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"Dancing After Dark "
Part 1
by Jennifer007
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Dear Journal: My name is Liz Parker and my cousin Maria and I are going with my parents to Valenti's Lodge up near Lake Tahoe. My father owns a restaurant in Roswell New Mexico and is way over due for a much needed break. This guy that my dad knows Mr. Valenti used to live in Roswell and has been trying to get my dad up here for the last 15 years. And I was not about to spend the whole summer somewhere that I didn't know anyone, which is why my parent's were more then happy to let Maria come along. I guess that I should clear some things up, Maria isn't really my cousin, but our mothers have been friends since they were in the 3rd grade. So Maria and I grew up with each other, and we look at each other as family, she's more like my sister and best friend then any of my real cousins are.

"Here's our exit girls." My Mom said.

I looked up from writing to see Maria waking up and my Mom pointing to things out the window. I stared at what she was pointing to and looked at Maria who rolled her eyes.

There didn't seem to be to many things for young people to do. I mean Maria had turned 18 the week before and I had turned 18 a month ago. We were adults and it looked like all there was to do was either gamble which we were to young for, or go to the arcade, and the movies, which the former we were to young for, and the later got old real quick.

We pulled into Valenti's lodge and as Maria and I stepped out of the car and stretched we heard a big booming voice coming our way.

"JEFF, long time no see!"

My dad and the man embraced and then stood there, "Jim it's good to see you again. You remember my wife Nancy."

Jim takes Nancy's hand, "You look as beautiful now as you did on your wedding day."

Nancy smiles at him, "Thank you."

"And this is our daughter Liz, and her friend Maria."

Jim looks at the girls, "Well your certainly pretty things aren't you?"

Maria stifles a giggle behind her hands and Liz just smiles politely as she shakes his hand.

"Thank you, I take after my mother I guess Mr. Valenti." Liz tells him.

Mr. Valenti finally notices the boy standing next to him, "Alex get their bags."

"Yes, right away Mr. Valenti."

As the Parkers stand around talking to Valenti, Liz and Maria go to the trunk with Alex and he looks at them.

"So how long are you guys staying?" Alex asks them as he gets their luggage from the trunk.

"All summer." Liz tells him.

"What is there to do around here?" Maria asks him.

Alex looks out around the lodge, "Well there is swimming, horses, a volley ball court, in town there is a movie theater, and an arcade, also there is a bowling alley."

Maria and Liz laugh and Maria shakes her head, "No I guess what I meant to say was what is there to do that's not for people under 14, and over 60?"

Alex laughs, "Not much, well there is some classes here at the lodge, we have people that teach cards, arts and crafts, dancing, all kinds of stuff."

Liz and Maria look at each other, "Oh this is going to be a fun summer, I can just feel it." Maria says sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

That night after they've gotten settled into their rooms Maria and Liz put on some nicer clothes and do their hair. Their dining in the lodge tonight and Liz's Mom wants them to look nice. When their done getting ready they all head down to the dining area and are seated at a table. Jim comes up with two young men in tow.

"Hello Jeff, Nancy, girls. This is my son Kyle" Kyle nods at the group but his eyes are fixed on Liz. "And this is my nephew Robbie." Robbie says hi as he stares at Maria.

"Well I'll let you guys eat your dinner, but stick around were going to have some games and dancing later on."

"Sure thing Jim, will do."

"Good good.." Jim says as he walks off with Kyle and Robbie.

After dinner Jeff takes Nancy out on the dance floor leaving the girls sitting at their table.

Liz and Maria are sitting there talking.

"Would you like to dance?" Kyle asks as he stands in front of Liz.

Liz looks up and sees Kyle and Robbie standing there.

"Yeah do you want to dance to?" Robbie asks Maria.

Maria and Liz look at each other and at the guys.

"Sure." Maria says offering Robbie her hand. Liz stands up and Kyle leads her out to the dance floor and proceeds to shuffle her about the floor.

The song ends and Liz and Kyle just stand there as a fast tempo mambo starts to play, a couple come out on the floor. The girl is very pretty with long blond hair, and the guy, well Liz can only stare at him as he and the girl whirl about on the floor. To say that he is good looking is an understatement.

"Who is that?" She asks Kyle.

Kyle looks in direction of her question, "Oh them, their the dance instructors." He watches them and shakes his head.

The guy has just picked the girl up under her arms over his head and slowly drops her as she slides down his body. The way they move together is very sexy. Liz just watches as they continue to dance, and then abruptly stop. They look startled and then move to the crowd each picking a person to dance with. Maria comes up to her, "Hey Liz you ready to go?"

Liz looks at Maria and can see she's exasperated.

"Umm... yeah sure."

Kyle looks at Liz, "I'll see you around sometime okay Liz?"

"Okay Kyle."

Maria and Liz tell her parents that their going back to the cabin.

As their walking back Maria tells Liz about Robbie asking her if she wanted to go somewhere more private. "I mean like I would really just go off with someone I just met."

Their walking past a cabin up on a hill and there are stairs leading to it, then they see the guy that helped them with their bags walking up the stairs carrying some bags of groceries and a watermelon. He's struggling with the bags as Liz and Maria rush over.

"Hey looks like you could use some help." Maria says while grabbing the watermelon.

Alex looks nervously around, "You guys should go back, your not allowed up here it's the rules."

Liz looks up there, "Why what is it?"

"It's just a place for the people that work here to relax and kick back at night." Alex tells them.

Maria smiles, "You mean a place that's fun, not like the bowling alley?"

Alex laughs, "Yeah that's what I mean."

"So let's go." Maria says.

"I don't know, I mean it's not like anyone there would mind, but if Valenti found out he would be pissed to say the least."

"So then we won't tell him." Maria says.

Alex looks around and nods, "Okay, come on." Liz grabs a bag from him and Maria carries the watermelon up the stairs, when Alex opens the door their surprised at the scene that they see. Guys and girls are littered all over the place, some are sitting on chairs and couches making out, and the rest are dancing to the music that pours out of the different speakers.

Alex nods them over to the area where the refrigerator is and starts putting the beers and soda away. He opens a bag of chips and they stand around talking.

As their standing there someone comes up to Alex and taps him on the shoulder. "Alex what are they doing here?" The guy says.

"Oh hey Michael, they came with me." Alex tells him.

Michael is looking at Maria intently and she blushes, "I carried a watermelon." She tells him.

Michael looks at her and then walks away.

Maria looks at Liz horrified, "I carried a watermelon? Wow what a conversation starter I am."

Liz just laughs and rolls her eyes as she looks around the room, she gets a chip and is munching on it, when all of a sudden she starts choking. The guy that she saw dancing down in the dining area has just came in with the girl and he's looking right at her.

She looks at Alex, "I saw him dancing earlier, who is he?"

Alex looks, "Oh that's Max, and Isabel."

"Their very good."

"Yeah, you would think they were a couple."

Liz looks at him in shock, "Their not?"

Alex shakes his head, "Nope, not since we were all kids."

Liz nods, she can't say anything because the guy in question has just started to make his way over to them.

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