#119 Max To The Max - Information

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Patrick Norris
Production Code: 1ADA19

First aired: May 1, 2000

Guest star: Jason Peck (Deputy Hanson), Emilie de Ravin (Tess Harding), Jim Ortlieb (Nasedo), Prinda La Lumia (Blue Haired Lady), Jacob Bruce (Man in Suit), Stephen O'Mahoney (Agent Norris), David Conrad (Agent Pierce), Gordon Haight (Announcer)

Description: It seems, that the destiny of the Aliens has already fate a long time ago. Tess explains that Michael and Isabel and she and Max are supposted to be a couple. Nasedo, the shapeshifer, was their protector. In the meantime, Nasedo shapeshifts to Max and kidnapped Liz. His goul: to get Agent Pierce to betray himself. Full of fear about Liz, Alex and Maria are going to the Sheriff. On an amusement park they find Nasedo and Liz. There, the FBI traps Max...

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#119 Max To The Max - Transcript

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(Scene opens where Four Squared left off. Max just told Isabel and Michael that Tess was one of them.)
Michael: What do you mean, sheís one of us?
Isabel: Max, what is it?
Michael: Max.
(They follow Max to the cave with the pods that he remembered. He opens the door.)
Michael: How did youÖ?
Max: I just knew.
Isabel: Max, we canítÖ
Max: We have to Isabel. We have to find out.
Isabel: What is this place, Max?
Tess: Itís where we were all born.
Isabel: No. No. No, I donít believe this.
Max: Isabel wait. We canít leave her alone, Michael. Come on.
(Isabel and Max leave the cave.)
Tess: You want to know, donít you? You want all the answers. I can give them to you, but first you have to convince them that Iím not your enemy. Max didnít tell you about this, did he? Take it. It will prove to them that I donít want to hurt you. If you convince them then I can explain everything.
(Michael leaves with the alien book. Nasedo materiaLizes out of the wall.)
Nasedo: How could you bring them up here like this? You know the Special Unit is close. You saw that camera. Who do you think put it on them in the first place? Our friend, Pierce.
Tess: Oh yeah, so why donít you just kill him? According to Max, youíve done that before.
Nasedo: What has he been telling you? Youíre going to trust him over me? Listen, you and I have spent a lot of time together. Now I donít want to say weíre familyÖ
Tess: Youíre not my family. You never will be. Max, Michael and Isabel are.
Nasedo: Fine. Go have your little reunion. If I have to kill people, I kill people. Pierce is dangerous. You all still need me if you expect to survive him.
Tess: Youíre really scared of Pierce, arenít you? More than the others.
Nasedo: Heís smarter. Heís closer to the four of you than anyoneís ever been.
(At an undisclosed location. Someone is watching a video of Isabel and Michael in Michaelís apartment supposedly taken with the hidden surveillance camera.)
Isabel: That would mean that each of us has this information in some part of us weíre just not conscious of.
Michael: Or Liz is getting the messages from somewhere or someone else.
Isabel: Nasedo?
(Tape rewinds.)
Michael: Ömessages from somewhere or someone else.
Isabel: Nasedo?

(In the desert, Max Michael and Isabel are looking through the alien book.)
Michael: You knew about this all along.
Max: Liz and I saw Tess take it from the library.
Isabel: Itís some kind of strange language.
Michael: Why would you keep something like this from us?
Isabel: Oh my god!
Max: What?
Isabel: This is me!
Michael: Itís all of us.
Isabel: How did they know what we would look like?
Michael: ĎCause we were designed.
Max: Thatís impossible, Michael.
Michael: Whether you want to face it or not, we werenít born, we were engineered.
Max: Do you understand what youíre saying? What that means we are? I wonít believe that.
Isabel: I think heís right. I mean, weíre paired just like in the pods. Max and Tess, me and Michael.
Max: No, I belong with Liz.
Michael: Not according to this.
Isabel: All that stuff Tess was talking about: signals and destiny, thatís what this is. You and me and the baby, that what this is.
Max: The what?
Michael: Isabel thinks sheís having a kid.
Max: Yours? Now whoís keeping things from who?
Isabel: Itís not what you think. We were never really together. It all happened in those dreams we were having.
Max: You canít get pregnant from a dream.
Isabel: How do you know? We donít know how we get pregnant. All I know is that something is happening inside of my body, and we donít know what it is.
Michael: Iím going to Tess. Sheís the one person who could tell us what the hell is going on.
Max: No. You canít just go asking her things. We canít trust her any more than we can trust Nasedo.
Michael: They may be the only ones who can help us. Max.
Max: Iíll go. Look at the pictures. If she is going to talk to anyone, itíll be me.
Isabel: I thought you just said we canít trust her.
Max: Who said anything about trusting her?
Isabel: What are you saying?
Max: Iím going to get her to tell me whatís happening to you no matter what.
(In a hallway at school.)
Tess: I had a feeling one of you would come. Iím glad it was you.
Max: Michael said you wanted us to trust you, so here I am.
Tess: What changed your mind?
Max: (He shows her the alien book.) I want to know whatís in it. I want to know everything.
Tess: Are you sure?
Max: Iíve thought about it. Iím ready.
Tess: Letís go somewhere.
(In Sheriff Valentiís office.)
Deputy: Hereís that file you wanted.
Valenti: Anything interesting?
Deputy: Checks out, Sheriff. Edward M Harding, civilian consultant, transferred here from Ft. McClellan near Birmingham, AL. Before that, US Army Material Command in Alexandria, VA. Divorced, one child.
Fisher: Sheriff?
Valenti: Can I help you?
Fisher: Uuh, Deputy Fisher. You requested me.
Valenti: Come again?
Fisher: Deputy Dave Fisher. Sent down from Santa Fe. Uuh, took me off traffic violations, told me you needed more bodies.
Valenti: I requested an extra man about six months ago; they said they didnít have any money in the budget.
Fisher: I guess they found some.
Valenti: Listen, Deputy, I think Iíve got the traffic around here pretty much under control, so why donít you scoot on back to Santa Fe?
Fisher: With all due respect sir, I do have my orders. And I just put a deposit down on an apartment this morning, theyíve already outfitted me andÖ
Valenti: All right, all right. Weíll straighten this out later.
Fisher: Thank you. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to help you?
Valenti: Yeah. Coffeeís been getting that metallic taste lately. Maybe you could wash out the pot.
Fisher: Yes sir. Thank you.
Valenti: Get Santa Fe on the phone. Heíd better be who he says he is.
(In the kitchen at the Crashdown.)
Isabel: What if Max doesnít find anything out, or he does and itís than we thought?
Michael: Letí not go there until we know something.
Isabel: Oh god, Michael, Iím so scared.
Michael: You have Max, and you have me.
Isabel: I donít even know who you are anymore. I mean, are you my brother or my mate? I canít forget that dream, can you? You were so happy Michael. Iíve never seen you that happy.
Michael: Well, Iíve never been that happy before. (Maria overhears.)
Isabel: Is that what you want?
Michael: I donít know.
Isabel: Well, what is this going to do to everyone else: You and Maria, me and Alex?
Michael: Letís not think about that right now. I just want you to know that Iím not going to let you go through this alone. Itís my baby too. Maybe this is the way things are meant to be. ĎK?
(On the street, Nasedo disguised as Mr. Harding slips into an alley and is followed by a guy in a suit.)
Nasedo: I was hoping it would be one of you. I need to send a message to Agent Pierce. (He kills the Agent.)
(In the desert.)
Tess: I know it must have been a surprise finding out about me.
Max: We knew there was someone out there, but we thought it was Nasedo. So you do know him, then.
Tess: He was there when I came out of the pod, and heís taken care of me ever since.
Max: So heís our father?
Tess: Not really, Max.
Max: Then who is he?
Tess: I donít even know. Iíve been with him for ten years but everywhere we go, he changes into somebody different.
Max: Why?
Tess: Because we canít get caught. Thatís how weíve survived.
Max: Why can he shape shift and we canít?
Tess: Because he doesnít have a human body like us, Max. He needs to hide who he really is.
Max: What does he really look like?
Tess: Heís never let me see. Never lets me close to him at all.
Max: Heís all youíve ever had?
Tess: Yeah.
Max: That must have been hard.
Tess: Itís been really lonely. He doesnít have a human side at all.
Max: I donít know what it would have been like for me if I didnít have Michael and Isabel.
Tess: But itís ok, Ďcause I found you. I mean all of you.
Max: The pictures in the book. The four of us, what do they mean?
Tess: You know what they mean, you feel it.
Max: I know Iím drawn to you. But I donít Ö I donít know you.
Tess: But you do, because weíre the same. You knew me before you met me.
Max: What about the dreams?
Tess: Youíre having dreams?
Max: Sometimes.
Tess: About you and me?
Max: If we were together in a dream, does that meanÖ is that how weÖ mate?
Tess: No. We have to do it the human way. I hope that doesnít disappoint you. The dreams are to awaken us, to show us how itís meant to be. Do you understand?
Max: I think I do.
(At the Crashdown. Nasedo in the guise of Max comes in. NOTE: Nasedo remains Max for the rest of the episode.)
Nasedo: Liz, letís go.
Liz: Max. Whatís going on?
Nasedo: Iíll tell you later. Iíll tell you everything. But weíve got to go, now.
Liz: Max, Iím just about to start my shift.
Nasedo: This is important.
Liz: Ok. Well, I guessÖ I guess I could leave for just a little while, let me just go tell Maria.
Nasedo: No. Donít. Iím tired of reporting to everybody. Itís always been the six of us no matter what we do. This time I want it to be just me and you. We need this, Liz.
Liz: ĎK.
(Maria watches them leave. Max pulls up across the street in the jeep with Tess.)
Max: I have a lot to think about.
Tess: Take your time. Iím here for you.
(On the other side of the road.)
Liz: Whatís up with the jeep.
Nasedo: Transmission needs some work so they gave me this rental.
Liz: Where are we going?
Nasedo: Itís a surprise.
(They drive off down the road.)
Liz: So tell me.
Nasedo: Tell you what?
Liz: Tell me everything. Isnít that what you said you were going to tell me?
Nasedo: I just wanted you to know, Liz, that nobody will ever come between us. Nobody.
Liz: Tell me something I donít know. (She kisses him.)
Nasedo: Well, if you keep that up, Iím going to have to pull over.
Liz: Is that a threat, or is that a promise?
(They pull of the road, and kiss. Liz gets a flash of black and white, desert, lightening, a dead womanÖ She breaks the kiss.)
Nasedo: What?
Liz: Nothing.
(Behind the Crashdown.)
Maria: Hey. Look, I heard something, and I gotta ask you about it, and I hope that the answer is some alien thing, Ďcause I canít imagine any other explanation that you could giveÖ
Michael: What are you talking about?
Maria: The baby, Michael.
Michael: I canít talk about that.
Maria: Wait. You owe me an explanation, Michael.
Michael: Itís not what you think.
Maria: Ok. I thought that you and Isabel were brother and sister. I mean, isnít that what youíve always said? Now suddenly, youíre sleeping together?
Michael: No, weíre not sleeping together.
Maria: Really. Then how is there a baby?
Michael: I donít know.
Maria: How do you not know?
Michael: I just donít know. I donít know anything anymore. I mean I donít know what the hell it means; I donít know what Iím feelingÖ
Maria: Wait a minute. Feeling? Now you have feelings for her?
Michael: Maria, this isnít about you or me or our stupid relationship. This is about Isabel. Something is happening to her, and thatís all I care about.
(Inside the Crashdown.)
Alex: So, I heard you have a situation.
Isabel: Who told you?
Alex: Maria.
Isabel: Maria knows?
Alex: Look, I just want you to know that if youíre having trouble dealing with it, Iím here.
Isabel: Alex, you have no idea whatís going on.
Alex: Does Michael love you?
Isabel: Itís not that simple.
Alex: It should be.
Isabel: Alex, would you stop! Weíre not dealing with some troubled teen pregnancy, ok? Weíre talking about alien babies.
Alex: Donít you think I know that? Donít you think Iíve known that from the start? That if I decided to go forward with this that things might get weird. Look, you said that you were ready for a relationship. Whateverís going on now, I know that you meant it. I know that it was real.
Isabel: It was. It was real.
Alex: Iíll be here when you need me.
(At Sheriff Valentiís office. Deputy Fisher is going through the Sheriffís file cabinet.)
Valenti: What the hell are you doing, Deputy?
Fisher: Working the filesÖ
Valenti: Thatís private.
Fisher: I was just organizing them, sir. Color-coding them.
Valenti: Your commanding officer in Santa Fe said that youíre a bit of an overachiever. Listen, kid, from now on, just do as youíre asked. Nothing more.
Fisher: Yes sir. Look Sheriff, I know you donít really want me around here, but I can prove to youÖ
Valenti: You donít have to prove anything.
Fisher: Just like my father used to say.
Valenti: Well, Iím not your father.
Fisher: I know, sir, but he was a sheriff, too.
Valenti: Oh yeah? Where abouts?
Fisher: Las Vegas.
Valenti: Tough job. Corruption, casinosÖ
Fisher: No, no, no. Las Vegas, New Mexico. But anyway, my daddy, heís gone now. He died in the line of duty. But ummÖ
Valenti: Sorry.
Fisher: No. He always used to tell me, ĎSon, you got nothing to prove.í But he was wrong. A father sets a fine example like that for his son, itís only right he should try to live up to it.
Valenti: I suppose.
Fisher: That your boy?
Valenti: Yeah.
Fisher: He got any interest in the badge?
Valenti: No.
Fisher: Thatís a shame.
Valenti: You know, you did such a great job on that coffee pot, howíd you like to work on my truck?
Fisher: Iíll get right on this, sir.
(At the Crashdown. Michael puts a glass of milk in front of Isabel.)
Michael: Calcium.
Isabel: Michael, this canít be.
Michael: I know. But why not?
(Max comes in and sits down.)
Max: Isabel, youíre not pregnant.
Isabel: Are you sure?
Max: Tess says the dreams are just to guide us in our destinies. She says the constellations have aligned and awakened our biological drives but the usual methods still apply. You canít get pregnant from a dream. Itís good news right?
Isabel: Yeah.
Michael: Really good news. What about this destiny thing? I mean are we still meant to pair up? You and Tess, me and Isabel?
Max: Thatís our choice. Michael.
Michael: I saw the book, Max, Iím not sure we have much to say about it.
Max: We control our own lives. I wonít let any book tell me what to do.
Isabel: Well at least itís all over for now, right?
Michael: Yeah. Umm, I got someone to talk to. (To Maria.) False alarm, no baby.
Maria: Is Isabel all right?
Michael: Yeah.
Maria: Thank god.
Michael: Listen, that thing I said about our relationship being stupid, I didnít mean it.
Maria: Well, then, you shouldnít have said it.
Max: What, so everyone knows, even Liz?
Maria: You didnít tell Liz?
Max: I havenít seen her since this morning.
Maria: What are you talking about? You picked her up an hour ago. I saw you guys leave.
Max: I didnít pick her up. I just got here.
Maria: Max, I saw you.
(Going down the road.)
Liz: So, uhh, howÖ how long are we going to be gone, anyway?
Nasedo: How long do you want to be gone?
Liz: I really shouldnít miss too much more of my shift.
Nasedo: Thatís the least of our worries.
Liz: Did Tess do something to you?
(They pull over. Nasedo goes to the trunk as Lizís phone rings.)
Liz: Hello?
Max: Liz, itís me.
Liz: Who is this?
Max: Itís me, Max. I donít know who youíre with, but weíre at the CrashDown. Tell us where you are. Liz? Liz? (Nasedo takes the phone from her and listens in.) Liz are you there? Itís Max. (He hangs up.)
Nasedo: Now you know.
(Heís dumped the body of the Agent he killed earlier on the side of the road. They drive off.)
(Outside the Crashdown.)
Maria: I canít believe this. I canít believe Nasedo has her.
Max: Weíve got to find out where they are.
Alex: How are we going to do that?
Max: Weíve got to go to Valenti.
Michael: And tell him what? Thereís two Maxes. The good oneís right here, but please help us catch his evil twin.
Alex: Thatís not what he means.
Michael: Then what are we going to say?
Max: I donít care what we say. Lizís life is at stake. Valenti is the only one with the resources. He could put out and APB, he can contact other towns.
Isabel: If we tell him, heíll know everything.
Max: I donít care anymore.
Michael: You canít make this decision by yourself, Max. Not this time.
Isabel: We all have to agree.
Max: Since when? Werenít you the one who went off with Topolski by yourself? Lizís life is in danger, and suddenly weíve got rules.
Michael: No, thereís always been rules: Tell no one. Youíre the one who broke that. Youíre not going to do that again.
Maria: Wait, wait, maybe we donít. Ok look, as far as Valenti knows, thereís only one Max. Thatís you. So as far as he knows, youíve taken Liz.
(At Valentiís office.)
Valenti: What do you mean heís taken Liz?
Maria: Well, at first she wanted to go with him, thinking it was like a romantic getaway.
Alex: Yeah, but then he started getting strange. You know, at least thatís what she said when she called us.
Maria: Yeah. She said thatÖ that he was scaring her and that she wanted to go home but he wouldnít let her.
Alex: Itís like heís kidnapped her or something.
Maria: Sheriff, Iím really scared. I mean, you know I wouldnít be here if I wasnít.
(Going down the road. Nasedo is talking into Lizís phone.)
Nasedo: Hello. FBI? Yes, Agent Pierce, please. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I know thereís no Agent Pierce. Just let him know that I left him a little clue on Highway 380 to Hondo. Near mile marker 67.
Liz: Are you going to kill me, too?
Nasedo: Not as long as I still need you.
Liz: Do you have to be Max?
Nasedo: Oh, I like it. Being him. Being 17. I donít think youíd have been as friendly to Ed Harding.
Liz: That was you?
Nasedo: Iíve been a lot of different people you donít even know about. But right now, Max Evans is my most important role.
Liz: Why?
Nasedo: Because Iím the bait. Pierce is looking for Max, and Iím going to draw him to me.
Liz: So why do you even need me?
Nasedo: Youíre my collateral, my hostage.
Liz: What kind of hostage am I? Pierce would just kill me.
Nasedo: Oh, thereís a thought. Actually, he wouldnít. See, he knows what Max did to you at the CrashDown that day. He wants you alive. You see, he need answers. You could come in extremely handy in terms of my survival, and even if you donít, youíve been fantastic company. Time to leave another clue.
(They drive into a gas station. Nasedo leaves a silver handprint on one pump, and causes another one to explode as they drive away.)
(On the street in Roswell. Michael grabs Tess by the arm.)
Tess: Michael!
Michael: Whatís going on?
Tess: What are you talking about?
Michael: You know what Iím talking about. Nasedo has Liz.
Tess: I didnít know.
Michael: The hell you didnít. You want us to trust you, but how can we if you donít tell us what you know.
Tess: I canít tell you what I donít know.
Michael: Hey, Valenti is involved now. If this thing goes the wrong way, heíll know everything, and that puts us all in danger, including you. Now, get in the jeep.
Tess: Michael, you donít know who youíre dealing with.
Michael: No, but you do, and thatís why youíre coming with us.
(At Sheriff Valentiís office.)
Valenti: (on the phone) Right.
Fisher: Sir, thereís a report on line three, says a young couple was spotted at a gas station. There was a freak accident, a tank exploded. And they found some kind of weird silver handprint. Theyíre faxing over security cam pictures.
Valenti: Where was this?
Fisher: 380 West, just outside of Hondo. Hey, Sheriff, do you need me to come along with you?
Valenti: Nope. That wonít be necessary, Deputy.
Fisher: Ok, sir.
Valenti: You wait here for the security cam pictures to come through.
Fisher: Yes sir. (The sheriff drives off, and the jeep speeds after him.) Whoa, wait, slow down. Where are you going in such a hurry?
Max: Nowhere, officer. Iím really sorry.
Fisher: Well, I think youíre just going to have to learn to slow down.
Isabel: You know, youíre so right, officer. And we promise never to do it again.
Fisher: Good enough, this time. But Iíll be watching.
(In Valentiís office, Deputy Fisher looks at the fax picture of Nasedo and Liz.)
(At a carnival, Liz and Nasedo are at a booth.)
Nasedo: Whereís the pea? Pick one. Pick one. Donít believe everything you see.
Liz: What are we doing here?
Nasedo: Weíre waiting for Pierce to connect the dots.
Liz: And when he gets here, what are you going to do to him? You know, and then you wonít need me anymore, right? God, donít you think Max is already on his way to find me?
Nasedo: Now why would he be doing that?
Liz: Because he cares about me. But you donít understand that, do you? YouÖ you donít care about anyone.
Max: All I care about is protecting them. No one else matters.
(On the road, Valenti pulls up to where a couple of Agents are collecting the dead body.)
Valenti: Whatís going on here?
Agent: We have it under control, Sheriff.
(A little further back down the road.)
Tess: You canít deny this, any of you. Itís our destiny. Itís what we were planned for. Even if you donít want to believe me, you canít hide from the truth.
Max: Itís not about the four of us right now, itís about Liz.
Tess: Liz is human. She has nothing to do with us.
Max: No, you have nothing to do with us.
Tess: Michael, is that what you think? Isabel?
(Back at the dead body.)
Valenti: This is my county. I demand to know whatís happening.
Agent: Go away Sheriff. This is a matter of national security.
Max: Is that them? Is that Liz?
Tess: Donít stop. Donít even slow down. Itís not her. Those men are from the Special Unit. Just drive.
Isabel: How do you know?
Tess: Iíve been running from them all my life and now theyíre after you, too. Just go.
(At the Carnival.)
Liz: I donít believe you.
Nasedo: Itís true, Tess and Max were made to be together.
Liz: But you donít even know what Max and I have. You know, ever since he saved my life at the CrashDown, he changed me. We saw into each otherís souls.
Person at the carnival: I donít believe in that hokey. Thereís no such thing as aliens.
Nasedo: Time for the final clue.
(As Nasedo blasts the person with a light that goes up into the sky, Liz sneaks away.)
(At the dead body, Sheriff Valenti and the FBI guy spot the light. Valenti gets into his truck. Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess, who pulled over to wait for Valenti, also spot the light.)
Tess: Oh my god, I know what heís doing. Heís leading Pierce right to him.
Max: And to Liz.
Michael: Why?
Tess: He wants to kill him.
Max: Letís go.
Tess: We canít.
Max: Yes we can.
Tess: Do you have any idea what Pierce would do if he gets a hold of one of us?
Max: Heís going to get to Liz if we donít get there first.
Tess: Nasedo will take care of Pierce.
Max: I canít take that chance. Iím not going to let anything happen to Liz.
(At the Carnival, Liz isnít very successful at eluding Nasedo. He follows her into a Mirror Maze. Sheriff Valenti spots him going in, and follows him.)
Max: This is where the light was coming from. Weíve got to split up and look for Valenti; heíll lead us to Liz.
(Max sees the Sheriff going into the Mirror Maze and follows him in. Now everyone is wandering around in the maze. They can see each other in the mirrors, but donít try to communicate until Max comes face to face with Nasedo.)
Nasedo: What are you doing? Get out of here.
Max: Whereís Liz?
Nasedo: Pierce doesnít care about her; he only wants me.
Max: He wants her, too. He wants all of us. Iím not leaving without her.
Nasedo: I wonít let him take you.
Liz: Max!
Max: Liz. (A glass wall separates them.) Get out of here.
Liz: Not without you. Max! Behind you!
(Two FBI guys are in the mirrors behind him. He runs off. Nasedo appears on Lizís side of the glass.)
Nasedo: Iíve got to get you out of here.
(Valenti spots Max in front of him.)
Valenti: Max?
Fisher: Right behind you, Sheriff.
(Valenti turns, and thereís Fisher with his gun drawn on Max, along with the FBI guys. Valenti shoots at the mirrors.)
Fisher: Sheriff. Sheriff, itís me, Fisher, what areÖ
(Valenti continues to look for Max. He spots him just as the two FBI guys grab him. Nasedo and Liz appear then and also see Max. They run out of the maze and over to a bus.)
Nasedo: Right in here.
Liz: Max, are you all right? (She kisses him and gets another black and white flash.) Youíre not Max.
Nasedo: No Iím not. And now Iíve got to get him back. (Nasedo shape-shifts into a clown and runs into the crowd.)
(Liz runs off of the bus, and into Isabel, Michael and Tess.)
Liz: Oh god.
Isabel: Liz. Liz!
Liz: They have Max. They have Max.
(Michael hugs her.)
(In an all white room with no doors or windows, Max is pacing and banging on the walls.)
(In an observation room.)
Agent: They want to know when youíd like to start the tests.
Fisher: Tomorrow morning. Let him get some sleep.
Agent: Yes sir, Agent Pirce.
(End of Episode.)

#119 Max To The Max - Music

8 Stops 7 - Question Everything *
Album: In Moderation
Scene: This song plays in the background of the scene, when Maria accidentally hears the conversation of Isabel and Michael about the baby.

Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes *
Album: Proud Like a God
Scene: When the wrong Max comes to the Crashdown to pick up Liz.
www.guanoapes.org | www.myspace.com/sandranasic
Beth Hart - Just A Little Hole
Album: Screamin' for My Supper
Scene: Isabel and Alex are talking about the baby and in the background this song plays.
www.bethhart.com | www.myspace.com/officialbethhart
Chris Cornell - Wave Goodbye *
Album: Euphoria Morning
Scene: Michael brings Isabel a glas of milk and the real Max enters the Crashdown. The friends find out that Nasedo kidnapped Liz.
www.chriscornell.com | www.myspace.com/chriscornell
Tam! - Aliens *
Album: Hello My Friends Do You Read Me?
Scene: When Liz and Nasedo-Max arrive at the fun fair.
not available
Filter - Welcome To The Fold *
Album: Title of Record
Scene: Right before Max enters the mirror cabinet at the fun fair.

#119 Max To The Max - Quotes

Added by Lena

Liz: Are you gonna kill me?.
Nasedo: Not as long as I still need you.

Nasedo: I've been a lot of different people you don't even know about. But right now Max Evans is my most important role.
Liz: Why?
Nasedo: Because, I'm the bait. Pierce is looking for Max and I'm gonna draw him to me.
Liz: So, why do you even need me?
Nasedo: You're my collateral. My hostage.
Liz: What kind of hostage am I? Pierce would just kill me.
Nasedo: Hmm, there's a thought... Actually, he wouldn't. He knows what Max did to you at the Crashdown that day. He wants you alive. See, he needs answers. You can come in extremely handy in terms of my survival. And even if you don't, you've been fantastic company.

Isabel: How did they know what we would look like?
Michael: Because we were designed.
Max: Thatís impossible, Michael.
Michael: Whether you want to face it or not, we werenít born, we were engineered.