#219 Baby, It's You - Information

Writer: Lisa Klink
Director: Rodney Charters
Production Code: 2ADA20

First aired: May 7, 2001

Guest star: Michael Chieffo (Biology Teacher), Nelly Furtado (Herself), Nicole Brunner (Leanna/Jennifer Coleman), Jeremy Guskin (Derek), Jodi Ann Paterson (Jodi Ann Paterson), Sean Dwyer (II) (Computer Guy), Jeff Wadlow (Professor), Lauren E. Roman (Bonnie)

Description: Tess is pregnant with Max's son! But the baby seems to be ill. Only on their home planet it has the chance to survive. In the meantime Liz, Maria and Michael find out that Alex decoded the secret how they can come back home right before his death - when he was supposed to be in Sweden.

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#219 Baby, It's You - Transcript

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Episode begins with one of Maria's chalkboard narratives:
MARIA: Alex was killed in a car crash, which usually means accident, but the police thought it could be a suicide. Now those of us who knew Alex know that he would never ever do something like that, which is why I went back to the accident and Liz--she went somewhere else entirely. She has decided that Alex was murdered by an alien, which is why now there's this huge rift between Max and Liz. I mean, it's beyond the worst fight they ever had, but I think that Liz will be able to keep pursuing this without any interference from Max because he's a little preoccupied lately. It was just one kiss; a moment of weakness. I doubt it went any further than that…
Scene begins with Max and Tess sleeping in the observatory in each other's arms. Max wakes up and looks down to see Tess sleeping beside him.
TESS: Hey.
MAX: : Hey.
Tess then starts to sleep again. Later, Max and Tess arrives at her house, unlocking it so no one can wake up. When they come in, Kyle spies on what they're up to.
TESS: I guess I'll see you at school.
MAX: : Yeah.
Max and Tess kiss as Kyle sees the whole thing.
TESS: Is everything ok?
MAX: : Yeah...yeah great.
Then Valenti appears.
VALENTI: Where the hell have you...? [Valenti sees Max] Max!
VALENTI: (to Tess) Go to your room.
TESS: Yes, sir.
MAX: : Sheriff...
VALENTI: Go home, Max. We'll talk about this later.
MAX: : Right.
Max leaves and Valenti turns around to see that Kyle was awake.
KYLE: Hey, Dad.
Scene switches to Tess' room where Tess is feeling her stomach, realizing that she is pregnant.
TESS: Oh my god.
[Opening Credits]
Liz is knocking on Maria's window and Maria opens it.
MARIA: Liz, do you know what time it is?
LIZ: I need to talk to you.
Liz and Maria are in Maria's room going through pictures.
LIZ: Alex and his supposed girlfriend Leanna standing in front of some building in Sweden--now the problem is...the building was torn down in 1994. 1994, Maria, think about, Alex was ten.
MARIA: Ok, I'm so creeped out right now. So who's Leanna then?
LIZ: You know she could be some girl that Alex never met, put in these photos with him, just like the buildings.
MARIA: Or she could be an alien killer. So wait, if Alex never went to Sweden and he wasn't here, then where was he?
LIZ: I don't know, that's what we got to find out. I can't do this by myself. I really need your help.
Isabel is in the Evans kitchen, doing stretching exercises before her jog.
MAX: : Morning. You-you're going for a run? That must be up to five to six miles by now.
Isabel ignores him more and switches legs to stretch.
MAX: : Look, I know you're still mad and everything, but uh, I-I really need to uh, to talk to someone.
Isabel then stops her exercises, pulls a chair from the table, slams it down in front of Max, sits and glares at him.
MAX: : Well, it's not easy to say, but uh, especially to my sister, but uh, you know that Tess and I have been giving a long and kind of cross and last night, we...things...something came up between us...something happened.
ISABEL: You slept with her?!
MAX: : Yeah.
ISABEL: Wow. Congratulations, Max. You lost your virginity.
Isabel unenthusiastically applauds.
MAX: : Is...
ISABEL: Oh gee, I'm sorry. Were you looking for some sort of comfort or sympathy before you went off and washed her dried sweat from your body? Or hey, did you guys do it in the shower?
MAX: : Forget it.
ISABEL: His majesty will now retire to his room!
MAX: : We didn't plan it, alright? It just happened. I'm feeling a little weird about it right now and...I'm just hoping...
ISABEL: You were wrong. I don't care about your morning after anxieties, or your delicate feelings, because my feelings sure as hell don't matter to you!
Isabel stomps off. Then, we see Tess waiting at the front of the school for Max to show up.
TESS: Hey.
MAX: : Hey.
TESS: Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something.
MAX: : Oh..
TESS: Yeah.
MAX: : (acting hyper) Hey, Michael.
Looks at Tess.
MAX: : Hey.
MAX: : Tess and I were actually just talking.
Max looks at Tess again and nods.
MICHAEL: Alright, later.
MAX: : Great!
MICHAEL: Fantastic.
MIchael leaves.
TESS: We can talk about it tonight.
MAX: : Are you sure?
TESS: Yeah. There's no rush.
Max and Tess look at Michael, Isabel, and Kyle.
TESS: Max, if it's better for you to keep all this between the two of us right now...
MAX: : No, no it's not.
Max reaches down and takes Tess' hand in his, intertwining their fingers. Tess smiles as they approach Michael, Isabel, and Kyle, passing them. Next, we see Isabel, sitting alone at the bleachers at the football field, staring at Alex's memorial, and Kyle appears and sits down next to Isabel.
KYLE: So, how do you feel about this whole Max/Tess development?
ISABEL: Well, I'm not speaking to my brother, so if you have something you want to know, you'll have to ask him. God, I hate this place, do you think I have to just sit here and rot for the rest of my life?
KYLE: You know what, you aliens are the most pathetic group of people that I ever met.
ISABEL: Goodbye, Kyle.
KYLE: "Oh, we've got to keep our secret safe; we've got to be boring and brooding". If I had one tenth of your power...
ISABEL: What would you do?
KYLE: I'd have fun!
Isabel laughs.
KYLE: You know, fun? Enjoying myself, getting away from this whole doom and gloom thing you guys wallow in, especially you lately.
ISABEL: Shut up. What's your idea of fun?
Scene shifts as we watch Kyle pulling out an issue of Playboy magazine.
ISABEL: I'm not touching that.
KYLE: Jody Ann Paterson likes long walks in the rain, unicorns, and funny guys.
ISABEL: A playmate? Are you serious?
KYLE: Oh, man, she's not just some playmate, she's playmate of the whole freakin' year.
ISABEL: Mmm-hmm.
KYLE: All right, are you sure it's going to work?
ISABEL: Well, it has in the past, but of course that was a life-and-death situation.
KYLE: Well, then I'll die happy.
ISABEL: Oh, good.
Isabel and Kyle touches Jody Ann's picture in the magazine for the dream sequence as we watch Kyle and Isabel exercising with her.
KYLE: Hey, make her dump her water on her top.
ISABEL: I'm gonna have to read Backlash twice after this! Why don't you just go talk to her?
KYLE: I can? Really?
KYLE: This is...what do I say?
ISABEL: Talk to her about unicorns.
KYLE: Hey Jody Ann.
GIRL: This is a private gym.
Kyle looks around and spots cake. He feeds the girl cake; she licks the leftovers off his fingers.
GIRL: Who are you?
KYLE: I'm the towel boy. The showers are this way.
Isabel ends the dream.
ISABEL: Oh, this may comes as a surprise to you, but I really don't need to see that!
KYLE: Well, then bring a book, let's go back.
ISABEL: No dice!
KYLE: Oh well that was good for me, what can we do for you?
ISABEL: Have I mention that I hate my brother?
KYLE: We can blow him up.
ISABEL: You really have a sick little mind, don't you?
KYLE: Isabel, Buddha teaches us that some of us are born with stones and some of us are born with jewels, but the most that fulfilled of us are those who were born with stones and turn them into jewels.
ISABEL: What the hell are you talking about?
KYLE: You wanna get back at your brother, right?
KYLE: Ok, then bring your powers to the party and I'll drive.
ISABEL: All right.
Maria works on a computer to uncover an e-mail Alex sent to her while on his trip to Sweden. At Derek's (the computer geek) house, Maria asks to help her uncover the email.
MARIA: I uh, I need you to tell me exactly where this email is sent from.
DEREK: You're Liz Parker's friend, right?
MARIA: Maria Deluca, it's really nice to meet you, so...
Derek looks at the email carefully.
DEREK: Um, the origination point has been encrypted.
MARIA: Obviously, I-I need you to do your computer nerd stuff and figure out exactly where this email came from.
DEREK: You're asking me to do something illegal.
MARIA: And...
Meanwhile, Max and Tess are sitting on a bench in a park to talk about the "truth".
TESS: You seem quiet.
MAX: : I'm not.
TESS: Max, this just isn't the time to feel you pulling away from me.
Max puts his hand around Tess.
MAX: : It's just...what happened between us...it has all these...implications. What did you want to say to me before?
TESS: Oh, I don't know if it was such a good time.
MAX: : That's ok.
TESS: Well, something sort of came up.
MAX: : Came up?
TESS: I'm not sure how to say this. I'm pregnant.
Liz is knocking on Valenti's door when Tess greets her.
TESS: Liz.
LIZ: Hi, Tess.
TESS: So, are you here about me and Max?
LIZ: No, um, I....well, I wanted to talk to you, actually.
TESS: Oh, sure.
LIZ: Um, I just um, you know I have questions about your powers, mind control especially.
TESS: What kind of questions?
LIZ: You know, um, anything that you can tell me, but um, like...
MAX: : Hey, your door's...
He finds Liz with Tess, who he is unhappy to see.
MAX: : What are you doing here?
LIZ: Um, nothing, you know, we were just...we're talking, I should go.
MAX: : Talking about what?
LIZ: Nothing.
TESS: Max, you know, it's ok, forget about it.
MAX: : No, I wanna know.
LIZ: We'll just talk later.
MAX: : No, please don't go on my account. Go ahead and ask your questions.
TESS: Max, she's just had a few questions about my powers, that's all.
MAX: : New theory?
LIZ: I just wanted to know some things about mind control and I thought--
MAX: : Oh, so Tess killed Alex. Is that your theory?
LIZ: No.
TESS: Max, she didn't say that.
MAX: : That's what you're thinking, why don't you just ask it?!
LIZ: Max, of course that's not what I'm thinking!
MAX: : Tess, did you kill Alex?
TESS: Max.
MAX: : What were you doing on the night that he died?
LIZ: Will you stop it?!
MAX: : Go ahead! what were you doing?!
KYLE: She was with me. We were watching Gladiator on video.
MAX: : An alibi. From one of your own.
LIZ: Can I leave now?
MAX: : Yep.
Liz quickly leaves and Max shuts the door.
KYLE: Is everything ok?
MAX: : Fine!
TESS: Yeah, yeah everything's fine, Kyle.
At Liz's balcony, she's lying on a chair when Maria comes in through the window.
MARIA: Liz! Liz!
LIZ: What?
MARIA: I was thinking to myself, right. How is it that Alex sent these emails from Sweden when he's isn't actually in Sweden, right? So, I took the emails that he sent me and went to Derek, all right, and he used his nerdness to uncover that the emails were sent from right here in New Mexico.
LIZ: Are you telling me that Alex never left Roswell?
MARIA: No, he--he did, he just--he didn't go far. The emails were sent from a dorm room from the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces.
Scene shifts to the next day, Liz and Maria are carrying luggage to go to Las Cruces.
MARIA: Got everything?
LIZ: Hmm-hmm.
As they open the door, Michael is standing in front of them.
MARIA: Michael.
MICHAEL: Where are you going?
LIZ: Santa Fe.
MICHAEL: What's in Santa Fe?
LIZ: Uh, Alex's...grandmother, she couldn't make it to the funeral and so they are having a memorial service.
MICHAEL: Right. Let me talk to Maria for a second, it's personal.
LIZ: Ok, sure, uh...
MARIA: You could take this.
LIZ: Yes, I'll just be in the car.
Liz exits. Michael comes in and closes the door.
MICHAEL: Where are you going?
MARIA: Santa Fe.
MICHAEL: Maria, where are you going?
MARIA: Michael.
MICHAEL: Liz doesn't want us to know because she and Max are at war, so here's the thing: I'm not going to tell Max, but I need to know, because if wherever you're going turns out to be dangerous, I'm sure as hell gonna be there to protect you. So, where are you going?
MARIA: We're going to Las Cruces, to the University. And if Liz found out that I told you, I will lose her as a friend.
MICHAEL: First sign of danger - you contact me. Promise?
Maria nods her head.
MICHAEL: Absolutely promise?
Michael kisses Maria and exits. Scene switches to school where Max and Michael are lining up for yearbooks.
MAX: : Liz and Maria aren't in school today.
MICHAEL: Yeah, I noticed.
MAX: : Have any idea where they are?
MAX: : I don't have enough to deal with already.
Looking through yearbook pages, Max turns to the page where his picture is located and sees that his class photo has been replaced with a picture of an alien. Look at this!
MICHAEL: Mine sucks, too.
Max and Michael look at Kyle and Isabel who are watching with giant smirks on their faces.
MICHAEL: So, what else are you dealing with?
Scene shifts to Max and Michael playing basketball.
MAX: : Just stuff, you know.
MICHAEL: Relationship stuff.
MAX: : Well, Tess and I are sort of...
MICHAEL: Yeah, I know.
MAX: : The thing is the other night, things between us kind of… advanced.
MICHAEL: How far did they advance?
MAX: : I would say they advanced just about as far as possible.
MICHAEL: You and Tess actually had...
MAX: : ...Hot alien sex, yes.
MICHAEL: How was it?
MAX: : Well, it's probably a lot like human sex. Except the point of culmination.
MICHAEL: The point of what?
MAX: : You kinda feel like you're floating and this--this hot electric energy courses through your body.
MICHAEL: How long does that last?
MAX: : About an hour. The thing is, there's been a complication.
MICHAEL: What? Alien herpes?
MAX: : No, nothing like that.
MICHAEL: Whoa, clearly, you didn't have any performance problems, and other than getting Tess pregnant, which you're too smart to do, what else could there be?
Max looks at Michael.
MICHAEL: You got Tess pregnant? Holy crap!
MAX: : She says it's growing fast. Nasedo said alien pregnancies take about a month.
MICHAEL: What's inside her? I mean, is it human? Is it alien?
MAX: : Well, we can't exactly go get a sonogram.
MICHAEL: You're actually going to go through with this?
MAX: : I don't know if I have any choice here. This is out in my hands. I can't tell Tess what to do!
MICHAEL: Why not? You're the king.
MAX: : Which makes her the queen.
MICHAEL: Maxwell, if this thing comes out green with four fingers and three eyes, that puts a major cramp in our hide-in-plain-sight strategy.
MAX: : So, what are you suggesting?
MICHAEL: I'm suggesting you point out to Tess how this could screw up our lives... forever. She's gotta know - this affects all of us!
At the university, Liz and Maria are searching a dorm room which has nothing.
MARIA: Probably empty.
LIZ: Nothing.
They keep searching until a student comes by.
STUDENT: Excuse me? Can I help you with anything?
LIZ: Uh, yeah, um, actually we are looking for a friend who stayed in this room for a while.
LIZ: Yes, Ray.
STUDENT: He was here for a couple of months; hardly said a word; very weird guy.
MARIA: Did he see what he was doing here and maybe like why he came in the middle of the semester and all?
STUDENT: You don't understand. Ray never left the room. The only time he opened the door was when they delivered his Thai food.
LIZ: Thai food.
STUDENT: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Food fetish, if you ask me.
MARIA: So, wait, you mean he literately never left the dorm?
STUDENT: Well, at least not in the daytime. There was this one night I was out partying. I come back pretty late. I saw him coming out of the Litvack building. It's, like, 4:00 in the morning. We're the only 2 people on campus. We're like 5 feet away from each other. The guy doesn't even acknowledge my presence. Pretty creepy.
MARIA: Yeah, sounds it.
LIZ: So what's in the Litvack building?
STUDENT: Computers. I mean I'm not really into that kind of stuff, but apparently the university has this incredible super computer.
Inside the pod chamber, Max and Tess look for information they have about their past lives.
TESS: What are we doing here?
MAX: : This is everything we have from where we come from. (takes out the alien book) This book... if we knew how to read it, it would probably have all the answers for us.
TESS: What answers are we looking for?
MAX: : I guess answers about what exactly we're getting ourselves into. Tess, this is my child, too and I fully accept that, but I also want you to know that this is your decision and I will respect whatever you decide...
TESS: Max, I'm having this baby.
MAX: : Okay.
Max puts the book away and stands up.
TESS: Thanks for the support.
MAX: : I said I would stand by you.
TESS: Don't sound so excited about it.
MAX: : Hey, my entire life changed overnight and I think I'm entitled to get a little freaked!
TESS: And I'm not? Don't you think I'm a little flipped out by this whole...
MAX: : That's not what I meant, I...
Then Tess starts to feel pain.
TESS: (in pain) Max.
MAX: : What is it?
TESS: The baby.
Max pulls up Tess' shirt and sees the red handprint glowing from inside Tess' stomach. Max puts his hand over it as we see Max hyperventilating through what he saw.
TESS: Max?
MAX: : I...saw the baby. It's a boy.
At Las Cruces, Nelly Furtado is about to perform her song "I'm Like A Bird".
NELLY FURTADO: Hey Las Cruces, how are you doing tonight? Whoo.
Maria and Liz are walking towards campus.
LIZ: We're so close, Maria. We're so close to figuring this all out.
MARIA: I hope so.
Then Liz and Maria turns towards Nelly Furtado.
MARIA: Oh my god, it's Nelly Furtado. Please, one, one song?
LIZ: Ok, one song.
MARIA: Ok, ok.
Maria and Liz rushed over to join in the crowd for "just one song", by Nelly Furtado. As Liz looks around in the crowd, she notices Leanna (Alex's "Swedish babe").
LIZ: Oh my gosh. Maria, that's her. That's the girl with the blond hair, that's Leanna, that's her.
MARIA: Wait a minute, no way, no way. Let's see.
Looking at Leanna's picture to make sure. Leanna stares back at them.
MARIA: That's totally her. It's the girl from Sweden. What the hell is she doing here?
LIZ: We have to go talk to her.
MARIA: N-n-nooo, this is getting too dangerous. We have to call Michael--
LIZ: She's leaving, we gotta go get her. Come on, come on.
Maria and Liz start to run as they saw Leanna on the street.
LIZ: Right there.
They start to chase after Leanna, unfortunately they weren't fast enough when they tried to get across the street. As a bus passes by, Leanna disappeared. Suddenly, a hand grabs Liz's shoulder. It was Michael.
MICHAEL: I wanna know everything.
In school, Kyle and Isabel played another prank on Max. Kyle pulled the fire alarm switch for a fire drill. Everyone got up to get in line. Max gets up and his shoes are stuck onto the floor.
TEACHER: OK, everyone, this is a fire drill. You know the procedure... go to the nearest exit in a quietly and orderly fashion. Ok, people, let's keep going, come on, keep moving. This could be for real, keep moving. Moving, people. Care to join us, Max?
KYLE: That's a classic.
TEACHER: Mr. Evans, I do not find this amusing. You can ever be certain when a fire drill is an actual emergency.
MAX: : I'm coming.
While heading towards the Litvack Computer Sciences building, Liz talks to a professor who can help her.
LIZ: So, what exactly so special about these computers, anyway?
PROFESSOR: Nothing yet. Right now there just multi-million dollar toys. The greatest potential's in the field of cryptography. In theory, a quantum computer can break just about any code.
Sitting at one of the computers, he attempts to find something.
PROFESSOR: Okay, now where getting somewhere. He was definitely trying to decode something; something major.
LIZ: Is there any way of finding out what he was doing?
PROFESSOR: Maybe, I'm not sure if we did can penetrate.
LIZ: Wanna try?
In the Valenti living room, Max and Tess are sitting on a couch. Max is going through classified ads on apartments.
TESS: What are you doing?
MAX: : I've been thinking. If we're gonna have a baby, maybe we should get a place of our own.
TESS: You mean that? Really?
MAX: : I don't know how practical it would be. I don't even know if you want to.
TESS: I want to start planning our future. I just wonder if that future is gonna be in Roswell.
MAX: : You want to go somewhere else?
TESS: I always thought the ultimate plan was to go home. Our real home.
MAX: : It is. Someday. But we don't know when that's gonna be. I think we had enough to deal with the in here and now. Don't you?
TESS: Yeah, you're right.
Back to Liz and the professor. As they watch the computer screen, Maria and Michael knocked on the door to get Liz's attention.
LIZ: It'll be in for just one second.
Liz comes out the door.
MARIA: We found Leanna. Her real name is Jennifer Coleman.
LIZ: Yeah, well, I'm onto something, too. You guys shouldn't be here. I'll meet you in the quad.
MICHAEL: I got a better idea; we're going back to Roswell.
LIZ: Did Maria tell you what we found?
LIZ: And you still don't believe anything's going on?
MICHAEL: Forget it. Let's get out of here. The situation isn't safe for you two.
LIZ: We're too close to the truth. I'm not leaving.
Michael grabs her wrist.
MICHAEL: This isn't optional. You're coming back with me.
LIZ: You can't tell me what to do.
PROFESSOR: Liz, I found Ray's source material.
Liz goes back to the computer as Michael and Maria follow.
PROFESSOR: Pretty strange looking stuff. It's some sort of language. Looks kind of Native American.
As Michael looks at it closely, he received flashes from the time he's seen the symbols are alien.
MICHAEL: Where the hell did this come from?
LIZ: This is what Alex was working on while he was here.
MICHAEL: What was he doing?
PROFESSOR: Decoding whatever this language is.
MICHAEL: Translating it into English.
MICHAEL: Was he able to do it?
PROFESSOR: Well, he deleted all the results. The last day he was here, he created this huge text file. He emailed it to another address: jcoleman@ulascruces.edu.
LIZ: jcoleman. He emailed to Leanna.
Back to Max and Tess. Max is in Tess' room reading the alien book, while Tess is getting drinks.
TESS: You want regular or diet?
MAX: : Regular. Thanks.
Max puts down the book and gets the newspaper. He sees that Tess drew a heart with an arrow through it and written Max underneath. Suddenly, the glasses break and Tess crying out.
MAX: : Tess? Tess, what is it?
TESS: The baby. Something's wrong.
Max puts his hand on her stomach, like a sonogram. He sees the baby wobbling and feeling pain inside. The strain registers his face. Suddenly he falls back, with a sharp intake of breath, with fear.
TESS: Max, what's wrong with him?
MAX: : He's sick. It's the atmosphere. This planet is poisoning him! Our son is dying.
Liz, Michael, and Maria are at Leanna/Jennifer's dorm room, talking to her roommate.
ROOMMATE: I'm sorry. Jennifer isn't here.
MICHAEL: Well, do you know when she's gonna be back?
ROOMMATE: Probably not for a few days. She had to go home all of a sudden.
LIZ: All of a sudden?
ROOMMATE: Yeah, she got a call this morning, her mom's in the hospital, so she just packed up some stuff and went.
MARIA: That's just terrible because I know that Jen and her mom are pretty close. Listen, before she went, did she happen to give you notes from physics class she said that I can borrow?
ROOMMATE: No, she didn't say anything about it.
LIZ: Oh, you know, they're probably in her room. You don't mind if we just, you know...
ROOMMATE: Well, actually, she just…
Liz and Michael are going through collect mail, etc. and putting it in their pockets, while Maria distracts the roommate.
MARIA: do you remember what hospital her mom's at? I would just love to send some flowers, 'cause I really think the support of others, you know, friends, can really help someone through a hard time. Like, there was this time when my-- my grandfather died. He did, and I was-- I was just so wrecked, I--I couldn't stop crying, and then I received this basket of cookies from--from everybody in my English class, and it just put a smile on my face for the first time in weeks.
LIZ: Here we go. We got the notes.
MARIA: Thanks so much.
They all leave without saying anything. Outside the dorm, they are going through her mail.
LIZ: So Leanna did see us last night. She knew that we were on to her and she skipped town.
MARIA: God, who knew we were so intimidating, huh?
MICHAEL: Magazine renew notice, credit card application, bank statement, something from Open Sky Property Management. This is a bill for renting a property outside Las Cruces.
MARIA: I'll drive.
Scene shifts to them driving to the property. They discovered that it doesn't look as it should look. They search around for stuff.
MARIA: Guessing not a party pad.
LIZ: Why would anybody rent this?
MICHAEL: Because they got something to hide.
They search the place and Liz and Maria discovers a computer in the room off the kitchen and when they went in, it sets off a security device - a glowing, red, pyramid shaped object that started to beep faster and faster, more like to explode.
Michael used his powers to propel it out of the window, just before it explodes.
LIZ: Thank you.
MICHAEL: Yeah, no problem.
Then they went towards the computer. Liz starts to type up something.
MARIA: What was that?
MICHAEL: I didn't see anything like that.
On the screen, it shows the alien translation. They print out the translation while Michael finds a small box with a crystal inside that Future Max used to activate the granolith.
LIZ: Oh my god. This is it. The translation. It's here.
MARIA: What is that?
MICHAEL: I don't know.
After it's done printing, Liz looks at one of the pages of the translation.
LIZ: Michael. gives Michael the page Alex's translation of the book.
MARIA: All the answers, Michael. Even if Leanna has them now, so do we.
Switches to Tess where she's lying down on her bed and Max cooling her off with a wet towel. She gets up to drink a glass of water.
MAX: : You slept for a few hours. How are you doing?
TESS: Better.
MAX: : You warm enough?
TESS: I'm Ok. How it's going with the book?
MAX: : I have no idea how to read it, that's the truth. I thought how I wish what I think I thought. I feel like I'm letting you down.
TESS: You're the one person I know I can count on in this world. I have faith in you, Max. I always have.
He smiles at her and kisses her on top of the forehead.
MAX: : When that happened before - when you fell - I guess I suddenly realized that I could lose you. All this time I thought of you as this person that just would always wait for me - forever. I've been taking you for granted. I'm sorry about that.
At the Crashdown, Kyle comes to Isabel about more pranks on Max.
KYLE: Hey, I'm a guy and I know what freaks guys out. Max wakes up tomorrow - one testicle!
ISABEL: No thanks.
KYLE: What?! What are you talking about? We're in an alien joyride, sister. Sky's the limit..
ISABEL: This just isn't making me feel any better.
KYLE: Well, can we like dreamwalk Jody Ann again?
ISABEL: I'm going.
KYLE: But what about getting back at Max?
ISABEL: I'm over Max.
KYLE: You know, Buddha teaches that this is...
ISABEL: Kyle, if you quote that fat, bald man to me one more time, you're gonna wake up, one of these mornings [points to his crotch] ZAP!
That evening at Valenti's, Max is putting out the trash. The can was overflowing and the trash keeps landing on the ground. After picking it up a couple of times, Max' frustration takes over and he starts kicking the cans and throwing the trash around. He then sits on the ground against the wall and starts to cry. Isabel then sees all this and approaches to him.
MAX: : Tess is pregnant.
MAX: : She's pregnant and the baby's dying because it can't live in this atmosphere.
She's stunned and then sits next to Max.
MAX: : And...I don't know what to do because I...I'm so scared. And I don't know what to tell Mom and Dad because I...it's like what would I even tell them. They don't know who I really am. I feel so irresponsible, and stupid and...I know this is supposed to happen, because it's our destiny. [holding his head in his hands] Oh my God, what am I gonna do?
Isabel stands up and holds out her hand to Max.
ISABEL: Max, come with me. Come on.
He looks up at her like a lost little boy, wipes his tears, and takes her hand. Isabel takes him to a stream at a park and they stand on the bridge over the stream.
ISABEL: Do you remember Bigfoot?
MAX: : My guinea pig?
ISABEL: Yeah. Do you remember what happened?
MAX: : Sure. Mr. Martinelli's dog got into his cage and killed him.
ISABEL: Do you remember what happened the next day?
MAX: : I don't.
Isabel waves her hand and it begins to snow.
MAX: : It snowed.
ISABEL: It was the first time we ever seen it. It snowed for two days. Biggest storm to hit in Roswell in a century. It was a disaster for everyone but us.
MAX: : We built snowmen.
ISABEL: We made angels.
MAX: : And pelted Michael with snowballs.
They both laugh.
ISABEL: It was magic.
MAX: : Just like this.
ISABEL: Max, I had no idea what you'd been going through. My problems are really nothing compared to this, so I'm sorry.
MAX: : No, they're not. Your problems aren't nothing. They're important. Your life is important. I'm sorry for not realizing that.
ISABEL: We'll figure something out. We'll figure something out for you and Tess and your...do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
MAX: : A boy.
ISABEL: Wow. You're having a son.
MAX: : Yeah, a son. A son!
Isabel hugs him and Michael drives up his motorcycle.
MICHAEL: A little public, isn't it?
ISABEL: It's a freak storm, you know, who cares?
MICHAEL: Not me, I got bigger things to talk about. Maxwell, there's two things I need to tell you. First is, I've been lying to you about Maria, Liz, and the whole investigation. Instead of stopping 'em, I've been helping 'em. Second thing is, it was worth it.
He hands Max the translation and Isabel the rod.
MAX: : What's this?
MICHAEL: It's everything we've been looking for. It's a translation to the book. You know - the book.
ISABEL: shocked You're kidding!
MICHAEL: Not even a little.
ISABEL: Well what does it say?
MAX: : It's the way home. We can go home.
Episode ends with Max, Isabel, and Michael standing in the snow.

#219 Baby, It's You - Music

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You *
Album: So Tonight That I Might See
Scene: This song plays, when Max and Tess wake up together

not available
Badly Drawn Boy - Another Pearl *
Album: The Hour of Bewilderbeast
Scene: When Max and Tess walk down the school hallway.
not available
The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You *
Album: Underwater Moonlight
Scene: When Max and Michael get their yearbooks.
not available
Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird
Album: Nelly Furtado
Scene: Nelly plays this song on stage at the Las Cruces University.
not available
Lifehouse - Only One *
Album: No Name Face
Scene: This song plays when Isabel tells Kyle that she doesn't want to play jokes on Max anymore.
not available
Emiliana Torrini - Wednesday's Child *
Album: Love in the Time of Science
Scene: When Max gets angry and throws trash around.
not available
Landing Gear - Atmosphere
Scene: When Isabel uses her powers to let it snow and Michael joins her with the translation of the book.
not available

#219 Baby, It's You - Quotes

Added by Lena

Max: Our relationship... advanced.
Michael: Advanced? How far?
Max: As far as it could.
Michael: You mean you had...
Max: Hot alien sex.