FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"After Vegas"
Part 3
by Ginger
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Takes place after Viva Las Vegas
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Max turned off the shower and reached out the door grabbing two towels off the warming rack. He bundled Liz into one and wrapped the other around his waist.

He swept her effortlessly into his arms, his eyes never leaving hers, and walked purposefully to set her gently in the middle of the king sized bed. He crawled on the bed and lay out full length beside her. Still holding her gaze his mouth slowly descended to lightly brush her lips. Their eyes swept closed as new sensations washed over them. They slowly increased the intensity of the kiss until their mouths opened. Max's tongue sought Liz's and he angled his head for greater access while slowly removing her towel. He flung it to the side and pulled back to gaze at his only love. Her beauty constantly amazed him. He stroked his hand down her body to her thigh and back up, resting it just beneath her breast amazed at his freedom to touch her so intimately.

Her chest heaved as she tried to control her breathing. He made her feel so beautiful, like he couldn't even see any of her flaws.

"You don't have any," he answered her thought.

"Any what?" Liz questioned in confusion.

"Flaws, you don't have any."

"Max... I didn't say that out loud!" Her eyes widened at the realization of what this meant. Their connection was deeper than it had ever been.

Max smiled slightly and shook his head. "Nothing should surprise us about what we can do when we're together."

He then stared into her eyes projecting one thought.

"Oh!! I love you too!" Liz exclaimed, thrilled with the new feeling of closeness.

She reached out and removed his towel, feeling his surprise at her boldness through their new connection. She reached out tentative hands and pushed him back to lay down on the bed. She ran her hands all the way down his chest slowly over his rippling muscles. She enjoyed the effect she was causing in Max as she watched his breathing quicken and his fists clench at his sides. Lowering her mouth to his masculine nipple her tongue lapped out and she licked all around it causing Max to groan as it hardened. Encouraged she began to suck lightly.

Max's hands instantly went to her shoulders and pulled her up for a deep, drugging kiss. He trailed his lips down her neck and repeated the process that she had performed for him. Liz thrashed under him, moaning for more. Max switched to the other breast and licked it. He lightly blew air over it and watched in fascination as it grew and hardened. Unable to resist he sucked it deeply into his mouth and laved it with his tongue.

Liz clamped his head to her chest and thrashed her hips under him, not able to believe he was capable of eliciting such sensations.

Max continued his sensual journey downward, trailing kisses over her ribs and swirling his tongue around her navel. He gently let his hands travel over her thighs, moving in small circular motions to her inner legs. He then used his thumbs to part her curls and gazed for the first time at the source of his beloved's pleasure.

He trailed his fingers along the edges of her nether lips causing her hips to jump forward in frantic response. Encouraged, he lowered his mouth and tasted her. Liz screamed out his name and jerked closer to him. Her body was on fire! Max held her hips firmly and began to gently lick and suck her center of pleasure in a steady rhythm sensing what she needed. Liz's hips bucked up matching his pace and she tossed her head and clenched her hands over the sheets as she let go and fell over the edge into bliss.

"Max!! Oh Max!!" Liz panted.

When her tremors calmed Max slid up in the bed and leaned into her passionately, sharing her spicy taste with her. Liz returned the kiss heatedly, finally letting her hands roam over his hard buttocks and around to the front where she explored his straining erection for the first time. Silk over steel. She briefly worried that he wouldn't fit.

"Don't worry," Max whispered to dispel her brief concern. "We'll go slow."

Unable to take any more of her innocent exploration Max gently nudged her knees apart and guided himself to her entrance. He eased in inch by inch until he felt her barrier. Not wanting to cause her any pain he paused and moved his hand down between their bodies.

Max stared into Liz's eyes and, understanding what he intended to do, she gave him a slight smile and nodded.

Liz rocked her hips up as Max pushed in and breached her barrier, immediately healing the slight sting of pain. The feeling of being inside his love was unbelievable! He held himself motionless for a moment to catch his breath, gain control, and give Liz a chance to adjust to his bulk.

Liz could not wait any longer. Max, inside of her! This was the way they should always be. They completed each other.

As she began to move her hips under him it caused such a riot of sensations between them that they both moaned aloud. They realized in shock that their connection was allowing them to feel the others pleasure as well as their own. Max sensed that Liz craved his lips on her breast and bent his head to pleasure her taut nipples.

He sucked one hard nub into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it while she cried out her pleasure underneath him. He could feel her inner walls clench over his manhood as she came again in long rolling waves and he couldn't wait any longer. With several long firm thrusts he joined her over the edge and spilled his seed inside her.

Max collapsed to her side, still connected and they stared at each other in awe. He gathered her close until their breathing steadied and asked, "Are you all Right?"

"Perfect!" She replied with a wide grin which he returned full force.

Liz was stunned by the beauty of his rare smile.

"Hey, I smile!" Max protested.

"Uh, not much Max, it's like you've always got the weight of the world on your shoulders and you never take time to laugh and enjoy yourself."

Uncomfortable with the truth behind her words, Max kissed her quickly and changed the subject.

"I had a flash Liz."

"Me too."

"What did you see?" They asked together and collapsed laughing at how in sync they were.

"You start," Max said as Liz settled her head on his shoulder.

"It started with a man running through the desert toward the cave where we found the healing stones..."

"And he hid something in an opening in the cave wall!" Max finished for her realizing they had seen the same thing.

"We need to get back and check it out!" Liz exclaimed, realizing it may be an important find for the pod squad.

"Not right away, OK? I just want to concentrate on you -on us. I can't hardly believe we're together like this! Liz, I can never let you go, it's you and me from now on. We're stronger and better when we're together. I love you..." His impassioned speech ended with a tender kiss that gradually turned more passionate. Max's member stirred back to life inside Liz and he rolled her on top of him.

Liz began to move up and down his length for long moments setting the pace. Max watched as she sat up and arched her neck back in ecstasy as she let the explosion roll through her. Feeling the intensity of her release triggered his own as he pulled her down to his lips for a soul searing kiss.

Liz collapsed on his chest and trailed kisses wherever she could reach before snuggling back into his shoulder.

They dozed together for an hour.

Liz woke first and just looked in awe at her beautiful mate. That's what they were, she realized with a satisfied smile -lifemates. She couldn't imagine spending another day away from Max, and wondered how she had survived so long without him.

Max felt such a surge of loving emotion from Liz that he woke up to wrap her tightly in his arms. Her stomach chose that moment to growl and he smiled.

"Maybe we should order room service." Liz suggested, "I seem to have worked up an appetite!"

"Yeah, that's a good...Wait! We spent the last of our money this afternoon!" Max worried abut what they would do.

"Oh...about that... Max, I still have about $2700 bucks," Liz admitted.

"What?! Michael said to spend the money in Vegas before we left!"

"Max, think about it! It's hard to spend three thousand dollars in the arcade, our cab driver to the airport was going to have a fabulous tip!"

Max and Liz grinned at each other.

"So room service it is!" Max decided and jumped naked out of bed to grab the menu, much to Liz's fascinated delight.

When Max called down their order they discovered the hotel personnel would not take their money. They sent up a large selection of lunch items along with a half dozen new outfits for both Max and Liz. The clothing ranged from casual Polo's and slacks, to a formal tuxedo for Max. Liz's selections ranged from slacks and sweater sets to a sequined evening gown.

"What in the world??" The note that accompanied the items was attached to two large suitcases and apologized profusely for any "inconvenience" they had suffered at the hands of former hotel personnel.

Max and Liz exchanged amused glances and Max said, "They're trying not to get sued over our "inconvenience"!"

"How did they know our sizes?" Liz marveled as she held a new dress in front of her and twirled.

"Maria arranged our dinner wardrobes through the hotel last night remember?"

Liz put the dress down and hugged Max closely, inhaling his masculine scent. He leaned his head down and kissed her hair.

"Can I get you anything else?" The hotel waitress asked with a slight gleam of envy in her eyes at the obvious love flowing between this gorgeous couple. They couldn't keep their eyes or hands off each other!

Max looked up startled. He had forgotten she was there!

"No, that will be all for now," he told her, holding out a tip.

She shook her head and backed out of the room, reluctant to take her eyes off of them. "Your money is no good in the hotel. Please let me know if you require anything else!"

Liz shook her head. "Now how am I supposed to get rid of Michael's money?" she wailed in mock despair.

"Don't worry, we'll figure it out!" Max told her, "Now let's eat!"

They turned to the banquet of food that had been set up and filled their plates. Max doused his with the Tabasco he had specially requested and then was surprised when Liz held out her hand for it.

"What?! I like my food spicy!" she answered his questioning look.

"Since when?"

"Since you changed me Max Evans! Kyle and I had a long talk about the effects of your healing us, and we both seem to like things a little spicier now...Not as much as you, of course!"

"So you like things spicy huh?" He gave her a comical leer and pumped his eyebrows up and down.

"Max! You're incorrigible!" Liz chuckled, happy to see this lighter side of Max once again.

They proceeded to try various dishes and exclaimed over how good it all was. They occasionally shared a bite of something particularly tasty, smiling though their attempts to feed each other.

They finished with strawberries dipped in thick whipped cream (and Tabasco for Max). Liz held one out to Max's lips and he parted them to accept the bite. He held her hand there and proceeded to suck each of her fingers into his mouth treating each one to a sensual tongue bath, unable to get enough of her sweet, spicy taste.

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