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"Exploring Avenues"
Part 37
by Mary N
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Olan could feel this man in front of him gathering his power for an attack. He grabbed hold of the fabric around his neck and pulled a small orb-shaped medallion, bearing the symbol of the Seer, from within his shirt. Holding to the medallion, he began to gather his strength on the chance that this should come to blows. And come to blows it did, Nesado released a ray of shear light which headed straight for him. Olan responded by rasing his hand and absorbing the light and returned it the bolt three fold.

Nesado was caught completely off guard as the returning bolt of light stuck him squarely in the chest. The impact caused him to fly back five feet, slamming him into the trunk of the tree where he slid to the ground below. It took him a few minutes to shake off the residual effects, making his struggle to climb back to his feet extremely difficult. However, his determination to do so was strong and growing stronger as fear implanted its self in his mind. Not fear for himself, but fear for the select four he was supposed to be protecting.

During the last fifty years he'd let his hatred for the humans who had tortured him, and killed the only other protector to survived the crash consume him. For the first time, he questioned why he'd wasted so much precious time planning and successfully killing many of those who'd been involved. His thrust for revenge never ended, he merely moved onto those that hunted him like an animal, seeking their own revenge for the lives he'd taken.

Now, as he stood facing this man, he questioned the choices he'd made. He was sent here to protect Max, Tess, Michael and Isabel, and it appeared he'd only succeeded in drawing the attention of their enemies as well. After feeling the strength of this mans power he doubted his ability to defeat him, and because of the wasted time, he was sure the four in his care wouldn't be able to either, even if they formed the four square. They just weren't ready and that was greatly due to their lack of training, which was his responsibility as well. Their only hope was if he could out think this guy.

He watched the guys actions careful, trying to find any weakness that he might have, and noticed two things. The first puzzled him and till he noticed the second. The first being that the guy wasn't taking advantage of his obvious weakness. This guy could have killed him by now, but he just stood there watching him. The second was the medallion he held tightly in his hand. It wasn't flat like the one he'd left with Atherton so long ago, but instead it was shaped like one of the orbs. He squinted his eyes trying to get a better look, but couldn't make out the insignia due to the man's hands. However the shape was a good sign in and of it's self. "Who are you, and what do you want with those in my charge?"

"In your charge? Are you saying that you are Max's, and the other's protector?" Olan asked calmly not revealing his surprise.

Nesado was hoping that he was right about who this guy was, and at the same time he was worried that he was. Never had he heard of one of the advocates of the Seer revealing themselves to anyone outside of the temples and surrounding gardens back on their home world. If this man was an advocate than something serious must be, or about to be happening that could have serious deprecations. "Yes, I'm their protector. They call me. . . ."

"Nesado?" Olan offered with a note of surprise. He was having a hard time believing that this was the guy who had caused so many problems and delays for those he was supposed to protect.

"If you are indeed Nesado, then answer two questions. First, do you have the medallion you were given when you accepted the responsibility of protecting the pods, and the four that later emerged from them?"

"I gave it to someone I trusted a long ago, it was something my enemies in this world recognized. I couldn't risk keeping it."

"Where is the chamber in which their incubation chamber was hidden in?"

Nesado was leery of this request. If he's wrong about this guy, and shows him where the chamber is, than who knows what he could do with that information. After all Nesado knows that Max intended to keep the orbs in the chamber. It's possible this guy is here to get the orbs. "Before I answer that question I need to make sure you are who you say you are."

"Fair enough. How do you plan to make sure?" Olan asked with great interest.

"First let me see the medallion in you hand." Olan removes his hand so that Nesado can see it more clearly. Nesado wasn't surprised that the Medallion was identical to the orbs, only about a forth the size. He nodded his head, acknowledging that he'd seen what he needed to see, than followed up with a question. "Would you explain your actions tonight? I thought guys in your position had rules about watching and not interfering unless asked for guidance? Has something changed in the last fifty earth years?"

"The rules have not changed, however the importance of those within this house exceeds those of the rules. Besides I did no more, no less than I saw needed." They stood there in silence for a few minutes until Olan asked. "Do you have any other questions for me?"

Nesado was already pretty sure who this guy was even before seeing the insignia on the medallion. Seeing it more clearly and hearing this guys answer about the importance of those he protects only clenched it. "Just one. Who are you?"

"I am Olan of Tarsus, advocate of the Seer, protector of the orbs, and the watcher of those who were destined to possess them. With that settled, if you would please answer my question. Where is the incubation chamber?"

"In the desert, inside of a rock formation."

Nesado stepped closer to Olan and placed his fingers over his right temple and sent him a mental picture of the rock formation. Once he was done, he stepped back again and waited whatever was to come next. Olan had the proof he needed and felt it was time to get some real answers. "Now answer my other question, why have you been misleading Tess, Max, Michael, and Isabel in their destiny?"

"Why have you been misleading them in their destiny?"

Nesado quickly became defensive hearing this question. "Misleading them? I have only done what I felt necessary for their survival as well as my own, and that has never involved misleading them."

"Yes you have. As I've told you, I it is my responsibility to watch over those who are to receive the orbs. Doing that, I have heard the things you have told the Tess about being destined to be Max's mate."

"Exactly how is me telling her that she is meant to be with Max misleading them in or from their destiny?"

"Are you telling me that you don't see a problem with encouraging incest between a brother and sister?" He noticed the look of puzzlement on Nesado's face and continued. "You do realize that Max and Tess are brother and sister, the children of Vorein don't you?"

"Max yes, but Isabel is his sister not Tess. The book that was sent with them shows Max and Tess together."

"As brother and sister, not as mates. As their protector you should have known this. You were after all told they were to seek out their mate here on this planet, were you not?"

Olan was growing uncomfortable talking about this out in the open. He motioned Nesado to follow him away from the house so that they would go somewhere where they would be less likely to be over heard. As they moved away from the house, he realized there was more to his discomfort than where they were talking, it was that they were talking at all.

*I know the rule, no interference, but this was their protector and he has to be straightened out if he's going to protect them from their enemies who are undoubtable closing in on them. If we were back home, the protector would have been summonsed to the Seer long before now, and given guidance on behalf of those in his charge. With the lack of that convenience here, shouldn't it be my responsibility to pass on guidance in her absence?*

He was quickly brought out of his contemplations by the sound of Nesado's voice. "Why would they need to seek out their mates when they were sent here with their mates?" Even while asking the question, he was beginning to suspect what Olan was trying to tell him. But because of everything he'd believed and endured for the last fifty years he refused to accept it. "Don't tell me you are trying to say what I think you are saying, it's just can't be true. I see no proof substantiating what you're saying, however I've seen the tablets sent with them. Those tablets show them paired up as couples. As for being told they even had a mission here, they wouldn't have told us either way. Protectors are to help train and protect those in their charge, we are not sent here to lead them."

"And yet, you have lead Tess to believe Max was her destiny, and she had the others starting to believe it too. How do you account for that?"

Nesado felt the need to defend himself and his actions. He knew if there was one person who could terminate his life with a blink of an eye, it was the Seer. And this man is wearing the medallion of the Seer which is all the proof he is in fact one of the Seers advocates.

"We were told who was inside the pods and everyone within in our galaxy knew of the two purposed weddings before war broke out. We were also told that those inside the pods were selected by the Seer to be placed together, it was only logical that they would be mates. Then upon seeing the tablets that were sent with them, I felt it only confirmed what I already suspected and by the way the four pictures were shown, I came to my conclusions of who was to be with whom." Reaching Nesado's car, they both stood beside it as they continued talking.

"As protectors we were only told that we were being sent to this planet for safety precautions. Extra precautions were being taken with these four because their enemies seemed to be threatened by them more than any who have proceeded them. It also had to do with giving them extra time to mature before assuming their seats on the council, and to learn to master their powers without the constant threat of their enemies attacking."

Nesado was clinging to the fact that he'd done his best with the circumstances he found himself in. Here he was, one protector working alone trying to do the job that was meant to be done by four. And it didn't help that he didn't know what three of them were until this year, and was having to move continually as he searched for them, and tried to stay ahead of the FBI special unit.

Olan was beginning to understand why things had gone the way they had. Nesado must not have been the protector in charge, and so much information hadn't been passed down to the other three protectors before the crash. "Their mates weren't sent with them, but luckily they have found them despite your interference. Unfortunately because of your actions we have lost precious time, as will as you've lost their trust. You will now have to protect them from afar, which will be more difficult now that you have four more to protect. I would suggest you put the safety of the four humans as your first priority. They are the more vulnerable of the group."

"Why should I be protecting the four humans?"

"The four humans are the mates they were sent here to find, and it is your responsibility to help protect them. If you don't then you risk losing them all. You tell me this, why did you help Liz get out of the house of mirrors at the carnival a few months back?"

"Yes, against my better judgement I protected her, and look at what happened to the one I should have been protecting."

"Why? Why did you save her that day?"

"Because Max wouldn't leave without her, the fool."

"Fool or no fool it doesn't matter, the point is Max, Isabel, and Michael would do anything, risk everything to protect these four humans, and if you haven't noticed, those four humans would do the same to protect them. Which means if you don't do your part and protect the humans, the others will, and then where does that leave you and them?" The scowl on Nesado's face made it abundantly clear that he wasn't happy about this turn of events, and still had no intention of becoming the protector for humans. Seeing this, Olan felt the need to strengthen his case with a little more information. "You can blame yourself for the human's lack the ability to protect themselves at this point."

This statement caught Nesado's attention more than anything he'd heard this night, just as Olan had hoped. "What are you talking about? How can you blame me for humans being so weak?"

"No, I'm not blaming you for any such thing. However, I am placing responsibility for the eight of them not being ready for what is coming on your shoulders. If you'd followed the rules and not tried to lead Tess in what you thought was her destiny, the events that followed her arrival in Roswell would never have happened. Liz and Max would have never have had doubts about their destiny being together, and the Seer would have succeeded in leading them to the locations of all the orbs by now. Do you see it now, do you see how your actions lead to the lose of precious time? Time not only in guiding them to the orbs, but also the time lost as the Seer repairs the damage done by your false assumptions."

"Nesado, I know you have suffered much at the hands of humans, but not at the hands of these humans. So, regardless of how you feel about humans in general, you must protect these four. They are the soul mates Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess were sent here to find, and without them their circle is not complete. Only as a complete circle of eight, will they be able to tap into the *full* power of the orbs. With their own powers, and that of the orbs, they will be the strongest circle our galaxy has ever known. That is if they survive long enough to gather all five stones and activate them."

"You're telling me four weak humans are going to complete a stronger circle than one completely made up of people from our own galaxy?" He questions doubting the truthfulness of the statement.

"Yes, that is exactly what I am telling you."

"You're serious? That's way the Seer chose this path for them?"

"Not as you have stated it, no. The Seer has the ability to see more than one path, and advise which is the best taken. She merely selected these eight to yield the power of the orbs because of what she has seen, but she didn't and won't make their choices for them. The Seer has never worked that way, she shows those seeking knowledge the path that will help them to live up to their potential and make them the happiest. To make choices for them would change who they are by taking away their right to choose for themselves."

"Over fifty years ago Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess were given a choice whether to come to Earth or not to. They made their choice to come knowing full well that they wouldn't remember much, if anything about their previous life, as well as some of the challenges that would await them if they chose to come. They also knew that nothing they'd been shown was set in stone because others would have the rights to choose as well. Even their own decisions once here could alter the results. Such as the day Max healed Liz. If he'd chosen to stay safe and protect Michael and Isabel, letting Liz die, that would have altered everything. I'm sure it's apparent they all agreed it was a risk worth taking in order to find their true soulmate and save our world from our enemies."

Olan remained silent for a few minutes allowing Nesado to absorb the information he'd given him so far. He wasn't completely surprised when he asked the question that followed. "Why don't you just tell them all of this and reveal the location of the orbs to them? It would put the time table back in place, right?"

"I cannot reveal any of this to them, and neither can you. It would do more harm than good. It is up to Max and Liz to lead the others to the location of the orbs and up to them all to discover what they mean to each other. During the process of discovering these things, they will have to use not only their own skills, but those of the entire group. In the end they will all learn and grow, making them stronger and teaching them to trust their instincts."

"Nesado, I can't stress enough how important it is that everything I have told you can go no further. As far as the young ones are concerned, I'm not here. If they knew I was here, undoubtably they would seek me out, instead of following the path to the orbs. I have broken rules by talking to you, I will not risk break another by talking to them."

Nesado seemed to accept this, and Olan added two last important bit of information before turning to leave. "Something you should know. Max and Liz activated one of the orbs earlier today. They are more powerful together than I would have ever expected, and I had high expectations. You know what activating the orb means to their safety?"

"Yes, their enemies are likely tracking the orbs signal even as we speak." Nesado watched as Olan turned to leave. As a new question surfaced in his mind, he quickly moved to the side of Olan's car. "Wait, where was the orb activated?"

Olan started the ignition of his car and answered. "Inside the incubation chamber." He than drove away knowing he would have to face the Seer and accept the consequences of his actions. The worse scenario being he would never be able to return. He truly hopes he'd made the right decision, and that at the least his actions would keep their protector from causing any more waves in the group, and that he would protect them as he was meant to do.

TBC. . . .I hope I didn't disappoint you to much, I know so many of you wanted Nesado to get his a** kicked. Just try and remember I always have a reason for my madness.

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