#203 Surprise - Information

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Fred Keller
Production Code: 2ADA03

First aired: October 16, 2000

Guest star: Sara Downing (Courtney), Jeremy Davidson (Grant Sorenson), Gretchen Egolf (Vanessa Whitaker)

Description: The friends organize an enormous birthday party for Isabel. Everyone is there, except for Tess. Suddenly Isabel gets visions of Tess. She seems to be in hughe misery. Isabel finds Tess outside the city in an old power station. There she comes up against Whitaker, who discloses her identity as an alien. She claims that Isabel betrayed her people and her brother in an earlier life to the race of the Skins.

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#203 Surprise - Transcript

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(Episode begins with Isabel in an abandoned building. She finds Tess on the ground, badly beaten)
ISABEL: Oh, God! Tess! Oh, god, Tess! Tess! Tess, wake up! Oh, God. Wake up!
TESS: Isabel?
ISABEL: Ok, come on. Come on, Tess. I'll get you out. It's ok. Ok. Ok. Come on. Come on. I'll get you out of here. It's ok. It's ok. We'll make it. I promise. We'll make it. Ok.
(Isabel moves Tess into a room and bolts the door)
ISABEL: Tess. Stay with me. Stay with me, damn it. Don't die on me now. Don't die on me now.
(The door unlocks and swings open. Isabel recognizes the person)
ISABEL: It's you.
(Opening credits)

(Isabel is on her way to the Crashdown, where her friends have prepared a surprise party. She's wearing a party dress)
EVERYONE: Surprise!
MRS. EVANS: Oh, happy birthday, sweetheart!
ISABEL: Oh, my God! Oh! I could kill you all.
MRS. EVANS: Kill your brother. He's the one who planned the entire thing.
MAX: Happy birthday, old lady.
ISABEL: Max, I can't believe you did this with everything that's happening.
MAX: It's still your birthday.
ISABEL: Max, you're the worst, really. I don't know what to say.
MARIA: Say that you're surprised, 'cause he was totally, totally stressing that you'd figure it out.
ISABEL: I had no idea.
MAX: Really?
MICHAEL: Alex told you to come by so he could give you back a book. I mean, what a lame excuse. How could you not figure that out?
ISABEL: Where is Alex, anyway?
MARIA: He's, um, he's still getting dressed.
(We see Courtney using her alien power to fill some empty glasses with beverages)
MRS. EVANS: Can you believe your brother did all of this in, like, 3 days' time?
COURTNEY: Happy birthday to you.
ISABEL: Oh, thank you.
MRS. EVANS: Oh, honey. You know, your dad is beside himself that he's still stuck in Minneapolis.
ISABEL: That's ok. Poor guy.
MRS. EVANS: By the way, honey, why are you wearing that dress?
ISABEL: Um, oh...
MICHAEL: Yeah. If you really didn't know about the party, then how'd you know to dress up?
ISABEL: I...I didn't. I...actually, I had, um, other plans.
GRANT: Isabel. Sorry I'm late. I didn't know there was going to be a party.
ISABEL: Neither did I. Purple are my favorite.
GRANT: So I heard.
MICHAEL: No, wait. Who's ever heard of purple roses? What, did you, like, dye them or something?
ISABEL: They're sterling roses, Michael. They're...they're really rare and expensive.
GRANT: Well, I'm impressed. No one's ever given me a surprise party.
MRS. EVANS: Oh, when's your birthday?
GRANT: December 7th.
MRS. EVANS: And what year might that be?
(Isabel notices some blood on the back of Grant's neck)
ISABEL: Oh, you...you're bleeding on your...
GRANT: I am?
ISABEL: Oh, here. Let me.
ISABEL (to mom): Here, mom. Will you...
(Isabel hands Mrs. Evans the glass the was holding)
GRANT: Must have happened when I slipped down the ravine on the dig today.
(Isabel has an incoherent vision)
GRANT: What?
ISABEL: Nothing. No, nothing.
GRANT: Well, this obviously isn't a good time for a date.
ISABEL: Well, you're welcome to stay.
GRANT: Actually, I have some samples I should drop off at the lab tonight anyway. I'll call you.
(Grant leaves and Mrs. Evans is visibly upset)
MRS. EVANS: You know, honey, not now and not tonight, but pretty soon you and I are gonna have to have a little talk.
MAX: Ditto.
(Isabel has a vision of Tess in an accident. She drops her drink)
ISABEL: Oh, God.
MRS. EVANS: Are you all right?
ISABEL: I'm just so clumsy tonight.
COURTNEY: I'll get that.
ISABEL: Are you sure? I can...I can get it.
COURTNEY: This is your night.
(In Whitaker's office, Liz is dancing a bit while organizing some files. Whitaker comes in and wonders what's going on)
LIZ: Oh! I'm sorry.
WHITAKER: Where'd you get that?
LIZ: Oh...um, there were just some CDs out on your desk. I can put them back.
(As Liz turns off the boombox, Whitaker locks one of the file cabinets. Liz notices this)
WHITAKER: No, it's fine. Run lola run, huh?
LIZ: It's a great soundtrack.
WHITAKER: Yeah. It's really cool. I loved this movie. Story of my life.
LIZ: I know what you mean.
WHITAKER: It's after 7:00. What are you still doing here?
LIZ: Oh, um, I was just gonna finish up these reports.
WHITAKER: They'll be here tomorrow. Go home. Here, take Lola.
LIZ: Oh, really? That would be so great, because I have this party I want to get to.
WHITAKER: Oh, really? There's a party?
LIZ: Yeah. Um, it's just this small birthday party for a friend of mine at the Crashdown.
WHITAKER: That cafe your parents own. Oh, I adore that place.
LIZ: Thank you.
WHITAKER: You know, it would be great to finally meet them.
LIZ: Oh, I don't think that they're gonna be there.
WHITAKER: I'll just pop my head in for 5 minutes. Never hurts to mingle with my constituents.
LIZ: Yeah, sure. Uh, that'd be great.
WHITAKER: I'm just gonna hit the powder room...freshen my lipstick.
(Liz uses a letter opener to unlock the cabinet that Whitaker locked. She finds a CD labeled "Parker Liz, Date: Sep 6-19". She puts the CD in the boombox and listens via headphones)
LIZ: I can't just go to a movie in the middle of the day, Maria.
MARIA: Tell her you got a doctor's appointment.
LIZ: And anyway, I don't want to run into him anywhere. That's why I took this job.
MARIA: Him, him, him. Ever since you broke up, he's become this pronoun instead of a person.
LIZ: Let's keep it that way.
(Liz hastily turns off the boombox as Whitaker comes out of the powder room)
(Max eavesdrops on Isabel as she calls Grant on her cell phone)
ISABEL: Listening to my private conversations?
MAX: Why you calling him? He just left.
ISABEL: Uh, I was just leaving him a message to thank him for the flowers.
MAX: You already thanked him.
ISABEL: Yeah, and you guys made him feel really welcome.
MAX: He wasn't invited.
ISABEL: I invited him before I ever knew there was a party.
MAX: Don't do it again.
ISABEL: Excuse me? Are you forbidding me?
MAX: You can't let anyone new in. It's too dangerous.
ISABEL: Like it was too dangerous to let Liz Parker in.
MAX: That's different.
ISABEL: Yeah, it was. You want to know how? Because I can date someone and keep my mouth shut at the same time. You couldn't.
MAX: That was the past. We've got to think about the future, the one our mother talked about.
ISABEL: Right, right. The king. I'm sorry. How could I forget? All I know is...Max, you may be the king, but I am not bowing down to you, not in this lifetime.
(Isabel sees some visions, among them a "RED'S" sign)
MAX: What is it?
ISABEL: Had this headache on and off all day.
MAX: You're sweating.
ISABEL: I'm fine. It's...
(Maria interrupts)
MARIA: Ahem. Isabel, you better come out. There's a policeman here to see you.
ISABEL: A policeman? What's going on?
MARIA: He's asking for you.
MAX: You better go.
(Isabel enters the main Crashdown area, followed by Max and Maria. Alex has dressed up in a policeman uniform and starts removing his clothes)
ALEX: You love that!
(Mrs. Evans is appalled by this striptease. She walks up to Alex)
ALEX: Hi, Ms. Evans. Great party.
(In one of the back rooms, Courtney walks in as Michael is trying to finish making Isabel's cake)
COURTNEY: So, did you, uh, make that all by yourself?
MICHAEL: No. Betty Crocker came on by and whipped it up.
COURTNEY: Betty Crocker would've used eggs.
MICHAEL: My first cake.
COURTNEY: Well, guys don't make cakes for just anybody. In fact, guys don't make cakes at all.
(Courtney sticks her finger in the cake and tastes it)
COURTNEY: What flavor is this anyway?
MICHAEL: It's a combination of a few things.
COURTNEY: It tastes like Tabasco. Did you put Tabasco in a cake?
MICHAEL: Well, what if I did?
COURTNEY: I like that.
MICHAEL: Just move.
COURTNEY: So, what's a chick got to do to get a cake out of a guy like you?
MICHAEL: Nothing you could handle.
(Courtney tastes the frosting)
COURTNEY: That's too bad. Mmm. You gonna frost it or what?
MICHAEL: Yeah, I'm gonna frost it.
(Maria stops by to check up on the cake)
MARIA: How's the cake coming?
COURTNEY: It's coming.
MICHAEL (to Courtney): Maybe you should finish it.
(Michael leaves and Maria and Courtney start arguing over him)
MARIA: Michael. Taken. Or haven't you noticed?
COURTNEY: I noticed he didn't make this cake for you.
MARIA: It's not my birthday.
COURTNEY: Small detail.
(Alex comes in and starts lamenting about how his striptease dance turned out)
ALEX: You know, I can't believe I let you talk me into that!
MARIA: Me and Michael go way back.
ALEX: That was the most humiliating experience of my life!
COURTNEY: You sew your name into the back of his jeans?
MARIA: You'll never find out.
ALEX: I did a striptease in front of her mother! Are you listening to me?
MARIA: One nipple does not constitute a striptease, Alex.
ALEX: She saw my nipple? Oh, God.
COURTNEY: Chill out, NYPD blue.
ALEX: Chill out? Chill out? I spent $150 to rent this costume. And do you have any idea how it feels to walk around all day with a thong up your ass?
(Back in the main Crashdown area, Kyle is complaining to his buddies about Tess)
KYLE: Seriously. So, she's got her underwear and her bras and her girlie things all over the bathroom. Every time I go in to shave, I feel like I'm walking into Victoria's Secret.
MICHAEL: So what's not to like?
ISABEL: Kyle, where is Tess?
KYLE: She went to Jensen's to get your present. Anyway, she's taken over television, the computer, my phone. If some chick's gonna be yelling at me about keeping the toilet seat down, she better at least be doing me.
(Mrs. Evans walks by and reacts to Kyle's last words)
KYLE: Doing me...a favor.
MRS. EVANS: Hi. I'm, uh...I'm Isabel's mom.
(Max grabs Michael)
MAX: I need to talk to you.
MICHAEL: We have nothing to talk about.
MAX: I need you to back me up on something.
MICHAEL: You make decisions without asking my opinion, and now you expect me to back you up?
MAX: I think Isabel's getting serious with that Sorenson guy.
(Michael apparently agrees with Max this time and talks to Isabel about it)
MICHAEL: He gave you an order.
ISABEL: I don't take orders from Max.
MICHAEL: He's our leader. He's right.
ISABEL: Since when? You two are barely speaking. And when you do talk, you don't even agree.
MICHAEL: Well, we agree on this.
ISABEL: I bet you do.
MICHAEL: What's that supposed to mean?
ISABEL: Am I supposed to be alone for the rest of my...of my life...
MICHAEL: Isabel, you are not alone.
ISABEL: Not even talk to other guys?
MICHAEL: Works for me.
ISABEL: I don't think so.
MICHAEL: Isabel, you do not belong with him.
ISABEL: No. I belong with you. But I don't think either one of us wants to think about that too much.
(Isabel sees more visions of Tess)
MICHAEL: What's going on?
ISABEL: Nothing. Nothing. It's just my headache.
(The cake is brought out. Everyone starts singing "Happy Birthday", but during the song, Isabel sees Tess repeatedly asking her for help)
TESS: Isabel! Help me, please help me! Isabel! Help me, Isabel! Please help me! Isabel!
(Isabel explains her vision to Max and Michael in the back room)
ISABEL: It was like she was really here. She was hurt and crying for help.
MAX: Who was the last person to see her?
MICHAEL: Kyle said she went to Jensen's to buy a present.
ISABEL: She's in danger.
MICHAEL: Yeah. It's got to be Nasedo's killer. He's after Tess.
COURTNEY: Trust me, nobody's after Tess. All that blond hair and eye shadow? She's like Dolly Parton without the jugs.
MICHAEL: Could you just go refill the ketchups or something?
ISABEL: We've got to find her.
MAX: I think we should start with Sorenson. He showed up here bleeding. Could've been struggling with someone.
ISABEL: Grant has nothing to do with this, Max.
MAX: I'll be the judge of that.
(Liz and Maria enter the back room)
LIZ: We've got a problem.
MAX: I know. Tess is missing.
MARIA: Oh, boo-hoo. Sorry.
LIZ: She's missing?
MICHAEL: Isabel had a vision that she was in trouble.
MARIA: That's weird.
LIZ: Here's something else weird - Whitaker has been taping my phone conversations at work. I found a CD. But the thing is how come she hasn't busted me yet?
MICHAEL: Maybe because she hasn't given up alien-hunting after all.
LIZ: She's out there right now.
ISABEL: At my party?
LIZ: Yeah...um, she sort of invited herself.
COURTNEY: So, the real party's in here.
MARIA: Could you, like, go refill the ketchups or something?
MARIA: Sugars, then.
MICHAEL: Maybe Whitaker's got something to do with this Tess thing.
MAX: Michael, you go to her office...see what you can find. I'm going to get Valenti. We'll check out Sorenson.
ISABEL: What should I do?
MAX: Make sure Whitaker stays here so Michael can search her office.
ISABEL: I can't just stay here knowing everything that's happening.
MAX: We'll handle it. Just...just try to enjoy your party.
ISABEL: Like I can, Max. I'm the one who saw the visions. I'm going after her.
MAX: Let me take care of it.
(Outside in the main Crashdown area, Whitaker is mingling)
WHITAKER: So you must be the birthday girl.
LIZ: Oh, Isabel, this is Congresswoman Whitaker.
ISABEL: Hi. It's nice to meet you.
MRS. EVANS: Hello. I'm Diane Evans, Isabel's mother. Such an honor to have you here.
WHITAKER: Not at all. Saves me from an evening of senate budget proposals and Jay Leno. Isabel...that is such a beautiful name.
ISABEL: Thank you.
MRS. EVANS: Well, why don't we open the rest of the presents?
MRS. EVANS (to Whitaker): Won't you join us?
WHITAKER: Yes. Ok. Thank you.
MRS. EVANS: Great. Ok. Come on, everybody. It's time to open the...all of this. Oh. You're popular. Ok. Which one first?
ISABEL: Um, this.
(Isabel opens the box to find a small alien stick figure)
ISABEL: Oh. Ho ho ho. Who's this from?
MRS. EVANS: Who's the comedian?
ISABEL: Just what I always wanted, guys. Thank you.
MRS. EVANS: Here. This one's from your dad.
(Isabel gets another vision of Tess in trouble)
MRS. EVANS: What's wrong, honey?
ISABEL: Noth...nothing. I...you know, I've...I've had this headache all day. I think there's aspirin in the back.
(Isabel goes to the back room, followed by Liz and Maria)
LIZ: Did you have another vision?
ISABEL: Give me your keys.
MARIA: No way. Last time I lent out the Jetta, an uzi took out the back window.
ISABEL: Then drive me.
MARIA: Where?
ISABEL: To look for Tess. I saw a sign - RED'S.
LIZ: There's no "RED'S" in Roswell.
ISABEL: I know Tess isn't your favorite person. We've all treated her pretty badly. I'm not proud of the way I've acted.
LIZ: I can't help it, Isabel. I don't trust her.
ISABEL: Then trust me.
MARIA: Ok. I think I know where it is. Let's go.
LIZ: No. Max said not to leave.
ISABEL: Max isn't here.
LIZ: Ok. Fine. I'll go with you.
ISABEL: No. No. You have to cover for me.
(Max and Sheriff Valenti search through Tess' stuff, trying to find out where she was and who may have last seen her)
SHERIFF: Address book. Evans. Evans. Guerin. Not a wide circle of friends.
MAX: Tess never had anyone but Nasedo.
SHERIFF: And you three.
MAX: Isabel was the only one she was really ever close to.
SHERIFF: What about you?
MAX: It was...it was too complicated.
SHERIFF: She wanted to jump your bones, huh?
MAX: Something like that.
SHERIFF: Screws things up every time.
MAX: Happen to you?
SHERIFF: Yeah. In my dreams.
MAX: Is that her cell phone?
(Max presses the redial button)
GRANT: Hello.
MAX: Hi. I'm calling from the phone company. We're checking the lines.
GRANT: What lines? This is a cell phone.
MAX: Right. I mean, we're checking the service. This is 555-0188?
GRANT: Yeah. You got it.
MAX: And the number is billed to?
GRANT: Grant Sorenson.
MAX: Sorenson. Right. That's what I have. Thank you.
(Michael breaks into Whitaker's office and starts looking around. He finds a file for Courtney and takes a picture from the file. Michael sees Whitaker unlocking the office door and makes a hasty retreat just before she enters)
(Maria drives Isabel to a rundown restaurant called Fred's. The "F" on the neon sign isn't lit up)
MARIA: There's your "RED'S".
ISABEL: That's it.
(Isabel sees Tess' car, which has been damaged. It's been abandoned)
ISABEL: Shoot. Where is she?
MARIA: Maybe she was thrown out of the car.
ISABEL: I don't think so.
MARIA: Um, maybe the paramedics already came.
(Isabel finds a piece of skin on Tess' car. It disintegrates in her hand)
ISABEL: No. She was taken.
MARIA: Ahh, I can't get a signal this far out.
ISABEL: I see some tracks. 2 sets of tires, see? But look here. They swerve near Tess' car...then go out in that direction.
MARIA: Straight into nowhere.
ISABEL: Nowhere's where we're going.
MARIA: Note to self - get 4-wheel drive.
(Maria and Isabel arrive at Chavez County Electric Power Facility - Plant #2)
ISABEL: She's in there.
MARIA: Oh, no. No. No. Now, you don't know that.
ISABEL: I feel it.
MARIA: We need to get Max and Michael.
ISABEL: Then go get them.
MARIA: No. No. No. You're not going in there by yourself.
ISABEL: I have to.
MARIA: No. I'm not gonna leave you.
ISABEL: Look. Go get Max and Michael, all right? Just go. But I can't wait. I have to go in.
MARIA: All right. Here. Take the flashlight.
(Isabel rips her dress as she climbs through the fence. She takes off her shoes)
(Max and Sheriff Valenti break into Grant Sorenson's motel room and start searching for anything that might give them a hint as to Tess' whereabouts)
SHERIFF: Stop right there!
GRANT: Whoa! Whoa. Sheriff, what are you doing in my room?
SHERIFF: When's the last time you saw Tess Harding?
SHERIFF: Tess Harding. And don't lie to me.
GRANT: I barely know the girl.
MAX: Then why'd you call her cell phone today?
GRANT: She's a friend of Isabel's. I wanted to ask her advice on a birthday present.
MAX: And what did she tell you?
GRANT: She said she was going to Jensen's to pick something up.
MAX: That's what Kyle said.
GRANT: I knew I'd be on the dig all day and was pressed for time, when she suggested flowers. She said purple roses were Isabel's favorite.
SHERIFF: Sorry. Procedure.
GRANT: Procedure? You break into my room and stick a gun in my face?
SHERIFF: Tess Harding is missing.
GRANT: Well, then maybe you should be out looking for her instead of harassing innocent people.
SHERIFF: Look, Mr. Sorenson...
GRANT: No. You look, Sheriff. There's obviously no evidence. I don't appreciate you and deputy dog here accusing me.
SHERIFF: Nobody's accusing you of anything.
GRANT: You got a search warrant?
SHERIFF: I can get one.
GRANT: Then get it, but until then, get out.
SHERIFF: If you hear from her, you call me.
GRANT: Right.
(Courtney goes outside to smoke a cigarette. Michael confronts her)
COURTNEY: Worried about my health?
MICHAEL: Who are you?
MICHAEL: You know what I'm talking about.
COURTNEY: Are you, like, high or something?
(Michael shows her the picture he found in Whitaker's office)
COURTNEY: Where'd you get that?
MICHAEL: From your file in Whitaker's office.
COURTNEY: Get out of my face.
MICHAEL: You're gonna tell me exactly what's going on.
COURTNEY: No, I don't have to tell you anything.
MICHAEL: So, you working with her? You spying on us? Is that what you're doing?
COURTNEY: You're a big man, aren't you?
MICHAEL: Don't jerk me around. If you're not working with Whitaker, then why does she have photos of you...documents, huh? Why is she watching you? Why is a U.S. Congresswoman interested in a waitress from Roswell?
COURTNEY: Because I was sleeping with her stepson, that's why!
MICHAEL: Stepson.
COURTNEY: That's right. He screwed his life up with drugs, and I screwed my life up with him. When we got busted, do you know who went down for that? I spent 2 years in Buckman, and the only reason why I got out of there is because I promised that bitch that I would never see him again. So I guess that she's just making sure I keep that promise.
MICHAEL: All right. Thanks.
(Courtney slaps Michael)
(Maria pulls up in the Jetta just as Michael has his hands on Courtney's shoulders)
MARIA: Michael, we got to go. Isabel's in trouble.
(Isabel searches through the power plant, frequently hearing sobbing noises. She eventually finds Tess, battered and bruised on the floor)
ISABEL: Oh, Tess. Oh, God. Tess. Oh, God. Wake up. Oh, wake up.
(Maria and Michael are on the way to the power plant)
MICHAEL: I can't believe you let her go after Tess alone.
MARIA: She didn't give me a choice.
MICHAEL: Well, where's the phone? I'm gonna call Valenti. Get him and Max to meet us there.
(Back at the Crashdown, Liz is trying to get in touch with Maria)
LIZ: Come on. Someone answer the phone...anyone.
MRS. EVANS: Liz, have you seen Isabel?
LIZ: Isabel?
(Back at the power plant)
ISABEL: Come on, Tess. I'll get you up. Come on, I'll get you up.
(Back at the Crashdown)
LIZ: She, uh, spilled punch...you know, on her dress.
MRS. EVANS: Oh, my.
LIZ: But she had to leave because she had to go take care of it. It was...it was upsetting her.
MRS. EVANS: Sometimes, honey, if one hair is out of place, she won't leave the house.
(Back to Isabel and Tess. Isabel moves Tess to an empty room, and bolts the door)
ISABEL: There. Tess. Tess, stay with me. Stay with me, Tess. Damn it. Don't die on me now.
(The bolts on the door slide over by themselves. Someone is opening them from the other side with an alien power. The door swings open and we see Congresswoman Whitaker)
ISABEL: It's you.
WHITAKER: Impressive.
WHITAKER: You. Coming here like this. I see my mistake. It wasn't her I was looking for.
ISABEL: Then why did you take her?
WHITAKER: Thought she was you. But neither of you looks like you did in the other life. I knew I needed one of the female hybrids. It was a 50/50 chance.
ISABEL: Oh, God. What is it you want from us?
WHITAKER: Where's the granilith?
ISABEL: The what?
WHITAKER: The granilith. Don't pretend you don't know. We've been looking for it. We can't exist here like you...not in our natural state. We don't have the DNA. All we have are these...uh, skins. Our limit is 50 years. My time is almost up. I need to find the granilith if it's the last thing I do.
ISABEL: I don't know what you're talking about.
WHITAKER: You're hiding it. The four of you. The royalty they tried to save by sending you here. You're gonna help us.
ISABEL: Never.
WHITAKER: You did before. You will again.
ISABEL: You killed Nasedo, didn't you?
WHITAKER: To save you.
ISABEL: From what?
WHITAKER: The other 3. You belong with us, our race. We're in charge now. Your kind doesn't rule anymore.
ISABEL: I'm not one of you.
WHITAKER: You don't remember, do you? Let me give you a piece of history about your planet. Your name was Vilandra, and you were beautiful...even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love...and for him...for us...you betrayed your brother, your race.
WHITAKER: You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone...even yourself. And history, my dear, always repeats itself.
ISABEL: God, you liar. We're leaving. Tess, come on. Come on.
WHITAKER: Not until you tell me where you're hiding the granilith.
ISABEL: I told you before, I don't know what you're talking about.
WHITAKER: Well, maybe this will help jog your memory.
(Whitaker raises her hand and an invision force knocks Tess into the air. She lands with a thud)
TESS: Uhh! Unh!
ISABEL: Stop it! Stop hurting her!
WHITAKER: I'll stop when you tell me what I want to know.
(Isabel helps Tess to her and feet and then jumps with her through the window to the platform below. They start making their way to the exit and Whitaker gives chase)
ISABEL: Come on.
(Isabel and Tess make it to the outside. Whitaker also makes it to the outside. She tears off an electrical cable. Max sees them from the gate to the power facility)
MAX: Isabel!
WHITAKER: Where's the granilith?
ISABEL: Get away from us!
WHITAKER: I'll destroy you. I'll destroy you all if I have to.
(Whitaker uses her power to start sending a stream of electrical sparks through the cable towards Isabel and Tess)
ISABEL: No. No! Get away from us!
(Isabel holds out her hand and an invisible force reflects the electricity back at Whitaker. She blows up in a hail of shedded skin)
(Max, Sheriff Valenti, Michael, and Maria rush in to help. Sheriff Valenti carries Tess to his car)
MAX: What happened?
ISABEL: It was Whitaker. She killed Nasedo.
MAX: It's ok.
ISABEL: No, it's not. It's not ok.
MAX: I guess you were right about Grant. I'm gonna have to trust your instincts.
ISABEL: I didn't know I was capable of this.
MAX: You're getting stronger.
ISABEL: We all are. Nasedo said we would.
MAX: We have to protect each other. What you did for Tess, I know you would do for me, and I would do for you. No one can come between us.
ISABEL: Max, she said things.
MAX: What kind of things?
ISABEL: Something about a granilith.
MICHAEL: I know how I...after I used my powers on Pierce...so, uh, if you want to talk or something...
ISABEL: I think I just need to be alone.
(Isabel goes to the pod chamber by herself)
ISABEL: Happy birthday, Isabel. I'm 18 today, mother. October 25th. At least that's the day we've always celebrated as my birthday. But you're the only one really who knows the real day. I guess that's why I came to the place, the only place I've ever seen you. I hold...I hold on to that day, but you disappeared, and the picture of you was already fading, and it's all I had. I was so happy because you were beautiful and warm, and I even thought I looked like you. But it wasn't you...not really. God, I don't know what you look like. Maybe I'll never know. It isn't fair. It isn't fair. I need you. I need you. Where are you? Oh, God, it's my birthday. We should be together. How could you leave us? How could you tell us all this important information about destinies and saving the world and then just disappear? Oh, God. I...I killed a person...uh, an...an enemy, an...an alien? Does that make it ok? Oh, God. What was she talking about? What was she talking about? She said I betrayed my family. Is it true? Is it true? Am I a terrible person? Answer me. Answer me. Come on, answer me!
(Isabel grabs a nearby rock and throws it at the pods in frustration. There is a glow from one of the pod chambers. Isabel crawls into one of the pods. At the back of that chamber, a previously hidden door slides open, revealing a humming alien device. The scene fades out with Isabel gazing upon the granilith)
ISABEL: The granilith.

#203 Surprise - Music

Trinket - Boom *
Album: Set to explode (2000)
Scene: At the beginning of Isabel's party

not available
Franka Potente ft. Thomas D. - Wish (Komm Zu Mir)
Album: Run Lola run (OST) - Lola rennt (Soundtrack)
Scene: When Liz tidies congresswoman's bureau and she comes into the room.
Chris Mills - All You Ever Do
Album: Kiss it goodbye (2000)
Scene: Plays in the background scene when Max talks to Isabel about her love interest Grant.
www.chris-mills.com | www.myspace.com/chrismillsmusic
Blueberry - Remember Heaven
Scene: Michael tells Isabel she can't see Grant anymore.
not available
Quad City DJ's - C'mon 'N' Ride It
Album: Get up and dance (1996)
Scene: While Alex's little performance for Isabel
not available
Neve - Digital O
Album: Identify Yourself (2001)
Scene: Michael prepares the cake and Courtney enters the room
Soul Ecstasy - Club Kidnap
Scene: At the party when Michael and Kyle are talking.
not available
Avenue A ft. Holly Godlightly - Run Cold *
Scene: In the Crashdown, when Isabel tells Max and Michael of her visions of Tess. Maria and Liz enter. Liz talks about Whitaker. Max and Michael leave - Max to search for Tess, and Michael to search Whitaker's office.
not available
Fishbone - One Planet People
Scene: Isabel opens her presents
www.fishbone.net | www.myspace.com/fishboneisredhot

#203 Surprise - Quotes

Added by MiriStar

Isabel: Oh, my God! Oh! I could kill you all.
Mrs. Evans: Kill your brother. He's the one who planned the entire thing.

Michael: Alex told you to come by so he could give you back a book. I mean, what a lame excuse. How could you not figure that out?
Isabel: Where is Alex, anyway?
Maria: He's, um, he's still getting dressed.

Grant: Well, I'm impressed. No one's ever given me a surprise party.
Mrs. Evans: Oh, when's your birthday?
Grant: December 7th.
Mrs. Evans: And what year might that be?

Grant: Well, this obviously isn't a good time for a date.
Isabel: Well, you're welcome to stay.
Michael: Or go.

Max: He wasn't invited.
Isabel: I invited him before I ever knew there was a party.
Max: Don't do it again.
Isabel: Excuse me? Are you forbidding me?

Isabel: Right, right. The king. I'm sorry. How could I forget? All I know is...Max, you may be the king, but I am not bowing down to you, not in this lifetime.

Courtney: It tastes like Tabasco. Did you put Tabasco in a cake?
Michael: Well, what if I did?
Courtney: I like that.

Kyle: Seriously. So, she's got her underwear and her bras and her girlie things all over the bathroom. Every time I go in to shave, I feel like I'm walking into Victoria's Secret.
Michael: So what's not to like?
Isabel: Kyle, where is Tess?
Kyle: She went to Jensen's to get your present. Anyway, she's taken over television, the computer, my phone. If some chick's gonna be yelling at me about keeping the toilet seat down, she better at least be doing me.
Kyle: Doing me...a favor.
Mrs. Evans: Hi. I'm, uh...I'm Isabel's mom.

Max: I know. Tess is missing.
Maria: Oh, boo-hoo. Sorry.

Maria: No way. Last time I lent out the Jetta, an uzzi took out the back window.

Courtney: Trust me nobody's after Tess. All that blonde hair and eyeshadow. She's like Dolly Parton without the jugs.

Grant: No. You look, Sheriff. There's obviously no evidence. I don't appreciate you and deputy dog here accusing me.

Alex: I did a striptease in front of her mother! You know... Are you listening to me?
Maria: One nipple does not constitute a striptease, Alex.
Alex: She saw my nipple?

Quote of the Week

Courtney: Chill out, NYPD blue.
Alex: Chill out? Chill out? I spent $150 to rent this costume. And do you have any idea how it feels to walk around all day with a thong up your ass?
Maria & Courtney: Yes!