FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"May All Your Dreamer Fantasies Come True"
Part 5
by Taffy
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Authors Note: Current thru TSAP. Ever want to know what our favorite couple and the gang are really thinking? Growing impatient for cement to pour. Here's a Dreamers version! Bella and Tasyfa very special Thanks for being brave enough to review what came from my warped mind. To my fellow Dreamers that I hang with on the spoiler board, I couldn't have done it without ya! You guys and gals were the source of so many these ideas! Being that my warped mind craves lots and lots of attention feedback please! Enjoy!
Setting: Crashdown Café, same afternoon, 3:45PM

Maria: having come out from the back at the first volley, she saw it all: she is not happy which is always a dangerous thing: all her hard work this morning shot to hell: someone is going to pay for this: she eyes a good place to start extracting her first payment… "Sean, I am going to make this real simple. You leave NOW! Not just the Crashdown, but Roswell, no make it the whole state of New Mexico! By the time I get home tonight you and all your jailhouse issued crap had better be gone! And if you value your life, don't come back!"

Sean: considers the situation: {Maria, just ignore. Alex, no threat there: Michael, I could take him. I think, might want to steer clear just in case: Max, interesting, more of a thinker than a fighter. But still, could be dangerous, thanks to two yrs in jail, I got more experience though. Yah, I'm sure I can take him. Just got to catch him at the right time. Besides he's the one that has what I want, Liz. And I don't like to lose. But now's not the time, I can wait.}: turns his attention back to the present and announces… "I'm outta here!"

Maria: watches Sean leave: one down, next payment now due, but only a small one… "Alex, dear so nice of you to drop by. Exactly where were you when you ran into your sidekick there?"

Alex: being nobody's fool he recognizes the danger and is not too proud to turn tail and run… "Uh… Sweden, and I… uh…. need to unpack. Michael, good luck man, you're on your own."

Maria: time to collect that balloon payment… "Michael, where the hell've you been? I've been pulling my hair out over all this Sean business! I needed a rock of Gibraltar not the lost continent of Atlantis! After two days watching everything go to hell, I finally get Max to come to his senses and take care of business, namely Liz, when all you Neanderthals come in swinging your friggin' clubs! I'm surprised you all don't walk on all fours! Michael, Michael are you LISTENING to me?"

Michael: she's magnificent!: I was right; it was Max. I got to get the low down from him later: entranced, he just watches as she continues…

Maria: "Do you hear me? Hello! Arrrghhh! Even when you're here you're no help! Here I am, just little ole Maria DeLuca, Miss Nobody from Roswell, New Mexico, playing intergalactic matchmaker. I know you don't care about someone else's love life, since you barely care about your own, but he's also your King so whomever he ends up with will be, you know, your queen! You know as in someone to help him rule! Have you ever thought of that! You know it's got to be Liz. He is no good when they're apart. He needs her; she needs him! You should care! You should at least be interested for your planet's sake! Damn it Michael Guerin say something! Do something!"

Michael: he's in awe: he does the only thing he can think of: he grabs her and gives her a very long, very hard kiss:

Maria: dazed and very out of breath… "I'll be back to collect some more payment later."

They worked the rest of their shift in relative quiet, but the air was charged with electricity. A passionate storm is definitely on the horizon.

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