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"Always and Forever"
Part 16
by Linda
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Summary: Lots of my faithful readers wanted to know what happens to the eight kids in the end. What do Liz and Max's parents say when they tell them they are pregnant? Do they tell any of the parents that Max, Michael and Isabel are Aliens? Does Liz safely deliver the babies? What about the other couples? And what about Nasedo? For he's still out there...somewhere...
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous stories, "Us Six Against the World" or "Sense of Completion", it is recommended before reading this one. This is the last in the Trilogy. And, to make the time frame work in my story I have to make my characters start the timetable with Max saving Liz in their junior year, instead of their sophomore year of high school. Hey, what can I say? Author's license.. ;-)
Isabel paced around the living room. She was shaking, but trying to think what to do. Cassie was sitting on the couch now curled up in Kyle’s arms.

Alex was sitting in a chair, his head in his hands, trying to think and absorb what the girls had seen.

“So you say there was blood. And that you saw your mom and dad Isabel, and Mr. and Mrs. Evans as well?” Alex sighed and wiped a hand across his face as he lifted his head and held out a hand for Isabel who was still pacing.

She took his hand and let him pull her onto his lap. She cuddled in and let him rub her back in the soothing way she loved.

“But we’re not sure if the two were connected.” Cassie swallowed and then sighed as Kyle’s arms held her tighter.

“Well, shouldn’t we warn your parents just in case?” Alex asked looking at the three others in the room.

“I agree.” Cassie mumbled, still shaking from what she’d seen, and frightened for the Evans and the Parkers.

“But we don’t even know if they are connected! What would I say to my parents? Gee mom and dad, don’t worry, but also be on the look out for trouble. Cassie had a dream with you two in it and then she saw blood.” Isabel said in exasperation.

“I agree with Isabel. What would you tell them all? You don’t know if any of it’s connected, and it would just alarm them. Plus, how would you explain it to Liz’s folks? They wouldn’t understand why we are taking a dream seriously at all.” Kyle said.

“Then what do we do? We can’t not say anything? What if they are in trouble?” Cassie shifted to look up at Kyle with a worried frown.

“We’ll tell my dad. Tell him to keep an eye on things around Roswell. He’ll know what to do.” Kyle said.

“Should we tell Max and Liz?” Alex asked, liking the idea of Kyle’s dad being told.

Isabel and Cassie shook their heads. “There’s nothing they can do. And we don’t know if anything is going to happen. Max would try to go to Roswell and miss out on his classes, which he can’t afford, and Liz has enough to worry about with the babies, and working full time at the lab. It wouldn’t accomplish anything to worry them unnecessarily right now.” Isabel answered.

The four grimly agreed. They didn’t like it, but knew it would be best not to say anything when they weren’t sure themselves of what was happening. And with the sheriff keeping an eye on the parents in Roswell, that was all that they could do for now anyways.


Liz and Maria laughed as they gathered all the condiments needed for the Barbeque they were having at Michael and Maria’s.

“So, here I am bawling, and Max is sitting next to me totally helpless, not knowing why I’m crying this time. To him all he’d said was I turned him on just looking at me pregnant with his babies. And he couldn’t figure out what he’d said to upset me.” Liz laughed.

Maria chuckled and snagged a pickle Liz was cutting. “Poor Max. Did you explain to him that they were happy tears?” Maria asked tongue in cheek, knowing her friend.

Liz nodded, taking a tomato and putting hot sauce on it. “Of course, but I had to calm down first, and by then, he was so confused. Poor Max is right! I don’t know how he puts up with me right now. And how the heck can he say I turn him on looking like this!” Liz asked looking down at her now big stomach.

Maria laughed and shook her head. “Simple Liz. Max adores you. I’m sure just your breathing every day turns Max on.”

Liz smiled and looked at Maria. Maria was glowing and looked very happy. Her own wedding was only a week away now. But she knew that every once in awhile a sad expression would cross her friend’s face and Liz knew she was thinking about what she wanted to do with her life. She still hadn’t found her ‘place’. She helped Nadi around the ranch and volunteered to help out with the different organizations Nadi belonged to, but so far nothing had really called to her.

“And what about you Maria, how are you doing?” Liz asked.

Maria knew Liz wasn’t referring to the upcoming wedding. The two were so close they could practically read each other’s minds. Maria sighed.

“I’m okay. I just wish I could find something that I want to do with my life. I mean, yes, I love helping Nadi with all her organizations and helping others, but I want to find something that drives me like you have your lab, and Max has his wanting to be a doctor, and Michael has the teen center.”

Liz nodded. She knew how Maria was feeling. Maria was very passionate in everything she did, and she needed to feel that way about her future too. “Have you thought about going to school? Seeing if anything there would interest you? Or give you an idea?”

Maria nodded. “I looked over some of the stuff Max brought back from the university for me, and I’m thinking of starting in the January, taking some classes, just to see.” She sighed.

Liz knew Maria was frustrated and wanted to know now what she wanted to do. She wanted to find something to get passionately involved in.

The girls took the food out onto Maria and Michael’s patio where the guys were grilling the meal.

Liz and Maria both put down the plates on the picnic table and just looked over at the men by the grill.

“How did we get so lucky Liz?” Maria said softly, her own eyes drawn to Michael as he was flipping burgers. It reminded her of the days back at the Crashdown and she grinned. He was still so adorable to her.

Liz shook her head and looked her husband over the same way Maria was looking over Michael. “I don’t know Maria, but I thank the stars every night for Max.” she whispered and smiled, her eyes growing hot as they roamed over Max’s sexy body in his shorts and white t-shirt that he wore while talking to Michael.

As if feeling the girls’ eyes on them, Max and Michael looked over and saw the women by the table.

Max sucked in a breath when he met Liz’s hot gaze. Their connection was instantaneous, and the punch of lust was so powerful, that Max had a hard time breathing.

Michael too was staring at Maria; fascinated with the way her eyes were raking over him hotly. Michael watched as Maria came toward him, her hips swaying seductively, and her eyes smiling with a secret glint.

Maria leaned up to Michael and he wrapped his arms around her and drew her closer for a deep kiss.

Max saw Liz starting toward him, and he leaped the last few feet to meet her. Then he too pulled his woman into his arms and kissed her deeply.

Max put his arms around Liz, threading his fingers through her chocolate colored hair. She gently ran her nails across his smooth back, causing him to shiver from head to toe.

Max opened his mouth wide and thrust his tongue deeply into her mouth, as she dueled with his tongue to gain entrance into his own hot mouth.

“I love you.” Max said and looked down at her, as if waiting to see if she was going to burst into tears or not.

When Liz saw the hesitant look on Max’s face she laughed. Poor Max she thought again.

Max looked confused when she laughed, but glad that she wasn’t going to start crying.

“I adore you Max Evans and still don’t know how you manage to put up with me?” She smiled and snuggled back into his arms.

Maria snuggled up into Michael’s arms as he devoured her mouth. Then she pulled away slightly, wrinkled her nose and then put her hand up to Michael’s face, cupping it gently, and she then leaned closer again and said in a whisper.


“Hmmm…” was all Michael could reply as he let himself drown in her hot eyes.

“Your meat is burning, love.” She said softly, looking up at him passionately.

“Hmmm…yeah… it is.” He grinned, but then he too smelled the burning, and jumped away from Maria and swore as she laughed.

Max and Liz chuckled as well, watching Michael swear as he tried to save the burgers.

When they were ready to sit down to eat, Liz poured some lemonade for them, putting some Tabasco in three of their glasses, and then she frowned.

Max notice Liz’s face turn pale and he jumped up and came to stand next to her. “Liz?” he asked anxiously, searching her face and finding her growing paler and her eyes wide with her own confusion.

Max started to help Liz to sit when she suddenly started convulsing. He shouted to Michael and Maria as he gently laid Liz flat on the floor and made sure she didn’t seize and bite her tongue. She continued seizing and Max swore and Michael ran for the phone to call the doctor.

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