FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"A Love that Cannot Be"
Part 1
by Kat
Disclaimer: I confess, they aren't mine. Do you think I could borrow Michael for a few days though?
Summary: Well duh. A heatwave, Maria and Michael, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: My first NC-17 sorry if it sucks. To Amy, even though I introduced her into the wonderful world of both Roswell and NC-17 fanfics she was the one who encouraged me to write this. So to Amy, you go girl!
Maria rolled over in bed, the sheets lay on the floor in a heap. The night was hot and sticky and Maria was covered in sweat. Maria rolled over in bed again trying to find a comfortable position in which she could fall asleep but it was too hot and all she could do was toss and turn. Finally tiring of trying to fall asleep Maria got up and went outside to sit on the roof hoping the cool night air would help cool her although it was unlikely because thoughts of Michael weren't helping the situation much. Maria opened the window and went and lay on the cool roof. She was lying there looking up at the stars when she drifted into a dreamless sleep.


Michael stood on the sidewalk looking at Maria in her pajamas that covered only the necessary areas. Another heatwave and another need to see her, feel her, kiss her, and touch her. Looking up at the skimpily clad goddess he began to get hotter and he felt a need to get out of his now too tight jeans. He gazed up at her and she lay on the roof and slowly drifted off to sleep. Now was his chance. If she didn't see him coming she wouldn't have a chance to fight him off. He knew he had put her through a lot but all he wanted now was to feel her, hold her, and be with her, in her. He climbed up onto the roof and stood beside her for just a second. He slowly ascended upon her but she must have heard him coming because as he began to draw closer to her, her eyes shot open and looked deep into his own, "What do you think you're doing here?" Maria asked venomously which only made him harder. He loved that fire she had, it was such a turn on.

He didn't say anything just looked down at her and continued his ascent.

"Oh no you don't," she cried pushing him onto the ground next to her and quickly rising to her feet. Her whole body was calling out to him, yearning for him to touch and kiss her everywhere, but her brain was telling her no and she knew that it was right.

He still hadn't spoken a word. He knew that she knew what he was looking for, what he wanted. It was her, it was always her. "Maria," he whispered.

The sound of her name on his lips send a shiver down her spine. She had to resist the temptation to reach out and take him in her arms and kiss him breathless. "No Michael, just go home," she finally managed to say trying desperately not to look into his eyes because she knew if she did she would be lost forever.

She quickly crawled back in her window and slammed into shut behind her locking it so he couldn’t get in. She stood at the glass watching him. He got up and walked to the window and stood there right in front of her. He pressed his hands up against the window and Maria couldn't resist the urge to press her hands up against the glass where his were. She could feel the warmth of him through the flass and she no longer listened to reason. She unlocked the window and pulled it open. With a look of triumph on his face Michael quickly crawled into her room and took her into his arms. Their lips met in a passionate battle. Slowly Maria opened her mouth to him and he explored the far reaches of it with his tongue. His lips moved from hers down to her neck and she couldn't hold back the soft moan that escaped from her lips. "Oh Michael," she cried passionately as he lifted her up sucking tenderly at the soft skin of her neck. She tasted sweet like strawberries and spicy like hot sauce, he couldn't get enough of her. With her in his arms he fell back on the bed pulling her sown with him. Kissing deeply and hungrily they slowly began to remove the clothes between them. Michael could feel Maria's hard nipples as he pulled her skimpy little tank top off over her head. She lay on top of him her chest bare and he wanted to touch her and feel her. He rolled over pinning her beneath him and his hands began to explore her breasts. He touched her softly and she arched her back wanting more. He slowly ran his hands over her breasts thumbing the swollen nipples. His lips slowly began to move down her neck and onto her chest. While one hand continued to rub and squeeze her breast he began to lick and kiss the other. She moaned with pleasure as his tongue licked circles around her hard rose colored nipple. She arched her back and he took more of her into his mouth. He nibbled tenderly at the hardened nipple, which elicited a moan of pleasure from Maria. "Oh Michael," she moaned enjoying the sensation his mouth was creating.

He moved his mouth to her other breast and his hand came up and began to stroke her saliva-covered breast. He pleased her again with mouth and lips and tongue and it felt so good to her. Then he abandoned her breasts and moving back up and meeting her lips. In between passionate kisses Maria managed to pull his shirt off. She trailed her hands over his bare chest loving the feel of his rippling muscles under her hands. She began to softly kiss his chest and he groaned, his pants getting tighter by the second.

Slowly he began to move down her body again but this time he continued past her breasts till he was kneeling on the floor in front of her. Ready for whatever he had in mind Maria spread her legs offering herself to him completely. He pulled off the tiny shorts she was wearing and tossed them to the floor with the rest of their clothes. He slowly began to move his hands up and down her thighs driving her crazy. "Michael, please," she moaned softly needing to feel him, any part of him, inside her. He slowly removed her wet satin thong and once again stroked her thighs. No longer being able to bear the wait Maria entered herself with two fingers. Michael was shocked to see her do this but it only made him need to get out of his pants even more. He watched as she rhythmically moved her hands in and out of herself, she looked like a goddess lying there pleasuring herself with two fingers. He softly grabbed her wrist and pulled her fingers from her warm center. She looked at him for a second and then lay back waiting for whatever he had in mind. He ran his hand down her thigh and entered her just as she had herself with two fingers. Rhythmically he thrust his fingers in and out of her as she thrust her hips up at him wanting more of what he could give her. Every so often a moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Slowly he removed his fingers from her and placed his lips in front of her opening. Softly he began to lick her warm center driving her out of her mind. Then his tongue swept over her clit and she let out a low moan as her orgasm consumed her, her body wracked with wave after wave of pleasure. She lay on the bed breathing heavy as Michael crawled back on top of her. Maria softly began to kiss him again. She reached down between them and unfastened his jeans. Using every possible part of their bodies they managed to free Michael of his jeans. Maria could feel Michael hard against her and the feel of him made her whole body heat up. Somehow, in between long deep kisses, Michael had been freed of his boxers too. She could feel him move and position himself over her entrance just waiting, dying to be inside her. "Not yet, " Maria whispered softly into his ear as she managed to roll over on top of him.

She smiled down at him and kissed him hungrily on the lips her legs straddling his waist and her hands stroking his muscular chest. Slowly she began to kiss down his chest and she ended up on her knees in front of him just as he had been. She let her hand trail over his huge erection and she could hear a low throaty growl escape his lips at the contact. She softly began to caress him with her small hands and he was sure that he would burst. Then she placed her tongue gently against him and licked up the length of him. "Maria," he moaned loving the feel of her tongue on his penis. His moan was almost a plea as he thrust his hips forward wanting more. Not wanting to make him wait any longer Maria wrapped her lips around him and slowly slid the length of him into her mouth. She began to suck on him and he thrust his hips forward and she slowly slid him in and out of her mouth. She could feel him starting to lose control and he softly pleaded, "Maria, stop."

She knew why, she knew what he wanted. She wanted it too. She removed him from her mouth and climbed back on top of him her legs once again straddling his waist. Their lips met in another passionate kiss and they once again rolled over Michael on top or Maria once again. "Are you sure about this?" Michael asked concerned.

Maria looked up at him with desire filled eyes and nodded, "You're all I've ever wanted."

Michael once again positioned himself at her entrance and slowly began to slide himself into her. Maria didn't look in the least bit of pain, which surprised him. He looked down at her wondering why she wasn't in pain.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked almost mad.

Michael shook his head telling himself that he had to be wrong and pushing the rest of the way into her. Never once was her face contorted in pain, never did she let out a moan of anything but pleasure, she wasn't a virgin. Michael shocked almost pulled out of her right then but the pleasure on her face made him think twice. Slowly he began to move within her. At first his thrusts were slow and small but soon they became fast and big. He could feel himself beginning to lose control and he could see that Maria was about to go over the edge as well. He knew what they both needed. He pulled himself almost all the way out of her and slammed into her at full force. She threw her head back and they both came together their names both whispered breathlessly into the night. He lay on top of her for a moment longer softly kissing her forehead, then he pulled out of her and rolled over and lay beside her on the bed. She snuggled up close to him and Michael fell asleep wondering whose Maria had been before she had been his.

He knew that she would never truly belong to him.

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