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Part 9b
by Linda
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Summary: Lots of my faithful readers wanted to know what happens to the eight kids in the end. What do Liz and Max's parents say when they tell them they are pregnant? Do they tell any of the parents that Max, Michael and Isabel are Aliens? Does Liz safely deliver the babies? What about the other couples? And what about Nasedo? For he's still out there...somewhere...
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Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous stories, "Us Six Against the World" or "Sense of Completion", it is recommended before reading this one. This is the last in the Trilogy. And, to make the time frame work in my story I have to make my characters start the timetable with Max saving Liz in their junior year, instead of their sophomore year of high school. Hey, what can I say? Author's license.. ;-)
Max took a deep breath as he stood at one end of the aisle that had been set up on the lawn surrounded by the chairs for the few close family they had. He looked at his mother and father, Jordan and his wife Nadi on one side, and they all winked at him.

Then he looked over to where Mrs. Parker, Amy DeLuca and Sheriff Valenti sat.

When he met Mrs. Parker's eyes, his widened as he saw her wink as well. He grinned knowing she was letting him know that she was happy for her daughter and him.

Then he looked down the aisle as he heard the music begin and Cassie and Kyle emerge from the ranch house first, followed by Isabel and Alex, and then Maria and Michael. He smiled letting his friends know how important they all were to him, and saw the guys nod and the girls smile.

Then he held his breath as the wedding march music started. And then there she was.

Liz felt a rush of excitement run through her like how a child felt on Christmas, as she stepped out of the house and saw Max standing at the end of the aisle waiting for her. The arched trellis was behind him, and the minister was standing next to him, but all she saw was Max Evans.

Seeing Max in his tux, and standing proud and waiting for her made her heart stop. She loved him so much that she thought she might pass out from the rush of happiness that overwhelmed her. Their eyes connected, and it was Max's eyes that helped her make it down the aisle toward him. That and her father's arm helping to keep her knees from giving out.

Max couldn't breathe. She was breathtaking and he was so overwhelmed with love for her at this minute that his head spun. All he could see were her big beautiful doe eyes as she kept coming toward him, her own eyes glowing with incredible happiness and love.

Neither one took their eyes off of each other during the short ceremony. Once her father placed Liz's hand in Max's, She heard nothing else. The connection was instantaneous and their souls joined together as well.


Liz looked up at Max as they danced to their song.

Max held her close and kissed her neck softly. "Hi Mrs. Evans." Max whispered in her ear and then stood up straighter and looked into her eyes.

He could see how the sound of her new name delighted her by the dreamy light that shone in her eyes as she looked up at him with a bright smile.

"Hi Mr. Evans." She whispered back and let her hands play with the sensitive hair at the back of his nape as they were curled around his neck.

"How long before we can leave the party?" Max whispered, looking deeply into her eyes.

Liz felt the hardness of Max against her stomach and smiling, she snuggled in closer. Then she looked around. "I think we have to at least wait until we cut the cake and throw the bouquet." She said dryly.

When Max sighed in agreement, Liz laughed. "Serves you right for making us wait a whole week." She nipped at his ear and felt Max shiver and harden even more against her.


Michael looked down at Maria as he spun her on the dance floor. She looked stunning in her maid of honor dress. When he'd first seen her in her dress this morning, he'd had a flash of her in a wedding dress. Michael smiled at the thought and was surprised at how content he felt with the thought.

He remembered how Maria had been so unsure of herself and them the other night. He didn't want her to ever feel that way about them. He knew what he was going to do before they too moved to Jordan's ranch in a few weeks. He grinned at the thought.


Alex grinned as he pushed Isabel out of his arms and watched her twirl away. Then he pulled her back into him and held her close. He was very happy for his best friends and was very happy with the way his relationship was going with Isabel as well.

He knew that the two of them would be going off to college in a few weeks, and he couldn't wait to start the next phase of their lives. He knew he wanted to share an apartment with Isabel when they went to the UNM, but he wasn't sure if he should ask her that. He loved her mother and didn't want to upset her parents with that thought. But he really didn't want them to both have to find an apartment. He knew they would usually be together any ways. Then he smiled at the thought that crossed his mind.

"What are you smiling about Whitman? I don't trust that smile." Isabel looked at him with her own smile and teasing light in her eyes.

"Hmmm... just enjoying the day with my best girl, and my best friends.." Alex answered and kept his thoughts deeply hidden. He knew his Isabel was as curious as a cat and would try to probe him if he acted too suspicious. This was one secret he was going to keep from her until he was ready.

Isabel looked at him through narrowed eyes but let it pass for now. She'd find out what he was up to later. She smiled smugly and just snuggled up in Alex's arms enjoying the day as well.


Kyle held Cassie close in his arms, and inhaled the fragrance of her hair. She was so important to him that it sometimes still amazed him. His life had changed so much in the past year.

He was looking forward to when the two of them would go away to college in a few weeks. They would have more time together and he would work toward getting into law enforcement so he could take care of his friends, and Cassie, and just help people in general like his dad. And he knew without a doubt that Cassie would be by his side, always.

"You get your course schedule yet?" Kyle asked Cassie as she looked up at him.

She nodded and smiled. "Yes, I'll be taking a lot of biology and science classes. I want to double up over the summers too. I really want to work with Liz in the lab here on Jordan's ranch when I graduate." She beamed.

Kyle smiled down at her and nodded. He knew her dreams and wanted to make sure she fulfilled them, with him at her side. That was why he had asked Jordan about a possible future in this county as sheriff. That way they too could live close to the lab so Cassie could fulfill her dreams and help her people right along side Liz.


Max helped Liz up onto a chair as she struggled with her long dress and train. When she was up on top of it she glanced behind her, located Maria and grinned. She saw Michael nod at her and she turned back around facing away from the small crowd of young ladies. She winked at Max and then threw the bouquet over her head in Maria's direction.

She laughed and jumped into Max's arms when she turned and saw it had landed right in Maria's unprepared arms.

Max slid her to the floor and watched her run over to Maria and hug her. "You're next my friend." She whispered in Maria's ear.

Maria blushed and waved the thought away with a hand. "Yeah right. Michael probably just took off for the bathroom or something when he saw me catch this thing." She said trying to sound unaffected.

Liz grinned as she saw Michael come up behind Maria. "I don't think so Maria." She giggled and giving Maria a quick kiss on the cheek, she went back to Max.

"May I have this dance?" Michael said quietly in Maria's ear.

Maria turned, startled and then tried to hide the bouquet behind her back.

Michael smiled in amusement and reached around her and pulled the flowers out of her hands. "Nice." He looked them over. "Never know when they might come in handy." He winked and just smiled wider when he saw Maria's eyes widen as he led her back onto the dance floor.


Liz was sitting on Max's lap laughing with her parents and his, when she felt him stir again beneath her. He had actually been in that predicament for hours now, but she felt him jump and harden even more and knew his thoughts were again drifting to when they could leave.

She decided to tease him a little longer, and she pressed down against him more, wiggled around a little, and answered a question Mr. Evans had asked.

She heard Max groan and then she met his burning eyes and her's twinkled mischievously. "Witch!" he whispered in her ear and then nipped at it. Then he let one of his hands roam under her dress where no one could see, under the table, and he slowly ran his hand lightly up her leg and thigh to cup the place between her legs.

He felt Liz jump as she turned to him in surprise and then her own eyes narrowed. Max grinned meeting her eyes with his burning ones.

Then Liz jumped off his lap, and stood up and hugged her parents and Mr. and Mrs. Evans, thanking them for everything.

The two sets of parents glanced at each other, and then hugged their children back. "I'm happy it's you Max." Mrs. Parker whispered in his ear as she hugged him close.

Max swallowed and met her sincere eyes and then nodded. "I'll take care of her with my life." He promised.

"I know." Mrs. Parker smiled meeting his eyes with her own content ones.

"Welcome to the family daughter." Mrs. Evans said softly to Liz as she hugged her tight. "Now go get your groom out of here before he turns to ashes from all the burning glances he's been throwing at you." Diane winked and watched Liz's look of shock, then her bright laugh as she hugged Diane tighter and whispered her thanks in her ear.

Then Liz grabbed her husband's hand and they rushed away toward Max's jeep to drive to their new home a half a mile away.

The parents turned back toward each other and the men held up their watches. "Later than I bet. I think you win Jeff." Phillip Evans sighed.

"Nope, I said 4pm. It's just a little after that now." Jim Valenti smiled as he came up to the foursome with Amy.

"You men BET on when the kids would leave?" Diane Evans looked surprised, exchanged equally surprised looks with the other women, and then the three of them chuckled.

"I won our bet, Diane." Nancy grinned, and then they laughed at the shocked faces of their men.


Max drove the jeep down the dirt road that led to their new home, but he could barely take his eyes off of his bride. It was a good thing it was a quiet deserted road, for he barely saw it.

He held onto Liz's hand, playing with her full set of wedding rings, and just stared into her eyes.

Liz smiled widely when they pulled up in front of the charming little cottage, and then she looked back at Max and her breath caught at the look she saw on his face as he came around and lifted her gently into his arms.

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