#204 Summer Of '47 - Information

Writer: Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg
Director: Patrick Norris
Production Code: 2ADA04

First aired: October 23, 2000

Guest star: Charles Napier (Hal Carver), Lisa Kaseman (Patron #2), Finn Curtin (Patron #1), Michael Roddy (MP #1), Tom Kenny (Barkeep), Eric Saiet (Teacher), Jeff Johnson (Bus Driver)

Description: In the context of a school project, Michael meets an old war veteran. He tells Michael, that he was part of the large covering up action of the military - after the UFO Crash in 1947. At that time he helped the Aliens and therupon he had to give up his carrer. Michael thanks him by revealing his true identity.

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#204 Summer Of '47 - Transcript

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(The episode begins with the four aliens in the granilith chamber)
Tess: Sounds like the fluorescent lights in bio lab.
Michael: Did Nasedo ever mention a rock collection?
Tess: Do you think it can hear us?
Max: We'll come back after school.

(At school, Michael and Max are walking through the halls)
Max: After ninth period, we'll go back.
MICHAEL: Way to prioritize, Maxwell.
(Maria walks up to Michael)
MARIA: Hey. New gel? So, um, Portishead tickets went on sale this morning. Did you get my messages?
(Michael keeps walking)
MAX: Nice.
MICHAEL: Hey, our agenda involves the four of us. There is no time for distractions.
(Liz walks up to Max)
LIZ: Oh, Max...look, I don't know what to do. Calls keep on coming into Congresswoman Whitaker's office. Should I return them or...
MICHAEL: Not now.
LIZ (to Max): We'll talk in trig.
MAX (to Michael): You know, mean people suck.

(Michael's history teacher walks up to him)
HISTORY TEACHER: Mr. Guerin, true or false? We're not even a month into the semester, and you're already failing my class. This is a new record.
MICHAEL: To be perfectly blunt with you, sir, World War II just doesn't do it for me.
HISTORY TEACHER: Well, try doing this. The 509th bomb group is in town this week for a reunion. Your biographical account of one veteran's wartime experience will be on my desk by 5 o'clock.
MICHAEL: Old people creep me out.
HISTORY TEACHER: Ha. Then think of them as living history.

(Michael is sitting at a table, interviewing Hal Carver, one of the members of the 509th bomb group)
MICHAEL: What was World War II like?
HAL: What do you think?
MICHAEL: Ok, moving on. Uh, Roswell...how is it different now than it was back then?
HAL: I don't know. I haven't darkened her doors since '47.
MICHAEL: Look, Hal...
HAL: Captain Carver.
MICHAEL: Captain Carver. Let's make this easy. Why don't you give me a few good details that I can put in this little notebook of mine. Then I'll just copy the rest out of a book.
HAL: Well, when the going gets rough, resort to plagiarism, huh? You kids today are softer than soap. You ever heard of, uh, Omaha Beach or the V-1 flying bomb, Yalta, Jane Russell? I mean, have you ever...
MICHAEL: Taken my teeth out to brush them?
HAL: What'd you just say?
(There is a flyer on the table. Michael takes a look at it)
HAL: That's a flying fortress. You like planes?
MICHAEL: You could say I was born to fly.
HAL: So was I. That's my picture there.
MICHAEL: So, why did you leave in '47?
HAL: Don't you know what happened that year?
MICHAEL: Aliens crashed. Humans went bonkers.
HAL: Yeah. Think you could've handled that? I mean, you had survivors running loose in the streets.
MICHAEL: Sounds terrifying. 4 feet tall, silver suits, no hair. Very scary.
HAL: That's what the crackpots that wrote the books wanted you to believe.
MICHAEL: Look, it's all just a bunch of crazy...
HAL: We weren't crazy. We were lied to.
MICHAEL: Whatever.
HAL: Hey, look, kid. I'm not one of your hoodlum friends. You better start showing me a little respect, or i'll kick your ass through this door.
MICHAEL: Well, let me save you the effort. I'm just gonna take this. Then I'll be out of your hair, ok?
HAL: They have black eyes. Empty. Vacant. Ageless. You gonna stand there like some slack-jawed simpleton, or do you want to learn something?
MICHAEL: You're gonna teach me about aliens?
(Hal nods)
MICHAEL: Ok, let's hear it.
HAL (voiceover): You know, these sissies today that complain about global warming should have to spend a New Mexico summer on a military base without any air conditioning. In those days, you could write an invoice without depending on Bill Gates. Women had curves. Something you could hold on to. Me, I was a 21-year-old know-it-all. Well, a little joy-ride that May still had me grounded in a dead-end desk job. What can I say? I was nuts about the girl, and she wanted to see Hoover Dam from 3,000 feet.

(Scene is now a military office back in 1947. Michael is playing the role of Hal Carver. The phone rings)

MAN: Carver, get the phone.
HAL (voiceover): So, after 3 years of army cots and cheap cigarettes, I was gonna do things my way.
MAN: Carver, wake up. This isn't kindergarten.
HAL: And my way was trouble.
MAN: Hal!
HAL: 509th, Carver.
JESSE: Is this line secure?
HAL: Far as I know.
JESSE: There's been a crash.
HAL: What? Who?
JESSE: Don't know, but it's definitely not one of ours.

(Opening credits)

(At Hal's motel room, Hal continues to tell his story while Michael is doodling in his notepad)
HAL: Excitement in these parts was about as common as pink elephants, but when Jesse Marcel placed that call, the whole place was buzzing in a heartbeat.
MICHAEL: Interesting.
(Michael motions to Hal's gun)
MICHAEL: Do you always travel with that thing?
HAL: Better be safe than sorry. You know, some people thought maybe it was a glider or a test missile, but my money was always on the Commies, you know? Hey, you listening to me?! What's with that hair of yours, anyway?
MICHAEL: The chicks dig it, grandpa.
HAL: In my day we wore it high and tight. You know, classic, respectful.
MICHAEL: Really? I thought you said you were all about trouble?

(Back to 1947. Max is playing the role of Richard Dodie, Hal's friend. Hal and Richie arrive at a military base)
HAL (voiceover): They sent me and Richard Dodie out to the crash site some 30-odd miles from base. Dodie and I stopped along the way for a couple of zagnuts. By the time we got there, the place was buzzing. Richard was a good guy. He really was. He was a buddy of mine that worked in the office with me, but he has a tendency to get his skivvies all up in a bunch.
RICHIE: Next time you need a candy bar, maybe you could wait until after the mission.
HAL: I'm telling you, Richie, that gal behind the counter was hot to trot. She gave me 2 zagnuts for the price of one. And she's got a sister coming in from...
RICHIE: Not interested.
HAL: We're talking corn-fed ladies, Richie.
(Hal and Richie see the crash site)
HAL: Holy...
RICHIE: Jiminy Christmas. Looks too small to be a B-29.
HAL: That's no plane I've ever seen.

(Colonel Cassidy sees Hal and Richie and yells at them. Sheriff Valenti plays the role of Colonel Cassidy. Kyle plays the role of Deputy Valenti)

CASSIDY: Hey! Willie and Joe!
HAL (voiceover): Colonel James Cassidy was the kind of guy that hated guys like me, and that suited me just fine, because I loved taking on blockheads like him.
CASSIDY: A little late to be making yourselves useful, don't you think?
HAL: Dodie here was hungry, sir.
RICHIE: Sir, I, uh...
CASSIDY: Stick a cork in it, Dodie.
HAL: What are they collecting, sir?
CASSIDY: When that's your business, I'll let you know.
SOLDIER: Hey, Colonel! Over here!
CASSIDY: All right, check in with Smith, then get down there and help out. I'll give you "hungry".
RICHIE: Real funny.
HAL: Sure is, Rich. Risk your can over Frankfurt and Deuren, emergency land a B-17 in England without putting a scratch on her, and now they treat us like maids.
RICHIE: Orders are orders. Think it could be experimental aircraft?
SOLDIER: Hey, be careful with that!

(One of the soldiers is loading stuff into a truck. A thin shiny object falls to the ground. Hal picks it up and crumples it in his hands. The object reverts back to its original shape)

HAL: Get a look at this. Bet you people would pay good money to see this.
RICHIE: Keep messing around, Hal, and neither one of us is gonna see the inside of a cockpit again.

(Betty Osorio, a reporter, is trying to get information about the crash. Maria plays the role of Betty)
BETTY: I'm not taking no for an answer. This is the U.S. Army. Someone is always in charge.
HAL (voiceover): I live by one simple rule when it comes to women - a great voice equals great gams.
DEPUTY VALENTI: Miss Osorio, please, I told you...
BETTY: These are press credentials from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, guys. What am I saying? Fort Worth may as well be Burma to you people. Who's in charge here? Colonel, rumor at the local radio station says you folks got yourselves a flying saucer. Any comment?
CASSIDY: This is a restricted area. Get her out of here, Deputy Valenti.
BETTY: Uh-uh. I have permission to be here. I want some answers. George, snap some shots. Snap some shots!
CASSIDY: Get the camera.
BETTY: Hey. Hey! You put one scratch on that lens and I'm billing Uncle Sam.
CASSIDY: Now, Deputy!
BETTY: Welcome back from the war, Colonel. In case you forgot, we still have the First Amendment here. Get your hands off me. I said, get your hands off me.
(Betty is escorted away. Captain Sheridan Cavitt approaches Hal. Alex plays the role of Cavitt)

HAL (voiceover): Our senior counter-intelligence agent, Captain Sheridan Cavitt, was known around the base as Mr. Brain. So I guess when you're lacking in other assets, you've got to trump up the one you've got.
CAVITT: Captain. You see that troop truck? Take it directly to hangar 20. No stops. No questions. I don't care if a family of 4 is bleeding on the roadside.
HAL: But Roswell needs all the tourists it can get, Captain.
CAVITT: Get another man and head out!

(Back to present day Roswell)
MICHAEL: I know the rest. The feds made Marcel the scapegoat. Blamed the crash on a weather balloon. And it was all Cavitt's idea if I remember correctly.
HAL: That pencil neck. Where did you hear that?
MICHAEL: I've been reading UFO magazines since I was 8.
HAL: So you want to believe.
MICHAEL: You shouldn't smoke.
HAL: Look, kid, my doctor says it doesn't make any difference what I do.
MICHAEL: Is that why you came back here?
HAL: War has a tendency to create an incredible bond between men. You know what? Some of the best days of my life were spent right here on this base alongside the boys of the 509th. So I guess this...is just my last chance to say good-bye.
(Michael sees a man having trouble fitting into his old uniform)
MICHAEL: Do you still fit into yours?
HAL: The longer I sit here, the harder it is to think that I could put one on.
MICHAEL: Why is that?
HAL: 'Cause everything I believe that uniform stood for died in '47.

(Hal tosses Michael the strange object he found in 1947. It was crumpled when Michael caught it, but immediately straightens out in his hand)

HAL: Hey. A little something from way back when.

(Back to 1947. Hal and Richie are driving the truck with the crash debris to Hangar 20)

RICHIE: You think that reporter's onto something?
HAL: She needs an exclusive, plain and simple. Why? Do you think she's onto something?
RICHIE: I didn't until an intelligence officer ordered us to keep our mouths shut.
HAL: Forget Cavitt. After Sunday dinner, he probably debriefs his own mother. I love this country.
RICHIE: What if something's really out there...capable of destroying us? Destroying everything?
HAL: Don't worry, Richie. You're still gonna get your wife and your white picket fence and your backyard barbecue...
(The truck starts to slow down)
RICHIE: Why are you slowing down?
HAL: What the...

HAL (voiceover): At that moment some strange force seemed to take control of the truck.
(Hal looks ahead and sees a glowing white person in front of the truck. Hal appears to run it over with the truck)
RICHIE: Oh, my God.
HAL: Check under the truck!
(Richie takes a look in the back of the truck and sees a glowing, red, pulsating pod)
(Hal rushes back to the truck. Both Hal and Richie are stunned at what they see)
(Scene changes to a bar. It's a hangout area for the military personnel)
MAN AT BAR: My cousin in the fire department said he saw a crashed disc.
WOMAN AT BAR: Reverend Deaton's calling it the end of the world.
BARTENDER: I say it's just the beginning. Once these fly-boys leave, we got nothing to keep this town alive.
MAN AT BAR: But think of the possibilities. Roswell, New Mexico - home of the little green men.

(Hal and Richie are sitting at a table)
HAL: They were glowing, right?
RICHIE: I wasn't...wasn't seeing things?
HAL: We should have asked what they were.
RICHIE: Before or after Cassidy bawled us out for being 15 minutes late? Maybe they're waiting to see if they're friendly.
HAL: Hell with that. We should be in the air right now, blasting whatever dropped those things to kingdom come.
RICHIE: This isn't a John Wayne picture. When it's time to act, they'll tell us. Your round. I'm going to hit the hay.
(Richie gets up and leaves. Hal walks over to the counter to pay for the drinks)
HAL: 2, Pete.
BETTY: You're one of the guys at the debris field.
HAL: You're that little lady who got hauled off by the cops. No cuff marks on your pretty wrists, I see.
BETTY: Oh, I prefer the term "police escort". Betty Osorio. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
HAL: Hal Carver. No comment.
BETTY: How about a drink then?
HAL: How about your phone number?
BETTY: Hmmm...something tells me you don't call.
HAL: Something tells me this time I will.
BETTY: At the field you were given a special assignment. What was in the truck?
HAL: Sweetheart, you just had to go and ruin our fun.
BETTY: Wait, what were you saying about blowing something to kingdom come?
HAL: Well, I can't tell you about that, because if I did...then they'd have to kill you.

(Hal goes back to the table and sit down. Cavitt, who saw Hal talking to Betty, immediately sits down at the table)
CAVITT: What the hell are you doing talking to that reporter?
HAL: She was looking for a free drink, Cavitt. When she realized I wasn't buying, she moved on.
CAVITT: The press can't be trusted. They ruined Major Marcel's good name in less than a day.
HAL: Well, in case you didn't hear, Marcel told the world he found a flying saucer.
CAVITT: Correction - a weather balloon. Keep away from her.
HAL: Go find a dame to bother, Cavitt.

(Scene shifts to Rosemary's bedroom. Isabel plays the role of Rosemary, Hal's girlfriend)

HAL (voiceover): Around this time I had this girl I used to go with, only she wasn't a girl. She was a woman. Rosemary had been widowed once and divorced twice...all before her 25th birthday, and our relationship was simple pleasure.
HAL: The cabaret girls in Nice do that.
ROSEMARY: I guess it's not the only thing we do in common. You left your socks here.
HAL: They're not mine.
HAL: So you want to hear about my day?
ROSEMARY: Absolutely not.

(Rosemary walks over to Hal and sits on his lap)

HAL: That's my girl.
(They start making out)
(Hal sees someone outside watching them)
HAL: Hey! Get on outta here!
(Back to present-day Roswell. Hal and Michael are at the Crashdown eating lunch)
MARIA: Would you like some fries with that shake?
HAL: Give me another one, sweet cheeks.
MARIA: That'll be your third banana split, sir.
MICHAEL: What are you, the dairy police? We're in the middle of a story here.
MARIA: Oh, yeah, I'm not the one sitting next to an ancient gastrointestinal tract, pally.
HAL: Get the check. I'll tell you the rest later.
MICHAEL: You're gonna be at the reunion later.
HAL: To tell you the truth, kid, I don't know if I want to go anymore.
MICHAEL: The day's young. We'll go hit some of your old haunts.
HAL: Well, you got wheels?

(Michael goes into the back and asks Maria for a favor)

MICHAEL: I need a favor.
MARIA: First off, phone protocol works like this. Ready? Messenger leaves message. Then messengee calls back unless messengee is deathly ill, grounded, or just a jerk.
MICHAEL: Look, I came in here because...
MARIA: I would like to think that I've been patient, the epitome of restraint...but for God's sake, Michael, she's not even a real blonde.
MARIA: Let me set the scene for you, all right? You. Courtney. The dark alley back there. Me controlling the urge to spew.
MICHAEL: Look, this whole jealousy thing is getting a little tired. Just accept the fact that I'm an alien. You're human. Our lives do not mix.
MARIA: Well, you made the exception for bottle job and old man river out there.
MICHAEL: Ok, that man out there knows stuff about the '47 crash. All right? Stuff specific to me. Ok. So I want to take him around. I want to jog his memory, and to do that, I need the Jetta.
MARIA: I'm sorry. When humans need rides, they take Jettas. And when aliens need rides, they take spaceships. Oh! Find one.
MICHAEL: Hey, Maria...hanging out with this guy is gonna help him a lot more than it's gonna help me. Can't you just make an old guy's day?
MARIA: You know what? I am only doing this because I forever regretted not saying good-bye to Breepa De Luca before he died.
MICHAEL: Put lunch on my tab, and don't forget the senior discount.
MARIA: Jerk!

(Back to 1947. Hal meets Betty at a restaurant)
BETTY: Morning, Captain.
HAL: You sure you want to meet here, Miss Osorio? Because the hotel coffee shop across the street serves a swell cherry danish.
BETTY: We're right over here.
(Betty leads Hal to one of the booths. Yvonne White, played by Liz, is waiting for them)
BETTY: Hal Carver, this is Yvonne White. She's a nurse at the base.
YVONNE: Thanks for meeting me.
HAL: What is this?
BETTY: Yvonne came to me because she saw things, things she can't explain. So I thought between the two of you...
HAL (to Yvonne): I'm sorry, ma'am. It was very nice to meet you, but I can't stay.
HAL (to Betty): Don't call me again.
BETTY: Just hear her out.
HAL: I came here because I thought this was a date.
BETTY: Carver, I'm flattered, but would you just see if your stories match?
HAL: Why don't you write this in that notepad of yours? It was a weather balloon.
BETTY: You don't believe that. And if extraterrestrials landed in Roswell, Americans have the right to know.
HAL: You're not patriotic. You are just hard up for a front-page headline.
BETTY: That is no way to speak to a lady.
HAL: Well, you point one out and I'll watch my language.

(Hal goes back to Rosemary's place and finds Deputy Valenti there)
HAL: Babe, you wouldn't believe...Jim.
JIM: Hal.
HAL: Were the socks his?
ROSEMARY: The military police were here. Deputy Valenti was helping me clean up. I tried calling you at the base, but the switchboard was busy.

(Hal arrives at the office very upset. He storms into Colonel Cassidy's office. Dixie, Cassidy's secretary greets him. Tess plays the role of Dixie)
DIXIE: Hi, Hal. Hal!
HAL: Why were MPs at my girlfriend's house?
DIXIE: Sorry, sir. I couldn't stop him.
CASSIDY: It's ok, Dixie. Shut the door.
DIXIE: Yes, sir.
HAL: She is a civilian, Colonel.
CASSIDY: Captain, you might want to think about dropping that tone. Where have you been all morning? Parker's doesn't serve until 11am.
HAL: So now you're following me?
CASSIDY: You were told to stay away from that reporter.
HAL: That's a violation of my rights!
CASSIDY: Do you realize how many first lieutenants are just waiting to slide into the cockpits of B-29s? You want to get back in the air? Then you will shut up, stay on base, and finish out your suspension in a compliant manner! Are we clear?!
HAL: Yes, sir.
CASSIDY: Are we clear?!
HAL: Yes, sir!
CASSIDY: Telegrams and letters have to be sent to the families of 2 privates - Fifer and McCarthy. They were killed this morning in a jeep accident. Here are the details. You handle it. Dismissed.

(Hal goes to his desk and throws his lamp into the wall. He goes to a phone booth and calls Yvonne White)
HAL: Operator. Yvonne white. Women's barracks.
YVONNE: Hello?
HAL: Yvonne, it's Hal Carver from earlier today. Maybe we should talk without that damn reporter around.
YVONNE: I can't. I've been transferred to London. I'm catching a bus to the airport tonight.
HAL: Wait there.

(Yvonne and Hal meet inside his car. It's raining heavily outside)
YVONNE: Two cadavers just like this.
HAL: Who was running the show?
YVONNE: Doctors I'd never seen before. They pulled me in to help with the autopsy. There's no way these things were even mammal. The epidermis, hands, organs - they were nothing I'd ever seen.
HAL: No one would tell you what you saw?
YVONNE: Afterwards some high-ranking general from Wright Field debriefed me. He said I couldn't talk about it.
HAL: Why did you call betty?
YVONNE: She wanted to listen. I can't sleep, Captain. I want to get as far away from Roswell as possible...to try and forget I was ever here.
HAL: Good luck, then.
(Yvonne leaves and heads for the nearby bus. Suddenly, there is a loud scream. Hal rushes out)
HAL: Where's the girl? The nurse that was here?
DRIVER: There's no nurse here, pal.
(Hal goes back to the office)
DIXIE: Well, look what the cat dragged in.
HAL: Listen, Dixie, how could I locate a troop transport plane going to London?
DIXIE: Look, whatever you're after, I think you should drop it. People are saying you got a screw loose, Hal, and I know the Colonel agrees.
HAL: I'm just trying to make sure someone is ok.
DIXIE: Perhaps you should just take care of yourself.
HAL: Thanks for the heads up, sweetheart. Maybe if you're free sometime, we could go see Hoover Dam again.
DIXIE: Oh, I'm late for my hair appointment. These curls, they don't happen by magic, you know.

(Hal takes a look at the "Confidential" folder on the desk. He goes to Hangar 20, where the crash debris was sent)
HAL: At ease.
GUARD: Yes, sir.
HAL: I'm part of the recovery team that brought the truck to this location. Colonel Cassidy has requested a follow-up report.
GUARD: Thank you, Captain. Carry on.

(Richie walks out of the hangar and stops Hal)
RICHIE: What's going on, Hal?
HAL: Just a little inventory for Cassidy.
RICHIE: I'm sorry. This area's off-limits without proper security clearance.
HAL: Which you seem to have.
RICHIE: The assignment landed in my lap, ok?
HAL: Then let me take a look.
RICHIE: There's nothing to see.
HAL: Richie, every person on this base, every radio station and newspaper says this whole thing is because of a downed weather balloon. You and I both know better. Now, I've seen the classified reports. And they prove...
RICHIE: You have to leave.
HAL: What are you more afraid of? What you know or what they're keeping from you?
RICHIE: I can't go down that road with you, Hal. I'm sorry. Just let me do my job.

RICHIE (to guard): Captain Carver's done here.

HAL (voiceover): Obviously someone had gotten to Dodie, so I decided to talk to that reporter after all.

(Hal meets Betty on the side of a road)
BETTY: Sorry I was late. That damned thing has a mind of its own.
HAL: I could take a look.
BETTY: Already fixed it. Cars are like men, Carver. Give their cable a little jiggle and they'll be fine 'til morning.
HAL: I didn't know you were so handy, Osorio.
BETTY: What have you got for me?
HAL: You go first.
BETTY: Glenn Dennis at Ballard's funeral home contacted me with an interesting tip. Seems a base mortician called and requested child-size coffins.
HAL: For what?
BETTY: To bury things. Your turn.
HAL: Colonel Cassidy asked me to draft death notice memos for 2 privates who he claimed died in a jeep accident.
BETTY: What really happened?
HAL: Those kids were at the debris site when they stumbled on 2 sacs 6 feet or so in diameter. Before they could notify a commanding officer, something came upon them. Now, one witness says it was 2 figures glowing white. The men tried to pull their guns. There was a blinding light.
BETTY: Aliens killed them?
HAL: My brother was shot down over Manila Bay. I watched my mother open that telegram. Those privates deserved more. Their families deserve the truth.
(Hal gives betty the "Confidential" folder)
HAL: It's all in here.
BETTY: Are you willing to go on the record? I need to know. After this story runs, you'll either be a hero or a traitor.

(Back to present day. Michael and Hal are off to the side of a road. Michael goes back to the Jetta and changes one of the beverages in the back seat into a bottle of beer)
HAL: You can run fast, but time always has a way of catching up.
MICHAEL: My friend had one in her car. She's a little bit of a drinker. HAL: That firecracker from the diner?
HAL: Are you two going steady?
MICHAEL: No. It's nothing. I mean, well, I mean...whatever there was, it's over.
HAL: Not from where I was sitting. You know, I'd...um, I'd never been in love before, but...but on that night beneath the stars and with that woman...and with all that we knew...I should have kissed her then.
MICHAEL: Why? What happened to Betty?
HAL: Got another beer?

(Back to 1947. Richie is at the bar drinking his problems away. Hal walks up to him)

HAL: Tough day following orders?
RICHIE: I'm a coward, Hal. Don't rub it in.
HAL: You're drunk.
RICHIE: And don't expect any more than that from me.
HAL: What's wrong, Richie?
RICHIE: You were right. I saw stuff. I heard...what their plans were. I...I was a good soldier. I went along with it. I'm not...I'm not proud of myself. Makes you wonder if I'm on the right side. Are we on the right side, Hal?
HAL: It's gonna be ok. I've got friends. We've got people who want to know the truth just as much as we do. And by tomorrow the world will be one step closer to it.
RICHIE: By tomorrow?
HAL: Check the morning paper. It'll all be there. Now you want a ride home?
(Richie shakes his head)
HAL: All right, then.

(Hal leaves. One of the people in the back walks up to Richie. It's Cavitt, in civilian clothes)
CAVITT: Well done, Captain.
RICHIE: Don't touch me.

(In the morning, Hal is looking through the newspaper. There is no mention of aliens at all)
HAL (voiceover): That morning was like any other. Too much like any other. The story was never printed.

(Hal calls Betty)

RECEPTIONIST: Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
HAL: Yes. I need to speak to Betty Osorio.
RECEPTIONIST: One moment. I'm sorry. Miss Osorio isn't in. Would you care to leave a message?
HAL: No. No, thank you.
(Hal goes back to the office. He finds a letter of resignation left on his desk and goes directly to Cassidy's office. Richie is in Cassidy's office waiting for him)

HAL: Where's Cassidy?
RICHIE: I'm holding down the fort.
HAL: Did you know about this? Huh, did you?!
RICHIE: It was a classified information...
HAL: You sold me out!
RICHIE: I had orders! I didn't have a choice.
HAL: Well, thanks for being such a pal, Dick.
RICHIE: Sign the letter, Hal, and make this easy. Pack your things. Take the honorable discharge.
HAL: You will have to drag me off this base.
RICHIE: You always were a punk, Carver. Why couldn't you be a lazy, self-centered, son of a bitch this time?
(Hal punches Richie in the face)
RICHIE: A lot of people are very, very, upset. They wanted to get rid of you, but I convinced them to treat you like one of us. Sign the resignation, Hal, or they're gonna change their minds and take it one step further.
(Richie motions towards some photos in a folder on the desk. They are pictures of Hal with Rosemary. Hal grudgingly signs the resignation letter)
HAL: I hope you enjoy your white picket fences, Richie...'cause you sure as hell earned it.

(Hal goes to the bar)
HAL: The usual, Pete.
PETE: Hey, Carver. Something came for you today.
HAL: Huh?
PETE: You gonna start using my place as an address, I'm gonna start charging you rent for that stool.

(Pete hands Hal an envelope. Inside is a message from Betty. There's a phone number and a key. Hal hurries to the phone to dial the number)

HAL: Betty.
BETTY'S SISTER: Uh...this is her sister.
HAL: Oh, may I speak with Betty?
BETTY'S SISTER: Betty's dead. It was a car accident yesterday off Highway 70. Uh, who is this?
HAL: Nothing...I'm sorry.

(Hal goes to the location on Betty's message and unlocks the door with the key that Betty left him. Inside the room are 8 alien pods, split into two groups of four pods. There are two doctors dead on the floor. There are silver handprints on their chests. Hal starts snapping some pictures. He looks up in the mirror and sees two white glowing things behind the curtain)

HAL (voiceover): Have you ever heard the sound a mother bear makes when anything gets between her and her cubs? It's something to be afraid of. Now at that moment, though, I realized I'd been afraid of the wrong thing. It wasn't us they wanted.
HAL: Save them.

(Hal leaves the room. He sees 3 people about to enter the room and pulls on the fire alarm)
HAL: Hey!
(Two of the soldiers pursue him. Hal escapes by climbing over a wire fence, but the camera drops to the ground on the other side. The two soldiers approach the fence, and Hal decides to run for it)
(Back in present-day Roswell. Hal has set up some bottles on a truck and shoots at them with his gun)
HAL: Wanna try?
MICHAEL: What did you see? What was in those sacs?
HAL: I never planned on telling this much of the story, kid. I never have.
MICHAEL: Please.
HAL: They looked like human fetuses. There was 4 to a sac. 8 total. That night, I packed my things and never came back. The base was on full alert. There was no way anybody or anything else could have escaped...and that's the story of Hal Carver. The only time I ever stuck my neck out to save anything...and it all went to hell.
(Michael reaches out his hand and blows up the bottles from a distance)
MICHAEL: You saved me.
(He then turns to Hal who is having trouble lighting his cigarette. Michael creates a flame on his thumb. Hal and Michael hug)
(At school, Liz is getting stuff out of her locker. Michael stops by)
MICHAEL: Have you seen Max?
LIZ: Oh, Michael. Um, no. He said something about stopping by the Crashdown later.
MICHAEL: You ok?
LIZ: Me? Yeah. Sure. Why?
MICHAEL: Well, the whole Congresswoman Whitaker thing. We'll work it out.
LIZ: Yeah, I know.
MICHAEL: And, uh, and this morning...yeah...I'm sorry.
LIZ: Thank you. Did Max ask you to do that?'
LIZ: The whole being nice thing.
MICHAEL: No. I came up with it myself.

(Michael starts to walk away)

LIZ: I like it.

(Michael has brought Maria to the granilith chamber)

MICHAEL: Meet the reason I haven't been returning your phone calls.
MARIA: My God. What is it?
MICHAEL: I don't know...but eventually I'm hoping we can find out.
MARIA: "We?" You didn't even choke on that.
MICHAEL: Well, today I had a little history lesson, and here's the thing...I owe more to you than I can imagine. To Liz, Alex, Valenti, to some old guy named Hal who lives in Tampa and plays shuffleboard. I never realized it...so here it is.
(Michael holds out both hands to Maria)
MICHAEL: Thank you.
(Maria places her hands in Michael's)
MARIA: You're welcome. What's wrong?
MICHAEL: You know those pods that housed Max, Isabel, Tess, and me?
MARIA: Yeah, before you were born?
MICHAEL: Well, there's another set of them, and they're somewhere out there.

(Episode ends with Michael and Maria standing in the granilith chamber)

#204 Summer Of '47 - Music

Mest - Drawing Board *
Album: Destination unknown (2001)
Scene: When they come to school in the morning.

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon *
Album: Greatest Love Songs (1964)
Scene: First bar-scene. Hal and Richie discuss what they should do. Betty Osorio is at the counter.
Glenn Miller and the Brian Setzer Orchestra - In The Mood
Scene: Hal and Rosemary are in the bedroom while the song plays
not available
Vast - Free *
Album: Music for people (2000)
Scene: In the Crashdown, while Maria serves Michael and Hal.
Frank Sinatra - There Will Never Be Another You *
Scene: Betty asks Hal to talk to Yvonne White.
Rebecca Kyler Downs - Love Me Like Candy
Scene: Bar scene
Jimmy Dale Gilmore - Mack The Knife
Scene: Hal comes back to the bar, after he's been forced to quit his job. The bar tender gives him betty's message

#204 Summer Of '47 - Quotes

Added by MiriStar

History teacher: Mr. Guerin, true or false? We're not even a month into the semester, and you're already failing my class. This is a new record.
Michael: To be perfectly blunt with you, sir, World War II just doesn't do it for me.

Michael: What was World War II like?
Hal: What do you think?

Hal: Well, when the going gets rough, resort to plagiarism, huh? You kids today are softer than soap. You ever heard of, uh, Omaha Beach or the V-1 flying bomb, Yalta, Jane Russell? I mean, have you ever...
Michael: Taken my teeth out to brush them?

Cavitt: Captain. You see that troop truck? Take it directly to hangar 20. No stops. No questions. I don't care if a family of 4 is bleeding on the roadside.
Hal: But Roswell needs all the tourists it can get, Captain.

Man at bar: But think of the possibilities. Roswell, New Mexico - home of the little green men.

Hal: So you want to hear about my day?
Rosemary: Absolutely not.

Maria: Oh, yeah, I'm not the one sitting next to an ancient gastrointestinal tract, pally.

Michael: The chicks dig it, grandpa.

Betty: Already fixed it. Cars are like men, Carver. Give their cable a little jiggle and they'll be fine 'til morning.

Hal: They looked like human fetuses. There was 4 to a sac. 8 total. That night, I packed my things and never came back. The base was on full alert. There was no way anybody or anything else could have escaped... and that's the story of Hal Carver. The only time I ever stuck my neck out to save anything... and it all went to hell.
Michael: You saved me.

Quote of the Week

Maria: I'm sorry. When humans need rides, they take Jettas. And when aliens need rides, they take spaceships. Oh! Find one.