#206 The Harvest - Information

Writer: Fred Golan
Director: Paul Shapiro
Production Code: 2ADA06

First aired: November 6, 2000

Guest star: Sara Downing (Courtney), Bella Shaw (Newcaster), Joshua Wheeler (Willy), Jenny O'Hara (Mrs. Crawford), Chris Ellis (Mr. Crawford), Gretchen Egolf (Vanessa Crawford Whitaker), Miko Hughes (Nicholas Crawford), Holmes Osborne (Mr. T. Greer)

Description: Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess drive to Arizona to find the secret organization named "Universal Friendship League", to which the congresswoman Whitaker belonged. But what they don't suspect is that this place is a meeting place of the Skins. In the meantime Michael and Maria go on a search for the missed Courtney.

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#206 The Harvest - Transcript

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(Episode begins in a hallway at school)
MARIA: You ok?
LIZ: Oh, I didn't get much sleep last night.
MARIA: You look like you got your heart stomped out. No, wait...that would be me. Well, if it's possible, you look worse.
LIZ: Have you seen Max today?
MARIA: He did this to you?
LIZ: No, uh...well, yeah. I just...I can't even explain it.
MARIA: You can't explain? This is me you're talking to here.
LIZ: I just want to make sure that he's ok. But, if you see him, just don't tell him I asked.
(Michael walks up to Maria)
MARIA: Whatever, dude.
MICHAEL: No, I have something to tell you.
MARIA: I'm not interested.
MICHAEL: Hey, it's about Courtney.
MARIA: I am so not interested.
MICHAEL: Hey, will you just listen to me?
MARIA: You listen to me here. She made a play for you, and you went for it. So, what? Now she's screwed you over and you've come to realize she's a cheap, manipulative tramp? Well, this is not news to me.
MICHAEL: She's an alien. A skin, like Whitaker.
(Group meeting in a classroom)
MICHAEL: I knew there was something wrong about her, even before I found her picture in Whitaker's office.
MAX: Where's Courtney now?
MICHAEL: I don't know. She went out the window. I tried chasing her...
MARIA: But it's hard to run with your pants around your ankles?
TESS: Settle the personal crap on your own time. If Courtney's a skin, it means she was working with Whitaker.
ISABEL: You're right. There's no way 2 skins would just happen to be in Roswell at the same time. They were working together, which means Courtney knows everything about us.
MICHAEL: Maxwell, are we disturbing you?
TESS: Leave him alone. He's had a rough night.
MICHAEL: Really? Something you wanna share with the class?
MAX: No. Look, if Courtney is a skin and she was working with Whitaker, the first question is, does she know that Whitaker's dead?
MARIA: If she didn't before, she does now.
TV: We have this story just in. A controversial New Mexico congresswoman is dead. We'll have that story in just a minute.
(Opening credits)

TV: Widowed just 6 months before her husband John Whitaker's upcoming election, she took his place on the ballot and won the election by a higher margin than any Democrat in 15 years. But all that ended yesterday, just outside her hometown of Copper Summit, Arizona, where a tragic single-car accident cut short a life of public service.
TESS: A car crash?
TV: In other national news, the Department of Transportation took...
ISABEL: She died 2 weeks ago. I was there.
MAX: We were all there.
MICHAEL: How could she be in a car accident if she's dust?
TESS: So who's conveniently covering up her death for us?
ISABEL: Nasedo said the skins were among us. Skins, plural. Maybe other skins created a fake car accident to keep the Feds from looking too closely into Whitaker's background.
TESS: Max...what do we do?
MICHAEL: Uh, let me guess. Nothing.
MAX: Liz.
(Switch to Whitaker's office. Liz is answering a phone call)
LIZ (on phone): Yeah, we...we're in total shock. No, we haven't set a date for the memorial service yet. Yes, I will let you know as soon as we do. Of course. Ok.
LIZ: The phone's been ringing off the hook for the past hour.
MAX: Somebody covered up Whitaker's death.
LIZ: Why?
MAX: Has anybody been asking questions over the past few days?
LIZ: People have been calling. I just have been saying that she's on vacation, just like we said.
MAX: Well, somehow the skins know that she's dead. None of us has said anything...unless it came from here.
LIZ: You mean, from me.
TESS: Look at this. The postmark says Copper Summit. It's from something called the Universal Friendship League.
LIZ: Whitaker never mentioned it.
ISABEL: What the hell is the Universal Friendship League? Could it sound any creepier?
TESS: Marked "personal".
(Max opens the envelope and reads the letter out loud)
MAX: "Dear member: Your failure to report as scheduled violates protocol. We must receive word by the 25th of this month or terminate your membership, effective that date."
ISABEL: The 25th was yesterday.
TESS: That's when they say she died.
MAX: "Sincerely, T. Greer, senior coordinator, Vilandra project."
ISABEL: Vilandra?
MAX: Does that mean something to you?
ISABEL: No. We should call.
(Liz calls the UFL)
LIZ: Hi, um, is this the...the Universal Friendship League?
UFL PERSON: Who is this?
LIZ: I...I'm calling from Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker's office. We just, um, opened this letter this morning and...I wanted to call and apologize for not responding sooner.
LIZ: We just wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, Congresswoman has passed away.
UFL PERSON: Thank you for calling.
(The person from the UFL hangs up)
LIZ: They just hung up.
MAX: We're going to Arizona.
MICHAEL: Hey, I'm not going anywhere until I find...
MAX: Courtney. That's right, you're staying.
MICHAEL: So we agree.
MAX: Yeah.
MICHAEL: There's a first.
MAX: But we do need you to come with us, Liz. You're the only one of us who has a legitimate connection to Whitaker.
(Max, Isabel, Tess, and Liz are in the jeep on their way to Arizona. Isabel remembers what Whitaker told her about Vilandra)
WHITAKER (voiceover): Your name...was Vilandra. And you were beautiful...even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love, and for him, for us, you betrayed your brother, your race. You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone, even yourself. And history, my dear...always repeats itself.
(Later on during the drive. Isabel and Tess have fallen asleep. Liz is driving and Max is staring at her from the back seat)
LIZ: I'm...I'm ok up here...if you want to get some sleep.
MAX: I haven't slept since I saw you with Kyle. Liz, I know you, and I don't believe that you would do that to me. It doesn't make sense. Tell me what happened.
(Meanwhile, Michael and Maria investigate Courtney's apartment)
MARIA: Michael! I feel like we're Scully and Mulder or something.
MICHAEL: Shhh. Would you shut up?
MICHAEL: Nobody's home.
(Maria finds some CDs)
MARIA: Culture Club? Wham? The Backstreet Boys? God, she really is an alien, this one.
MICHAEL: A little help here?
MARIA: Fine. What are we looking for?
MICHAEL: Clues? You know...an address book or a calendar somewhere.
MARIA: Of course. Like she's gonna write her hideout in an address book, oh ho!
MICHAEL: Hey, are you just gonna rag on me or are you gonna help?
(Maria finds a piece of shedded skin)
MARIA: Michael...What is this?
MICHAEL: That's why they call 'em skins. She's shedding.
MARIA: Eww, it's so gross! Eww! How did you figure out she was a skin, anyway?
MICHAEL: I saw part of her skin come off.
MARIA: Which part?
MICHAEL: When are you gonna get off this?
MARIA: Not for a very, very long time, Mikey G.
MICHAEL: There's nothing going on between me and Courtney.
(Maria and Michael resume their search. Maria finds something and screams)
MARIA: Ohh! Ohh!
(Michael rushes over to help Maria. He and Maria see a Michael shrine in the closet. There are numerous pictures of him, as well as some of his belongings)
MICHAEL: That's the shirt I lost at work. What the hell is this?
MARIA: It's Graceland...and you're Elvis.
MARIA: Wow? Is that all you can say right now, is "wow"? She's obsessed with you. She's, like, an alien stalker. She's been spying on you for weeks. She's been dreaming about you, fantasizing about you...
MICHAEL: Hey, shut up for a second. Take a look at the pictures. They were all shot from the apartment across the street from my building.
MARIA: So? Oh! That's where she goes to spy on you.
(Max and company arrive at Copper Summit. They stop at the Stagecoach Museum and ask one of the locals where the Universal Friendship League is)
MAX: Excuse me.
LOCAL: Help you?
ISABEL: Yeah, this is Copper Summit?
LOCAL: Yee-haw.
ISABEL: Where's the main drag?
LOCAL: Lookin' at it.
MAX: The tour guide made it sound like...
LOCAL: That must be an old tour guide. 46 miles from the interstate, 63 from the nearest Ho-Jo's. This town's dead as a doornail.
MAX: Actually, we're looking for the Universal Friendship League.
LOCAL: Here for the harvest, then?
ISABEL: Harvest?
LOCAL: Uh, Friendship League's a members-only outfit. Very hush-hush. They don't like outsiders, especially with all the press around here these days.
ISABEL: Actually, we've been invited.
LOCAL: That right?
LOCAL: It ain't hard to find. Big old building.
MAX: Stay on this street?
LOCAL: Well, I did say this was the main drag, didn't I?
MAX: Thank you.
(The local calls someone at the UFL)
LOCAL: 4 on the way. Non-members.
(Max parks near the UFL)
ISABEL: I'll go.
MAX: Wait. We all have to watch our step. From this point on, trust only each other. Be aware, be careful, and don't go anywhere alone. All right?
(Max and Isabel leave. Tess and Liz talk in the jeep)
TESS: So...you and Kyle.
LIZ: Yeah. Oh, Kyle...he told me that you two were, uh, getting involved.
TESS: Oh, it's ok, don't worry about it.
LIZ: I'm sorry.
TESS: About what? All you did was sleep with him. How was he, anyway?
LIZ: Oh, I, um...I...we...it was great.
TESS: Noted.
(Max and Isabel walk up to the Universal Friendship League and knock on the door. Mr. Greer opens the door to address them)
ISABEL: I'm sorry, we didn't mean to bother you. We're looking for a Mr. Greer, the senior coordinator?
GREER: Yeah, that's me. T. Greer. Welcome to Copper Summit. "All kidding aside, it's a wild ride."
ISABEL: Could we come in for just a minute and talk to...
GREER: Uh...we're a private organization. Members only.
MAX: What exactly is the Universal Friendship League?
GREER: The friendship league is a private organization, and we ask all our valued visitors to avail themselves of all the tourist opportunities here in Copper Summit and to grant us our privacy.
MAX: Coming through town, it seemed like all the tourist attractions were closed.
GREER: Then maybe the best thing to do is just head on down the highway. Try Tombstone. I ought to be going.
ISABEL: What's the Vilandra project?
GREER: I wouldn't know.
MAX: We were friends of Congresswoman Whitaker's. Before we leave town, we'd like to pay our respects to the family.
GREER: That'll be the Crawfords. 2 blocks down, turn left, red mailbox.
MAX: Appreciate it.
(Greer closes the doors)
(Max, Tess, Isabel, and Liz make their way to the Crawford's residence. Ida Crawford is outside along with a mailman)
MAX: Excuse me, is this the Crawford's?
(Mailman nods and points to the house)
MAX: Thanks.
MAX (to Liz): You're on.
LIZ: Ms. Crawford? Hi, I'm Liz Parker. Vanessa's assistant. We talked on the phone?
IDA: Oh, sure. Liz Parker.
LIZ: I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your daughter. It's so terrible.
IDA: Oh, thank you, dear. What are you doing here?
LIZ: Oh, um, I just wanted to drop off some of your daughter's personal effects.
IDA: Oh, honey, that is so sweet. Well, you didn't have to come clear up here. My gosh, it must be 400 miles! Walt! Visitors! Did you kids work for Vanessa?
ISABEL: No, not exactly.
LIZ: Oh, um, this is Max, Isabel, and, uh, and Tess.
IDA: Walt...
WALT: Hmm?
IDA: These young people drove all the way up here to bring home some of Vanessa's things.
WALT: Why didn't they just send them?
IDA: What a thing to say! After they went to all that trouble. You must be so tired and hungry after that long drive. Come on in the house. I want to make you something to eat.
(Liz, Tess, and Isabel enter the house. Walt comments to Max as he's entering)
WALT: I guess you're the man in charge.
(Inside the Crawford Residence)
WALT: Did you take the 70?
MAX: No, the, uh, the 10.
WALT: Ah, you don't wanna do that.
MAX: I don't?
WALT: You wanna go over to Lordsburg, hook onto the 70, stay on that til you see the model reservoir sign, and that'll shoot you right on to Artesia.
IDA: Walt, did you hear that?
WALT: Hmmm.
IDA: They came all this way for her service.
WALT: Huh.
LIZ: Well, we felt like...like we should come. You know, the congresswoman, she was very...she was special...to all of us.
ISABEL: Like a mother.
IDA: Really?
(Isabel notices a boy who is peeking in at them. It's Nicholas, Vanessa Whitaker's brother)
IDA: Nicholas, there you are! Come on in here. Come on, say hello.
NICHOLAS: No, ma'am.
WALT: Nicholas!
IDA: He took it real hard. He and his sister were very close.
MAX: Maybe we'd better just find a hotel.
WALT: There ain't but one.
IDA: All four of you? At that old Motor Inn? I won't hear of it! You're all gonna spend the night here, and then tomorrow we can go to the memorial service together.
LIZ: Are you sure?
IDA: If Vanessa was like your mother, we're like your grandparents. We'll treat you just the way Vanessa would have wanted. Well, ok, let's eat up, there!
WALT: Get you one of those crispy treats there.
IDA: Yeah, and I made all those gherkins myself. The crispy treats and the...
(Michael and Maria are staking out the building across the street from Michael's apartment)
MARIA: This isn't gonna work. She's not just gonna stroll up to her hideout while we're sitting here watching her.
MICHAEL: This was your idea.
MARIA: That's not the way I remember it.
MICHAEL: Ok, so now it's my fault.
MARIA: Yes. You know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on you should consider everything to be your fault, ok? Ok.
MICHAEL: Well, I know one way to make the time go faster.
MARIA: Oh, funny.
MICHAEL: I know.
MARIA: But if we can talk reality here for a second, I think she booked. Out of town.
MICHAEL: No dice. She wouldn't do that. She's obsessed with me.
MARIA: Well, I guess that makes 2 of you, then, doesn't it?
MICHAEL: She'll show up sooner or later.
COURTNEY: How 'bout sooner?
(Michael and Maria turn around to see Courtney in front of them. Michael immediately goes into his energy blast pose)
COURTNEY: Whoa! Hey, truce.
MICHAEL: Don't move.
COURTNEY: Don't worry. I won't. You're watching the building. You figured out where I'd be from the pictures. That's very good, Mikey G. You're everything I thought you'd be and more.
MARIA: Oh, please! Do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?
MICHAEL: Sit down.
COURTNEY: Anything you say.
MICHAEL: So you're a skin, like Whitaker.
COURTNEY: How'd you get on to Whitaker?
MARIA: We're asking the questions here, ok? Now, why are you in Roswell? Where's the rest of your evil army? And most of all, why are you obsessed with my good-looking, if badly groomed boyfriend?
COURTNEY: I'm not obsessed with him, ok? I follow him in the...political sense.
MARIA: Our leader?
COURTNEY: We're not with the other skins. We're renegades who believe that if you were in charge instead of Max in the first place, that none of this would have ever happened.
MICHAEL: What are you talking about? In charge of what?
COURTNEY: Our planet, Michael. You don't remember any of this, do you?
MICHAEL: Suppose you tell me.
MARIA: Yeah, the short version, please.
COURTNEY: The short version...is that our planet was on the brink of a golden age, and then it all fell apart. You were the one who could have united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren't on the throne.
COURTNEY: You wouldn't betray him. That loyalty cost your lives and those of everyone you loved. Please, just don't let history repeat itself. You're the one we need. You're our leader, our salvation.
MARIA: Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this...this Michael-worshipper here has to say?
MICHAEL: No...no...no way. No, this is just part of your plan to divide and conquer.
COURTNEY: I knew you weren't ready to hear this.
MICHAEL: What's in Copper Summit, Arizona?
COURTNEY: Copper Summit's just some old tourist trap.
MICHAEL: What's there?
COURTNEY: I'd stay away from there.
MARIA: Yeah, why?
COURTNEY: Let's just say there aren't any Michael-worshippers in Copper Summit.
(Tess is looking at an old picture of Vanessa Whitaker. She closes her eyes and tries to use her powers to glean some information, when Mrs. Crawford surprises her)
IDA: Penny for your thoughts.
TESS: Oh, sorry.
IDA: Oh, it's all right.
TESS: You must have been very proud of her.
IDA: Very.
TESS: Tell me about her. What was she like when she was my age?
IDA: Oh, she was wonderful. Wonderful.
(Outside, Liz is walking down the street. Max calls out to her and then runs up to her)
MAX: Liz! Liz, what are you doing? We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone.
LIZ: Fine.
MAX: Wait.
LIZ: Max, look. There's just...there's nothing left to say.
MAX: Except the truth.
LIZ: We have already been through this!
MAX: So far, all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie! Now, you owe me an explanation, and I want it right now!
LIZ: Please quit shouting, Max. You're scaring me.
MAX: That's a lie, too! You're not scared. You're hiding something.
LIZ: I'm not.
MAX: What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other.
LIZ: You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and...I'm not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry.
(Max backs up and walks away without a word)
(Isabel is organizing her stuff in a room when Nicholas stops by and peeks in)
ISABEL: Oh, Nicholas. Come in. I don't bite.
NICHOLAS: This used to be her room.
ISABEL: I'm so sorry about your sister.
NICHOLAS: I was gonna visit her in Washington next year. We were gonna spend 3 days just at the Air and Space Museum.
ISABEL: Did you get a lot of time with her, growing up?
NICHOLAS: When she'd visit, she'd make time. She always told me there's this whole wide world out there. She didn't want me stuck in Copper Summit for the rest of my life. She used to tell me stories about this planet in another galaxy, how there was this war going on, like a revolution.
ISABEL: True stories?
NICHOLAS: How could they be true?
ISABEL: Did she ever mention Vilandra?
NICHOLAS: How do you know about Vilandra?
ISABEL: Vanessa told me some stories, too.
(Tess walks in on their conversation)
TESS: Hey. Oh, sorry.
NICHOLAS: I have to go.
(Nicholas leaves)
TESS: I've been looking all over the house for you. I was worried. I just found out that Whitaker was adopted. Ida told me.
ISABEL: That means that Ida, Walt, and Nicholas could be human.
TESS: Exactly. And the Universal Friendship League. It's supposed to be a civic organization, like the Elks. Ida says they've been handling all the arrangements for the funeral. She and Walt haven't even seen the body.
ISABEL: Because there is no body.
TESS: Right, but as long as the League handles everything, nobody has to know that. What about the kid?
ISABEL: I don't know. You came crashing in before I had a chance to start a real conversation.
(Michael, and Maria, and Courtney are on their way to Copper Summit)
COURTNEY: This is a huge mistake. You're gonna get yourself killed.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well, that's my problem.
COURTNEY: I didn't spend 50 years finding you so that you could throw your life away out of misplaced loyalty.
MARIA: 50 years.
COURTNEY: Yeah, we came here in 1950. Do the math.
MARIA: So, what? That would make you 65, 70? You're old enough to be Michael's grandmother. I just...I love that. I do.
COURTNEY: Hey, husks don't age.
MARIA: Husks?
COURTNEY: Yeah, me. My skin...this thing that I'm wearing. It never ages.
MARIA: What is your point?
COURTNEY: The point is, I've been a babe for 50 years. What are you gonna look like in 50 years from now?
MICHAEL: Would you two let it go? You're giving me a headache. Yeah, what the hell is a husk?
COURTNEY: It's basically a shell. It protects us from the environment.
MICHAEL: Like a space suit.
COURTNEY: Yeah. This planet's atmosphere is hostile to our race. The husks are a lifeform technology that we can genetically manipulate to resemble human bodies. Our relationship to it is essentially parasitic.
MARIA: Your skin is alive?
COURTNEY: Like the trees are alive.
MICHAEL: So, what's with the peeling?
COURTNEY: They're good for maybe 50 years. But the husks are dying.
MICHAEL: Well, if all the skins in Copper Summit are about to die, then all we have to do is wait them out. If the husks die, we're home free, right?
MARIA: Ok, what are you not telling us?
COURTNEY: The harvest.
(The next morning, Max, Isabel, Tess, and Liz attend the funeral service for Whitaker at the UFL)
TESS: I don't get it. What's the point of putting on a big show like this?
MAX: That's exactly what this is. A big show. After this, there won't be any questions about what happened to Whitaker.
(Isabel notices Nicholas hanging out at the doorway, staring at her)
ISABEL: I'll be back.
MAX: Isabel.
(Isabel follows Nicholas to the back of the Stagecoach Museum. In the back, there is a row of bodies in glass chambers. They look exactly like the people at the UFL)
ISABEL: Nicholas?
ISABEL: Oh, God, Nicholas.
NICHOLAS: I'm glad that you're here.
(Nicholas motions with his hand and an invisible blast knocks out Isabel)
(Isabel wakes up. She looks around and sees 2 rows of cultivating husks)
NICHOLAS: Hello, Vilandra. It's been a long time.
(At the URL, Max, Tess, and Liz walk up to the casket where Whitaker's body rests. Upon first glance, it really does look like Whitaker is there)
TESS: Good-looking pile of dust.
LIZ: This just can't be possible.
(Liz touches Whitaker's hand and a piece of it breaks off. Liz panicks for a moment, and then re-arranges the flowers so they cover Whitaker's hand)
MAX: Let's go.
GREER: Friends, we are gathered here today...
(Max, Tess, and Liz look around. All of the people in the UFL are scratching their necks, peeling off some skin. Max, Tess, and Liz attempt to make a calm retreat)
TESS: Look, look.
GREER: ...to remember our sister, Vanessa Whitaker...
LIZ: This place is crawling with them.
GREER: ...she never sought fame and fortune, but when destiny called...
TESS: There's no way they're going to let us get out of here.
GREER: ...she answered the call of public servant.
(Greer finds that Whitaker's husk has been cracked. He knows that Max and company know the truth)
GREER: Leaving so soon?
(The front doors close suddenly. Greer motions with his hand and Max, Tess, and Liz crumple to the ground)
GREER: You mustn't be in such a hurry to leave us. It appears our long search for the royal four has finally ended. How convenient of you to deliver yourselves to us.
MAX: She's not one of us. Let her go.
IDA: She's a human who knows too much. It's a darn shame, 'cause she's awfully cute.
GREER: You must be the once and future king. And his bride.
TESS: That's right.
GREER: You won't remember me, but I remember you. This is a moment I've waited for a long time.
(Greer shoots a yellow energy blast at Max, who counters with his green energy shield)
GREER: How long do you think you can hold out against all of us?
MAX: As long as I have to.
(Back at the husk facility)
NICHOLAS: It's taken 20 years, nursing them from spores to maturity. Now, they're almost ready to harvest. Don't worry. You're safe here with us, Vilandra.
ISABEL: My name...is Isabel.
NICHOLAS: For the moment. But when I looked into your eyes, it was Vilandra who looked back.
NICHOLAS: Your destiny is with us. With Khivar. He's waiting to hear that we've found you.
ISABEL: I don't even know...
NICHOLAS: Who the hell Khivar is? The royal four. If only the people could see you now. Clueless teenagers groping for their own identities. You'd lose some of that legendary aura that's sprung up over the years.
ISABEL: What do you want?
NICHOLAS: It's what you want. You just can't remember. I'm here to take you back to him, Vilandra. The leader of the rebellion. The man who currently sits on your brother's tarnished throne. The man for whom you sacrificed a kingdom. Your lover, Khivar.
(Nicholas motions with his hand and Isabel drops to the ground again)
NICHOLAS: You're not going anywhere. You know, on our world, I was considered to be something of a ladies man. I even remember you giving me the eye now and again. But after spending 50 years as a teenage misfit, having all the women laugh at me, I've grown far less tolerant of the female sex. Where's the granilith?
ISABEL: I don't know what you're talking about.
(Michael, Maria, and Courtney arrive in Copper Summit and park outside the Stagecoach Museum)
(At the UFL, Max is weakening under the strain of the skins' power against his energy shield)
TESS: I can help. Let my strength flow into yours.
(At the husk facility, Nicholas is standing over Isabel, who is kneeling on the ground)
NICHOLAS: Where is the granilith?
(The door opens. As Nicholas turns to look at the door, Isabel grabs a nearby pipe. When Nicholas turns back around, she whacks him with it)
NICHOLAS: Ok. Now I'm pissed.
(Michael, Maria, and Courtney make a dramatic entrance. Michael knocks Nicholas to the ground with an energy blast. Maria and Courtney help Isabel to her feet and the girls make a quick exit)
MICHAEL: Get her out of here!
NICHOLAS: And who do we have here? That gleam of dull stupidity in the eyes. If I'm not mistaken, you must be the king's second in command. I killed you myself in your last life. Ready to die again?
MICHAEL: Bring it on.
(Back at the UFL, Max's shield collapses)
GREER: Well, it's time for this little game to come to an end.
(Back at the husk facility, Courtney swings at some kind of crystal with a pipe. The crystal breaks and the husk facility starts breaking apart)
(Inside the UFL, Greer and the other skins suddenly weaken. They are linked to the husks in some way. Max, Tess, and Liz make a quick escape from the URL. They dash outside and run into Isabel, Maria, and Courtney, who have made a quick exit from the hidden husk facility)
MAX: What are you doing here? We gotta go now!
MARIA: Way ahead of you, boss. Michael...where's Michael?
(Michael comes out carrying something in his arms. It appears to be Courtney's husk)
MICHAEL: Open the trunk!
MARIA: Is that what I think it is?
MICHAEL: Just drive!
(The pod squad with Maria, Liz, and Courtney make their escape. The skins, led by Greer, make their way to the blown up husk cultivating facility)
GREER: Huh...the husks?
NICHOLAS: Destroyed.
GREER: Well, that's the end of it, then. We're all as good as dead.
NICHOLAS: We may be as good as dead, but this is not the end.
(Episode ends with the skins standing solemnly in the blown up Stagecoach Museum)

#206 The Harvest - Music

Cleopatra - U Got It *
Album: Steppin' out (2000)
Scene: At the beginning of the episode, as Liz and Maria walk to the lockers.

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Gene Autry - Back In The Saddle Again
Album: The Essential Gene Autry, 1933-1946
Scene: Isabel, Max, Liz and Tess sitting on whitaker's sofa.

#206 Harvest - Quotes

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Maria: You look like you got your heart stomped out. No, wait... that would be me. Well, if it's possible, you look worse.

Michael: I don't know. She went out the window. I tried chasing her...
Maria: But it's hard to run with your pants around your ankles?

Max: Well, somehow the skins know that she's dead. None of us has said anything... unless it came from here.
Liz: You mean, from me.

Michael: So we agree.
Max: Yeah.
Michael: There's a first.

Maria: Why are you obsessed with my good-looking, if badly groomed boyfriend?

Maria: Culture Club? Wham? The Backstreet Boys? God, she really is an alien, this one.

Maria: Of course. Like she's gonna write her hideout in an address book, oh ho!
Michael: Hey, are you just gonna rag on me or are you gonna help?

Local: Uh, Friendship League's a members-only outfit. Very hush-hush. They don't like outsiders, especially with all the press around here these days.
Isabel: Actually, we've been invited.

Tess: About what? All you did was sleep with him. How was he, anyway?
Liz: Oh, I, um...I...we...it was great.
Tess: Noted.

Michael: Ok, so now it's my fault.
Maria: Yes. You know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on you should consider everything to be your fault, ok? Ok.

Michael: No dice. She wouldn't do that. She's obsessed with me.
Maria: Well, I guess that makes 2 of you, then, doesn't it?

Maria (to Courtney): Oh, please! Do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?

Courtney: The point is, I've been a babe for 50 years. What are you gonna look like in 50 years from now?

Quote of the Week

Courtney: You’re the one we need. You’re our leader. Our salvation.
Maria: Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this...this Michael-worshipper here has to say?