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"Finding Our Normal"
Part 32
by LivE
Disclaimer: Sadly nothing Roswell is mine
Summary: This is a sequel to The Experiment. It was supposed to be less angsty, but the plot has overtaken me! Here are the basics: Max and Liz are back in Roswell. It’s nearing the end of their summer holidays and one (or maybe more) of the aliens from the opposing race has found them. They are also trying to conduct their relationship under the watchful eye of their parents.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
The sun was just setting over the horizon as the ceremony started. It was a strange and wonderful experience for the Parker’s and Evans’. Nick presided over the ceremony and he motioned the four friends and four parents closer to Max and Liz. They complied, linking hands to form a circle around the couple. This time Nick didn’t even blink when Max took Liz’s hands against tradition again. As before, he marveled at the strength of their connection. And it was even stronger now that they have been intimate…

The utter silence throughout puzzled the parents at first until they were also privy to the rush of images flowing through the group.

Max and Liz seeing each other across a playground for the first time when they were small children.

Max and Liz working together in the bio-lab, smiling at each other shyly.

Max healing Liz from the gunshot wound. "You’re all right now."

Standing together at the Crash Festival. "It’s not safe." "I don’t care."

Liz falling into Max’s arms through his bedroom window and again standing close together before she left. "If anything weird happens… anything at all, you come back." "I promise."

Max and Liz’s many almost kisses.

Having fun together at the old soap factory.

Their first kiss.

Their first date. "This is the best night of your life."

"Maybe that’s what we both need right now… to take a step back." "I just wanted… to remember."

Kissing each other breathless in the back of the Crashdown, images of Max’s planet rushing through Liz.

"Then tell me, Max… what’s my destiny?" "I only know the part I’m hoping for."

"You’re the one, Liz. The only one." "I’m in love with Max."

"Get out of here!" "Not without you…"

Max’s anguish when he thought Pierce had killed Liz.

"You’re what kept me alive, Liz. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny’s the same. It’s you, Liz. I love you." "I love you."

"But you mean everything to me." "Good bye, Max."

Being in the camp the first time and their mutual distress over not being able to be together.

Liz being afraid to wake up one morning because Tess made her think she would cause Max’s death.

Their first bonding ceremony. "My Liz. Forever." "Always. My Max."

Max getting kidnapped and Liz finding him via their connection.

Making love for the first time. "Will you marry me, Liz Parker?" "Yes!"

The torture of being apart when they went back home.

Facing the gunman that threatened Liz at the Crashdown.

Going back to the camp and telling their parents everything.

Getting through the ordeal with Tim. "I never want to be so scared in my life, ever again!"

And through it all, the little group around Max and Liz could feel their emotions with every new development. Wonder. Awe. Happiness. Sadness. Fear. Relief. Despair. Joy. Need. But underlying all these emotions was the most overwhelming one of all. Love, so pure and encompassing that it threatened to blot out everything else.

As before, the images of future promises made Max and Liz gasp with wonder. This was the second time they saw the two dark-haired children, laughing and playing. Mommy! Daddy! Come look!

Max pulled Liz closer to him, not caring that he is breaking the rules somewhat. Nothing about him and Liz had ever followed the rules anyway. With Nick’s Now you are one ringing in his ears, he promised Liz: "I know that this will never be normal, but I will always love you. More every day."

Leaning away from him, Liz smiled into his solemn eyes. "What’s so great about other people’s normal? This is OUR normal, Max." She leant her forehead against his. "And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love you."

This time, Alex didn’t need to tell Max to kiss his "bride". He kissed her passionately, uncaring that their parents were witnessing the whole thing. Holding her tightly against him, he underlined his promises with his lips against hers. Invading her mouth deeply, but gently. Relaying his happiness that finally they have found some kind of peace. Their parents knew and understood and for the first time, the curse of their destiny wasn’t hanging over their heads. He could just be Max Evans, almost husband to Liz Parker, the most beautiful girl in the world.

Liz curled her arms around his neck, lifting herself closer to his mouth. He wove such magic with his lips that she always went under with a sigh. No one could kiss like Max. Every kiss was different. And she gloried in them all. Pined for more of them. Needed them like she needed air to breathe. To Liz, Max was the center of her world now. And he always would be.

Isabel had to squeeze Alex’s hand to keep him from making another silly crack about Max and Liz. He always got uncomfortable when things got so intense, so he always tried to lighten the mood with one of his jokes. Instead, he now looked at the parents, wondering what they thought of that small flash with their children making love. Maybe Nick had included that on purpose? Diane and Nancy had tears in their eyes, while Jeff looked shell-shocked. Alex hid a smile. The poor man was probably only now realizing how little he had known about his daughter’s activities during the summer. Philip also had a stunned expression on his face. Probably amazed that his son was having sex… with a GIRL! Another close call or Alex would’ve snickered. He received a glare from Isabel again and sighed.

Max and Liz eventually broke away from each other reluctantly. He pressed her face into his neck, not wanting to let her go completely just yet. The end of the kiss was the signal for the crowd to begin a rowdy cheer, alerting the couple of the fact that they were not alone. They smiled at each other, wide happy smiles that left no one in doubt as to their feelings.

"Well, I guess its congratulations AGAIN you two!" Alex came forward first to shake Max’s hand. "Although, HOW many times can you marry one person? Cause, I’m thinking we are going to have to do this again in a church in a few years time, are we not?" He slapped Max on the back, grinning before he turned to Liz. "Ah, unhand the girl Max!"

Liz smiled happily at Alex as she wriggled from Max’s grip to hug her friend. "Thanks Alex. For everything."

"Hey, he’s not me, but I guess you could’ve done worse!" He hugged her back.

Isabel threw her arms around Max and pulled her parents into the embrace too. This was the way she had always dreamed things should be. No horrible secrets from her parents, no evil aliens on their tails and everyone happy.

Michael and Maria got their turn too. Michael, of course, being uncomfortable with all the touching going on, but enduring it because he actually was quite fond of Liz. Besides, if it weren’t for her, him and Maria would never have really met.

Liz’s parents waited until she had been congratulated by basically everyone before coming forward. This was an emotional day for them. Their little girl had grown up without them noticing and now she wasn’t their little girl anymore. She was someone’s wife in all but name.

Liz walked into their arms and held on tightly. "I love you," she whispered to them. "Thank you for doing this. For understanding…"

Jeff didn’t really know what to say to her. That she was ecstatically happy was obvious. That she came to life whenever Max was near was obvious too. But he still had trouble with the fact that the young man in question had been sleeping with his daughter for close to two months now. His head was reminding him that this was Max and that there wasn’t much more he could do to prove how much he loved and cared for Liz. But Jeff’s heart was having a hard time not wanting to take Liz somewhere where he could make sure that Max Evans can never touch her so intimately again. He held her much longer than was needed. Until he caught Max’s eye over Liz’s head and saw the understanding there. It made him feel a little bit better that Max could imagine feeling the same way about his own daughter some day. About that little dark-haired girl they just saw. The one that was the spitting image of her mother…

Liz went back to Max’s side when she managed to get her father to let her go. She slid under his arm naturally, snuggling close to him. The other people were moving off to the tables with food and they finally had time alone. She stood on tiptoe, kissing Max softly. "Thank you."

He smiled down at her. "No, thank YOU." He kissed her again, this time with more urgency. When she responded, sliding her tongue into his mouth, he groaned and pulled away. "How long has it been since we made love?" The words were whispered against her sensitive lips, making her shiver.

"Too long."

"Hey, get over here you two. Food first." Isabel sounded amused.

Max took Liz’s hand, leading her over to their table. He shared a grin with his sister when he saw that she put them next to each other this time.

Izzy couldn’t help getting in a dig at her brother. "I didn’t want a repeat of this morning." And promptly burst out laughing when Max turned red. "That’s for leaving me to try and explain where you two were when the parents arrived."

Dinner passed slowly with everyone in good spirits. Max held Liz as close as possible throughout the meal, actually wishing that everyone would leave already. Yes, he loved them all, but right now, he just wanted to be alone with Liz. It was just too amazing. They were together officially with parental consent now. No more sneaking around and hiding.

Nick suddenly appeared before them, holding out the carved wooden box that he had given Liz the previous time. "Oh, my box!" Liz exclaimed, holding out her hands.

"Yes, it’s yours." Nick looked at Max. "You two should open it together."

Max got up. Finally, a valid reason to get Liz out of here… Picking her up and holding her against his chest, still clutching the box, he said: "Thank you everyone! Good night." He walked away with some very amused chuckles in his ear.

"Max, wait!" His father’s voice halted him. Turning around, he found Philip and Jeff coming towards him. Maybe I was too optimistic about the parental consent! He let Liz slide down till her feet touched the ground and watched their fathers warily.

Philip looked at Jeff before speaking. "Uhm… We were thinking. You know, that cabin we have near Carlsbad? Well, why don’t you and Liz go there for a few weeks? Until school starts again."

Max’s mouth fell open. What! They were offering them a HONEYMOON? "Uh… Sure. Thanks Dad!"

Then it was Jeff’s turn. "And when you get back, we want you and Lizzie to stay with us. I mean, there’s a small apartment at the back of the café... We haven’t really used it in a long time. We were sort of waiting for Liz’s Grandma Claudia to come live there some day, but… Well, you can have it now."

"Dad!" Liz flew into his arms, leaving a stunned Max to just stare at Jeff. Not only was he allowing them to be together, he was HELPING them be together.

"Wow! Thank you, Mr Parker. This… It means a lot."

"Well, I didn’t want my Lizzie too far away from me just yet." His eyes told Max how hard this was for him and Max felt for him. Not being close to Liz was his worst nightmare too.


Back in their tent, he whirled Liz around, kissing her breathless. Words cannot describe how happy he was right now. "I love you, Liz Parker!"

"And I love you, Max Evans."

They stood in front of each other silently for a few seconds, just basking in their togetherness and love. Max slowly lifted his hand to her face, gently tracing the beloved and familiar contours.

Liz held her breath, her eyes fluttering closed at the wonderful sensation. "Max…"

There it was again. That tone of voice that Max’s couldn’t resist. His name on her lips like benediction. He stepped closer, his hands sliding down her hips to gather the long dress and lift it over her head. His breath caught in his throat when her body was revealed to him. She was so tiny and yet she held such power over him. He let her undo his shirt and push it off his shoulders. And watched with awe as her fingers found the fastening of his pants. She glanced at him shyly, still not used to undressing him. It endeared her to him even more. But he waited quietly for her to finish, even though his body was screaming at him to hurry the task so he could have her back in his arms.

Liz stood to her feet once she had rid him of his last clothes. Her eyes caressed every inch of him until he moaned her name helplessly and reached for her. His kiss was hard and urgent, passionate and tender at the same time. He hiked her up against him, cupping her rear and moving her legs around his waist. Her heat scalded him and drove him towards the bed.

Liz didn’t even notice how gently he put her down. She was too busy glorying in his touch and kisses. Exalting in how aroused he was. She raked her nails over his back and thighs, urging him closer.

They took turns in adoring each other’s bodies. Running their hands and mouths over each inch of skin, but always coming back to share long, hot, wet, drugging kisses. Kisses that eventually weren’t enough anymore, because they were too reminiscent of a more intimate act.

Max held Liz to him for a few moments, before moving to enter her. "I love you," he vowed again as their bodies became one.

Nothing could compare to having Max inside her. To the feeling of fullness and completion that it brought. Her sense of wonder about this always lasted only seconds until her body took over. Wanting more than just him inside her. Needing him to move within her in that way that brought her such ecstasy. Needing to hear his heart pound in rhythm with hers and to finally hear his cry of fulfilment mingle with hers.

She gasped as Max pulled her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind his back. Arching her neck, she clutched at his shoulders as she rode out the storm. Her vocal cords were unable to do anything but produce desperate sounds in the back of her throat. Her mind could only scream his name repeatedly. Over and over until she tumbled over the cliff.

Max felt her release and moved faster, never wanting this moment to end. But it always did in his total loss of control. He poured himself into her until he nearly passed out. Then he held her against him until they both came back to earth. "Wow!"

She smiled at him, her eyes still squeezed shut. "Yeah wow is right!" She rubbed her cheek against his chest. "I guess I should have known that if you kissed as well as you do, you would be great at this too."

Max felt slightly embarrassed. It was a compliment, but he never really thought of himself in those terms. Good kisser. Good lover. He was just Max. Totally in love with his dream girl.

Close to dozing off, Max remembered the box. He lifted his head, running a tender finger over Liz’s nose. "Hey, sleepyhead. How about we open that box of yours now?"

This had Liz’s eyes flying open. She had completely forgotten about the box! She pushed Max away grabbing the nearest piece of clothing – his shirt, and pulling it around her body.

Max chuckled at her enthusiasm and grabbed a pair of boxers to put on. "Don’t make me think you’d rather open the box than be in my arms or anything."

Liz just grinned and whacked his shoulder. "You jerk! Of course that’s not true." But her haste to get the box in her hands belied her words.

He caught her hands before she could open it. "Nick said… this box should always be in the hands of the woman who will bear the next… leader of my people." He was looking at her seriously. "We never really talked about… children, because I… I never thought I would ever be able to… you know--."

"Max, I want to have your children. I want to be the mother of those two beautiful kids we saw." She cupped his cheek in her hand. "I want them, because they would be yours. Ours."

He sighed. "I want that too. So much."

Kissing her tenderly, he covered her hands on the box with his own, helping her to open it. A soft humming started inside the box and suddenly an image rose from its depths. It was a family tree of Max’s ancestors. It listed the generations of couples that produced the leaders of his planet. And right at the bottom with a space for the name of their child, the next king, it now listed Max Evans… and Liz Parker.


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