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"A Love that Cannot Be"
Part 2
by Kat
Disclaimer: I confess, they aren't mine. Do you think I could borrow Michael for a few days though?
Summary: Michael finds out Maria's biggest secret.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Hope you enjoy. To Amy because she gave me the idea. Amy is my biggest inspiration. I wouldn't be writing any of this if she didn't give me ideas. Amy you better write one. I know your mind is as sick as mine is.
Michael lay in bed with Maria smuggled close against him. He could see the sun beginning to rise outside Maria's window, as he lay awake. He had awoken several times in the night with dreams haunting his sleep. Maria wasn't a virgin so who had she been with before him? The question had haunted him all night and he had pulled in and out of sleep with vivid dreams of Maria and other men. First he had had a dream of Maria and Alex. Then he had a dream of Maria with Max. After that it had been Maria with Alex and Max. Then Kyle had snaked his way into Michael's mind and it had been Kyle and Maria. Then the worst one had occurred, Maria and Sheriff Valenti. He had woken from that one in a cold sweat, breathing heavy, feeling as if he was going to die. Now he looked down at his goddess and he felt himself getting sick wondering who she had been with. He lay looking at her and she began to stir. Opening her eyes she saw him and smiled. She placed a sweet kiss against his lips speaking everything with her eyes and lips, but Michael could not hold back the question that had haunted him all night a moment longer. "Maria, you aren't a virgin," he stated matter-of-factly.

She looked at him horrified for a second. How could he possibly know.

Then shook her head realizing that even if he had been her first she wouldn’t have been a virgin right then. She smiled at him and said, "Well no duh silly, not after last night I'm not."

Michael had seen the look in her eyes when he had first said it, something wasn't right. "No Maria, I mean you weren't a virgin even before last night, were you?"

Tears formed in her eyes. She had kept this a secret for so long, for as long as she could remember, and now he was demanding answers from her, answers she didn't have a right to give. Seeing her tears Michael wrapped his arms around her. "Shh, it's okay. You can tell me."

"No, I can't, it's not my secret to tell."

"Maria, please, who was it? Tell me."

She pulled out of his arms. How do you tell the only man that you have ever loved that you belong to someone else? She wanted to lie to him, to tell him that at a young age she had foolishly experimented with sex and that she had never loved the guy but had just wondered about what it would be like. He would probably want to believe that more than the truth, she wished that was the truth, but it wasn't, the truth was much worse.

"Maria, just tell me. I won't tell anyone ever, I promise."

With a deep sigh she looked at him and began her story. "It wasn't something I wanted to do…"

"You mean you were raped? Oh my god Maria, who was it? I'll kill him."

"No, Michael, it wasn't like that. Maybe I better start somewhere else. Okay, you think that you are the one who is an alien to this planet, that you are the one who doesn't belong here. Well that isn't true. The truth is you, Max, and Isabel are the only natives of this planet left. There was a crash in 1947, but it wasn't your people who crashed here, it was my people."

"Maria, are you feeling sick? This doesn't make any sense. Besides, what does this have to do with you not being a virgin?"

"I'm getting to that, now as I was saying. We crashed in 1947 and took over Earth. By that time your people were scarce as it was and my people lived with those of your people who remained in peace for years. Soon after we crashed though, your people started to die off. There was this disease that killed your people, but it didn't affect us. We were immune to it or something. You, Max, and Isabel were put into these incubation pods so that the disease would not be transmitted to you so you could survive. That is the truth about you. Now about my not being a virgin. The way my people have survived over the years, reproduced and continued to exist is by one couple in each village, pair from birth. This couple is born simple to bear children for the people of the town, to carry on the race. It is through them that we continue to live. I was born with this," Maria points to a small odd looking birthmark on her arm," It is the mark of the ones who are to bear children for their people. Every child in Roswell that is more than five years younger than us is my child."

He looked at her in shock. This couldn't be happening, this couldn't be true. "But that isn't possible, you have never shown any signs of being pregnant and there are so many children, you couldn't have had that many kids, not with a nine month pregnancy."

"The thing is I don't show signs of being pregnant and the pregnancy only last for five days. I also get pregnant every time I have sex so…"

"So now you are carrying my child?" he asked looking at her almost hopeful.

"No Michael, there is only one person who can impregnate me. The person who also bears this mark."

"So who is it? Who is your companion? Who have you been paired with?"

"I can't tell you. I shouldn't have told you any of this. Nobody is ever suppose to know all of the facts in the case, everyone knows the basics, but nobody knows more than that they can't have children and that there is only one couple in town who can have kids and if they want to have kids they have to go to the Sheriff and more or less order them. Please Michael, don't push this, it's my destiny, my reason for living. Just let it go Michael, I have already told you too much."

"Please Maria, I want to know."

She looked at him and saw the sadness in his eyes. "Please don't torture yourself over this. Michael it's just part of my life, like you are alien. It's who I am. I'm sorry."

"Maria," he whispered softly, pleading with her.

She sighed in resignation and finally replied, "Fine, but don't get mad at me, or him. It's a part of my life and it is just something that has to be accepted. It's Kyle Valenti," she saw the shock and sadness wash across his face, the hurt, and quickly added, "He may own my body but he will never have my mind, my soul, my heart, they belong to you."

Michael looked at her with a deep sadness in his eyes. He felt that perhaps he should have stuck to his destiny, he never knew that Maria had a destiny of her own, a destiny just as shocking and painful as his own was.

Michael knew then what it was like to not be able to fully have the one thing in life that you want. Sighing softly her kissed her forehead and climbed out of her bed. He dressed quickly and was gone. Maria watched him go realizing that she had probably just lost him forever. She cried herself back to sleep.

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