#211 To Serve & To Protect - Information

Writer: Breen Frazier
Director: Jefery Levy
Production Code: 2ADA10

First aired: January 22, 2001

Guest star: Jeremy Davidson (Grant Sorenson), Jason Peck (Deputy Hanson), Devon Gummersall (Sean DeLuca), Allison Lange (Laurie DuPree), Robert Katims (Judge), Breon Gorman (Judith Foster), Woon Park (Buddha), Katherine Kirkpatrick (Melissa Foster), Keith Szarabajka (Dan Lubetkin), Sebastian Siegel (Brad)

Description: Isabel has dramatic visions of a mysterious young girl, who was kidnapped and buried alive. She and Max are asking Sherif Valenti for help to find the girl. A race against the time begins...

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#211 To Serve & To Protect - Transcript

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Episode opens on Max and Isabel at home flipping through television channels)
ISABEL: Thereís nothing on.
MAX: We must have 50 channels.
ISABEL: Crap. . .Crap. . .
MAX: Uh Huh.
ISABEL: Boring.
MAX: Uh Huh.
ISABEL: Iím going to take a stroll; see what people are dreaming.
MAX: Havenít you been over doing that lately?
ISABEL: Take it easy. Itís harmless.
MAX: Itís just not a very nice thing to do.
(Isabel leaves, Max yells after her.)
MAX: Stay away from Liz, please.
(He continues flipping through channels)
MAX: Crap. . .Crap. . .Crap. . .
(Isabel is on her bed looking through her yearbook and stops at Lizís picture. We enter Lizís dream at the Crashdown. A young man enters.)
BRAD: Hello, Liz.
LIZ: Hello, Brad.
(Brad lifts her up, and sets her on the counter. Liz lies down.)
LIZ: Would you like fries with that.
(Brad and Liz start kissing. Max shows up behind the counter)
LIZ: Iím with Brad now.
MAX: Brad doesnít even exist. Besides, you want someone who can do this.
(Max gestures toward the ceiling and rose petals start to fall. Liz and Max kiss.)
LIZ: Oh my!
ISABEL: Even her romantic dreams are boring.
(Back to Isabelís room. She looks through the yearbook again and stops on Kyle.)
ISABEL: Kyleís got to be more interesting than that.
(We enter Kyleís dream. Heís on a mountaintop in a Lotus position with BUDDHA.)
BUDDHA: Remember young blossom, my most important words.
KYLE: Yes, master.
BUDDHA: To thine own self be true.
ISABEL: Itís Shakespeare.
BUDDHA: With every inhale find the center of yourself. With every exhale release the ties that bind your energy. Inhale. . .Exhale. . .Inhale. . .
(BUDDHA is interrupted by a cell phone beeping.)
BUDDHA: Excuse me. BUDDHA here. Yeah. When? Prepare the ship. Standby to beam us aboard.
KYLE: Master?
BUDDHA: Our enemies have arrived, Kyle. We must leave Earth and face the dark legion.
KYLE: No, no, no, no. Iím here for inner peace, not that science fiction crap.
BUDDHA: Max Evans changed you when he saved your life. You know that. Youíre an alien now Kyle. Dude, like, accept you destiny.
KYLE: No, Iím not!
(Kyle looks down at his hand and it has become green and slimy.)
KYLE: Ahhhhh!
(Switch back to Isabelís room, where she enters another dream in a forest with flashes of light.)
ISABEL: Where am I? Kyle, whoís dream is this?
(We see a man dragging a screaming girl in a black plastic bag. Isabel wakes up in a panic.)
(Opening credits)

(Open on Sheriff Valentiís office, the next morning.)
VOICE OFF CAMERA: Excuse me. Iím looking for a broken-down, old, war-horse somehow managed to make Sheriff of Roswell, New Mexico.
VALENTI: Hansen, send that sanctimonious paper-pusher in here before I have him arrested for vagrancy.
(Man enters)
DAN: Damn son, you are getting old.
VALENTI: Real police work will do that to you, Dan. You should try it some time.
DAN: Now, that hurts. Long time, Jimbo.
VALENTI: Too long. So, I take it this isnít a social call.
DAN: The state police board wants to review the Hubble shooting. VALENTI: Hubble? Well, itís an open and shut case. Crazy old man with a gun in the desert. It was over a year ago. Why investigate that?
DAN: Wheels of justice grind slowly.
VALENTI: Do I need a lawyer?
DAN: Whoa, easy, no need to get all riled up now.
VALENTI: That was a clean shoot, Dan.
DAN: If you say so.
(Change to Crashdown. Tess is having breakfast with Kyle. She pours Tabasco sauce on her waffles with whip cream and strawberries, and in her orange juice.)
KYLE: Thatís a very alien thing, isnít it? The very sweet, very spicy? TESS: Uh huh.
KYLE: Can I try a bite?
TESS: You wonít like it.
KYLE: Oh, I hope not.
(Kyle takes a taste)
KYLE: Oh my God.
TESS: I told you.
KYLE: No,no,no. Itís not completely horrible. Itís almost tasty.
TESS: Oh well, here. Have some more.
KYLE: No, no, I canít. This is so wrong. Iím not ready for this.
TESS: Not ready for what?
KYLE: For the change. Not ready to be, like, a half-human, half-alien freakazoid.
TESS: Uh, we prefer the term Ďhybridsí.
KYLE: Iím serious. Look, I never bargained for this. One minute Iím a normal guy with my whole life ahead of me the next thing I know, Max Evans transmogrifies me into something not-of-this-Earth.
TESS: Whoa, whoa, trans-what?
KYLE: Look, I never asked for this.
TESS: Well, I suppose he could have let you die. Is that what you want? KYLE: If I had died, I would have transcended the mortal plane and been reincarnated into the next stage of my life.
TESS: Reincarnated as what, exactly?
KYLE: Like, just another person or animal, maybe.
TESS: An animal? Like, you could have ended up a gopher or something! KYLE: Look, weíre getting off the point. I really need some help.
TESS: What do you want from me? I donít know whatís going to happen to you. You know, maybe nothing will happen. Or maybe you could develop superpowers and start flying all over Roswell in a big cape. I donít know!
(Kyle reaches for Tessí waffles.)
KYLE: Could I have another-
(Isabel and Max are talking to Sheriff Valenti in his office.)
VALENTI: Alright, let me get this straight. You can go into peopleís dreams?
ISABEL: Yes. But usually I choose whose dreams I go into. This one just came to me.
VALENTI: Well, how do you know this was real, not just somebodyís nightmare you stumbled into?
ISABEL: I donít know, but it felt real. She needs help.
MAX: Sheriff, when Tess was being tortured Isabel got flashes from her, and thatís how she knew Tess was in danger. Thatís how we saved her life. We should check into this.
VALENTI: Itís a little hard to look for a missing girl without a name or a face.
(Dan knocks and enters)
DAN: Hey, Senor Chows for lunch?
VALENTI: Yeah, thatíd be fine.
(Dan looks with interest at Max and Isabel.)
DAN: Hi.
MAX: Hi.
VALENTI: Iíll see you at 1:00, Dan.
(Dan exits)
MAX: Who was that?
VALENTI: From the State Police Board. Heís reviewing the Hubble case.
MAX: Hubble?
VALENTI: Itís no big deal. Danís an old friend. Iíll tell you what. Iíll look into it, Okay?
ISABEL: Thank you.
(Dan and Valenti are having lunch at Senor Chows.)
VALENTI: When I ordered him to put his weapon down, he uh. . . he refused, brought the gun up. I felt my life was in imminent danger, so I fired.
DAN: Hmm, just like it says in your report. (Dan signals a waiter) Uh, could we have more of these sweet and sour tortillas? Theyíre good, different, but good. So, uh, who were those kids in your office this morning?
VALENTI: Nobody. Stolen bike.
DAN: Hmm, What were their names again?
VALENTI: Max and Isabel Evans. DAN: Max Evans. . .hmm, I got a statement here says that Hubble was last seen in a car with Max Evans, before the shooting.
VALENTI: Whose statement?
DAN: Was Max Evans there that night?
DAN: Okay Jim, thatís all I need to hear.
(Move to the Crashdown. Liz is serving food to some customers)
LIZ: Okay, Umm, we have a Saturn Rings and a Galaxy Sub, hold the Max. (Liz looks at Maria as she realizes her mistake) Okay, so Iíll be right back with the Cokes.
(Maria pulls Liz aside.)
MARIA: Okay, what just happened?
LIZ: I need help. Iím sick, Okay. I am an obsessed person.
MARIA: Okay, is this a general freakout or should I be concerned?
LIZ: No, I have Max on my brain 24 hours a day. Okay, I dream about him, I think about him, and now Iím saying his frigginí name without even realizing it. What am I going to do?
MARIA: Youíre in love thatís all.
LIZ: I know, but itís not getting me anywhere.
MARIA: Okay relax, relax, Liz. Itís not that bad. I promise.
LIZ: Not that bad? Really? Why donít you look at this?
(Liz pulls out two pictures of Max from her apron pockets.)
LIZ: See! Obsession, obsession, obsession, obsession!
MARIA: Okay, okay, youíre a Max-aholic. Iím here for you. What can I do?
LIZ: Get me a life.
(a new guy enters the Crashdown.)
MARIA: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. When did you get out?
SEAN: This morning.
MARIA: You didnít break out did you?
SEAN: I got a release, good behavior.
MARIA: Thatís a first. You donít think that youíre going to stay with us do you?
SEAN: Oh, uh, Aunt Amy already gave it the thumbs up.
MARIA: She is such a soft touch, isnít she?
SEAN: Hi, Liz.
LIZ: Hey, Sean.
SEAN: All grown up. Like it. Iíll see you at home.
MARIA: Itís not your home.
(Evans House. Grant Sorenson is flipping through TV channels as Max walks in with a look of distrust.)
MAX: Grant.
GRANT: Hey, Max.
MAX: Youíre uh. . .
GRANT: Waiting for Isabel.
MAX: Oh, right. Iíll go check on her.
(Max enters Isabelís room. Isabel is hurriedly going through her closest of clothes picking out something to wear.)
MAX: You know, Grantís downstairs.
ISABEL: I know.
MAX: Do you really like that guy?
ISABEL: Donít start with me, Max.
MAX: Whatís wrong?
ISABEL: I just. . .Iíve been thinking about that girl all day. You know? It was different. It was like she was dreamwalking me.
MAX: You mean, like, sheís an alien?
ISABEL: No, no, I donít think so.
MAX: Well, maybe you should cancel your date.
ISABEL: You know how many times I have cancelled in the last month? I have no more excuses.
MAX: Well, tell him the truth. Youíve been battling evil aliens for control of the planet and itís hard to fit him in.
ISABEL: Funny. No, no, I want a normal date with a normal guy tonight. Iím going, so just. . .just tell him Iíll be ready in five minutes. Okay? Five minutes.
MAX: Five minutes.
ISABEL: Yeah, five minutes. Okay? Thank you.
(Valenti living room. Kyle is sitting in front of the TV, which is off. He tries out his alien powers by raising his hand toward the screen. Tess walks up behind him and sees what he is doing, so she picks up the remote control and turns the TV on.)
KYLE: Oh God, jeez.
(Tess laughs quietly to herself and Kyle tries again.)
KYLE: Channel 15.
(Tess changes the channel with the remote.)
KYLE: Channel 23
(Tess changes the channel)
KYLE: Unscrambled porn.
(Tess changes again, and Kyle jumps up in triumph.)
KYLE: I have become -
(he turns and sees Tess behind him.)
KYLE: an idiot.
TESS: Oh, but a cute one. Hey
(Tess tosses the remote to Kyle)
(Switch to the movies with Isabel and Grant. Isabel rolls her head from side to side.)
GRANT: You sore?
(Grant massages her neck.)
ISABEL: Thank you.
(Isabel lays her head on Grantís shoulder and closes her eyes. Suddenly she gets another flash of a young blond girl being kidnapped as she goes to her car. We see drugs and a syringe. Next we see her being dragged in a black bag, by a man. Isabel sits up with a yell.)
GRANT: You okay?
ISABEL: Yeah, Iím fine. Iím fine. Iím sorry.
(Isabel and Max are in Valentiís livingroom later that night.)
ISABEL: I need to find her. Sheís in trouble. Sheís going to die.
VALENTI: I thought you werenít sure.
ISABEL: Itís real Sheriff. I know itís happening.
MAX: You have to find her.
VALENTI: Find who? What missing girl? No oneís been reported. I donít know what she looks like. I donít have any leads. . .
ISABEL: I saw her car. Itís silver.
VALENTI: Did you see the plates?
ISABEL: No, but itís a Honda, or a Toyota, or something. Iím not good with cars.
VALENTI: Okay, I guess I could start looking through the abandoned vehicle reports. See if itís turned up. Okay?
ISABEL: Thank you. Iím sorry for barging in like this.
VALENTI: Hey, hey. Itís Okay, alright?
ISABEL: Thank you.
(As Isabel leaves Max talks to the sheriff.)
MAX: I know how all this must look.
VALENTI: I believe her. I do. I just donít know how realistic it is to think that Iím going to be able to find this girl with this evidence.
MAX: I know. Thanks.
(As Max leaves the sheriff makes a phone call.)
VALENTI: Hansen, Iím coming in.
(Valenti enters the Crashdown on his way in to the station and sits at the counter by a woman.)
VALENTI: Large coffee and a warp wrap to go please.
JUDITH FOSTER: Working late Jim?
JUDITH FOSTER: Great match your boy had the other night.
VALENTI: Yeah, two take downs. Not bad, huh?
JUDITH FOSTER: Just like his father. Remember that match against the Rangers?
VALENTI: My God, how do you remember these things?
JUDITH FOSTER: I had a crush on you, or didnít you notice?
VALENTI: I noticed your boyfriend.
JUDITH FOSTER: I like to call him my husband now.
VALENTI: Howís your girl?
JUDITH FOSTER: Melissa? Fine, just fine. . . I think.
VALENTI: Something wrong?
JUDITH FOSTER: No, itís nothing Iím sure. She went to visit some friends in Santa Fe yesterday and she hasnít called home yet. I know I shouldnít be concerned, but she always calls. Oh, Iím being silly.
VALENTI: Melissa drives a silver car doesnít she?
JUDITH FOSTER: Yeah, Toyota. Why?
(Sheriffís station later that night. A deputy is interviewing the woman as Sheriff Valenti enters giving orders.)
VALENTI: You contacted all the Foster girlís friends yet? I need to know if she turns up.
(Valenti turns to another officer.)
VALENTI: Get highway patrol on the horn. I want every inch of 285 covered.
(Valenti hands papers to another officer)
VALENTI: Plate numbers. Run them.
(Switch to Mrs. Foster being interviewed)
MRS. FOSTER: She had an overnight bag and a cosmetics case. DEPUTY: Does she have a cell phone?
MRS. FOSTER: No. I took it away from her. She was spending too much money.
(Dan enters)
DAN: Hey, howís it going?
VALENTI: Busy. Judith, you have that picture?
MRS. FOSTER: Yeah, itís right here.
(Valenti turns back to Dan.)
VALENTI: Whatís up?
DAN: Heard about the missing girl. Youíre really circling up the wagons here.
VALENTI: Just doing my job. Excuse me.
(Valenti opens his office door.)
DAN: Who you got in there?
(Valenti turns back and looks at Dan but doesnít answer, then continues into his office and closes the door. Max and Isabel are waiting. He hands Isabel a picture of Melissa Foster.)
VALENTI: Is this her?
ISABEL: The hairís the right color. I think so.
VALENTI: Are you sure?
ISABEL: I never saw her clearly, but itís her. It has to be.
VALENTI: I hope youíre wrong. Iíve known the Fosters for years.
MAX: Well, I donít recognize her.
VALENTI: She goes to Goddard High.
ISABEL: The terror. I felt it so clearly in the last dream. We have to get her back. I need to.
VALENTI: You and me both.
(Change to the next day in the Crashdown where Maria is serving Sean.)
MARIA: In case I havenít told you this. You dine ní dash here, you die.
(Sean reaches into his pocket and lays money on the table.)
MARIA: Is there a tip in there?
SEAN: Just give me the burger.
MARIA: How about a little talk, hmmm? Alright, in our house there are rules, and as strange, unimaginable, and bizarre as it may seem - we live our lives by these very simple rules.
SEAN: Okay.
MARIA: Rule one, toilet seat is left down. Rule two, underwear are not left on the floor, no. Rule three, milk is poured into a glass, not directly consumed by the carton. Rule four -
SEAN: There a lot of these rules?
MARIA: Donít worry, Iíll write them down for you, assuming of course, that you can read.
SEAN: Of course.
MARIA: Now, pay attention please. Rule four is very important. Leave Liz alone.
SEAN: Why, is she part of that house too or something?
MARIA: I am not kidding, Sean. She is way off limits to you. Okay? Way, way, off limits.
SEAN: Way.
MARIA: Look, I saw the way you looked at her, alright? ĎAll grown up. I like ití No, itís not going to happen, Sean.
SEAN: Okay.
MARIA: Sheís in a very delicate and fragile place in her life right now.
(We hear Liz yelling off camera)
LIZ: Dammit Eddie, whereís my order?
(Sean looks questioningly at Maria)
MARIA: Iím serious.
SEAN: I hear you, alright? Leave her alone. I get it. What do you want from me?
MARIA: Iíll give you the list by the end of the day.
(Switch to Isabel in her room. She lies on her bed and tries to dreamwalk. After some restless tossing she sees the blond girl again being dragged in the forest. This time we see the face of the man and it is Grant Sorenson. Isabel wakes up very upset and Max is shaking her.)
ISABEL: No! Oh, no! It canít be!
MAX: You started crying Isabel. What happened?
ISABEL: No, Oh God! Itís Grant! Itís Grant. I saw him. I saw him. Oh God! Oh God. No.
(Change to Valentiís Office, where Isabel and Max are talking to the Sheriff.)
VALENTI: Sorenson?
ISABEL: Iím positive.
VALENTI: Alright, Iíll take care of it.
MAX: You want us to help?
VALENTI: Not this time.
(Switch to a daytime shot of a golf course. Valenti is calling to a judge who is playing golf.)
VALENTI: Your honor! Your honor!
JUDGE: Hello, Sheriff.
VALENTI: The woman who came forward is positive she saw Grant Sorenson with Melissa Foster.
JUDGE: You have a history with this Sorenson character donít you? Uh, he filed a complaint?
VALENTI: That was a misunderstanding, sir.
JUDGE: Yeah, you searched his room without a warrant, shoving a gun in his face.
VALENTI: Your honor! Your honor! A girl could be dying here!
JUDGE: You hurry and get me probable cause, then youíll get your warrant; otherwise, youíre ruining my handicap.
(Change to Grant Sorensonís campsite as The Sheriff and Hansen drive up.)
VALENTI: Check the car. Weíre looking for a large vinyl bag; seven foot by three.
GRANT: What the hellís going on here?
VALENTI: We need to do a little looking around Mr. Sorenson.
GRANT: For what? My igneous rock collection?
VALENTI: Do you know Melissa Foster?
GRANT: I heard she was. . . What is this? Every time someone disappears I become your number one suspect?
VALENTI: What were you doing last Friday night?
GRANT: I drove to Carlsbad. Thatís the opposite direction from Santa Fe. VALENTI: How did you know Miss Foster went to Santa Fe?
GRANT: Itís common knowledge. The whole town is talking. Sherrif, you got a warrant?
VALENTI: What were you doing in Carlsbad?
GRANT: I went to pick up some equipment.
VALENTI: We heard you were out here in the middle of the night.
GRANT: Thatís not a crime.
VALENTI: Depends upon what you were doing.
(Valenti comes to Grantís tent and opens the flap. He sees a large black vinyl bag like the one in Isabelís visions, and pulls it out.)
GRANT: Donít touch that.
VALENTI: What are you doing with this bag?
GRANT: Transporting equipment.
VALENTI: I need to see whatís inside it. Open it up.
GRANT: I canít do that.
VALENTI: Well if you wonít then I will. Step aside.
GRANT: Sheriff, this is ridiculous.
VALENTI: Back off!
(Grant moves aside and the sheriff unzips the bag to find equipment.)
VALENTI: What is this?
GRANT: Itís equipment, photosensitive equipment. They use it in caverns like in Carlsbad. Thatís why I work at nights. Itís the only time to get proper readings. You donít have a warrant do you?
(Switch to Valentiís office where Dan is waiting for him.)
DAN: Okay, cards on the table, Jimbo. Whatís going on here?
VALENTI: Iím in the middle of an investigation.
DAN: Where you been the last four hours?
VALENTI: Following a lead. Checking out a suspect. Anymore questions? DAN: Yeah, you get a warrant for Sorenson this time?
VALENTI: You always know more than you let on, donít you Dan. I should have remembered that the day you walked through my door.
DAN: Itís part of my job, Jimbo, and what I know right now is you disappear for days on end and you spend a lot of time lately with teenage kids. Thatís awful strange behavior.
VALENTI: This isnít about the Hubble case is it? What the hell is going on here?
DAN: The State Board has had you in their watch file for a long time now, what with your reputation for chasing UFOís and what not. But right now itís your own men that are talking, and they want to know whatís happened to their sheriff.
VALENTI: I donít owe them an explanation.
DAN: You owe me!
(Valenti and Dan start yelling at the same time.)
DAN: Youíre crossing a lot of lines and I want to know why!
VALENTI: I havenít been able to carry on an investigation. A girlís life is on the line.
(The two men are interrupted by a knock on the door.)
HANSEN: Uh, Sheriff. Iím sorry but, uh. .
(Hansen shows a young blond girl into Valentiís office.)
DAN: Can we help you?
GIRL: Yeah, hi. Iím Melissa Foster. I heard you were looking for me.
(Switch to an alley outside the Sheriffís station where Valenti is talking to Max and Isabel.)
VALENTI: Girl said her car gave out halfway to Santa Fe. Next day she had it towed. No kidnapper, no needles, no bags and no desert.
(Isabel hangs her head.)
VALENTI: Isabel, itís alright. Melissaís safe. Her familyís happy. Nobody got hurt.
MAX: What about you?
VALENTI: Iíll have some awkward questions to answer but Iím sure it will blow over.
ISABEL: Sheriff, I am so sorry. I donít know how I could have been so wrong. I . . .
VALENTI: Hey, you didnít do anything wrong. You have gifts the rest of us donít, and I trust those gifts. And if anything like this ever happens again, I want you to come to me. Iíll be fine.
(Back in Valentiís office where Dan and the Judge are questioning him.)
JUDGE: What the hell is wrong with you? You conduct an illegal search after I say no!
DAN: You know, Sorenson has filed a 15 million-dollar civil suit against the city.
VALENTI: For what? Because I ruined his stupid experiment? Heís gonna be laughed out of court.
JUDGE: Iím half tempted to have you thrown into your own jail on a contempt citation.
VALENTI: Iím sorry. Okay, I was wrong. I had a hunch. I had to follow it. JUDGE: A hunch! You told me you had a witness!
DAN: You told Judith Foster you had two witnesses! You terrified that family! I spent all day trying to calm them down.
VALENTI: There are two witnesses, but I promised them anonymity. I canít break that promise.
DAN: We talking about those kids again.
JUDGE: What kids?
DAN: Max and Isabel Evans.
VALENTI: This has nothing to do with them.
JUDGE: Then who? I want names and I want them now.
VALENTI: Iím sorry.
JUDGE: Best find yourself a lawyer.
(Later that night in Isabelís room, where Max is talking to Isabel.)
MAX: Isabel, I donít understand this. Youíve never been wrong about this in the past and weíve always gone with your judgement.
ISABEL: I donít understand it either, Max. This wasnít something that I planned.
MAX: How could this happen.
ISABEL: I donít know.
MAX: Valenti might be losing his job because of us. Have you thought about that?
ISABEL: Of course I have, but what was I suppose to do? Just let her die?
MAX: There is no missing girl, Alright! Your dreams were wrong. You were wrong.
ISABEL: Donítí you think I know that? Maybe part of me just needed her to be missing.
MAX: What do you mean?
ISABEL: After everything weíve been through, after all the pain that weíve caused, I just wanted what we are, what I am, to do something good for a change.
MAX: Isabel, you are my sister. You yell at me, you second-guess me, and you piss me off. You also saved my life, and I donít care what weíve been through; I still believe in you. I always will. Go get some sleep. You look. . . really bad.
ISABEL: Thanks!
(Change to Crashdown same night. Liz, Maria, and Michael are working and Kyle is sitting at the counter. Sean enters.)
KYLE: Tess is openly mocking me now. This morning I woke up with little antennae coming out of my head.
LIZ: I donít know what to say. We need professional help.
SEAN: Yo, M.
MARIA: M? No, see um. . . in the real world we use names. My name is Maria.
KYLE: Whoís that?
MICHAEL: Mariaís loser cousin Sean.
SEAN: Can I get some fries, tough guy?
MARIA: Sorry, weíre closed. So sorry.
KYLE: Anyway, the point is, Iím just saying Itís gonna be OK. I mean weíre both obsessed people but weíll get through it. At least we have each other.
LIZ: You know, uh, I think the fryer is still warm. I could whip you up some fries.
SEAN: Nah, forget it. Iíll scrounge something up at home.
(Sean exits.)
MARIA: Itís not your home. Stop calling it that. Youíre just passing through. Youíre not actually thinking. . .
LIZ: No, of course not.
MARIA: All I try and do is help. Does anybody listen?
LIZ: Iím sorry, what were you saying?
KYLE: Nothing. I was just talking to myself. Hey, you got any cousins for me?
(Change to Isabel in bed, same night. She has another vision. She sees more details of where the girl is.)
ISABEL: Where am I?
KIDNAPPED GIRL: No, please donít!
ISABEL: Max, Max! No, Max. . . Max!
(Attacker takes out a syringe. Isabel screams and begins reacting like the kidnapped girl.)
ISABEL: Help me!
(Max enters, sits on Isabels bed and tries to wake her.)
MAX: Iím here. Isabel, Isabel wake up.
ISABEL: No, please! Donít do this. You donít have to do this. No!
(Isabel wakes up)
MAX: Isabel, are you alright?
ISABEL: Oh my God.
(Move to Valentiís office the same night. Dan enters.)
DAN: Judith Foster is filing a grievance with the State police board. She wants a formal investigation into you actions.
VALENTI: I wonder who put that idea in her head?
DAN: Lot a questions here, Jimbo. Time for you to start thinkiní of some answers.
VALENTI: Talk to my lawyer.
(Phone rings)
VALENTI: Sheriff Valenti.
MAX: Itís not over.
VALENTI: You wanna explain that to me.
MAX: Itís not Melissa Foster. Itís some other girl. Sheís in Fraizer Woods in the clearing outside the abandoned pump house. We have to go right now.
(Valenti pauses and looks up at Dan.)
MAX: Sheriff?
VALENTI: Where are you now Deputy?
MAX: Weíre at our house. Weíll meet you on Clarkís street, near the Crashdown.
VALENTI: Stay where you are. Iíll take care of it.
MAX: No, weíre going with you. Can you meet us?
VALENTI: Yeah, Iíll meet you there deputy.
(The Sheriff hangs up.)
DAN: Do deputies always call you on your private line?
VALENTI: Iíll talk to you in the morning.
DAN: You know your Daddy went down just like this. Got some fool notion into his head, ignored the law and his friends, and ended up handing over his badge.
VALENTI: Is that a threat?
DAN: If that phone call was from those kids, consider it a warning.
(Move to Frazier Woods. Max, Isabel, and Valenti are searching with flashlights.)
ISABEL: This is it.
MAX: Ok, weíre here. Now what?
ISABEL: I donít know. I donít know. Sheís here. Sheís here somewhere. VALENTI: You kidnap a girl. You bring her out here and then you. . . MAX: What is it?
VALENTI: Itís a molehill.
MAX: So?
VALENTI: Itís an awfully straight line for a molehill.
(Valenti reaches down and finds a tube. He pulls it up and follows along it until he comes to a strange apparatus.)
VALENTI: Oxygen tanks
ISABEL: Oh my God.
VALENTI: Come on.
(Valenti follows the tube back the other direction until it finally disappears deep into the ground.)
ISABEL: Oh God, sheís under here.
(They dig frantically with their hands. We see someone watching them through the cross hairs of a gun scope.)
MAX: Watch the head.
ISABEL: Oh my God.
(They unearth a clear plastic box around the buried girlís head.)
ISABEL: What did they do to her?
MAX: I donít know.
VALENTI: Sheís going into shock.
ISABEL: Weíve got you. What did they do?
MAX: Isabel, can you get this thing off?
VALENTI: Hurry, Hurry. Get it off.
(The rifleman shoots and hits the ground near them. Max jumps up and puts up his protective shield. Valenti pulls out his gun and aims toward where the shots came from. The masked man fires again, but the bullet bounces off the shield.)
MAX: Isabel, hurry!
(Isabel tries to lift the box off the girlís head while another bullet bounces off Maxís shield.)
VALENTI: Max, I see the shooter.
MAX: I canít keep this up.
ISABEL: I almost have it.
(Another shot bounces off.)
ISABEL: Iíve got it.
MAX: You see him?
VALENTI: Yeah. . . Ready? Go!
(Max withdraws the shield. Valenti fires several shots and hits the shooter. The shooter is only wounded and runs away. A flashlight appears behind Valenti, Max, and Isabel.)
DAN: Freeze!
VALENTI: Dan, Itís me!
DAN: What the hellís going on here? Who are you shootiní at?
VALENTI: Kidnapper.
DAN: What kidnapper?
VALENTI: We found our missing girl.
(Max and Isabel look at each other nervously while Dan walks over and sees the girl. Dan removes his coat to cover her. The girl is crying.)
(Later. More police have arrived and an ambulance. The kidnapped girl, Laurie, is on a stretcher.)
LAURIE: (very emotional) I never saw his face. I was coming down to visit my grandparents in Roswell when he . . . came up behind me on the street. . .
VALENTI: Laurie, Iím going to have someone watch over you round the clock until your parents arrive. Youíre safe now. I promise.
LAURIE: How did you know to find me out here?
VALENTI: Someone heard you cry out for help.
(Paramedics take Laurie away. Isabel follows her and Dan approaches the Sheriff.)
DAN: Howíd you find her?
VALENTI: Good police work.
DAN: Aw, come on. You can do better than that. What were those kids doiní out here?
VALENTI: Nothing. They were just along for the ride.
DAN: Along for the ride? You telliní me that you took two minors with you on a ride along? That alone is enough to get you suspended.
VALENTI: Iíll take the suspension. You leave the kids out of this.
(Hansen approaches with a small plastic bag.)
HANSEN: Sheriff, look at this.
VALENTI: Our shooterís bullets.
HANSEN: Yes, but thereís no laceration or impact. Theyíre in perfect shape.
DAN: Thatís impossible, physically impossible. Thanks. Deputy, Iíll take care of these.
VALENTI: Iím as baffled as you are.
DAN: Nah, nah, youíre not. Youíre a good cop, Jimbo, but you donít lie very well, and whatever youíre coveriní up Iím going to find it out. You can count on it.
(We move over to Laurie and Isabel.)
LAURIE: Who are you?
ISABEL: Isabel.
LAURIE: You saved my life. Thank you.
(Isabel takes her hand then has a flash of blue cell like things. Laurie is loaded into the ambulance.)
MAX: Ready to go home? Isabel?
ISABEL: Thereís something about her, Max.
MAX: What do you mean?
ISABEL: Itís like I know her.
(Episode ends with them looking after the ambulance as it pulls away.)

#211 To Serve & To Protect - Music

Delerium ft. Jenifer McLaren - Fallen Icons *
Album: Poem
Scene: Liz dream in the beginning of the episode.

not available
Delerium - Amongst The Ruins
Album: Poem
Scene: Plays in Kyles dream.
not available
Collective Soul - Turn Around
Scene: During the breakfast of Kyle and Tess in the Crashdown.
not available
Three Doors Down - Duck & Run
Album: The Better Life
Scene: During the scene when Valenti and Mrs. Foster are talking.
not available
Vallejo - Into The New
Album: Into the New
Scene: Plays when Maria clarifies the "DeLuca Rules" to Sean.
not available
Fuel - Innocent
Scene: When Sean asks for fries.
not available
Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do
Scene: When Max, Isabel and Valenti rescue the girl.
not available

#201 - Quotes

Added by Lena

Isabel: Thereís nothing on.
Max: We must have 50 channels.
Isabel: Crap. Crap.

Buddha: Excuse me. BUDDHA here. Yeah. When? Prepare the ship. Standby to beam us aboard.
Kyle: Master?
Buddha: Our enemies have arrived, Kyle. We must leave Earth and face the dark legion.
Kyle: No, no, no, no. Iím here for inner peace, not that science fiction crap.

Maria: How about a little talk, hmmm? Alright, in our house there are rules, and as strange, unimaginable, and bizarre as it may seem - we live our lives by these very simple rules.
Sean: Okay.
Maria: Rule one, toilet seat is left down. Rule two, underwear are not left on the floor, no. Rule three, milk is poured into a glass, not directly consumed by the carton. Rule four -
Sean: There a lot of these rules?
Maria: Donít worry, Iíll write them down for you, assuming of course, that you can read.

Liz: I need help. Iím sick, Okay. I am an obsessed person.
Maria: Okay, is this a general freakout or should I be concerned?
Liz: No, I have Max on my brain 24 hours a day. Okay, I dream about him, I think about him, and now Iím saying his frigginí name without even realizing it. What am I going to do?
Maria: Youíre in love thatís all.
Liz: I know, but itís not getting me anywhere.
Maria: Okay relax, relax, Liz. Itís not that bad. I promise.
Liz: Not that bad? Really? Why donít you look at this?
(Liz pulls out two pictures of Max from her apron pockets.)
Liz: See! Obsession, obsession, obsession, obsession!
Maria: Okay, okay, youíre a Max-aholic. Iím here for you. What can I do?
Liz: Get me a life.