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"May All Your Dreamer Fantasies Come True"
Part 4
by Taffy
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Authors Note: Current thru TSAP. Ever want to know what our favorite couple and the gang are really thinking? Growing impatient for cement to pour. Here's a Dreamers version! Bella and Tasyfa very special Thanks for being brave enough to review what came from my warped mind. To my fellow Dreamers that I hang with on the spoiler board, I couldn't have done it without ya! You guys and gals were the source of so many these ideas! Being that my warped mind craves lots and lots of attention feedback please! Enjoy!
Setting: Crashdown Café, same day, 3:00PM

Liz: "Maria, why do you want to take my shift? You've been here since opening? By the way, have you seen Max? He was going to stop by but I haven't seen him."

Maria: a knowing smile on her face… "Actually I did see Max this morning. He came by to get an early Alien Scrambled. He's the reason you're getting off early and I'm taking your shift. Well that and I need to have a little chat with a certain MIA Space Boy who starts at 4:00PM."

Liz: she can't keep the grin off her face but remains highly suspicious… "Ok, what's going on here? What have you gotten cooked up and how did you get Max to go along with it?"

Maria: "Babe let's just say that my powers of persuasion are overpowering, even to Royalty. Now go get ready, he'll be here at 3:30PM sharp to pick you up." A huge grin is now fixed in place on her friend's face: with a smile of satisfaction she watches as her friend gives her a hug and runs upstairs in a panic to get ready on time: since the dinner rush hasn't started yet she has time to check on a very special picnic basket before taking her break, she doesn't see her jerk of a cousin come in the front door and take a seat:

Max: 3:30PM sharp: he comes in the back way and heads straight into the kitchen, does a quick inventory {flowers, chocolates {two boxes, one of each, just in case}, CDs and Izzy's new quilt are in the jeep. Yep, I'm covered}: wearing a silly happy grin he greets a very different Maria than this morning… "Hey, Maria."

Maria: seeing his smile causes her to have a similar one: very sweet… "Hey Max, right on time. Got everything? She'll be right down. Here's the basket." She hands him the basket and keeps her hand out: "Agh, Hum."

Max: he takes the basket and fishes in his pocket for money: a bit sheepishly… "Here ya go, sorry for any trouble." As he hands her the tip, he feels someone come up behind him: he turns: his stomach does a flip-flop: suddenly he's that shy boy behind the tree again… "Hi Liz, I brought you these." He offers her the flowers but pauses over which box of chocolates to give her: decides to play it safe and gives her both…

Liz: her heart melts, it's been too long since she's seen this sweet shy Max: she takes the offered flowers, they smell like honey: a little confused, she takes both boxes of chocolates… "Oh, the flowers are lovely and smell wonderful, thank you. Mmmm, I love the soft centers. You're so sweet. Oh Maria, don't you like the nuts & chews?" As she offers the other box to Maria: "Max would you mind?"

Max: with an {I knew it} look… "Of course not. Maria would you like the other box?"

Maria: barely keeping a straight face… "Why thank you, you're too kind." Watches as Max sweetly offers Liz his arm and escorts her out to the front of the Café: she gasps in horror as she recognizes a new voice:

Sean: stands up as he sees Liz come out with a guy {that must be the guy I've been hearing about, Max}: giving Max a very significant look, he arrogantly announces… "Hey Liz, where ya been? I've been lookin' for ya, I decided we'd take in that movie tonight that we talked about yesterday. Starts at 6:45, so get Maria to cover for you tonight and be ready to go by 6:30! And I don't like to be kept waiting!"

Max: his eyes never leave Sean as he battles with himself to keep from acting out his first instinct {I wish I was Michael and could just give in!}: very deadly… "No, don't think so!"

Sean: returns in the same tone… "Ya, says who!"

Alex: just walking in with his motorbike racing buddy witnesses the exchange and can't stop himself as the years of bad blood rise to the surface… "Sean, are you out of your f***ing mind! You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. She is so far out of your league, you're lucky to be allowed to breathe the same air as her!"

Sean: "Stay out of this Alice!"

Michael: menacingly… "Dude, he's right. This is definitely a very bad idea!"

Liz: finally overcoming the shock of all this testosterone-induced stupidity… "That's enough! All of you stop! Sean, I'm sorry. I can't go to the movies with you. Max and I already have plans."

And with that, she firmly takes a hold of Max and hauls his butt out of there. It's a very quiet ride to Frazier Lake.

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