Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 2
by Anne H
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Rating: NC-17
Liz was in heaven with the feeling of Max’s tongue darting over her clit, he was eating her like there was no tomorrow. She was sat on one of the tables at the Crashdown with her legs spread and Max between them spearing his tongue into her pussy.

‘Yes, right there, harder!’ she cried pulling at his hair to try and get him closer.

The familiar sensation like a corkscrew twisting in her stomach told her she was going to cum soon.

‘Max! Please fuck me! I want to feel you’

She felt Max’s knowing smile against her sopping wet lips then with a long lick from top to bottom he raised himself up. Liz tore through his jeans and boxers to get to Max’s massive cock and run it against her wet slit. He loved the way she jumped everyt ime the head came into contact with her clit.

‘Inside me please God Max’ her hands were clawing at his back as he slowly began to push inside of her.

Her heat enveloped him and her slick walls squeezed him tightly.

‘yes yes yes yes’ Max hesitated as he felt her barrier, looking into her eyes questioningly only to find reassurance in her eyes .He thrust forward forcefully, burying himself to the hilt. Liz cried out in pain then there was black.

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