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"Always and Forever"
Part 17
by Linda
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Summary: Lots of my faithful readers wanted to know what happens to the eight teens in the end. What do Liz and Max's parents say when they tell them they are pregnant? Do they tell any of the parents that Max, Michael and Isabel are aliens? Does Liz safely deliver the babies? What about the other couples? And what about Nasedo... for he's still out there...somewhere...
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Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous stories, "Us Six Against the World" and "Sense of Completion", it is recommended before reading this one. This is the last in the Trilogy.
Jim Valenti caught his son's eye as the newlyweds rode away and he nodded, excusing himself from Amy and the Parkers and Evans.

Alex turned to find Isabel only to see she was already beside him with Cassie right behind her.

Jim looked at them and sighed. "Where can we go to talk? And where are Max and Liz, they should be in on this." He said.

"I'll go get them." Isabel said as she exchanged smiles with Cassie and headed toward the house.

It was quiet when Isabel walked up to the room where Max and Liz had gone and she was relieved. She really hadn't been looking forward to bothering them. She knocked softly and heard a rustle.

Max opened the door in only his pants, looking sleepy.

Isabel smiled and then she realized what she was bothering Max for and sobered. "We need to talk. Can you wake Liz and come out and meet us in the living room?" she asked.

Max saw Isabel's serious expression and he nodded and then frowned as he went to wake Liz up. He knew that he and Liz needed to share things with them as well.


"What the hell do you mean Cassie's had the dreams for weeks!?" Max frowned and turned on his four friends.

"Max calm down. We didn't know if her dreams were connected or even if they were, if they were just dreams. We didn't want to worry Liz with the babies so close to being due, and you Max, with school and work. So we had the Sheriff keep an eye out just in case." Isabel explained.

Max and Liz exchanged looks and Max swore silently. "You still should have told us Iz." Max paced angrily. With Cassie's dreams added to Liz's, there was no way this was just regular dreams. They should have talked to each other.

"Max knowing you, you would have skipped classes and work to go to Roswell. And what could you have done? The Sheriff was watching out for anything suspicious." Alex added.

"And we don't even know if my dreams mean anything or if they are just dreams." Cassie said calmly trying to keep everyone from jumping on each other from stress and worry.

"It does mean something." Liz said softly and pushed her hair back in anxiety. Cassie's dreams and hers made it impossible to think it was all a coincidence.

"Liz?" Jim Valenti frowned knowing she wasn't telling them something.

Max came over to where Liz was sitting and sat on the armrest and soothed her hair as she explained her own dreams.

Liz and Max saw Cassie pale and start to shake, and Kyle put his arms around her to try to calm her as Liz told of her dream.

"Oh my God..." Cassie shivered more.

Kyle answered before Max and Liz could ask. "Cassie had the same dream last night Liz. Exactly the same." He frowned.

They all exchanged looks and Jim Valenti swore and started pacing.

Liz too began to shake at the thought of her and Cassie both dreaming about Max dying. She clung to Max and tried to stop her teeth from chattering.

"Liz...shhh it's okay. Hey, nothing is going to happen to me. We don't know if it was just a warning. But we're prepared now thanks to you and Cassie. I'll be fine. Shhh..." Max tried to soothe Liz. He tried to ease her fingernails out of his arms and then he pulled her up, sat down and snuggled her into his lap and soothed her hair gently in a calming way he knew worked. He connected with Liz and sent her some of his calming vibes. He wasn't as calm as he pretended, but for Liz he stayed calm and sent her gentle vibes only.

"What do we do? Do we tell our parents?" Isabel asked biting her lip. She too started pacing. "I mean, is it all just related to Max? Or was the vision of our parents that Cassie had part of it too?"

"Well, since we told Sheriff Valenti to look out for your parents, I haven't had any more dreams about them. So maybe it was just a false alarm. Maybe it was just a dream." Cassie explained trying to calm them all. Including herself.

"But...but the dreams of Max?" Liz bit her lip and looked at Cassie. They both knew they'd seen horrible visions of Max.

"Look, nothing's happened to our parents, so the odds are nothing will happen to me either. We will just keep our eyes open and our senses up. That's all. I'm more aware now, and can use my senses to be alerted to anything. And no sense telling the parents and worrying them when so far nothing's happened." Max said.

"But shouldn't mom and dad at least be aware of the dreams and that way they too can be on the look out for anything strange?" Isabel asked with a frown.

"I think we all need to calm down here. Isabel you were the one who originally didn't want to worry your parents needlessly. And so far you were right. There's nothing to worry them about." Alex said coming to Isabel where she paced, and stopping her by taking her in his arms.

"Look, I'll keep a watch on your parents. If I feel something is up, I'll warn the Evans since they know about you and your abilities and will be able to take the dreams more seriously." Jim stated.

"Sheriff, my parents...they don't know...they...."

Jim Valenti cut in before Liz could finish. "I know Liz. I'll watch out for them." He smiled when Liz sighed and nodded feeling better.

"What about Michael and Maria?" Max frowned. He knew how he'd felt not being told. And he knew Michael would be furious as well.

"You want to go tell them tonight? On their honeymoon?" Kyle asked tongue- in- cheek.

Max realized they were right, and he calmed down and sighed. "No. But we will tell them tomorrow. They have to know. We all need to keep each other informed. No more secrets! No matter what." Max stated.

They all nodded in agreement. They had to keep each other informed talk to each other about things that affect any of them.

"All right then. We'll keep this quiet and wait to tell Michael and Maria tomorrow." Jim Valenti said. "I'll go back out and keep an eye on all of your parents. Since we are all staying here tonight, that won't be too difficult." He smiled lightly and headed out.

"Keep an eye out for yourself too." Cassie said softly as she stopped Jim Valenti with a gentle touch to his arm.

He looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. "Any more visions?" he asked.

Cassie shook her head. "No, I would have told you. But just take care of yourself too." She smiled.

Jim grinned at the gentle girl who had won his son over and he hugged her tightly to assure her. "I will. You just take care of yourself."

"And Kyle." Cassie promised.

Jim swallowed. What more could he ask. He nodded, caressed her face for a second longer, and then walked out the door.


Later that night Amy Valenti watched her husband frown as he readied for bed at the Jordan Ranch. She could tell something was wrong, but he wouldn't tell her.

She came up from behind him and hugged him. Jim turned in her arms and gave her a smile, but she wasn't fooled.

"I don't interfere in your police business, but something tells me this has to do with something I should know about. Something to do with the kids? I saw you all go off and talk with them this afternoon. Jim, what is it?"

Jim sighed. He didn't think he'd be able to keep everything from her for long. "Maybe nothing. It's just that Cassie and Liz have had dreams, nightmares, and the kids are afraid it might be premonitions of things to come."

Amy pulled out of his arms enough to look into his eyes. "And what do you think?" she asked watching him closely. She loved the way Jim's mind worked. He was good at his job. He measured and weighed things and didn't let anything go until he had checked it out 100%.

"I don't know what to think. I mean... we're talking about aliens here Amy. We don't have guidelines or a manual." He grinned.

Amy smiled back, knowing he was frustrated and afraid he would miss something and put someone he loved in danger.

"I know you will do your best. I'm sure the kids feel better just having you know their possible premonitions." Amy said and then led her husband to the bed, to ease his mind of his worries for a while.


Liz frowned at the razor on the edge of the tub and sighed. There was no way she could indulge in clean-shaven legs. She sat in the tub with a pout on her face, and tried not to get upset. Her chin trembled but she refused to cry AGAIN today. Poor Max had enough to deal with.

As if he sensed her thoughts were on him, he entered the bathroom with a smile and a warm look of love.

Liz shivered as Max looked down at her as she rested in the tub. Those eyes should be against the law. They'd make a woman do anything she thought.

Max grinned at that and she knew he had read her mind. She stuck out her tongue, feeling cranky. Max just laughed.

Max kneeled in front of the tub and picked up the sponge nearby. He loved to wash the babies and Liz. And he knew it relaxed Liz too. It was their nightly ritual lately. And they both needed it more than ever tonight.

Liz closed her eyes as Max ran the sponge over her tummy gently and spoke softly to the babies.

"Be good for mommy little ones. She's taking really good care of you and you need to be good to her too. And daddy loves you guys. Just remember that." He told them as he continued to rub Liz's rounded belly filled with his babies.

Max swallowed the emotions that sometimes threatened to overwhelm him. He was so lucky. He had the woman he loved and their children on the way, and he couldn't think of anything more he wanted or needed in life. "I love you Liz Evans." Max said and leaned over to softly kiss his wife's moist lips.

Liz's eyes opened slowly and she smiled as her mouth met his lips and tongue as it parted hers. The feel of his tongue so slow and caressing, taking its time loving her, made her sigh. Liz met his tongue with hers and they dueled slowly and caressingly. Liz loved the taste of Max. She loved everything about him and her arms came up and around his neck to pull him closer.

Max sighed into her sweet mouth, and let her pull him over her. He loved the taste of his wife. She tasted as pure and sweet as she was. And hot and sexy as well.

Finally Max sat back, and continued washing Liz. But when he got to her legs, he saw her frown and try to pull her legs away from him. He raised an eyebrow and then looked into her tear filled eyes.

"Liz?" he asked. Wondering what had gotten her upset now. The things were usually minor and could be fixed fairly quickly, so he was getting used to her moods and not as upset about them.

He smoothed her hair back and rested his open palm on her soft cheek. And he waited for her to tell him what was wrong.

"I don't want you to see my legs. They are ugly and hairy." She pouted. Max looked surprised. Not see her legs? He'd seen her legs unshaven before. But he knew in her present state, she wasn't remembering that. And she didn't remember that he didn't care if she shaved everyday or not. But he smiled and kissed her gently once more, before leaning back and taking up her razor.

Liz watched with wide eyes as Max again, lifted her leg. He reached for his shaving cream and gently smoothed it over her leg. Then Liz watched with a tight throat as Max proceeded to gently shave her legs. His eyes glancing up at hers every once in awhile letting her know that even this was turning him on.

Was there anything about her that didn't turn him on? She wondered in wide-eyed amazement!

"Nothing." He whispered and when he finished with both her legs, he slipped out of his Calvin Klein boxer briefs and joined her in the tub.

When Liz lifted her hips and opened for Max, he slid in smoothly and sighed. "I feel like a virgin with you Liz. I can never get enough and I am always hard and hot whenever I even think about you." Max admitted with a grin as he looked down into her big brown eyes that he adored.

Liz swallowed and hugged Max to her. Neither had moved yet. "Me too Max. It's like the first time, every time. I get so giddy and excited whenever you just walk in a room, or when I just think about you. And one look from you and I'm all wet and soft and waiting for you immediately." She admitted back.

Max groaned at that and started thrusting slowly. He slid a hand over her tummy to make sure this wasn't hurting her or the babies, and then he grinned and leaned in for a kiss, satisfied that mother and babies were okay with his loving.

Liz loved feeling Max inside her. They were as close as physically possible, and their mental connection was always heightened as well when Max was deep inside her. Their eyes met and they just watched the way they made each other come apart, sharing all the love they felt. Max poured his love and his soul into his wife and thanked the stars once again for giving him Liz.

Liz cried out when she felt Max start to pour his love into her. And she held him tighter as she fell over the edge with him. She would love him forever. Nothing would keep them from loving each other for a long and happy life. And even into the next one. Liz would make sure that they had a long and happy life, no matter what.

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