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"A Twist of Fate"
Part 16
by Anne Baker
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims, and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this wonderful story. I’m just borrowing them! The quotes are from “Watershed” by Indigo Girls. Go girls! (Amy shook my hand! That’s my one claim to fame of the summer while y’all were meeting Jason!)
Summary: It's Freshman year, and a certain dream couple starts to eye each other! What would happen if the couples got together Frosh year instead of Sophomore year?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: Thanks to my whole Roswell family for being so supportive and loving to me. Particularly Mel, Celeste, Patti, Jez, Linda, Anne M, and the whole diehard family!
Max and Liz stayed up half the night, curled up together on the couch, catching up on their past few weeks apart. Liz was shocked to hear that Alex and Isabel were spending all of their time together, and more than once, Max thought he had seen Michael staring at Maria.

The two friends had stopped arguing since the dance, although Max still refused to talk to Michael about his relationship with Liz. Max still knew nothing about Michael’s experiences with Maria that night, so this latest development between them seemed completely out of the blue to Max.

Eventually, as the night began to shift into morning, Max and Liz drifted off to sleep together.

When Claudia woke up the next morning, she smiled at the site waiting for her on the couch. The two of them looked perfect for each other, so completely in love. It was obvious just looking at them…even in their sleep.

She pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of the sleeping couple. They would appreciate the gift later.

Liz sighed contentedly as she breathed in the musty scent of dust in the air at her grandmother’s archaeology lab. Max grinned as he watched her, so full of life, touched by everything that she experienced. She was amazing!

Liz smiled at the laughter in his eyes as he watched her. “I love this place so much! You know how I am when it comes to science, Max. It’s the same when I come here. My grandma and I come here every single time I visit. It’s like a second home to me.”

“And every time she comes here, Liz acts the same way! It’s like this place gets inside her…she loves it!” Claudia broke in, smiling at her granddaughter.

“What can I say? This stuff fascinates me!” Liz grinned happily. “Show me your latest finds, grandma.”

“Feel free to roam around Max.” Claudia offered. “I know you’ll be careful not to break anything.”

Max nodded and watched Claudia drag Liz out of the room…or maybe Liz was dragging Claudia. Max chuckled lightly. He could see why Liz loved Grandma Claudia so much…they were so much alike in so many ways!

Max wandered around the room, studying the different artifacts spread all over the lab tables. There were all sorts of Native American artifacts: statuettes, baskets, and arrowheads…all sorts of fascinating things.

Max wandered over towards a side table, and an object caught his eye. It didn’t look Native American…it looked…strange. It was kind of a small, titanium football-shaped orb, or something… In the top, there was a small symbol etched into the metal.

Max gasped as he recognized the symbol. It was one of the ones he had seen in the cave on the Reservation.

Max was mesmerized by the orb. What was it? And what did it have to do with him?

Slowly, hesitantly, Max reached his hands down to pick up the object.

The moment his hands made contact with the smooth metallic orb, it erupted with a bright blue light, shining from every inch of it. The light was brilliant, almost blinding, and it shocked Max, making him drop the orb back to the table. The light ceased.

Max looked around nervously, relieved to see that Liz and Claudia hadn’t returned. He was safe again.

Max took one last look at the orb, before turning and rushing out of the room. He needed to see Liz, feel her. Maybe she could comfort him.

Even if she didn’t know why.

Claudia let the bathroom door swing shut behind her, and she leaned back against the door, desperately trying to regain control of her emotions.

She stumbled over to the sink, splashing cold water on her face to shock herself back to reality. Maybe it was just a dream…

She stared at her own reflection in the mirror, and slowly began to calm down.

It wasn’t a dream…what she had seen. The image wouldn’t get out of her head…it was all real.

The communicator had glowed when Max touched it.

It had only done that once before…a long time ago…

And it could only mean one thing…

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