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Part 8
by Mama Dee
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Summary: A weekend fantasy trip for Max and Liz. Moral of the story......Be careful what you wish for! If you like it, I'll write a sequel.
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Rating: NC-17
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"I need a hot bath," Liz squeaked out and proceeded to the bathroom to draw her bath. She tossed in some bath salts and sat on the toilet to relieve herself. Then she threw off her clothes and climbed into the tub as it continued to fill. She moaned delightfully as the hot water soothed her strained muscles. The steam rose in a magnificent aroma around her and her head lounged on the back of the tub as she drifted into a sweet sleep. Meanwhile, Max dragged his weary ass into the bedroom and flopped on the bed. His arm came up across his forehead as he tried to relax his knotted body. His neck muscles ached slightly from his sexual maneuvres and he rubbed them with his free hand. He still had a raging erection but was too exhausted to give it a second thought. He drifted off to sleep still wearing his shoes.

Liz woke as she felt the water cooling down. She must have slept for an hour and she glanced wryly at her wrinkled finger tips. She rose form the tub, towelled of, put on her robe and padded out to the bedroom. She stopped at the door and gazed lovingly at Max as he lay splayed on the bed, one hand cradling his obvious erection in his sleep.

She felt so guilty that she knew she had no other option than to bring him to completion. She quietly slid onto the bed and gently removed his hand. She then pulled his zipper down and removed his straining shaft from his boxers. She was amazed that he had remained asleep. His penis was the most beautiful sight at this moment. It pulsed as it strained proudly erect and she worshipped it as her mouth slowly took it all the way down the shaft.

Max stirred in his sleep as he automatically began to rock his hips. Liz lovingly cupped his balls and squeezed them gently. He jerked awake and placed his hand on the top of her head, moaning in gratification as she pleasured him with her tongue and hot wet mouth. He let himself go as the feelings swept over his body and he came hard and fast as Liz keened her excitement at his release.

She licked him off lovingly and then moved up to nestle into his chest. He laughed as his breathing returned to normal. "Boy, what a way to wake up!" Promise me you'll do that again sometime," he begged .

"It will be my pleasure," she replied."I love you so much, Max. I can't seem to get my fill of you! I don't know what we're gonna do when we return to civilization. How will I get my Max fix?"

"I never considered myself a drug before but I guess if you're addicted, we'll just have to accomodate your dependency. I"m in exactly the same predicament."

"Hello, my name is Liz Parker, and I am a sex addict," she quipped.

"Yeah," Max agreed, "Me too. Well, this sex addict is gonna clean up his act. I'm gonna hop in the shower, Babe. Care to join me?"

"No, I'm a little water logged as it is," she replied as she showed him her still wrinkled fingers.

"Mmmm," and he kissed their tips before he went to shower off.

Liz strode into the kitchen and filled the kettle. She felt like having some hot chocolate. It was only ten o'clock and she'd napped so much today that she didn't feel at all sleepy. As the kettle boiled, she called out to Max, "Hon, do you want some hot chocolate?"

"Sure please. Sounds good. I'll be out in a minute," he yelled from the bathroom.

Liz prepared two mugs and laid them on the coffee table in front of the couch. She turned the lights down and lit a couple of candles before she sat down with her legs curled up under her. Max came padding down the hall in just his robe and joined her on the couch, kissing her on the head before he picked up his mug and sipped his beverage.

"Yum, this is good," he offered.

She smiled at him over the rim of her mug and reached out a hand to fondle the damp curls at the back of his neck. "Feel better?" she asked.

"Much," he replied.

"I feel so domestic," she giggled.

"I'ts a nice feeling. I could get used to it," he admitted. "Someday, we'll have this for real but we have two more years of high school to get through before we even go off to college. Liz, if we end up at the same University, do you think we'd live together?"

"Yes," she squealed without hesitation. "Oh yes Max, we have to, I don't know how I'm gonna get through the next couple of years. Don't make me wait through another four or five years of college, please!"

"A bit anxious, aren't we, lover girl?" he chuckled.

"Oh, and your not?" as she flashed him a glimpse of her boobs.

His eyes widened in arousal and he groaned "Now look what you've done!" as he pointed to his hard shaft bobbing under his robe.

"My, my, my Maxie boy, you sure have a quick recovery time!"

"Anything for you, Babe." he winked and gave her a woolfish grin.

She melted under his gaze but didn't think her heated flesh could take another assault tonight. "Well, I can accomodate you again, but I'm afraid my body is off limits until tomorrow."

Max looked at her with some concern. "Liz, did I hurt you?" he asked worriedly as he laid his mug down on the table.

She shook her head in denial. "No Max, just a little too much action for one day I guess. I'm just a little swollen still.

"I could make it feel better," as he reached over to touch her mound.

She thought about it and realized that she didn't have to feel this discomfort unneccessarily, so she nodded. She felt an immediate tingling sensation as a heat radiated through her lower extremities and within seconds, she was back to her old self. Her head fell back and she smiled in relief. She picked up his hand in hers and kissed his palm in gratitude.

"My hero," she sighed. "Thank you."

"You're most welcome. Now come here and accomodate me," and he waggled his eyebrows lasciviously.

She laughed and laid her mug down. Then she lay down beside him on the couch and brought her hand up to his stiff shaft under his robe. He smiled at her as his eyes fell to half mast and he undid the sash on his robe to give her better access. There was no urgency like before and she played with him at a leisurely pace, watching his facial expressions change from loose and relaxed to more tense as his jaw clenched and his breathing became more rapid.

"Max, look at me. I want to watch your eyes when you come," she whispered in a trembling breath.

Max obediently opened his eyes and stared into hers as his arousal increased. He panted through parted lips as he picked up the pace of his rocking.

"Liz, touch my balls, please," he moaned as he fought to keep his gaze on her."Touch me Liz!"

Liz fought for her own self control as her eyes waivered. She cupped his sack as he let a whimper escape from his lips and then she pressed her finger directly behind his balls and dug in deeply, massaging her finger into that spot. He bucked violently in her hand and let a loud moan escape his lips. His eyes bore into hers as he shook with unreleased passion. With a tremendous effort, he brought his hand up and held the side of her face. He connected immediately with her and she was engulfed by his own feelings of overwhelming desire, as his release exploded from him and he ejaculated over her robe. Liz responded as her eyes searched his face wildly and she was racked by his orgasm. She joined him in her own release as her body jolted in unison with his.

"Max," she cried, "what's happening. I can feel what you're feeling! " she wheezed out in a rattling breath as she trembled in his arms.

"I know," he managed to gasp. "Something just made me connect with you. I don't know why I did it. I just felt this urge to have you feel what I was feeling. Oh God, I can't stop shaking!" he chattered.

Liz rubbed his arms and held onto him tightly until she could feel his body achieve some semblance of control.

"Max, it seems the more we experiment, the more intense our feelings are becoming and its like we can't stop what's happening anymore. It's like some invisible hand is guiding us. I'm scared Max. What's going to happen next?!"

"I don't know, Liz. I swear I'm just as much in the dark as you are! I wish I could assure you somehow that everything's gonna be okay but I can't seem to control any of my actions anymore. Deep down I get the feeling that it's gonna be okay but I can't promise anything. I'm so sorry, Liz," as he looked truly distraught into her eyes.

Liz felt a pang of guilt as she realized this was no more Max's doing as her own."Max, I believe you. I just wish I understood what's going on! It's so frustrating having no control over this situation!"

She lay back down in his arms partly to assure him that she still trusted him and partly to feel his own comforting embrace. She held his head to her breast as he trembled slightly in delayed release. His head was so hot and soaked with sweat.

"Max, come into the bathroom with me. I want to wipe your face and neck with a cool cloth. You're burning up."

She led him by the hand into the bathroom and had him sit on the toilet lid while she took a cloth and ran it under the cool tap. She held him by the shoulders as she gently ran the cloth over his flushed face and neck, alternately kissing him on the head and whispering soothing words. He seemed to relax a little more as he let himself lean on her arm.

Then she helped him stand and walked him to the bedroom where she pulled down the covers and slipped him underneath the cool sheets after removing his damp robe.

"Here Max. Put on this t-shirt, hon, so you don't get a chill. I'll be back in a minute." She hurried into the bathroom to rinse out her robe and hung it up to dry. Then she returned to the bedroom and threw on her own t-shirt. When she looked over at the bed, Max had already drifted off to sleep, curled in the fetal position. She had never seen him do that before and she felt an unexplicable twinge of concern course through her veins.

She returned to the living room to blow out the candles and switch off the lights before she headed off to bed. She got under the covers with Max and reached out lightly to touch him reassuringly, more for her own benefit than for his, since he seemed unaware of anything at the moment. She lay there in the dark listening to his shallow breathing and racked her brain for some answers.

She knew she was right about one thing--their sexual encounters were increasing in emotional intensity. It's like they had become wanton with sexual abandon and it was starting to take its toll on Max. This last episode had left him weakened and burning with fever. She didn't know what increasing effect this would have on him and she was afraid to find out.

She drifted off to sleep, still pondering their precarious dilemma. If anything happened to Max, she knew, without a doubt, that she would never survive. She needed him so badly now that it hurt to be out of his reach. It was like the very air he breathed was precious and she needed that air, too.

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