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"Have A Little Faith In Me"
Part 5
by Linda
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Summary: MY version of episode 5.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: DEDICATION: To my Dreamer friends who need some faith in our couple!
As Max put one knee on the bed, Liz sat up, her eyes fascinated with the close up view of Max's beautiful erection.

When Max saw Liz unconsciously lick her lips he almost lost it, and he groaned.

Liz's eyes widened at the silken liquid that appeared at the tip Max's throbbing member, and then her eyes flew up to his when he groaned.

Liz almost melted just by the intense heat she saw blazing in Max's eyes when she met his. He was so beautiful, and it made her head spin to know he was all hers!

Max swallowed as he started to open the foil package with shaky hands. He couldn't believe the sexy as hell temptress in front of him was his Liz. And she was ALL his! It was a dream come true. And to know that one-day they would be married, left Max feeling exhilarated and even more in love and possessive of the little slim figure waiting for him.

With the taste of her still on his lips and his eyes burning into hers, he slowing started to unwrap the protection.

Liz suddenly slid closer and reached for the item in Max's hands, as he was about to stretch the protection over his hardness. "Can I? Please Max?" Liz asked shyly, and yet determined to do this fascinating and arousing chore.

Max saw her blush and his heart wondered how he could love her more every second. He gave her a half smile, all that he was capable of because of the painful erection that was begging for Liz's touch, and he reached out a hand to lift a cool, silky strand of her hair and run it through his fingers.

"Anything for you love." He whispered hoarsely. And watched as Liz carefully began to unroll the protection over the part of him that was throbbing for her touch. Max hissed in his breath and shivered as Liz's hands began to slide down his shaft along with the cool texture that was beginning to cover him.

Liz was fascinated with being able to turn Max on with just a touch, and barely one at that. Suddenly she smiled and with the rubber only half unrolled over him, she put her mouth over him and unrolled the rest with her tongue and lips.

Max jumped and swore, causing Liz to almost laugh with pleasure at the wonderful reaction she'd gotten, knowing he was loving her taking care of him like this.

"Where the heck did you learn that!?" Max asked between clenched teeth as he tried to keep from exploding right then. He watched as his future wife lifted her huge doe eyes to him innocently and she smiled as she examined her completed chore in a satisfied manner.

"I read a lot Max. How did you think?" she grinned with a teasing look.

Max's lips twitched at her lighthearted teasing, and then all fun ended when Liz reached for him.

Liz got up on her knees and sliding her arms around his neck, she pulled him down with her onto the bed. "Come to me Max. I need you so much!" Liz suddenly shivered, her need for him now taking over the fun.

Max swallowed trying to control his urge to just push into Liz's beautiful needy body. He would die before he would hurt her in any way.

Liz pulled him on top of her, and spread her legs to accommodate him between hers and sighed when Max was nestled up against her own heat.

Through the protection, Max could feel the wet heat radiating from Liz's body and he groaned again. Easy Evans… easy…. He continued to tell himself over and over as he just nestled snug between her legs. Leaning up on his elbows, he looked down into Liz's beautiful features that had captured his heart from the first day he'd set eyes upon her.

Liz was dying for Max to fill the aching emptiness within her that his hot hard flesh against her was causing her body to need desperately.

When Liz wiggled and shifted so that Max slid against her feminine folds they both cried out.

"Max!" Liz cried hugging him tighter and meeting his eyes with a pleading look.

Max was afraid he would hurt Liz with his need to take her in one motion. He gently eased his hand between then and slid his finger up into her softness slowly and repeatedly to ready Liz as much as he could. The feel of her wet flesh closing around his fingers as he inserted a second one, and her cries of pleasure, were making his whole body shudder with need. He watched Liz arch against his fingers and gritted his teeth as he held back, just enjoying the beautiful picture Liz was giving him of her arched body and beautiful ecstatic face. His love for her kept him in control enough to make sure Liz was completely ready for him. When her silken moisture ran down his hand , he knew she was as ready as he was. He swallowed and easing his fingers out of Liz, he grabbed himself and started easing his way slowly and carefully back into his girl.

Liz kept her eyes on Max as she felt him slowly enter her. Their eyes held and promised so much. Max that he would love her forever, and Liz's eyes told him he was her world, her everything and always would be.

"Tell me if I'm hurting you Liz. I don't want to hurt you love." Max said hoarsely as he felt her stretching to accommodate for his body.

"You could never hurt me Max. I love you. Please Max I need you to fill me completely!" Liz sighed and cupped his cheek with her hand.

Max knew he couldn't hold them off any longer. He felt her body ease around him as it got used to his presence and he bent down and kissed Liz with all of his love as he completely filled her in one final thrust.

They cried out together as they completely joined, and kissed with the promise of forever in every breath they shared.

Even as Liz felt the initial pain of Max's body completing hers, she also felt his hand slide down once again between them and the heat of his hand as he healed her pain at the same moment.

Liz sobbed at his total tenderness and regard for her even at this moment, and kissed him deeper, loving him with every breath. NO one was like Max. He was so unique and she would love and cherish him for the rest of her life.

With the pain gone, Liz needed more of Max and the love he had to offer still. She started moving below him and with a groan, Max too began to find a rhythm for them.

As Max slid in and out of Liz, he watched her with such tenderness and protection that it amazed him. And then, when he couldn't think anymore, he waited for Liz and then they tumbled over the edge together.

Max wiped the tears off of Liz's face with his lips as he held her tightly to him. He knew she was crying from happiness and the overwhelming emotions that they had given in to by being together. It was a moment they would never forget and never regret. It made them closer than they ever thought possible.

"I adore you Liz Parker, soon to be Liz Evans." He whispered as he brushed the hair back off her face and continued the soothing movements of his hand running through her silky hair.

Liz clung to Max as if he was her only lifeline. She felt empty ever since he had pulled out of her body. But that full joining was worth everything. She couldn't imagine how she had gone all these years without Max inside of her being a complete part of her.

"I can't believe you thought I'd buy the you and Kyle thing." He said with a small smile, knowing why she had tried it and loving her all the more for it. His hand was gliding down her back in slow caressing motions. He just loved to touch Liz.

"Hmm…. I was desperate Max. God how I hated the thought of hurting you!" she bit her lip just thinking about what could have happened.

"Hey…shhh… it'll be okay. Even if I had believe it for a temporary, insane moment…I would have come to my senses soon enough and I would have come to you for answers. We'll work this out. As long as we're together Liz, we can handle anything." He promised.

Liz nodded in agreement and then kissed Max's neck and chest and then nestled her head in the crook of his neck and sighed as she drifted off to sleep. "Don't leave me..." she whispered and clung to him.

"Never." Max whispered back, and giving Liz a squeeze, he kissed her forehead and joined her in sleep.


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