#209 Max In The City - Information

Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Director: Patrick Norris
Production Code: 2ADA09

First aired: November 27, 2000

Guest star: Desmond Askew (Brody Davis), David Reivers (Sera), Faline England (Kathanal), Jerry Gelb (Emissary), Miko Hughes (Nicholas Crawford), Marji Martin (Hanar)

Description: After a bad conflict with Isabel Max travels with the "Dupes" to New York, in order to participate the summit. But the dupes of Michael and Isabel are not honest to Max...

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#209 Max In The City - Transcript

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(Episode begins with a shot of Earth from space. Gradually, we zoom in on New York City. We see Max and Tess in an elevator on the way to the top of the Empire State Building)
MAX: This was a mistake.
TESS: You've been looking forward to it all day.
MAX: I mean this whole thing. Coming here. The city. Rath. Lonnie. It's a mistake.
TESS: Max...
MAX: What do I know about war and peace and politics? I'm gonna blow it. I'm gonna sit down at this meeting and I'm gonna meet these people, and they're gonna look at me and they're gonna see this kid from New Mexico who hasn't got a clue...is this car slowing down? Are we slowing down?
TESS: Relax, relax. We're almost there.
(The elevator arrives at the top)
TESS: This is where you belong, Max...up here with the world at your feet. Like a king.
MAX: I'm the king of the world.
TESS: Yes, you are...just...not of this one.
(Scene switches to the streets of New York. Roth and Lonnie walk through a restaurant)
ROTH: Ooh! Yo, pastrami.
LONNIE: Yo, when he gets here...if he gets here...we're puttin' him in his place, 'cause I'm sick of gettin' attitude from him.
ROTH: Mayo! Who puts mayo on pastrami? Hey, you! What kinda sick mother puts mayo on pastrami, huh? I oughta bust your head open for...
LONNIE: Drop it! He's here.
(Nicholas walks up the stairs from a subway station. He's holding a map)
LONNIE: Took you long enough. Where the hell have you been?
NICHOLAS: God, I hate this town.
(Opening credits)

NICHOLAS: So where are they?
LONNIE: They're doing the tourist thing...Empire State building, Statue of Liberty.
NICHOLAS: You let them wander around this open sewer alone?
LONNIE: Yo, even Max Evans can find his way from the Empire State...it's 3 blocks.
NICHOLAS: Better hope you're right. Without Max, no one at the summit's gonna give you two the time of day.
RATH: We're two of the royal four.
NICHOLAS: Royal rejects is more like it.
RATH: Hey, yo, get this straight. We are the originals. They are the rejects.
NICHOLAS: Ha. Uh, gee...they were carefully hidden away in Roswell and got custody of the granilith. You were dumped in the sewer. Figure that out.
LONNIE: Yo, you ain't getting the granilith without us, so just remember that.
NICHOLAS: You're not getting home unless I get the granilith. Remember that.
LONNIE: Here they come. Go.
(Nicholas walks back into the subway station, cursing about New York)
NICHOLAS: Oh, I hate this stupid, rat-infested, urine-soaked, butt-ugly town!
(Max and Tess wave from across the street)
LONNIE: Here come the losers!
(Max and Tess meet up with Rath and Lonnie)
LONNIE: Hey. So enough sight-seeing for one day?
MAX: There's a lot more to see.
TESS: I could use a rest.
LONNIE: Wanna see our crib?
MAX: Sure.
(Rath and Lonnie lead Max and Tess into a subway station)
MAX: Rath? Lonnie?
(After walking through several tunnels, they arrive at Rath and Lonnie's lair. Lonnie relaxes on a couch, while Rath gets a hockey stick and starts shooting some balls)
LONNIE: Not quite Mayberry, is it?
MAX: So this was where you were born?
LONNIE: Day one. Wake up...break through the membranes, step out of the pods into a brave new world of the sewers.
TESS: And...and now you live here?
RATH: Beats livin' in Brooklyn.
TESS: S-so, why did your protector bring your pods to New York? And why put you in the sewers?
LONNIE: What is up with you and all these questions about the shapeshifter?
TESS: Our protector raised me. His name was Nasedo, and we were very close.
RATH: Yeah? How close was that?
MAX: You wanna watch where you're hitting those things?
MAX: I wanna talk about the summit. When, where, what kind of...
RATH: Chill, duke. All in good time.
MAX: The time is now.
(Rath shoots a ball at Max, who catches it bare-handed)
RATH: You flexin' on me?
LONNIE: Boys...don't make me get off this couch.
(Rath puts the hockey stick away and sits down next to Lonnie on the couch. Max and Tess also sit down)
LONNIE: You are so Zan. You two done the deed yet? Made the beast with two backs? You are in for a treat.
RATH: Alien sex, baby. Accept no imitations. Awoo! Ooh!
MAX: The summit.
LONNIE: No summit until you meet the emissary. You gotta pass the test first.
TESS: Test?
LONNIE: Not you. Just him. They wanna make sure you're the real king before they sit down, but don't worry, you'll pass.
MAX: So when do I meet with the...
LONNIE: Enough! Enough. We'll get you to the church on time.
(Lonnie and Rath start making out, much to Tess and Max's discomfort)
(Back in Roswell, Michael and Isabel are at the Crashdown talking about Max)
ISABEL: 2 days, and not a word.
MICHAEL: Your parents asking questions?
ISABEL: They think he's gone camping again.
MICHAEL: They gotta think he's turned into some kinda tree hugger.
ISABEL: They think he doesn't wanna spend Thanksgiving with his family. He could have at least said goodbye.
MICHAEL: You know Max. It's got nothing to do with you. It's probably got something to do with, uh...
LIZ (to customer): Bye.
ISABEL: Can we?
MICHAEL: Yeah. Yeah.
MICHAEL (to Maria): Hey, we're, uh, outta here.
MARIA: Thanks for helping. So sweet of you.
(Maria walks over to Liz)
MARIA: Girlfriend, we need to have a talk. You got a serious problem.
LIZ: What?
MARIA: A...very vicious rumor is going around about you in school, and I shouldn't make a bigger deal about it than it is, because I know we can take care of it, but it's just that, like, everybody's talking about it...
LIZ: Maria.
MARIA: Ok. The word is that you and Kyle slept together. I know. It's so humiliating. I know. I just can't imagine who made it up.
LIZ: Um...it's true.
MARIA: What? No, Liz, the rumor is that you and Kyle Valenti slept together as in, like, sexually.
LIZ: I know. And...it's true.
MARIA: Huh. Ok, you lost your virginity to Kyle. I mean, that is a revelation, and I don't know what that's about, but why didn't you tell me?
LIZ: I was embarrassed.
MARIA: That is such a completely unacceptable answer for you to give to me, your best friend in the entire world...
LIZ: I didn't want to talk about it.
MARIA: Why? Why didn't you want to talk about it? Why, did he hurt you or something? Was this like a date rape?
LIZ: No! No, it was nothing like that, ok? I was just upset about Max, and Kyle was there for me, and we were close at one point, and one thing just led to another, and we...
MARIA: And you didn't tell me.
(Liz takes some garbage outside and sees Ava sleeping in the alley)
AVA: Yo! You mind not banging that thing around?
LIZ: Tess? Oh, no, no, I mean, um...
AVA: Ava.
LIZ: Yes, Ava! That's right. I'm sorry. What...what are you doing here?
AVA: Trying to get some sleep.
LIZ: In the alley?
(Back in New York, Max meets with the emissary)
RATH: You got it together?
(Rath leads Max to the emissary. The emissary walks behind Max and places his hand behind Max's head. A light bursts forth from the emissary's head, shooting through Max's head, and projecting an image in front of Max. 5 lights circle around and gradually form the V-shape, which is the royal seal)
EMISSARY: Sign here...your Highness.
(The emissary gives Max a receipt and leaves)
RATH: So you...you really are the king.
MAX: It's a...it's a time card. The emissary works for a...a temp agency?
RATH: Duke, the emissary never left his crib. That body that walked outta here works for a temp agency.
MAX: What?
RATH: It's like a vessel, you know? A puppet. The alien emissary far away on another planet. Human knobhead here on this planet. Emissary reaches out with his mind, takes control of the human. Human walks around like a puppet doing whatever the emissary wants him to do.
MAX: Like he's...like he's possessed.
RATH: Ha. Yeah, possession. Doin' the Linda Blair, you know? Human dude never knows what happened to him. He thinks he's been frickin' abducted. Heh.
MAX: I still don't understand why...
RATH: Lonnie will give you the 4-1-1 later. Now you should be celebrating.
MAX: I should?
RATH: You passed, man. You are the frickin' king! Which means you earned yourself a slice of the best pizza in New York. And I'm buyin'.
(3am in Roswell. Liz calls Maria on the phone)
MARIA: Hello?
LIZ: Look, we need to talk in person.
MARIA: It's 3:00 in the morning.
LIZ: Please, Maria.
MARIA: Where?
LIZ: The place by the thing that we went that time with what's-her-name.
MARIA: I'm there. Bye.
(Liz and Maria meet at a fountain)
LIZ: I'm sorry. I know this all sounds really crazy...
MARIA: No, please. Crazy is sleeping with Kyle Valenti, so, please get to that part.
LIZ: Ok. So, um...right, Max...Future Max...tells me that the reason that the world comes to an end is because...get this...he and Tess weren't together when their enemies came to Earth. And the reason they weren't together was because Max and I got married.
LIZ: I know it's really confusing.
MARIA: No, no, no. I'm with you. Keep going.
LIZ: Future Max tells me that I have to find a way to get present day Max to fall out of love with me.
MARIA: So you slept with Kyle.
LIZ: No, no. Not really. I arranged it so Max saw Kyle and I in bed together, but nothing really happened.
MARIA: So Max thinks that you and Kyle...
LIZ: I'm sorry I lied to you.
MARIA: No. I'm so sorry that I got so mad. I should have known that it was, you know, an alien thing. Are you still a virgin?
LIZ: Yeah.
LIZ: Ok.
MARIA: Yeah. So am I!
LIZ: Frigid!
(The next day, Maria goes to the UFO Center to deliver Brody's usual sandwich)
MARIA: Brody. You didn't call for your order, so brought you one anyway. I brought you a Galaxy Sub, hold the mayo, and extra pepperjack! Oh, Mr. Davis! Hello? Brody!
(In New York, we see Brody get out of a taxi)
(Back at Rath and Lonnie's lair)
MAX: So this is the royal seal?
RATH: You got it. And these are the 5 worlds of our star system.
MAX: And that one...that's home? Home.
RATH: Bingo. That's how the emissary knew you were the real deal. You got the royal seal stenciled on your brain.
MAX: And these other 4 worlds...they'll all be sending a representative to the summit?
RATH: Well, they'll be doing the possession thing again, you know, like the emissary.
TESS: Why don't they...come in person?
RATH: You see, little girl, space is what we call very, very big. You know, it's not easy to get places. People just don't zip around the galaxy like on Star Trek.
LONNIE: No one's coming back here again in person unless there's a good reason.
RATH: Like to bring us home.
TESS: We can go home?
RATH: Yeah, we can. If the man here cuts a deal at the summit.
MAX: What kind of a deal?
LONNIE: A deal to bring peace back to our world.
RATH: And in our world...blood on the streets, baby. That dude Kivar that took your throne...people hate his ass!
LONNIE: Our mother sent our pods to earth for safekeeping, hoping we'd come back one day.
RATH: And that day is now. The word is that Kivar's desperate, and he'll do anything to end the fighting.
LONNIE: Including let us come back home.
MAX: Home. I never thought...not this soon. What about Michael and Isabel?
TESS: And Ava.
LONNIE: They're expecting the royal four, not the royal seven.
MAX: I am not leaving Michael and Isabel behind.
LONNIE: Look, Max...Max, they...they seem so happy...in that cute little town. Chill, chill. It'll all be ok. You'll see. It'll all fall our way...unless they bring up the granilith again.
MAX: The granilith?
RATH: Yeah, yeah. It's this stupid religious thing.
LONNIE: The protector told us it's like the holy grail, some piece of junk people on our planet worship for some reason. You ever heard of it?
MAX: No.
RATH: That's too bad.
LONNIE: Yeah. Would have been a nice bargaining chip if you had.
MAX: I haven't.
LONNIE: No problem. Probably won't even bring it up anyway.
(Back in Roswell, Ava has a nightmare. Liz rushes down to comfort her)
AVA: Aah!
LIZ: Are you ok?
AVA: I...I saw it...and I watched it happen again.
LIZ: What, what?
AVA: Zan...the accident. The way his body just lay there in the street!
LIZ: Oh, shh. It's ok. It's just a dream. It was just a dream, a bad dream.
AVA: It's all my fault! I should have stopped it. I could have stopped it! I should have known. I should have known.
LIZ: Known what? Known what?
(Liz and Ava sit down at a counter and talk)
AVA: I...can't talk about it. Zan was stubborn...strong. He put up a wall, and you just couldn't get through. He always tried to do everything right, to be perfect. He was like that, right up until...
LIZ: You must have liked him a lot.
AVA: Yeah. I'm not sure he ever really loved me back, though.
LIZ: Why?
AVA: Just a feeling. I always felt like he was waiting for someone else to walk into his life. So what about you? How'd you find out about Max? He just hauled off and dropped the bomb one day?
LIZ: No. He was right over there. I was working, and, uh...he was sitting at that booth. And, um, someone brought in a gun, and it kinda went off, and I got shot. I was dying, but Max brought me back.
AVA: He brought you back.
LIZ: Yeah.
(Max calls home)
ISABEL: Hello?
MAX: Hey, it's me.
ISABEL: Max. Where are you? Are you ok?
MAX: Yeah. I'm fine. I'm still in New York. I just...I wanted to call and see how everything was going. So how...how was Thanksgiving?
ISABEL: It was great. Mom cried all the way from the cranberry sauce to the peach cobbler. So did I.
MAX: Isabel, how would you feel...about going home?
ISABEL: When you say home...
MAX: I mean...home.
ISABEL: Is that even possible?
MAX: If it is, do you wanna go or not?
ISABEL: I don't know. I mean...leaving mom and dad and Roswell and...for another planet, it just...it's...it seems crazy. It sounds crazy.
MAX: Well, it isn't. And I need an answer. From you and Michael both.
ISABEL: What? You can't...you can't do this! You can't just drop this on me all of a sudden. I mean, God, you just leave without even saying goodbye with those people without even discussing it with Michael and I, and now you expect me...
MAX: I guess I'm just being a self-indulgent little boy again.
ISABEL: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
MAX: I don't want to rehash the entire thing, Vilandra.
ISABEL: That's not fair.
MAX: Neither was letting me hear the real story from Lonnie.
ISABEL: I'm sorry, Max.
MAX: It's a little late for apologies, don't you think? You should have said that the first time I confronted you.
ISABEL: The first what? What are you talking about?
MAX: I'll call you when the summit's over.
(Isabel realizes that Lonnie and Rath shifted into herself and Michael to trick Max. She confronts Ava and demands to know why)
ISABEL: Why did Lonnie impersonate me?
AVA: I don't know.
ISABEL: Why don't I believe you?
AVA: That's your problem.
(Michael stretches out his hand and blows up one of the decorations in the Crashdown)
MICHAEL: Don't piss us off.
ISABEL: Fine! We'll do this the hard way.
LIZ: Ok, ok, wait, wait. It's ok.
(Liz intervenes and leads Ava away from Isabel and Michael)
LIZ: Come on, Ava. Ok, ok, Ava...you told me that you had a secret that you couldn't tell anyone. But, um...if Max is in danger, you have to tell us. You lost Zan. Please don't let me lose Max. I love him, you know, and I love him just as much as you did Zan. Please, Ava...don't let me lose him. Please.
AVA: Lonnie and Rath...killed Zan. And they're probably gonna kill Max.
(Back in New York, Rath and Lonnie are giving Max some last minute advice as they're heading to the summit)
RATH: Now, you get in trouble, you look to us, and we'll help you out.
TESS: I think he'll handle it.
RATH: Hey, is someone talkin' to you, retard?
MAX: All right, that's it. Let's get something clear right here, right now. I'm the one who passed the emissary's test. And that means from now on, I'm the one in charge here.
LONNIE: Understood, duke. You're the king.
MAX: And for your information, her name...is Tess.
LONNIE: Rath, take Tess and go inside. I wanna talk to Max for a minute.
RATH: Come on.
(Rath leaves with Tess)
LONNIE: I'm proud of you, Max. You're everything I loved about Zan and more. You're the brother I never knew.
(Max enters the room where the summit will take place. Among the other representatives there is Brody Davis)
MAX: Brody?
LAREK: Actually, my name is Larek. Are you Zan?
MAX: They tell me that used to be my name. But my name is Max. Max Evans.
KATHANA: If he doesn't even know who he is, how can he sit in conference with us?
LAREK: He sits with us because the emissary certified him. Kathana, Sero, Hanar, and I will represent each of our worlds. Max will speak for his.
NICHOLAS: Actually, Kivar speaks for his world. And I speak for Kivar. Max. Nice to see your genocidal girlfriend again. Killed anyone today?
TESS: Day's not over.
NICHOLAS: What a charmer.
LAREK: Can we begin?
LONNIE: You know him?
MAX: Long story. He was in Roswell.
RATH: Be careful.
MAX: That much I know.
(Back at the Crashdown)
ISABEL: We've got to find a way to warn Max. He's in the middle of the summit right now.
MICHAEL: Where's the summit being held?
AVA: Some building downtown.
MICHAEL: You gotta do better than that.
AVA: I don't know anything more.
LIZ: Hey, Isabel, um...can't you dreamwalk Max? You know, um...put a warning in his mind. You've done it before, you know, when he was in the white room.
ISABEL: That was different. He was drugged. I was only a few miles away. He's across the country now.
MICHAEL: I think we're out of alternatives.
(Back at the summit)
LAREK: We're here in the spirit of reconciliation. We're not here to rehash the past, point fingers, and assign blame.
HANAR: Can we get to it? We're here to end 50 years of misery and suffering among our worlds. Kathana attacks Kivar. Kivar attacks Sero. Sero attacks me. The situation is intolerable!
SERO: Agreed! We have to find a solution.
NICHOLAS: And Kivar has a solution. Kivar will abdicate the throne and allow the royal four to return home under the following conditions: 1) Max becomes king only in name. All real power and government remains in Kivar's hands, 2) Max calls upon his followers to lay down their weapons and support the new government, and 3) Most importantly...Max returns the granilith to us.
KATHANA: The granilith?
NICHOLAS: No, it's no longer on our world. Yes, we've known about it for a long time. No, Kivar decided he didn't need to tell you. And, yes, we know where it is. It's with Max.
LAREK: Is this true, Max?
MAX: It's here.
NICHOLAS: So there you have it. Max comes home with the granilith. All is forgiven. Do we have a deal?
MAX: I...need to think about this.
LAREK: I'd be surprised if you didn't. But be quick about it. Holding onto these bodies isn't easy. In fact, it's chewing up huge amounts of our resources. 20 minutes, Max...then I need an answer.
MAX: You'll have it.
(Max and Tess leave to think about the offer)
MAX: Cut a deal with Nicholas? I don't trust him any more than I can throw him.
TESS: You could throw him pretty far.
MAX: Then there's Lonnie and Rath. It's hard to believe they have the same DNA of Michael and Isabel.
TESS: For what it's worth...I don't trust them.
MAX: And then there's this whole thing about the granilith.
TESS: Why did you lie to Lonnie and Rath about the granilith, anyway?
MAX: There was something Liz said...just before we left. She told me the granilith could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.
TESS: How does she know that?
MAX: She wouldn't say.
TESS: But she's never even seen the granilith.
MAX: I know. I know. But I just keep thinking about it...the way she said it...she seemed so sure. I just don't know what to do.
TESS: Whatever you do...it'll be the right choice. I'm sure of it.
MAX: Why?
TESS: Because despite whatever Nicholas said about you in there, I know that you were a great man in that other life. A great king. I know it in my bones.
MAX: All you've ever done...is trust me, been there for me whenever I needed you. I've never done anything to deserve that kind of loyalty.
TESS: I think in that other life...you must have been one great husband.
(Nicholas is also taking a break from the summit. Lonnie secretly meets with him)
NICHOLAS: God, I hate this town. Hello?
NICHOLAS: Yo yourself.
LONNIE: Miss me?
NICHOLAS: Always. Can't wait to see more of you.
LONNIE: Well, that'll have to wait until we get home.
NICHOLAS: Let's be clear, Lonnie. You don't get home unless I get the granilith.
LONNIE: Let me be clear, Nicholas. I don't give a damn whether or not you get the granilith. I'm going home.
NICHOLAS: Big talk for a woman with no cards to play.
LONNIE: I got cards. I just haven't shown them to you yet. You know, I'm not like the others. I remember our world. I remember Kivar. And I remember what it was like to be Vilandra. I want that life, and I'll do what I have to to get back. Be on my side, and you'll benefit. Be against me, and...well, it would be a mad, crazy idea to be against me. Don't worry about Max. He's a cornball. He'll go for the deal. He'll go for the deal because millions of lives hang in the balance. Besides, he wants to go home and give mommy a kiss and get fitted for his crown.
NICHOLAS: He won't live long enough to wear it. Kivar wants him dead.
LONNIE: Well, I'd have to be a special kind of stupid not to have figured that out.
NICHOLAS: If he takes the deal, there'll be a nice public execution to attend. If he doesn't take the deal, Kivar still wants him dead.
LONNIE: I can arrange that. What's in it for me?
NICHOLAS: Passage home. But just you. The freak with the mohawk stays here.
LONNIE: Yeah, I can live with that. See you at the summit.
NICHOLAS: What a woman.
(Back at the Crashdown)
ISABEL: Damn it! It's not working. I can't reach him.
MICHAEL: Yeah, but you gotta try again.
ISABEL: Won't do any good. He's not hearing me.
LIZ: Ok, so um, what's plan "B"?
ISABEL: There isn't one.
AVA: Liz can do it.
LIZ: What are you talking about?
AVA: Max brought you back from the dead. You've been changed.
LIZ: What do you mean by changed?
AVA: Look, there ain't enough time to explain. You just gotta trust me here. If Max brought you back, then...you're different now.
(Back at the summit)
LONNIE: Can I have a minute with my brother? You lied to me. I don't like it. But there it is. But what's about to go down in there is a helluva lot bigger than you and I, Max. Millions of lives hang in the balance. Millions of people may die if we don't stop this fighting. So this is not about whether you and I go home. We are nothing in the scheme of things. This is about the greater good. After you, your Highness.
(Back at the Crashdown)
ISABEL: Liz...take my hand.
LIZ: I don't know why, but I'm really scared to do this. You know, if you can't contact him, what makes you think I can?
ISABEL: I know my brother, and I know that if there is one voice he will hear no matter where he is, no matter what he's doing, it's yours. Take my hand, Liz.
(Back at the summit)
LAREK: Well, Max, have you made your decision?
MAX: Yes, I have. And the answer is no. I will not give up the granilith to you. Not to you, not to Kivar, not to anyone. It was entrusted to me.
NICHOLAS: You're all witnesses. Kivar tried to be reasonable, tried to extend a hand of peace...and had it slapped away. Our business is at an end here. Our offers are withdrawn.
KATHANA: You made a lot of enemies here today.
NICHOLAS: Do you ever wonder why your predecessor was killed? He made bad decisions.
(Nicholas leaves)
LAREK: You don't remember any of this, I'm sure, but...our families used to be very close. You and I practically grew up together. I was there at your father's funeral. At your coronation, your wedding. We were friends. And it was so painful to watch you fall, to see you trying so hard to make a better world for your people. And then to watch you have it all taken away by a man like Kivar...I told you you were trying to do too much too soon, that change takes time. But you wouldn't listen. You just kept...what's the point? It's all ancient history now. What a shame it is to see history repeat itself.
(Larek leaves)
(Max, Tess, Rath, and Lonnie are walking through the streets of New York)
RATH: What's up with you, huh? You just threw away our only chance of ever getting home!
MAX: Maybe.
RATH: Hey, who do you think you are, huh? Makin' big-time life decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you're the man...is that it?
MAX: That's right. I am the man.
RATH: Ok, you the man. Screw Nicholas. Screw 'em all.
LONNIE: Screw 'em tight. We'll find another way home.
RATH: I'm mad hungry. Let's go get a slice.
LONNIE: Sick of pizza. Chinatown.
RATH: I'm with that.
(Max, Tess, Rath, and Lonnie are walking along a street. Rath grabs Tess and covers her mouth with his hand. Lonnie reaches out with her hand and uses her power to loosen a platform above Max. Max is staring out into the street and sees Liz. She's calling out to him, but he can't hear what she's saying. He takes 2 steps forward and the platform crashes down where he was standing only seconds before. Liz disappears. Max looks around to find that Tess, Rath, and Lonnie have all disappeared as well)
MAX: Liz? Tess? Tess!
(Max runs back to Rath and Lonnie's lair and finds Tess sitting there in the middle of the floor)
MAX: Tess! Tess! Tess, are you all right?
TESS: I don't know.
MAX: What happened?
TESS: They tried to get inside my head, find out where the granilith is. I...I didn't want them to...so I fought back.
MAX: How?
TESS: I...I don't know.
MAX: Where are they?
TESS: I don't know.
MAX: Tess...Tess, are you all right?
TESS: I'm ready to go home now. Home to Roswell.
MAX: Ok.
(Back in Roswell, Max discusses what happened with Isabel)
ISABEL: So in the end, what made you decide not to take the deal?
MAX: I was going to. I was gonna take the chance that...that Nicholas was telling the truth. But in the end, I realized that...that any deal which meant leaving you and Michael behind...was something I couldn't do. You're my sister, Isabel. Isabel, Vilandra...whatever your name is, it doesn't matter to me. You're my sister, and I love you...and that comes first. Always.
ISABEL: Thank you.
(At the Crashdown, Ava is ready to go off on her own. Liz is seeing her off)
LIZ: Good-bye. Good luck, ok?
AVA: Thanks. You, too.
(Liz hugs Ava)
AVA: So cornball.
LIZ: Ok.
(Ava leaves)
(Inside the Crashdown, Brody tells Maria what he remembers about his recent possession)
BRODY: Why...why would they take me again?
MARIA: Well...maybe...you're special. How 'bout a Galaxy Sub, hold the mayo?
BRODY: Sounds great. I don't think they fed me.
MARIA: Yeah. Probably not.
BRODY: Maria. Don't forget the...
MARIA: Pepperjack. Who do you think you're dealing with here? Come on.
(Inside Liz's room, Max and Liz have a talk)
LIZ: I keep looking for some sort of change.
MAX: You mean like...
(Max puts two fingers on top of Liz's head, as if she has alien antennae)
LIZ: Yeah. Something like that. It's nice to see you smile again.
MAX: I want to thank you for saving my life.
LIZ: I guess that makes us even.
MAX: And...I'd like to...start again...our friendship, that is. I mean...I miss it.
LIZ: Yeah. Um...I miss it, too.
MAX: There's just one thing I have to say. One thing I have to ask...and...I promise I'll never ask it again.
LIZ: Yeah. Go ahead.
MAX: Did you...sleep with Kyle?
(Liz nods slightly)
MAX: Ok. I'll see you tomorrow.
(Max climbs out the window and leaves)
(Scene fades out with Liz frustrated that things have to be this way, that she can't tell Max the truth)

#209 Max In The City - Music

The Pharcyde - Passing Me By
Album: Bizzare Ride 2 the Pharcyde
Scene: Plays during the scene when Lonnie and Rath are showing Max and Tess their home.

not available
Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely *
Album: Kid a
Scene: When they test Max
not available
Lifehouse - Everything *
Album: No Name Face
Scene: During the conversation of Max and Liz. When he thanks her for saving his life.
not available

#209 Max In The City - Quotes

Added by MiriStar

Tess: This is where you belong, Max... up here with the world at your feet. Like a king.
Max: I'm the king of the world.

Rath: Mayo! Who puts mayo on pastrami? Hey, you! What kinda sick mother puts mayo on pastrami, huh? I oughta bust your head open for....

Tess: And...and now you live here?
Rath: Beats livin' in Brooklyn.

Max: You wanna watch where you're hitting those things?
Rath: Do I?

Lonnie: You are so Zan. You two done the deed yet? Made the beast with two backs? You are in for a treat.
Rath: Alien, baby. Except no limitations. Awoo! Woo!

Maria: Ok. The word is that you and Kyle slept together. I know. It's so humiliating. I know. I just can't imagine who made it up.
Liz: Um...it's true.

Tess: Why don't they...come in person?
Rath: You see, little girl, space is what we call very, very big. You know, it's not easy to get places. People just don't zip around the galaxy like on Star Trek.

Tess: I think he'll handle it.
Rath: Hey, is someone talkin' to you, retard?

Nicholas: Actually, Kivar speaks for his world. And I speak for Kivar. Max. Nice to see your genocidal girlfriend again. Killed anyone today?
Tess: Day's not over.
Nicholas: What a charmer.

Nicholas: He won't live long enough to wear it. Kivar wants him dead.
Lonnie: Well, I'd have to be a special kind of stupid not to have figured that out.

Isabel: I know my brother, and I know that if there is one voice he will hear no matter where he is, no matter what he's doing, it's yours. Take my hand, Liz.

Rath: Hey, who do you think you are, huh? Makin' big-time life decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you're the man...is that it?
Max: That's right. I am the man.

Tess: I'm ready to go home now. Home to Roswell.

Ava: So cornball.

Quote of the Week

Rath: Ha. Yeah, possession. Doin' the Linda Blair, you know? Human dude never knows what happened to him. He thinks he's been frickin' abducted. Heh.