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"Always and Forever"
"The Wedding"
Part 10
by Linda
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Summary: Lots of my faithful readers wanted to know what happens to the eight kids in the end. What do Liz and Max's parents say when they tell them they are pregnant? Do they tell any of the parents that Max, Michael and Isabel are Aliens? Does Liz safely deliver the babies? What about the other couples? And what about Nasedo? For he's still out there...somewhere...
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous stories, "Us Six Against the World" or "Sense of Completion", it is recommended before reading this one. This is the last in the Trilogy. And, to make the time frame work in my story I have to make my characters start the timetable with Max saving Liz in their junior year, instead of their sophomore year of high school. Hey, what can I say? Author's license.. ;-)
Max kept his hot hooded eyes on his bride as he carried her up the steps to the little cottage they’d be calling home.

Liz held Max’s eyes with her own hot heavy ones, and with her arms casually looped around his neck, she let her fingers run up the back of his hair. She smiled a wicked smile when she saw his eyes darken at her touch.

Max didn’t look away from Liz even when he slid the key into the lock and swung the door open. Then his mouth captured his brides as he carried Liz over the threshold and kicked the door closed behind them.

“Welcome home Mrs. Evans.” He said in a deep velvety voice. His eyes flickered warmly as he smiled at the words.

“Welcome home Mr. Evans?” Liz smiled dreamily up at Max’s gorgeous face that she adored so much.

Then Max let a smile widen on his face as he slowly lowered Liz down against his still aroused body. Enjoying the feel of her soft body sliding against his hard one.

And he couldn’t wait to get her out of the dress that didn’t let him get to feel all of her the way he wanted, against him.

As if reading his mind, Liz leaned into Max as her feet touched the ground and she let her delicate hand slide up her groom’s tuxedo covered legs to find his aroused flesh waiting for her touch.

His breath hissed between his teeth at the first touch of his wife’s delicate hand. His wife. Just the thought made Max’s head spin. He looked down at the beautiful vision in white in front of him. He loved her in her white wedding dress. It was a scene he had seen the minute he had laid eyes on her in 3rd grade. It was one of the reasons he had known they were meant. But right now he needed to be closer to Liz.

Max picked up the small sexy woman in front of him to be equal with his face, and then took her mouth in a long hot deep kiss.

Liz whimpered, clasped her hands around Max’s neck to get closer to him, and Max couldn’t wait another second.

He put her down and turned her around. His eyes widened in shock at the neat row of about 100 buttons running down the back, and then he narrowed his eyes and with the wave of his hand they all fell open at once.

Liz gasped and then chuckled, but before she had a chance to laugh aloud, Max had spun her back around, and captured her hot mouth again and slid the rest of the dress down her delicate form.

Liz’s hands weren’t idle either. She nimbly undid the buttons to his white shirt and pulled that off of him as well. Then when Max released her mouth to lift her up and pull the rest of her dress off, Liz reached for his pants and undid those.

They couldn’t wait. It had been a long week. Max sucked in his breath when he saw the sexy outfit Liz had on under her wedding dress. The little white lace teddy with the matching white garters and lace stocking almost made his knees give in. But he leaned back against the door, lifted Liz up again and as she wrapped her legs around his hips, he slid a hand between her legs and pushed aside the wet lace and grunted.

Liz had already freed him from his pants and had him in her hands. She guided him to her and they both cried out when Max thrusted his hips up and Liz came down hard on his pulsing rigid flesh.

They cried out at the connection and then they both moved in unison, needing the explosion of being one again.

They couldn’t get enough of each other. Liz was whimpering and clawing at Max’s bare back as he held her hips and pushed himself up into her as fast as she was pushing down over him. The friction was fast, hot and slick and soon even Max couldn’t stand anymore. He kneeled down with Liz still connected to him, and then placed her on cool tile floor in the hall and never leaving her body, he followed her down. Placing his hands on either side of Liz, he moved faster, knowing they both needed the release now. Liz bit Max’s shoulder and he grunted, lifted her legs higher; putting them up on his shoulders and then he moved faster.

“Max! God Max! I love you!” Liz cried out. Max looked into her wild heavy eyes with his own hot hooded ones, and he felt her release start. He was about to try to cover her scream when he realized he didn’t have to anymore. The sudden awareness made him surge again with excitement, and he let her cry out, watching her. When he felt her soft walls contract around his hard pulsing flesh, he too felt his release begin and throwing back his head, he too cried out as he poured all of himself into his bride. Max gave Liz everything he had, his body, his heart and his soul. All of it poured into Liz as they both tumbled into ecstasy together.

“I love you Mrs. Evans.” Max whispered as he fell onto his side, keeping them joined, while rolling Liz into his arms.

Liz laughed with sheer joy at their wild loving and rolled till she laid on top of her husband who was sprawled out on the floor looking sweaty and exhausted, but very happy himself.

“Wow Max.” Liz sighed and put her head down on his chest. Neither one of them had the energy to move.

“Which room shall we christen next?” Liz finally said, lifting her head and meeting his widening eyes. Her own eyes were twinkling in delight and in only a half teasing manner.

He laughed and finally moved. It was getting cold on the tile beneath him and he wanted their bed.

“The bedroom is next. I need to give my back and knees a rest.” He grinned at her.

Liz blushed and laughed as they both stood up and looked at the way they were half dressed, with clothes strewn all around them.

“At least we made it into the house.” Liz teased as she eyed the door behind her.

“Barely” Max mumbled and grinned as he picked her up and carried her to their waiting room.

Max put her down just inside the doorway and turned her toward the bed. He stood behind her with his arms around her slim waist that was still covered partly by her lace teddy.

Liz gasped and Max smiled. “Max!” Liz whispered in awe.

Their bed was in the middle of the room which had rose petals scattered all over the carpet that made a path to the huge bed that was covered in rose petals as well.

Max snapped his fingers, a trick he learned from Isabel, and a thousand candles around the room suddenly lit.

Liz gasped again and then turned back to face her husband and looked up into his soft eyes with tear filled ones. “How did I find you? You are the sweetest, most wonderful man in the world!” she sighed and pulled his head down to brush her lips against his in a gentle, loving kiss.

“You bring out the romance in me Liz. When I’m with you it’s only natural.” He whispered and ran a hand down her bare arm and grinned as he watched her skin glow everywhere he touched her.

Liz looked her beautiful naked husband up and down and grinned. He was all hers. No one would come in to interrupt them and they didn’t have to hide anymore. They had every right to be here together and to make love as often and anywhere they wanted.

Max saw her devilish grin and knew what she was thinking. In answer he slid the rest of her teddy off of her, and lifted her up so that the teddy slid off and landed on the floor.

Now he looked his incredibly sexy wife over in return. Her long silky flowing brown hair begged for him to bury his hands in it. Her eyes were hooded and glazed with passion again, and he held her sexy naked body in his strong arms and grinned in delight when he noticed all Liz had on was her garter, white lace stockings and her white heels.

Liz felt the raging hard Max bump up against her butt and she giggled. Then she bit her lip and swallowed. “Max…” she whispered.

With that Max carried her to the bed and lay her down gently on the soft, sweet smelling rose petals. He wasn’t done with her by a long shot, his eyes told her as he stood over the stretched out sexy vision of his wife.

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