Max was a very level headed boy, and if he was so sure Liz wouldn’t tell then maybe he was right. But with Isabel saying Max had a crush on this girl, they couldn’t be sure if he just wanted to believe what he wanted.


Liz sat with her hands tightly folded in her lap and tried not to jump around. She was nervous and excited that Max and his family were coming to the park to meet her family. She wanted Max to meet her mom and dad so much, but she was afraid to meet his parents and really talk to his sisters. What if none of them liked her? She bit her lip and swallowed.

Max’s sister Tess seemed nice enough, but his other sister seemed like she didn’t like Liz already. Isabel had given Liz a mean look yesterday at lunch before she had turned away to sit with her sister and some of their classmates.

Claudia watched Liz and met Jeff and Nancy’s eyes. They were all nervous too. Claudia was anxious to meet all the children, which was why she had suggested to Nancy, the idea of a picnic before Claudia had to leave. But she was also anxious about meeting the Evans. She was sure they were wonderful to have taken in three alien children and she knew that they had to know, so she was just not sure if she would talk to them about anything or not. Jeff and Nancy weren’t ready to discuss it with the Evans. They wanted to get to know them and see how they felt, and maybe wait until Claudia told the children about themselves.

She had assured them that she too would wait and get to know these people. That she would give it time and see how it went. But she knew that sooner or later she would and should talk to them about their children. After all, she had information that they had every right to know. But again, the danger of everyone knowing too much when the children were still small would put them at risk of danger. So she would wait and see.

Claudia smiled as she watched Maria, Kyle and Alex running around playing tag. They were great friends of Liz’s and she knew they would help to make the new children feel welcome as well. Then she looked at her nervous granddaughter and went to her.

“Go play with your friends Honey Behr. The others will be here soon. Everything will be fine.” She said and smoothed back Liz’s hair.

She watched Liz smile up at her and nod. Then she took a deep breath and got up to join her friends.

“Here they come Claudia.” Nancy said from behind her. She sounded nervous.

Claudia knew Nancy was anxious about meeting the boy who had been her little girl’s husband in there past life, and just how strong that bond was in this life.

Claudia focused on the last two pod children first. The two girls were both blond and looked so different from their brother and from each other as well. One looked excited to be there, and started running toward Liz and her friends immediately. The other one dragged her feet and tried to look uninterested in her surroundings. But Claudia could see that her eyes were fearful.

She, like Liz, was afraid of not being liked. Claudia smiled as Diane and Phillip Evans came toward the picnic area that Nancy and Claudia had set up.

Introductions were made and the women started putting out the food while the men started the grill for the hot dogs and hamburgers.

Max walked toward where Liz and the others were with a smile on his face. His eyes finding Liz and he grinned even wider when she turned as if knowing he was there.

Liz gave a yelp and ran toward Max and stopped directly in front of him, their eyes locking.

“Hi Max.” Liz said out of breath and shyly.

“Hi Liz.” Max said back softly. He was happy just being with her again.

“Did you meet my parents?” she asked.

Max shook his head. “Not yet.” He said and turned red when she realized he’d come straight to her.

“Come on.” She smiled again and taking his hand, she led him to the picnic table.

“Mom! This is Max.” Liz exclaimed to her mother as the two came up besides the women.

Nancy had watched the quiet boy head straight to Liz and had held her breath when Liz had turned just knowing he was there. It was as if they were a homing beacon for each other. Now she looked down at Max and couldn’t help but find him adorable. He was so young and innocent that Nancy couldn’t find him a threat as she’d thought she would. The closeness between these two was innocent and beautiful and Nancy couldn’t help but be awed by their “presence” when they were together. Now she knew what Claudia had meant. She couldn’t say just what she saw in her daughter’s eyes, but there was something more there. Some brighter light or whatever, that shone only for Max.

“Hello Max. I’m glad to finally meet you.” Nancy finally said and held out her hand to take the serious boy’s hand in hers. She also noticed that his other hand stayed in her daughter’s grip.

“Hi Mrs. Parker.” He said seriously up at her, hoping to make a good impression.

“Max…this must be Liz.” Diane said coming back from the car with the last load of blankets. She too held her breath as she met the small delicate little girl that held her childrens’ lives in her hand.

Liz’s hand clenched in Max’s as she met his mother. She so wanted the woman to like her.

“Hi Mrs. Evans. Yes, I’m Liz.” She said softly. And when Mrs. Evans held out her hand and Liz took it, she immediately sensed Max’s mother’s emotions.

She was afraid. She was very afraid that Liz knew Max’s secret and might slip and tell cause she was so young. She could feel the love this woman had for her kids and how scared she was for them. Liz wanted to tell her it was okay, but not in front of her mother.

She moved back to stand next to Max, and then noticed Isabel sitting at the table just watching the other kids running around.

Liz moved over to the girl and sat down next to her. “Hi Isabel.” Liz smiled, trying her hardest to be friends with the girl.

Isabel turned to Liz. She was surprised to see the girl had come over to her, so she just stared at Liz.

“Want to come play tag against the boys. They think they are so good, but I know we can beat them.” She smiled looking over at how Kyle and Alex were arguing with Maria and Tess about who had won.

Liz tried not to look nervous as the other girl just started at her. Did the girl really hate her? And why would she?

Isabel wanted to play. The others looked like they were having fun, and they had readily accepted Tess in their game. She started to stand up but dropped her bracelet.

Liz reached down first and picked it up and handed it to Isabel. As Isabel reached to take it from Liz, their hands touched and Liz felt Isabel’s fear. She saw a flash of Isabel being screamed at for being a scary monster.

Liz gasped and let go of the bracelet and moved back a little. It wasn’t that Isabel was mean or didn’t like Liz, she was just scared of what Liz knew. Just like her mom.

“I love your bracelet that’s so pretty.” Liz tried to reassure Isabel without coming right out and saying she wouldn’t hurt her with what she knew.

“Hey Parker! Get yourself out here! I need some competition, Deluca and Tess aren’t any match for Kyle and me!” Alex called out all of a sudden.

Liz laughed and put her hands on her hips. “Right Whitman. You mean their winning and you want an excuse to start a new game.” She called out.

“That too!” Alex admitted happily and grinned.

Isabel couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Come on. Let’s show them that they shouldn’t try to win against us girls.” Liz smiled and led Isabel out to the field.

Max had watched the exchange between Liz and his sister and was amazed at how Liz just knew how to handle Isabel. Even he didn’t know how to handle her when she was in one of her moods. He just grinned and went to join the gang on the field. Maybe he could catch Liz!

Tess looked at Kyle from under her long bangs as she pretended to tie her shoe. She thought he was cute and nice and funny. She wondered if he would ever look at her the way Max looked at Liz. She wouldn’t mind at all. She thought as she looked him over again and watched him and Alex wrestle. She sighed. She knew Max was just different. Most boys their age didn’t like girls yet, and a lot of girls didn’t even like boys yet. She wondered if the difference was because Max wasn’t human? She shrugged and went back to play.

Claudia looked out at the children and found her first wave of contentment since she’d lost them two years ago. They all seemed normal and healthy and happy, and not in any danger. She frowned because Michael was absent from the group. Hank had not brought Michael to the park like he’d said he would. Claudia wanted to go get him herself and was seriously thinking about it when she heard a car door.

She turned and saw Jim Valenti get out of his truck and then saw that Michael was getting out of the passenger side. She smiled as Jim came closer and thanked him with her eyes. He just winked and grabbed a hand full of chips before he headed over to the men at the grill.

Claudia watched Michael trot over to the others as they called him. She watched the pod children interact and didn’t notice any differences between any of the others towards Liz or Liz towards them. It only seemed with Max that she felt the ‘connection’ to her alien side. She was glad. She knew that this could be looked at as just a simple boy and girl crush and no one would suspect anything more. She felt as if she had some time before she had to tell the children about their past and future and what it had in store for them.

When they all came to the table for lunch, Diane and Phillip exchanged glances at how naturally Max and Liz just sat next to each other, and how Tess moved over for her as if she’d done it all her life. They were surprised at how all of the children had taken to Liz and Max’s special friendship. They had watched how close Max and Liz stayed to each other and how they seemed to have their own form of communication. They didn’t understand it, but they could tell that the girl was level headed, sweet and genuinely seemed to care about Max, as he seemed to care about her. Their fear eased a bit as they watched how well Liz seemed to fit in with their children. Even Isabel had loosened up and was laughing with Liz and her friends.


The two men watched from their car as the children played in the park. Their eyes focused on one child in particular…

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