#220 Off The Menu - Information

Writer: Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner
Director: Patrick Norris
Production Code: 2ADA16

First aired: May 14, 2001

Guest star: Devon Gummersall (Sean DeLuca), Diane Farr (Amy DeLuca), Desmond Askew (Brody Davis), Jason Peck (Sheriff Hanson)

Description: After an electrical shock Brody can remember facts of the assumed alien abduction. He remebers that he has been in New York with Max. In panic he takes Max, Tess, Maria, Maria's mother and cousin as hostage in order to extort answers.

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#220 Off The Menu - Transcript

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Chalkboard Narrative:
MARIA: Brody: self-made millionaire and owner of the UFO center. Larek: an alien living on a faraway planet and also a good buddy of our friend Max. Brody/Larek -- notice any similarities? See, when Larek -- who lives all the way up here -- wants to talk to his good buddy Max -- who lives all the way down here -- he finds the commute a little inconvenient, so he takes over Brodyís body, like possessing him or something, and, uh, uses him as a human cell phone. If you think about it, why couldnít they invent like an alien cell phone, I mean, theyíre aliens? No? Basically, the aliens are ready to go back to their home planet. Michael, Liz and I have found Alexís killer, or did we? Something happened a few weeks ago -- before Max started to remember Tess and Liz started to get closer to Sean and before Ö Alex died -- before any of this. I just, I didnít think it was important to tell you at the time, but if you watch closely, it contains the key to everythingÖ

Scene opens in the UFO center: Max is strolling through, whistling, on his way to Brodyís office door.
MAX: Brody? (He knocks.) Brody, you in there?
BRODY: Max, Hi!
MAX: Hey. You wanted me to reorganize your crop circle files tonight?
BRODY: I did? Oh, right, uh--well forget about that. You go off home.
MAX: Home? I still have three hours left on the clock.
BRODY: Oh, work, work, work. Donít you have a life? O.K., Iíll tell you what, uh, why donít you fix the weather balloon?
(He leaves and Brody goes back into his office and puts a Virtual Reality thing back on.)
BRODY: Computer, run abduction simulation 1.5. All right, I was home, minding my own business. Suddenly Iím gone for three days. Where did I go? Computer, run simulation 1.6. Yes, something like this. I remember being in a room like this, but, but this doesnít look very alien, more like a warehouse. And there were other people here. Humans. Computer, add human forms to program, 3 male, 3 female. Yes, I was here, doing something. I was talking! If I could just remember what I was-(Beep, Beep. Memory disk full) Override, continue simulation. Yes, I was sitting here. And to my left I remember a boy. Nicolas! And at the end of the table was-Oh, my god, Max! How could Max be inÖ
(He is cut off as he is zapped by a bolt of electricity. He moans, all the lights go out, and he falls on the floor, unconscious. Max walks to the fuse box to try and figure out what is wrong, and then we see Brody open a file cabinet and take out a gun. Max is still messing with the fuse box as footsteps approach.)
TESS: Itís not a fuse, the lights are out all over town, the streetlights and everything. Oh, this is for you.
MAX: What is it?
TESS: you have to open it to find out.
MAX: Whatís the occasion?
TESS: Does there have to be an occasion, Max? Itís just a gift. You know, I saw a black sweater on sale, v-neck, and I thought of you. If you donít want it I can just give it to Kyle. (She starts to walk away from him).
MAX: Tess...
TESS: What?
MAX: Sorry. Thank you. This was, uh, very thoughtful. Iíll turn on the emergency power.
(Brody enters slowly)
BRODY: Why did you lie to me?
MAX: Brody, whatís wrong?
BRODY: Youíre an alien, arenít you?
MAX: I donít know what youíre talking about.
BRODY: Yes you do. New York City. We were all there. You and You and me. We were there with the other aliens.
MAX: Larek?
BRODY: There! Thatís an alien name. That makes you an alien. (Taking out the gun from behind his back) How else could you know that?
(He points the gun at Max and Tess as Max raises his hand)
MAX: Brody, just put the gun down. I am not an alien and neither is Tess.
(Brody fires just as Max puts up his force field. The bullet is caught and redirected into a picture; it shatters the glass)
BRODY: So how do you explain that?
{ Opening Credits }
(Scene opens again on a computer screen showing the confrontation between Brody and Max. We see Max using his powers)
BRODY: Security cameras are on backup power. Itís all on disk.
MAX: Brody, please, what do you want?
BRODY: I want you to tell me who I really am. Am I Brody, or am I Larek? What am I?
(Outside the UFO center)
MARIA: Oh my god, mom. No offense, but nobody is going to be clamoring through a black-out to buy one of your ĎGeorge W. is an alien T-shirts.í
SEAN: Not even if you were giving them away.
AMY: Oh come on! Itís called an entrepreneurial spirit, people.
(They enter the UFO center. Brody, Max and Tess look their way.)
AMY: Puts food on the table and gas in the Jetta. These T-shirts are hot off the presses; I want them on the market right now (Sees Brody with the gun pointed at Max and Tess) or later! Uh, Come on kidsÖ
BRODY: Hey! Nobodyís going anywhere.
(Scene shifts to Sheriff Valentiís, there is a knock at the door. He opens it to Deputy Hanson)
HANSON: Hey sheriff. How you doiní tonight?
VALENTI: Good, what can I do for you dep-Sheriff?
HANSON: Well, we kind of have a situation brewiní. Turns out this power outage is pretty serious; an entire grid was somehow taken out.
VALENTI: Uh-huh.
HANSON: Entire townís totally dark. New Mexico DWPís a little stumped, so I was thinkiní that this may be this is what you call a F-E-M-A situation?
VALENTI: Call Ralph. Electrician? Big guy who rewired the station last spring. Heíll know what to do.
HANSON: Thanks, Sheriff.
VALENTI: UmÖIím not the sheriff anymore.
HANSON: Right, sorry. ThanksÖJim.
(He leaves. Back at the UFO center)
BRODY: I have memories of things Iím not supposed to know, but I do know them. I know that youíre Max Evans and I also know youíre Zan. None of it makes any sense. All I know is that youíve been lying to me. And now I want the truth or this is going to the FBI.
SEAN: What the hell is this guy talking about?
AMY: Too much time at the UFO center.
BRODY: Stop talkiní over there! (He walks over to them)
MAX: Ok look. Look, I can help.
BRODY: Yeah, well you better. I want these aliens out of my head.
AMY: Maybe it would be better if we left you aliens alone.
BRODY: (Taking duct tape, handing it to Max) Tie them up. (He starts, Tess helps)
MARIA: Brody. Brody, weíre close. Weíre friends.
BRODY: Iím not close to anyone right now.
MARIA: What happened to you? (Her phone rings)
AMY: Donít point that gun at my daughter.
MARIA: I should get it.
BRODY: No way.
MARIA: I always pick up my cell phone, if I donít pick it up whoever is calling will know something is wrong. Theyíre probably going to try to come and find me.
BRODY: You tell them youíre busy and theyíre not to come looking for you.
MARIA: Hello.
LIZ: Maria! You will never believe what happened to me in bio today.
MARIA: Yeah, I bet I wonít. Listen, Iím a little tied up right now so I think Iím going to be late for my shift. Actually, um, I donít think Iím going to make it to work at all.
LIZ: whatís the matter, is everything Ok?
MARIA: Yeah, Iíve been thinkingí about the menu lately and you know the Galaxy Sub with Pepper Jack itís not selling all that well, so maybe we should take it off the menu.
LIZ: ďOff the menu?Ē
BRODY: Thatís enough. (Dial tone, Liz looks at her phone.) What was that about?
MARIA: It was just shoptalk. Itís nothing.
LIZ: That was weird.
MICHAEL: What was?
LIZ: Maria just hung up on me.
MICHAEL: Happens to me all the time.
ISABEL: This burger isnít cooked. The cheese isnít even melted.
(She starts to use her powers to cook the burger.)
MICHAEL: Donít! That makes it taste like crap.
ISABEL: I want it cooked.
MICHAEL: Itís fine this way because you still get the taste of the grill.
ISABEL: Yeah, and the possibility of contracting E-coli or Mad Cow disease. No, thank you.
(She uses her powers to cook the burger. Back to the UFO center)
TESS: I think itís time we used my Mind Warp on Brody. Weíll walk right out of here.
MAX: Do it. Just be careful.
(She tries to, but Brody knows it. Shows flashes from New York)
BRODY: Donít try your mind games on me.
(She collapses, out of breath)
MAX: Tess.
TESS: His mind ... itís too crowded. I canít get in.
(Brody walks over to them)
BRODY: You really want to help me Max, or Zan, or whatever your name is? (Max stands) Tell me why I have all this information in my head. Tell me why I know that this thing is called a trithium amplification generator and that when I turn it like thisÖ(objects emits a light flash that sends Max sprawling on the floor & also knocks Tess over) you canít use youíre powers anymore. How do I know that, huh?
MAX: I donít know what youíre talking about. I really donít. (Max strains against the tape around his wrists. To Tess) Heís right. My powers arenít working.
MARIA: Mom, donít worry. I gave Liz a coded message. Any minute now 50 cops will be busting down that door and getting us all out of here.
SEAN: What coded message?
MARIA: The Galaxy Sub with Pepper Jack, itís what Brody always orders.
SEAN: And?
MARIA: Liz is my best friend, we have our own language. Sheíll understand. Trust me.
(At the Crashdown)
LIZ: Galaxy Sub with Pepper Jack. Does that mean anything to you?
ISABEL: I donít really listen to Maria when sheís talking. Iím probably the wrong person to ask.
LIZ: Michael?
MICHAEL: I donít really listen either. Iím outta here.
LIZ: No, wait, weíre still on duty. We donít close for another four hours.
MICHAEL: Come on Liz, thereís no power. Thereís no customers. Thereís nothiní to do.
LIZ: But the power could come back any time.
(Isabel makes a bad face)
MICHAEL: Iím sure you can handle the dinner rush. Come on, Is, letís go get Max.
ISABEL: (Mouth full) OK. You were right, this is really bad.
(Liz just shakes her head. Scene switches to the UFO center. The door is locked and Michael uses his powers on the electronic lock pad)
MICHAEL: It probably locked when the power went out.
(Control pad beeps. Brody is messing with his gun when he hears the door slam)
MARIA: See, I told you, the cavalry was on the way.
MICHAEL: I think Vegas loosened him up.
ISABEL: Michael, the guy irons his jeans.
MICHAEL: Get Down!
(Brody fires, Michael tries to use his powers but they donít work because of the trithium amplification generator. Liz hears the gunshots from the Crashdown.)
MICHAEL: (to Isabel) Go, Go, Go!
(More gunshots. Michael and Isabel are gasping for breath)
MICHAEL: Are you OK?
(Liz comes out of the Crashdown)
ISABEL: Yeah. Why didnít your powers work?
MICHAEL: I donít know.
ISABEL: Oh god, Max is down there.
MICHAEL: So is Maria.
LIZ: You guys-were those gunshot? Whatís going on?
ISABEL: We gotta get Valenti.
(Back inside the UFO center, Brody points his gun at Max and pulls the trigger. It just clicks and Max and Tess flinch)
BRODY: You try to contact your alien friends again, youíll only make it worse for them.
(He takes out the clip and puts a new one in and loads a bullet into the chamber. Mariaís cell phone rings again)
AMY: My god, he is crazy. (Cell phone ringing)
BRODY: (Answering the phone) What?!
VALENTI: Brody, that you?
BRODY: I donít know. It might be Larek.
VALENTI: Larek? OK, uhÖ(Michael and Isabel exchange a knowing look) this is Jim Valenti.
VALENTI: I understand youíre having a bit of a problem down there tonight.
BRODY: And youíre going to solve it?
VALENTI: Well, Iím gonna try. Why donít you start by telling me what youíre after?
BRODY: What Iím after? What do you mean, ďWhat Iím afterĒ?
VALENTI: Well, as I understand it, youíre holding some people hostage. Thereís usually a reason, you know? List of demands?
BRODY: Demands?! (To others) He wants a list of demands.
SEAN: I could use a burger.
MARIA: (whispering) Sean.
BRODY: Yeah, yeah, right. We got a bunch of hungry people down here, and we want burgers all around.
SEAN: And fries.
BRODY: And fries.
VALENTI: Right, listen um-couldnít we at least talk about-
BRODY: No! No talking until we get our food. And when itís delivered, I donít want to see any cops. And no aliens either, I can tell.
(He hangs up the phone. Valenti reluctantly hangs up his phone. Brody is talking while he is piling stuff up at the bottom of the stairs.)
BRODY: Nobody comes in, and nobody goes out. Weíll all just stay here together. Like one big, happy family. (Labored breathing. He walks over to Tess and Max. Talking to Tess and taking an alien mannequin) Excuse me, love. Just need to borrow your cousin for a while. (He starts back toward the pile but stops walking suddenly and turns back around. Gets a knowing look on his face) Thatís it!
MAX: What?
BRODY: Dimaras rock. I couldnít remember before but the name just came to me. Dimaras, after the third moon. Thatís where you two first met. You must remember? Dimaras rock, it it juts out over the water. Ah, I can see it so clearly. The moon hanging over the horizon, (Tess closes her eyes, remembering) And the color of the waterÖcrimson red. I was there with you before you were king. (Max gives Brody an incredulous look) We were swimming, and you looked up, and saw her on a rock. You said she was the most beautiful girl youíd ever seen. (Max looks to Tess, who looks back) But of course you were too afraid to go talk to her. I offered to make the approach on your behalf, but you told me not to. (Max looks back to Brody) Back then you were always so nervous and quiet. (Brody chuckles) But lucky for you I was neither shy nor obedient. (Tess remembering) So I went and met her and introduced you two the same nightÖ (Brody chuckles)
TESS: (Quietly)Öat a party. (Max looks at her, still looking dumbfounded. He then turns back to Brody)
MAX: Thatís a nice story.
BRODY: Itís not a story. Itís the truth. Donít you remember? (Tess looks at Max, he doesnít look at her. There is a hurt look on her face and tears in her eyes) Please, Zan, I have to know that whatís in my head is real.
MAX: (Quietly) Iím sorry, Brody. But none of that is real. None of that happened.
(Now Tess looks at him and is visibly more hurt)
BRODY: But you do love her. I know you do. I was there when you met!
MAX: Youíre wrong. Weíre not in love. We never have been.
(Brody looks at Tess. She looks away from Max with tears in her eyes and a defeated look on her face. She looks to the floor. Next we see an eye, looking through a telescope at Deputy/Sheriff Hanson looking at the front of the UFO center. Eye again, then Hanson rattles the door of the UFO center. Camera pulls back to show Valenti, Isabel, Michael and Liz on Lizís roof)
VALENTI: Damn it, itís Hanson.
(Hanson knocks hard on the glass of the front of the UFO center. Brody looks toward the door, then looks like he is trying to come up with a plan. Hansonís cell phone rings)
HANSON: Hello?
VALENTI: Step away from the door.
HANSON: Sheriff? Where are you? (Valenti waves from the roof. Hanson turns and sees him) Oh, there you are. I had Ralph look into the power outage. Turns out the surge that cause all this emanated from the UFO center here. Figured I check it out.
VALENTI: Turn your flashlight off and get up here. (Hangs up cell phone)
MICHAEL: This could be alien related, you shouldnít have invited him into this.
VALENTI: Itís safer having him up here then goiní in there with his gun, stirring things up. The UFO center is an old fallout shelter. So it only has one set of doors and they automatically lock whenever the power goes out. Now I think there might be some people trapped in there.
HANSON: You need any help?
VALENTI: Sure, sure, but, uh -- with traffic lights out all over town, I think youíre going to have your hands full.
HANSON: Right, traffic control. I should probably take care of that one first.
VALENTI: Good, good. Yeah I got this one covered I think.
HANSON: Thank you, Sheriff. Uh, Jim. (He climbs down the fire escape)
VALENTI: (To Hanson) Watch yourself, now.
(In the kitchen of the Crashdown. Burgers are on the grill)
ISABEL: You know, itíd faster if I just did it.
MICHAEL: Yeah, but they wouldnít taste as good. (He passes his hand over the burgers and they are done)
LIZ: What about the fries?
(Michael uses his powers to heat the oil under the fries. Valentiís face appears on a small screen.)
VALENTI: Iíll be able to see whatever you see. And Iíll be --
LIZ: --watching the whole time. (Valenti pins a small camera on her coat)
VALENTI: All I want you to do is deliver the food. Let me get a good look at the layout of the room, (He adjusts the camera) whatís goiní on down there, who is positioned where.
Both: And then I want you --
LIZ: --To get right out, you told me.
LIZ: Sheriff-Sheriff Iím OK. I can do this. I wanna do this.
VALENTI: (sighs)>{Liz nods} Hey, howís the food cominí?
MICHAEL: Done! (He rings the bell) (Isabel brings the food to Liz)
(There is a knock at the door.)
BRODY: Ah, supperís here. Iíll buzz her in. (Door Buzzes. Amy looks to Maria) Yeah, yeah, come down. Iíll, uh, Iíll move some of this stuff. Mind your head there. Here, Iíll give you a hand.
BRODY: So, what have we got here?
LIZ: Oh, we have got, uh, 6 burgers and 6 fries.
BRODY: Great, lovely, uhÖnow, great. (Counting money)
LIZ: Oh, oh no. Itís itís on the house.
BRODY: Oh, no, no. I insist, please. And, uh, keep the change. I think Iím rich.
LIZ: So, um, is that it? Can can I get you something else?
BRODY: No, no thatís fine. You can go. And thanks for the food. (Liz nods and looks around the room and heads for the door. Brody tastes a burger, a dissatisfied look on his face) Is there a new cook at the Crashdown?
LIZ: (Startled) Excuse me?
BRODY: These burgers, they taste different.
LIZ: (Maria realizes what happed) Oh, oh well see thereís no power over there either so we had to use a little butane grill.
BRODY: So how did you cook the fries? (Now Max realizes that something is about to happen)
LIZ: The same way.
BRODY: No, no, you didnít. You used alien power to cook this food. Youíre one of them! Come on-get!
LIZ: No!
MAX: (Standing up) Brody, let her go. Larek!
BRODY: Get down! (He pushes Max to the floor. Sean trips Brody as he walks by. Brody drops his gun and Sean scrambles to get it first. Brody gets it first and points it at Sean. He stands between Liz and Brody) That was a stupid thing to do.
SEAN: Sheís not an alien. Sheís just an innocent girl. Leave her alone. (Cell phone ringing)
BRODY: (Shouting) What!?
VALENTI: Hey, I just wanted to make sure you got the food, and that everything was OK.
BRODY: OK? No, everything is pretty far from OK. (Brody continues yelling into the phone at Valenti, but itís indistinct.)
SEAN: (Quietly to Liz) Reach into my coat pocket.
LIZ: Why?
SEAN: Just do it.
(Liz pulls out a knife)
BRODY: You talk to me about trust, then you send aliens in here. (Liz is cutting Seanís hands free) What do you think I am? An idiot? Youíll be lucky if anyone comes out of here alive, ever! (Sean is free and is sneaking up on Brody with the knife. Brody hangs up the phone)
MAX: Sean, no!
(There is a struggle; Sean and Brody fall on the floor. They wrestle and when Brody sits up, he looks shocked as he looks at the knife. There is blood on it; Sean is stabbed in the stomach. Everyone is clearly upset)
LIZ: (Screaming) Sean!!
(Brody and Max look at each other. Clearly, Brody canít believe what happened. Scene fades out. Comes back in with Amy, Liz and Maria sitting on the floor beside Sean. Brody is throwing boxes around. )
AMY: Oh, my god, Sean, are you OK?
SEAN: Yeah. (Liz looks to Max, then she goes over to him)
LIZ: Max, heal him.
MAX: I canít.
LIZ: Why? Itís your fault he got stabbed. Heal him!
MAX: I canít use my powers. (He motions toward the device) Brody activated that device. Brodyís a good man. This isnít his fault. Sean mightíve killed him.
LIZ: But itís OK for Sean to get stabbed?
MAX: Of course not.
(Liz is in disbelief. She goes back over to Sean and the others. Max looks hurt that she is implying that he doesnít care about Sean)
LIZ: (To Sean) Are you OK? (She looks back to Max; he looks at her, almost in tears. Scene switches to Valenti looking at his computer screen)
VALENTI: I wish I could see that wound better. We gotta get in there.
HANSON: (Coming up the fire escape) Whatís goiní on up here?
VALENTI: Nothiní.
HANSON: You know, I was down on 3rd directing traffic when I started to think about it. Why did you call me on my cell phone to warn me off from the UFO center?
VALENTI: I told you, people are-
HANSON: I know. People are down there. But thereís gotta be more to it. Why do you have the departmentís laptop? We use that for surveillance.
VALENTI: Deputy-
HANSON: Iím not the deputy anymore, remember? Iím the sheriff. Now tell me whatís goiní on, Jim. Whyíd you warn me off? Are the people stuck down there being held against their will?
VALENTI: Okay, now. Donít jump to conclusions. Thereís no reason to believe that this --
HANSON: -- is a hostage situation?
VALENTI: Hanson. Even if it is a hostage situation, what are you goiní to do? You goiní to march in there with guns blaziní. Goiní to risk killiní innocent people? Come on!
HANSON: I gotta do something.
VALENTI: HansonÖHanson!
(UFO center)
TESS: Youíre still in love with her, arenít you?
MAX: Itís hard to describe what I feel for Liz.
TESS: I know. Itís what you and I used to have.
MAX: TessÖ
TESS: You know, everything Brody said is true. I know it is.
LIZ: Hey
SEAN: When this is all over do you wanna grab dinner?
MARIA: How can you be wounded and on the make at the same time?
LIZ: Are you serious?
SEAN: (Motioning at his stomach) Iím bleediní here. Doesnít get much more serious than that.
LIZ: Yeah, let me think about it.
MARIA: Hey, arenít you involved with someone? (She motions toward Max)
MAX: I have to do something before more people get hurt.
TESS: Way to change the subject.
MAX: Iím gonna talk to Brody.
TESS: And what are you gonna tell him?
MAX: The truth.
(Fades out, fades in on Valenti watching the computer screen. Kyle comes through Lizís bedroom window)
KYLE: Dad! Dad!
VALENTI: Kyle! What are you doiní here?
KYLE: I heard over the scanner that the cops are gettingí ready to storm the UFO center. They called sharpshooters in from the state police.
VALENTI: Damn it. Those guys will shoot anything that moves.
KYLE: Whatís goiní on down there?
VALENTI: Hey, I think weíre about to find out. (They all watch the screen. Shot scans the wall. Valenti points to a box on the wall) I thought Brody got rid of that thing.
MICHAEL: What is that?
VALENTI: You see that panel? That controls the fallout shelterís lockdown mechanism.
ISABEL: You think it still works?
VALENTI: I donít know. If it does, it could be a way to keep the cavalry out long enough to end this thing without anybody gettingí killed.
MICHAEL: Well, great. How do we get to it?
VALENTI: Itís too risky to try to get inside. There might me a way to activate it from the outside. Kyle! You think you can get me the blueprints for that place?
KYLE: Where am I supposed to get those?
VALENTI: Library, third floor, in the back.
KYLE: The libraryís closed.
VALENTI: Kick the window in! Go!
(Kyle crawls back through Lizís window. As they watch the computer screen, they see Max stand up and approach Brody. Liz points the camera at them both)
MAX: Everything youíve been saying tonight is true. I am an alien. Iím the king of another planet. Tess is my wife.
BRODY: So these memories I have are real?
AMY: (To Maria, Liz and Sean) Reverse psychology, itís the oldest trick in the book.
MAX: Yes, all of them.
BRODY: But if Iím Larek, an alien, and youíre Zan, also an alien, w-what are we doing here?
MAX: Surviving. Biding our time until we return.
BRODY: So weíre going back to our home planet, someday?
MAX: Yes. You, Me, Tess.
BRODY: And the others?
MAX: All of us.
BRODY: Itís incredible.
MAX: Now I think itís time you put down the gun.
BRODY: Yeah. Yeah. (Suddenly, Brody spots Liz trying to point the camera in his direction) Whatís that? What have- Whatís that?! Sheís wearing a camera! Iím going to kill you!
(Fades out with Brody pointing the camera at Liz. Fades in with Brody holding on to Liz, still pointing the gun at her)
MAX: You want to shoot someone, shoot me. This is my fault. (Brody sticks the gun in his chest)
BRODY: Donít tempt me. (Sirens approaching) Cops. Get in the office! All of you! Go! Move now! Go! Get in there! Strait! Move!
HANSON: I want sharpshooters on both sides of the exit. And bring in the battering ram. (A helicopter hovers overhead, lighting the scene. Michael taps the computerís keyboard)
MICHAEL: I canít get the video feedback. They gotta be in trouble.
ISABEL: (Sighs) Theyíre gonna be in even more trouble if the cops get in there and start shooting the place up.
SEAN: This is bad.
MARIA: This is really bad. They always put you in the back room before they shoot you.
AMY: No. Stop it. Weíre gonna be fine. We are all gonna get out of here, I promise.
MAX: Look at this. (He goes to the VR assembly. He picks up the helmet) It looks like it short-circuited or or overloaded or something.
LIZ: If Brody was wearing this when it short-circuited-
MAX: A powerful jolt of electricity might have been sent right to his brain.
TESS: That must be how heís accessing Larekís memories.
MARIA: Ahem, alien 101 for the rest of us not in the know.
MAX: Humans only use a small percentage of their brains at any given time. Aliens, when they use humans as vessels, tap into this unutilized portion. The shock may have somehow given Brody access to a part of his brain only Larek uses.
TESS: And all of Larekís memories.
LIZ: So if this was caused by some sort of injuryÖ
MAX: That means I can heal him.
TESS: But you canít. The pentagon.
MAX: Weíve gotta get him to turn it off.
MARIA: Iím gonna go talk to him.
(Back on the roof, Kyle comes through the window)
KYLE: Iíve got Ďem. (Sirens and the Helicopter are heard. Tires squeal)
VALENTI: I was right. Thereís another control panel in the back alleyway.
MICHAEL: Ok, thatís no problem. I can get back there.
ISABEL: WE can get back there.
VALENTI: Itís gonna be pretty dangerous.
MICHAEL: We can take care of ourselves.
VALENTI: All right, look. Inside the control panel, thereís a lever that activates a set of steel doors. But it hasnít been activated in years.
ISABEL: Weíll activate it.
VALENTI: All right. Be quick about it. Weíre runniní outta time.
HANSON: Letís move that thing in there. Letís go! Move it!
(Michael and Isabel casually, but quickly, walk through all the activity. People chatter indistinctly)
MARIA: (Talking to Brody alone) I deliver lunch to you almost every day.
BRODY: I bet I enjoy that.
MARIA: You do. I do, too.
BRODY: (sighs) Thereís just so much in my head right now. I canít figure out who I am anymore.
MARIA: Youíre Brody Davis. Youíre smart, youíre funny, youíre sensitive and youíd actually make a damn good boyfriend for someone.
BRODY: I sound pretty good.
MARIA: You are. Really, you are. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a father.
BRODY: Iím a father?
MARIA: You donít remember?
BRODY: Itís like my whole life has been stolen from me.
MARIA: Her name is Sydney. I know you keep a picture of her in here somewhere. (She stands to find the picture. It is tacked on a bulletin board.) Here. This is her.
BRODY: (Starting to cry) I donít remember her. (Sobbing)
(Michael and Isabel are in the alleyway trying to activate the fallout doors. Finding the lever)
MICHAEL: Thatís simple. (He throws it and nothing happens) Damn it.
ISABEL: We gotta get this thing working fast. (Footsteps approaching)
(Sean is trying to pick the lock)
AMY: Oh, heís gonna kill her. Oh, my god, my baby! Heís gonna kill her. We need to get outta here now!
MAX: I donít think that heís --
AMY: Oh! I have had enough out of you for one day, Max Evans. OK. My nephew is gonna get us out of here so I can save my precious daughter. And what is taking you so long? Are you a criminal or not?
SEAN: Iím trying!
HANSON: We gotta break that door down!
BRODY: Police are coming.
MARIA: No, no, no. Donít worry about that. We have to focus here. Can you do that for me? You have to trust me, OK? I can get you your daughter back, Brody, but you have to deactivate that pentagon thing, all right? And let Max heal you.
(Outside, Hanson and the boys are using a battering ram on the door)
HANSON: Go, boys! (They break the glass in the door. In the alley, Michael uses his powers on a wheel that manually controls the doors. The gears of the door grind badly. Right before the police can get through, the doors close.) Solid steel. (Hanson then notices a bullet hole in the ĎRefugeí sign.) We gotta get in there.
SEAN: (Thinking he got the door open, but Brody is coming in) Still got the touch.
AMY: Yes!
BRODY: No, you donít. (Taking Max) Come with me. Move!
AMY: Whereís Maria? Whereís-Hey. Hey! (The police now have a blowtorch and are working on the doors.)
MARIA: Brody, please. Turn it off. Trust me. (Brody turns the pentagon off)
MAX: Please.
BRODY: OK. (He turns the pentagon off) Do it. (Max places his hand on Brodyís temple. Max gets flashes of a star system, events from Brodyís life, and he and Tess kissing. He then falls backward. Brody, looking at the gun) Wha-Whatís this?
MAX: You were abducted. (He takes the gun from Brody) But now youíre back.
BRODY: Uh, why are the lights off?
MAX: We donít have a lot of time. Come on, letís go.
AMY: Oh!! (Seeing Maria, she hugs her around the neck from behind)
MAX: Everythingís fine. This is all just a big misunderstanding. Nothing happened down here today.
SEAN: My ass, this guy needs to be put away.
LIZ: SeanÖ
AMY: Are you OK?
MARIA: Yes, Iím Ok.
AMY: Oh, Iím so glad.
MARIA: Listen, mom. We canít let Brody go to jail.
AMY: Excuse me?
MARIA: Ok, look, listen. He is a single parent, just like you. This is-This is his daughter. Sheís cute as a button, intelligent as ever, and now imagine how devastated she would be if Brody went to jail, mom. Think about that for, like, two seconds.
AMY: Ok. I thought about it, and that man is a danger to his family, his neighbors, his whole community. And I am not gonna be part of a cover-up. Un-uh. (Shaking her head)
SEAN: (to Liz) Give me one reason why I wouldnít tell the cops.
LIZ: Because Iíll go out with you.
SEAN: Ok, so, I fell down the stairs.
LIZ: (Taking a George W. is an alien T-Shirt) Here, put this on. (He holds it up. Liz chuckles. The cops are still trying to get through the door.)
HANSON: Heís through! Get in position!
(Max puts the gun back in the file cabinet)
AMY: Un-uh. I refuse to lie about what happened down here tonight. (Tess uses her mind warp on Amy. She looks around for a second) Do you think theyíre ever gonna get this power back on? Iíve got other T-shirt deliveries to make.
TESS: (To Max) Donít worry. She wonít remember any of it.
(The cops break through the door. There is a lot of cop talk and chattering)
AMY: Oh! Deputy Hanson, thank god!
SEAN: I thought we were gonna be trapped in here for days.
HANSON: Trapped? What about those bullet holes and that pile of stuff blocking the steps?
MAX: We were just doing some remodeling.
BRODY: We are? Wow! Place is a mess.
AMY: Oh, Jim! Hi!
VALENTI: Hi. So, you got everything under control here, Hanson?
BRODY: (finding the CD) Where did this come -
(Max grabs it out of his hand)
MAX: Michael, I downloaded that band off Napster for you.
AMY: (Walking to Valenti) Ahh.
BRODY: Who wants a cup of tea?
SEAN: (Hanson is eyeballing his shirt) I can get you one.
(Next day, outside the Crashdown)
MARIA: Sorry to bother you. I only have, like, a minute break but I just wanted to give this back to you. (She hands him Sidneyís picture)
BRODY: Oh, did I lend this to you?
MARIA: Sort of.
BRODY: Sorry, Iíve been feeling a bit out of sorts. More missing time.
MARIA: Yeah, I kinda had that figured.
BRODY: Yeah, but this time, I kinda have vague memories. Like a dream I canít quite remember. The details are hazy, butÖI remember how it felt.
MARIA: Really? How did it feel?
BRODY: (hesitating) No, itíd just sound weird.
MARIA: Heh! What?
BRODY: Well, I felt kind of like I do now. Like, you were somehow there helping me. I wish I knew where they took me.
MARIA: Well, wherever you went, Brody, Iím glad that youíre back.
(That night, Max comes in through Tessís bedroom window.)
TESS: Max? Max, what is it?
MAX: Well, when I healed BrodyÖI saw these -- these flashes, of Brody, of Larek, but alsoÖ
TESS: but also what?
MAX: I remember you.
(She cries and Max wipes the tear off her cheek)

#220 Off The Menu - Music

Uncle Kracker - Follow Me *
Album: Double Wide
Scene: At the end of the episode, Maria and Brody talked. Maria returned the picture of him and his daughter, and Brody said he could somewhat remember her helping him during his "abduction."

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#220 Off The Menu - Quotes

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Amy DeLuca to Sean: What is taking you so long? Are you a criminal or not?

Tess: Youíre still in love with her, arenít you?
Max: Itís hard to describe what I feel for Liz.
Tess: I know. Itís what you and I used to have.
Max: Tess.
Tess: You know everything Brody said is true. I know it is.