FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"After Vegas"
Part 4
by Ginger
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Takes place after Viva Las Vegas
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Liz was startled by her bodies immediate reaction to such a simple stimulus. The feel of Max's lips and tongue on her fingers caused a matching pull in her groin.

She leaned in and gave Max a long sensual kiss. Each enjoyed the sweet and spicy taste of the other as their tongues explored the recesses of each others mouths. Soon they were scattering clothing along the floor as their hands sought out the planes and curves of each others bodies.

Max smoothed his hands up Liz's sides and captured a breast in each one, loving the silky perfection of her skin against his callused palms. He lowered his head and suckled her straining nipple deeply into his mouth, lavishly stimulating it with his tongue at the same time.

Liz's body jerked in response and she gripped his shoulders as her hips began moving to the rhythm they had shared earlier. She could feel a flood of new moisture between her legs as Max switched his attention to her other breast. His hands traveled down her stomach to settle over her dark curls as he lowered them to the floor and stretched out over her.

He parted her curls and began to rub his fingers over her pleasure point in a circular pattern.

Liz moaned his name and tossed her head at the dual stimulus.

Max felt her pleasure through their heightened connection and had to tamp down on his control as he realized how close she was to the edge.

He carefully slipped two fingers into her slick opening and her hips bucked up to take him deeper. He began to move his fingers back and forth within her until he located her most sensitive spot and pleasured it exclusively.

Liz came apart in his arms, arching her back and moving her hips in rhythm to prolong the pleasure.

As she came down from her explosive orgasm, Max leaned up and kissed her passionately. Their tongues met and began to imitate the dance of love as Liz let her hands explore his muscular back and massage his hard buttocks, pulling his hips down to hers. She reached under him and guided his pulsing member into her.

He sank full length into her. She was made for him! Who would have thought someone as tiny as her could accommodate his length! Max's pleasure increased as her walls tightened around him, still pulsing from her earlier release.

He began to move slowly within her, varying the pace teasingly when he felt her coming close to her peak again. At last they could take no more and shared their pleasure with a last series of deep, satisfying thrusts.

They lay side by side until their breathing slowed.

"If I had known it could be like this I could never have stayed away from you!" Max declared.

"And I would never have let you go!" Liz answered.

"What do you think? Is it time for another shower?" Max asked.

Liz's gaze strayed to the hot tub and lit up. Max followed her thought and picked her up in his arms. He gently lowered her into the bubbling water and slipped in behind her.

He began a gentle massage of her neck and shoulders and after long minutes began to work his way down to soothe the muscles in her slender back. When he had finished he leaned her back against his chest and let his hands explore her flat tummy and ribs, eventually cupping her firm breasts and massaging them until she turned in his arms to straddle his lap.

"I can't get enough of you Max! I need to touch you." Liz moved back and indicated she wanted him to sit on the edge of the hot tub.

As Max moved to comply Liz was mesmerized by his magnificent male beauty. Her gaze wandered from his gorgeous face, his eyes full of love for her, down the strong column of his neck, to his muscular shoulders and developed arms, further down the rippling strength of his chest to his washboard stomach, eventually settling on his obvious arousal.

Liz reached out her hands to the sides of his thighs and began a massage of her own. She worked her strong fingers deeply into his hard muscles from his outer legs to his inner, careful not to brush against his erection. She slowly moved her fingers up his sides to massage his bulging chest muscles up to his shoulders and down his arms. Bracing her hands on his thighs she lowered her mouth over his manhood. Max's hands tangled convulsively into her hair. Liz used her tongue to stimulate the silky underside of his erection while lowering her head to take as much of him in as she could hold. She began sliding her mouth up and down, sucking softly and loving every minute of his obvious enjoyment, his groans of pleasure echoing through the room.

When he could take no more Max lifted Liz up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her onto his straining erection. He used his strong arms to raise and lower her, setting a steady rhythm. Liz cupped his face in her hands and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Their pace quickened and their groans of release were muffled by their kiss.

Max lowered them back into the water and Liz cuddled into his embrace as they relaxed at last.

"We're going to kill each other!" Max mused out loud, amazed at his loves boldness.

"I know what you mean, but I can't seem to stop touching you!"

"Me either," Max admitted, "I don't even want to!"

"Max, what will we do when we get home? I can't stand the thought of being apart from you for even a minute -let alone every night!"

Max turned love filled eyes to Liz. "Marry me Liz." He asked, projecting his sincerity and love.

Shocked, Liz stared back at Max. "We can't! We're too young and what about the future version of you predicting the end of the world if we are together?"

"First of all we're both almost 18, I can change our ID's so we are right now if you want. Second, I think we have already changed the course of events over the last few months. I think Tess has grown a lot, she's not trying to make me love her anymore, and it looks like her and Kyle may be starting something. I think if we explain what could happen if she left the group that she would stay."

Liz let hope stir in her. "When do you want to be married?"

"Now! Today! Let's do it before we go back and then no one can separate us! How do you feel about the Elvis Chapel?"

Liz laughed out loud.

They dried each other off, resisting the urge to be together again, and went to put on some of their new clothes.

Liz started a list of what they would need for the wedding. A dress, flowers, rings, a license, Max already had a tux thanks to the hotel, shoes...

They held hands as they descended to the hotel shops armed with their $2700.

Max waited in a secluded seating area while Liz found the perfect dress and matching shoes. When she went to purchase them though the clerk refused her money and just folded it into a huge box and told her she would deliver it to their room, no charge. Liz shook her head as she came up to Max, "I guess they're pretty serious about making up for our bad experience!"

The same thing happened when they tried to purchase flowers.

They went to the jewelers and found a simple wedding set for Liz and a beautiful gold band for Max, but when the clerk wouldn't take their money both Max and Liz protested. These were their wedding rings and they wanted to be the ones to purchase them. The clerk finally relented and took the $2100 when he saw how upset they would be if he refused. Max shot Liz a puzzled look when she whispered some special instructions to the jeweler. The man nodded and then announced the rings would be sent to their room within an hour.

"It's a surprise!" Liz answered his look with a secret smile.

Max took his and Liz's ID's and changed them back to their real names and made Liz 18 and himself 21 since he had been seen in the casino the day before.

Together they made an appointment in the chapel and signed for the marriage license.

When they went back to their room there was a stylist and make-up artist form the salon waiting by the door. It had been obvious to the hotel personnel that they were planning a wedding so they sent up their best people from the salon to pamper them before the wedding.

The next several hours went by in a rush as Liz's hair was swept up in a classic style and she got a manicure and pedicure as someone else did her make-up. They helped her into her dress and she stared at her reflection in wonder.

While this was happening Max had his hair trimmed and styled and consented to the manicure, but protested at the offer of a pedicure. His tux fit perfectly.

Max called through the door when he was ready and Liz let him know that she didn't want him to see her till they reached the chapel.

The hotel staff assured him they would accompany her safely to the chapel and he started down alone, feeling strange to be parted from her.

They would never forget the next hour as they pledged their eternal love and devotion to each other with the teary eyed hotel staff as witnesses. Max was stunned that Liz had chosen the exact dress he had seen in his memory/vision earlier.

When the brightly sequined Elvis minister pronounced them husband and wife Max needed no prompting to kiss his bride. With her face framed between his palms, Max gently lowered his lips to hers in a kiss that revealed how much they cherished and loved one another.

The staff sighed and began clapping spontaneously as the kiss continued. Max and Liz broke apart at the sound of applause. They looked around in confusion, having forgotten they were not alone.

Max picked Liz up and spun her around, experiencing pure joy at the thought of spending a lifetime with Liz. He couldn't resist one more passionate kiss before setting her back on her feet.

"Congratulations kids!" The Elvis minister drawled out and Max and Liz burst into laughter as they held hands and raced through the rain of rose petals being thrown enthusiastically from all directions.

Before reentering their suite Max once again swept Liz into his arms and carried her across the threshold.

Max felt the heavy, unfamiliar weight of the new ring on his finger. Liz had had the jeweler engrave "forever love" on the inside of the band. He hoped she would like his surprise just as much.

"Mrs. Evans, will you dance with me?" Max asked, holding out his hand.

Liz thrilled to the sound of her new name. "Why certainly Mr. Evans!" she smiled back at him.

Max cued the CD with the remote and Liz's eyes filled with tears as Sheryl Crow's "I Shall Believe" came on. She melted into his arms while the tears slipped down her cheeks because of his thoughtful surprise.

Each movement flowed gracefully into the next and when the dance was done they shared a tender kiss and Max swept Liz up and carried her to their bedroom. They began to slowly undress each other between kisses. When they both stood naked their hands began slow explorations that gradually became more urgent until they were sprawled over the bed facing each other.

Liz lifted her leg over his hip and he entered her in one long stroke. The pleasure built on itself as they felt each other getting closer to the peak.

Liz kissed his lips and chin and gently sucked a path down the sensitive column of his neck. Feeling his pleasure build to an exquisite high sent her over the edge and with her hot, slick walls clamping over his turgid flesh Max moaned out his pleasure as well.

They lay panting in each others arms, whispering of their love and devotion until they drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Reality intruded with the shrill ring of the phone and Max groped for the receiver as he squinted against the morning light.

"What?" He ground out, annoyed by the intrusion.

Liz stirred beside him and looked up inquiringly from where her head rested on his chest.

"Get home Maxwell -we've got trouble." Michael stated tersely.

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