#116 Crazy - Information

Writer: Thania St. John
Director: James Whitmore Jr.
Production Code: 1ADA16

First aired: April 10, 2000

Guest star: Julie Benz (Agent Kathleen Topolsky), Emilie de Ravin (Tess Harding), Hugh Benjamin (Delivery Guy), Yelyna De Leon (Sonia), Kevin Cooney (Dr. Margolin)

Description: Agent Toposky recognized hat the Aliens are in danger and she returns to Roswell, in order to warn them. But Max and the others do not trust her. Despaired she asks Sheriff Valenti to protect the young people. After that Ms. Topolsky gets kidnapped. In the meantime Isabel befriends with the new girl at school. Michael and Max are thinking rather distrustful abouth this friendship, since they fear that Tess could uncover their secret.

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#1116 Crazy - Transcript

Added by Mike

(Episode starts out in the Crashdown's kitchen where Michael is cooking)
Michael: Ladies, food doesn't taste better cold, all right? Push the special. I'm tired of flipping burgers.
(Max and Isabel enter the Crashdown)
Liz: Would you?
(Maria nods)
Liz: Thanks. Table 5.
Maria: Is that so hard?
Michael: What?
Maria: Acting like a real couple, kissing, arms around each other's shoulders, actually excited to see one another.
Michael: Overrated.
Liz: Look, if we leave right now, we can make the 7:35. I won't even change.
Isabel: Leave? We just got here.
Max: We kind of planned on seeing a movie.
Liz: Maria, would you mind?
Maria: Go ahead.
Liz: Thank you.
Maria: Live the life I so desperately want.
Michael: It's kind of immature, really.
Maria: Really.
Michael: Just a couple of horndogs looking for a place to make out. I mean, we don't need that. We got my apartment, you know?
Isabel: I guess I'll just have the special.
Michael/Maria: Uhh...we're closing early.
(Max and Liz are kissing in Max's jeep in a secluded woodsy area)
Liz: Do you mind missing the movie?
Max: I heard it got bad reviews.
(Someone runs up to the jeep and starts banging on the window)
Topolsky: You're in danger, all of you.
Max: What are you talking about?
Topolsky: The best way to protect yourselves is to just act like normal kids.
Max: We are normal kids.
Topolsky: Ok. I think I was followed. Don't trust anyone. I'll find you again.
Liz: Topolsky.
(Opening Credits)

(Michael and Maria are making out on Michael's couch in his apartment)
Michael: Maria. Maria.
Maria: Michael. Oh, Michael. Max.
Michael: What?
Maria: Look.
Michael: What the hell are you guys doing here?
Liz: Topolsky.
Isabel: She's back.
Liz: She practically just attacked us in the car at Buckley Point.
Maria: I thought you went to the movies.
Liz: It had bad reviews.
Max: She said we were in danger...all of us. And to just act normal until she contacts us again.
Alex: Would that be, you know, alien normal, or just plain "we're the subjects of an FBI manhunt" normal?
Michael: This sounds wrong, like some sort of trap.
Liz: No, Michael. She was really scared. I believed her.
Michael: Yeah. Let me remind you, Liz, that you believed her the first time, too.
Alex: Hey, you want to know what? Where would you be if Liz and I didn't stick our necks out to expose her?
Isabel: Ok. Just calm down, all right?
Alex: Do you really think she's here to warn us?
Liz: She wasn't the same person she was before. You know, and the way that she was talking, she seemed like she was just as scared for herself as she is for us.
Alex: Then I say we listen.
Michael: I say we don't! All right, it's just a new tactic. She scares us, makes us think we need help, and all we're really doing is admitting who we are. All right? I don't trust her, and none of us should.
Max: Whether we trust her or not, it doesn't hurt to take her advice. We're normal teenage kids. No one says the word "alien" or talks about this in public. Anybody could be watching. And I think we should keep this here. It's the safest place we've got right now.
Maria: I can't believe she's back. I thought this was all over with.
(At school, Alex and Isabel are sitting at a table during lunchtime)
Alex: So, you've noticed them, too, huh? Liz and Max and Michael and Maria.
Isabel: It's kind of hard not to with all the face-sucking going on.
Alex: Yeah. But, um...listen, Isabel. I've been thinking. I mean, face-sucking aside, it'd be kind of nice to have someone...someone to hang out with, one on one. You know, someone who you understand, and you share common bonds with. I mean, like a friend, but...
Tess: Can I join you?
Alex: Actually, we were in the m--the middle of something.
Isabel: You're the new girl, right?
Tess: If you're busy, I could...
Isabel: No. Have a seat. Join us. Sit down.
Tess: Thanks. I'm Tess.
Isabel: Isabel. This is Alex.
Tess: Hi.
Alex: Hi. So, welcome to Roswell.
Tess: I always hate the first day at a new school.
Isabel: Done this before?
Tess: Only about a hundred times. Everyone's always so nice.
Alex: Is that a bad thing?
Tess: Well, the guys are usually nice because they want to jump my bones. And the girls are usually nice because they want to find out if I want to jump their boyfriends' bones. You must get that a lot.
Isabel: Yeah. How about the girls who hang out with you to meet a better class of guys?
Tess: Or the guys who say they understand you and really just want to be your friend, but all they really want is 15 minutes alone with you in the janitor's closet.
Isabel: We have an eraser room.
Tess: Thanks for the warning.
Isabel: Oh, my God. I do that, too.
Tess: Good. I can't stand people who use fake sugar. Nothing can ever be too sweet. Don't you think?
Isabel: Let me see your schedule. I wonder if we have any classes together.
Tess: I don't know. I've got English.
Isabel: Phys. Ed together.
(At the Evans home, Michael is asking Max for advice)
Michael: So, now she says what we've got isn't good enough. She wants more.
Max: You mean like...
Michael: No. If that's what she wanted, would I be here talking to you? She wants the romance thing. The thing that you and Liz got.
Max: Is that what you want?
Michael: I just want to make her happy. And you're gonna tell me how to do it.
Max: It's not like there's a handbook.
Michael: I'm serious, Max. Things are getting frosty. She went to the French club meeting today instead of meeting me in the eraser room. The French club...what the hell is that?
Max: All right...romantic. When you're with her, act like she's like the only girl in the room.
Michael: She's usually the only other person in the room.
Max: That's a good start. Um, try taking her out...someplace nice. And, uh, surprises...they love surprises. Like, you know, little things, like a note in her locker, or a flower in the middle of the day.
Tess: How do you know women so well? Don't let me stop you. This is fascinating.
Max: Who are you?
Isabel: She's my friend.
Michael: How come we've never met her before?
Isabel: God, Michael, could you be any more rude?
Tess: Actually, it's kind of refreshing. I'm Tess.
Isabel: This is my brother Max and our friend Michael.
Tess: Nice to meet you.
Isabel: Here you go. I'll meet you back in my room.
Tess: Don't forget the extra sugar.
Isabel: Ok. What's wrong with you guys? She just moved here. I'm helping her catch up.
Michael: She looked pretty caught up to me. Topolsky was a plant when she showed up at school. This girl could be, too.
Isabel: She's a transfer student, Michael.
Max: She's a stranger, Isabel.
Isabel: Well, it's not like I'm going to fall in love with her and tell her our secret and compromise our very existence. I thought we were supposed to be acting normal, right? Heck of a job you two just did.
(A flower deliveryperson shows up at the Crashdown)
Delivery Guy: I've got a delivery for one of the waitresses.
Maria: Really? De Luca?
Delivery Guy: Uh, Parker...Liz Parker.
Maria: Oh. Just let me have 'em.
Delivery Guy: You're Liz Parker?
Maria: What, I don't look like a girl who gets flowers everyday?
Delivery Guy: Your tag says Maria.
Maria: Just give me the flowers. Go. No tip.
(Maria walks over to Liz)
Maria: Hey, Gidget. You got some flowers from moondoggie.
Liz: I did? Oh, my God. Wow.
(Maria looks over Liz's shoulder as Liz opens the note)
Liz: Maria.
Maria: Come on. Just let me see what I'm missing, please.
Liz: He's so romantic. He wants me to meet him at the restaurant where we had our first date. He just keeps on getting more and more wonderful every day.
Maria: Mr. Wonderful.
(Liz arrives at Senor Chow's)
Liz: Hello?
Hostess: Oh, hello. How many?
Liz: Uh, 2, please.
Hostess: Ok. Here you go.
Liz: Thank you.
(Topolsky-in-disguise slides into the seat across from Liz)
Topolsky: Don't draw attention to us. Just stay focused, Liz. It's the only way we're gonna make it through this.
Liz: Why are you following us? We haven't done anything wrong.
Topolsky: You can play that game all night, or you can listen to me and maybe save all of our lives. You're smart. I knew you were the one I could get through to. They don't know I'm here. If they did...
Liz: Who's they?
Topolsky: The people I work for.
Liz: The FBI.
Topolsky: It's more complicated than that. I've learned things, seen things...that no one would believe. Sometimes I don't even believe them myself.
Liz: Where have you been all of this time?
Topolsky: To hell. And I've come out to warn you. There's a hunter, an alien hunter. He's buried deep inside the FBI. Even the president and the director are on a need-to-know basis only. Do you understand what I am saying? He answers to no one. And he will stop at nothing to get what he's looking for.
Liz: What is he looking for?
Topolsky: Max Evans...and anyone he thinks is involved with him. All 6 of your names are on that list. You have to believe me.
Liz: I believe you.
Topolsky: I knew you would. We can't be seen together, do you understand? Meet me tomorrow night, behind the theater at 8:00. I'll know more by then.
(Liz sees Max the next day in a hallway at school)
Max: Hey. What's wrong?
Liz: Um, Max...I saw Topolsky last night.
Max: You met her?
Liz: No. I thought that I was meeting you.
Max: She tricked you?
Liz: Max, come on. Just stop it, all right?
Max: Don't you see what she's doing?
Liz: Look, Max...I really think we should just trust her.
Max: No. No one is trying to help us. Just stay away from her.
Liz: Max, it's not just about you guys anymore, ok? Maria, Alex, and I...we're on that list, too. I think that we should just all have a say in all of this.
Max: What list?
(The whole gang meets at a quarry-like area to discuss Topolsky)
Alex: So, she wore a wig, huh?
Liz: Alex, I mean, she was so scared. I've never seen anyone that scared before.
Alex: Taken a look at me lately?
Michael: Don't you get it? This is exactly what she wants. She has spooked the 3 of you. And now she's waiting for you to deliver the 3 of us straight to the FBI.
Liz: No, Michael. It's not 3 and 3 anymore. It's the 6 of us now. We need to start making our decisions that way.
Isabel: There's no decision to be made. We trust no one. We never have, and we never will. God, if you think you can even begin to understand what it's like to be us in this...
Max: I think we're all a little on edge right now, Isabel.
Isabel: Max, if there's a hunter out there, who do you think he's coming for first?
Michael: There is no hunter out there, ok? This is insane. Can't you people smell a set-up, or am I the only one thinking straight here?
Maria: Why don't we put it to a vote? Do we meet Topolsky again or not?
Alex: I say we meet, hear what she has to say.
Isabel: I say we stay away.
Max: I have to agree with Isabel.
Michael: You know my vote.
Liz: But if anything happens to any of you, I...I think that's why we need to meet her. I think we need protection, Max.
Michael: Great. It's a tie. Hell of a lot of good that did us.
Maria: No. I...I don't think we should go. I mean, if you guys feel that strongly about it, who are we to tell Topolsky anything about you?
Michael: 4-2, we stay away.
(Alex walks off visibly frustrated, and everyone leaves except Maria and Michael)
Michael: Thanks for seeing it my way.
Maria: I just really want this to be over with.
(Topolsky waits behind the theatre but Liz doesn't show up)
(Sheriff Valenti enters his office late at night and notices someone is waiting for him in the darkness)
Valenti: You left without saying good-bye, Ms. Topolsky. You ok?
Topolsky: I'll never be ok again.
Valenti: You here to tell me about it?
Topolsky: I'm here because they won't listen to me.
Valenti: Who?
Topolsky: Max, Liz...none of them.
Valenti: You're finally admitting the FBI's investigating these kids.
Topolsky: It's much worse than that.
Valenti: You look like you could use a drink, Kathleen. What do you say we go somewhere?
Topolsky: No! No. Look, everything stays a secret now, or I will never make it out of this.
Valenti: Make it out of what?
Topolsky: Did you really think you could kill Everett Hubble and not send up a red flag?
Valenti: What do you know about Hubble?
Topolsky: UFO nut...they all get tracked. He found out about Max, didn't he? At the convention. That's why you had to kill him. You're protecting those kids, too, now, aren't you?
Valenti: All right. Why don't you just tell me what the hell you're talking about?
Topolsky: When my cover was blown, I was sent back to Washington. That's when I found out about the special unit. Alien hunters.
Valenti: In the FBI?
Topolsky: I was the first agent to make direct contact with...with the subject. I spent 4 weeks being debriefed by the agent in charge. His name is Pierce. And after what he did to me, I'd hate to see how he'd treat the enemy. When it was over, that's when he told me I was theirs for life. Once you know about the unit, you don't get out.
Valenti: Sounds elite. So, what's the problem?
Topolsky: The problem is they kill people, and there is no one to stop them. And that is not why I became an agent, Jim.
Valenti: So, the FBI thinks that Max Evans is an alien. Why don't they swoop in and pick him up?
Topolsky: Why haven't you? No solid proof. Fear of what he might do. He's not the only one, you know.
Valenti: This is getting a little far-fetched, i think.
Topolsky: Look, your name is on that list. And you're not the first person he's destroyed over this. Now, I am trying to save your lives here, but if you don't want my help...
Valenti: Wait, wait. Hold on. Whoa, whoa. Hold on. Maybe we can get you some help.
Topolsky: I already told you...it is too late for that. And if you don't believe me, why don't you try asking your friend Agent Stevens what happened to him when he tried to get out? Pierce made an example out of him for the rest of us. Piece...by piece. Get them to trust me. It's the only way.
(Topolsky leaves and Valenti calls Agent Stevens)
OPERATOR: Federal Bureau of Investigation, how may I direct your call?
Valenti: Yeah. I need to speak to agent John Stevens, please.
Operator: I'm sorry...but Agent Stevens no longer works for the Bureau. Would you care to try someone else?
Valenti: No. No. Thank you.
(Valenti calls up Agent Stevens' home number)
Woman: Hello?
Valenti: Yeah. Uh, listen, I'm sorry to call you so late, ma'am. I need to speak to John Stevens, though, please.
Woman: Who is this? Why don't you know? My husband's dead. Why don't they just tell everybody for God's sake?
Valenti: Ma'am, I'm sorry.
(At the Crashdown, Michael is behind on his cooking)
Maria: How many light-years away is my Eclipse Burger?
Michael: Depends how they feel about raw.
Maria: I put that order in 10 minutes ago.
Michael: Well, you can't rush an Eclipse.
Liz: Hey, I need that Chili Rocket Dog, Michael.
Michael: I got a lot on my mind. Here, give 'em an order of Saturn Rings while they're waitin'. That'll shut 'em up.
Maria: Typical.
Michael: What?
Maria: Your reaction. You can't deliver to a customer what they want, so you substitute it with an inferior item just to get them off your back.
Michael: What's that supposed to mean?
Maria: It means, Michael, that I'm not gonna settle for the Saturn Rings anymore. If you want me, you have to earn me. That's how a relationship works.
Michael: No, Maria, that's how Boy Scout merit badges work.
Liz: Hey, have you guys noticed that there's a restaurant full of people waiting for actual food?
Michael: What are you and Max doing tonight?
Liz: Oh, we're just gonna stay at home. Try and keep a low profile.
Michael: Act like we got nothing to hide, remember?
Maria: What do you mean?
Michael: We should go out tonight. The 4 of us.
Maria/Liz: What?!?
Michael: That way, if someone is really watching us, we won't give 'em anything to be suspicious about. Hot dog.
Maria: I thought you didn't believe Topolsky.
Michael: You want what Max and Liz have, don't you?
Maria: Well, yeah. Yeah. I just thought we'd try it on our own.
Michael: One step at a time.
Michael: I hate this job.
(Scene shifts to the UFO Center)
Man: 2 nuns working at St. Mary's Hospital in Roswell were finishing their shift about midnight when they saw a bright explosion to the northwest.
Valenti: Odd-looking fella. Didn't mean to startle you.
Max: You didn't.
Valenti: You must get a lot of strangers around here.
Max: Everyday.
Valenti: You better be careful about that.
Max: What do you mean, Sheriff?
Valenti: Oh, you know, the crazies. People coming up to you out of the blue, filling your head up with all sorts of conspiracy theories, that sort of thing. You know, like Hubble.
Max: Are you saying I shouldn't believe that kind of stuff?
Valenti: No, I'm just saying that a guy like you needs to be careful, that's all. Roswell attracts all kinds. You never know who's gonna turn out to be your friend or your enemy. Now, you take me, for example. I'm the law. Now, most normal teenage boys might think of me as the enemy...always cracking down on them, waiting for them to make a mistake. On the other hand, I'm here to protect them. Just like I protected you from Hubble the other night. In fact, sometimes I might be the only person that they should trust in this town.
Max: I'll be ok, Sheriff.
Valenti: Listen, if anybody bothers you or one of your friends, you let me know. All right? But you don't need to worry. You're just a kid going about your daily routine.
Max: I've heard that a lot lately.
Valenti: Well, that's probably good advice, then.
Max: Thank you, Sheriff.
(Alex walks into the employee area of the Crashdown looking for Liz and Maria)
Alex: Oh, whoa! Peep shows!
Maria: Ooh, Alex. Don't worry. It's nothing you haven't seen before.
Alex: Ah, well, don't be too sure. So, um, in this bag I have tonight's entertainment. I got a box of raisinettes and Scream 2.
Liz/Maria: Hated it.
Alex: Ok, well, that's why my chick flick back-up rental was Notting Hill.
Liz: Ok, Alex, you can turn around now.
Alex: So, my place or yours?
Liz: Oh, um, neither.
Maria: We're going for Mexican with Max and Michael.
Alex: I thought we decided to stay low, you know, with everything that's been going on? Oh, great. Everyone's invited but me.
Liz: No, I don't think Isabel's coming.
Alex: Maybe I can talk some sense into her.
Liz: Hi.
Max: Hi. This is for you.
Liz: Oh, thank you. It's bubble bath.
Max: It's supposed to make your skin soft.
Liz: Thanks.
Michael: This is for you.
Maria: Shampoo.
Michael: Shampoo AND conditioner in one.
Maria: It's a real timesaver.
Max: We should get going.
Liz: Ok.
(Michael awkwardly takes Maria hand and pulls her outside)
Alex: So you agree with them?
Isabel: Alex, you have to stop. We can't show weakness.
Alex: What, you think I'm being weak because I don't want anything bad to happen to you? I mean, to us? To all of us?
Isabel: You really do want to protect me, don't you?
Alex: I'd do anything.
Isabel: Nobody's ever said that to me before. I mean, except for Max and Michael, but they're my brothers, so...
Alex: Isabel, I meant what I said...about having somebody. I mean...everything gets easier once you're not alone.
Isabel: I've just always thought that if I, um, if I let someone in it would make me too...
Alex: Vulnerable?
Isabel: I'm just not sure that I can afford that right now.
Alex: How about starting slow, huh? A video date? Notting Hill. It's a great chick flick.
Tess: Yeah, but he didn't deserve her. What a little English wimp, don't you think? Hi, Al.
Alex: Uhh...it's not Al. It's Alex.
Tess: I am so un-hungry right now. Why don't we just go back to your place, and I'll start on your hair.
Alex: You 2 have plans?
Tess: Girls' night.
Alex: Guess I've got the wrong hormones for that.
Isabel: See you later, Alex.
Alex: Yeah.
(Alex leaves the Crashdown and starts walking home when a sinister looking car pulls up next to him)
PASSENGER: Alex? You're Alex Whitman, aren't you? It's ok, Alex. Topolsky sent me. She knows you'd want to see her...hear what she has to say.
Alex: Why didn't she just come herself?
Passenger: I'll take you to her. She'll explain everything. Don't worry. I'm on your side. Get in the car.
Valenti: Anything wrong here?
(Sinister car drives off)
Valenti: Hitchhiking's never a good idea. Come on. I'll give you a ride home. No questions asked.
(Alex nods and gets into Sheriff Valenti's cruiser)
Liz: So, this has been really fun.
Michael: Yeah, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.
Maria: Every girl's dream.
Waitress: Here you go. You can pay me whenever you're ready.
Michael: You're gonna have to get this one 'cause i don't get paid till Tuesday.
(Maria leaves the table and stops next to the window)
(Max kicks Michael under the table)
Michael: You know, this whole dating thing really bites.
(Michael leaves the table and walks toward Maria)
Michael: What did I do now?
Maria: Michael, you have no table manners, and all you do is talk about yourself, and you have absolutely no regard for anyone else around you. I mean, if you get a girl shampoo, at least don't get her the generic kind, you know?
Michael: How am I supposed to know what brand of shampoo you use?
Maria: You just don't get it, do you?
Michael: What i want to know is, if I'm such a loser, then why do you want to be with me?
(Michael returns to his apartment to find it ransacked. Topolsky is waiting in the shadows)
Topolsky: If I give you proof, will you believe me then?
Michael: Get out of my house.
Topolsky: I know what this is.
Michael: That's a paperweight.
Topolsky: It's a communicator, and there's another one just like it. I took it from the special unit evidence vault back in Washington. Now, I know they only work when they're together, so if I bring you the other one, if I risk my life for you...I need to know that you will take me with you when your people come to get you.
Michael: You're crazy.
Topolsky: No, Michael, look. We are all going to die. And it's not going to be pleasant. We only have one chance. I will meet you tomorrow night at Buckley Point with the other communicator. If you ignore me this time, there won't be a next time.
(Everyone is gathered at the quarry-like area again to discuss what happened to Alex)
Michael: You didn't see his face?
Alex: No.
Liz: What about his voice? Did you recognize it?
Alex: If I knew anything more, don't you think I'd tell you?
Isabel: Just leave him alone. He's been through enough.
Max: Just tell me what Valenti said to you again.
Alex: It's not what he said. It's how he said it. And how he knew to be there. It's like he's on our side or something.
Max: There are 5 people in the world that I trust, and they're all standing right here. We can't let anyone else in. Not Valenti. Not Topolsky. Not even a new girl at school. No matter how tempting it is.
Alex: It's real what she says. There was something about that guy in that car. It's like our lives are in danger.
Liz: We don't know what part of her stories are true.
Max: That's why we talk to no one. Agreed?
Alex: Yeah.
(Everyone leaves except Michael and Maria)
Maria: I'm sorry.
Michael: Why?
Maria: For that whole "being the perfect boyfriend" thing. After what happened to Alex last night, that's just, like, not what's important to me at all. So, if that's why you're acting strange, you can just stop. It's over. I mean...just go back to being your usual self.
Michael: Come here. If anything happens, I mean, to me, I just want you to know that...
Maria: I know. Nothing's gonna happen to you.
(Dinnertime at the Crashdown)
Isabel: I hope you don't mind, I mean, just hanging out for awhile. I didn't want to be alone tonight.
Alex: Me neither.
(In the back room of the Crashdown, Michael is looking for something in Maria's locker)
Maria: Hey, what are you doing going through my locker?
Michael: I need to borrow your car.
Maria: Really? For what?
Michael: Don't ask. I just gotta go somewhere, all right?
Maria: Not without telling me.
Michael: Give me that! Leave me alone!
Maria: What is that?
Michael: It's nothing.
Maria: It's that thing...that orb.
Michael: Shhh!
Maria: What are you doing with the orb? Where are you going with it? You're supposed to keep it in your apartment for safety, remember?
Michael: Yeah, so?
Maria: Wait a minute. You're going to meet Topolsky, aren't you? After everything you said to the others...
Michael: Yeah, well...just don't tell them, all right? I gotta do this thing, but it's safer if I do it alone.
Maria: I'm going.
Michael: No!
Maria: Hello, Sheriff? Hi. My car's been stolen.
Michael: You're staying in the car with your head down.
Maria: Where are we going?
Michael: We're going to Buckley Point.
Maria: I need a jacket.
Michael: Hurry up!
(Liz is looking for Maria and goes to search the back room)
Liz: You guys? What are you guys doing back there? What's going on?
(Maria has left Liz a note: "Meeting Topolsky at Buckley Point. Hurry"
Maria: I don't think this is such a good idea.
Michael: You already mentioned that.
Maria: Y-you're the one who...who thought that she was gonna trap us.
Michael: She knew what the orb was.
Maria: It had the symbol on it. She could've just been guessing.
Michael: No, Maria...this is real. We're getting close to something.
Maria: Yeah, our grisly deaths. Look, Michael, I'm really scared, ok, and I don't want to go through with this anymore.
Michael: I told you, you can stay in the car.
Maria: Pull over. Let me out.
Michael: I can't leave you out in the middle of nowhere!
Maria: Fine, then take me back! I'm not kidding. You can't make me go through with this. You can't put me in danger like this. Not if I don't want to go!
(Liz, Max, Isabel, and Alex are in Max's jeep hot on Michael's trail)
Max: There's only one road up here.
Liz: They can't be more than 10 minutes ahead of us, Max. Just go fast.
Alex: Look, I don't get it. Why would he go and do this after we all agreed?
Isabel: Because he's Michael.
Max: That's no excuse this time!
Michael: Hey!
Maria: Michael, it's a mistake, and if you're too stupid not to protect yourself, I'm gonna have to do it for you!
Michael: This is not your decision to make! This is mine.
Maria: It's not just about you! What you do affects me. That's how relationships work, and whether you like it or not, we are in a relationship! OK, so go ahead and hate me, but I'm not gonna let you get hurt. I care about you too much.
Michael: Maria, I have been waiting for this my whole life.
Maria: So have I!
(Headlights appear suddenly)
Michael: Run, go on! Run! Get out of here! Go!
Maria: No, I am not gonna leave you!
(Max approaches Michael)
Max: Give it to me.
Michael: Topolsky says it's a communicator.
Max: I said give it to me! We trusted you with it, and you blew it.
Michael: It does something when it's with another one, and I gotta find out what it is!
Max: No one can know we have that!
(Max punches Michael in the face)
Michael: You hit me? You hit me!
Max: Somebody had to knock some sense into you!
Isabel: No.
Michael: Damn you!
(More headlights appear. Sheriff Valenti and Dr. Margolin step out of their respective vehicles)
Doctor: I'm sorry, but Ms. Topolsky won't be meeting you tonight...or any other night.
Michael: So she wasn't lying. You killed her, and now you're here to kill us?
Valenti: No, Michael. He's not. This man is from Bethesda, Maryland. His name is Dr. Malcolm Margolin. He stopped by my office this morning...explained a few things about Ms. Topolsky.
Doctor: I've been treating Kathleen for the last 6 weeks.
Valenti: Dr. Margolin is a psychiatric specialist.
Doctor: She had a breakdown. She's paranoid delusional. That means that she's desperately afraid of things that don't exist...to the point that she makes up elaborate scenarios to justify the fears that she has.
Valenti: Doctor tells me that Ms. Topolsky was in a facility in Bethesda until a few days ago when she just took off.
Doctor: We traced her credit card here to Roswell, and when I caught up with her she was hysterical...talking about meeting you around here...something about an orb. The Sheriff said he knew you, and that you'd had trouble with her in the past. I didn't want anything to happen to you out here.
Valenti: I checked it all out. The doctor is who he says he is, and Topolsky spent the last month in a mental hospital. I think it's safe to disregard anything she's been saying...to any of us.
Doctor: I'm sorry to have caused you this inconvenience. And don't worry about Kathleen. She should be back in Bethesda by now under the best care available. So please, no more late-night trips to the middle of nowhere. Anything could be out here, and I'd hate to see any harm come to you on our account.
Valenti: Thank you, Doctor. I'm sure we'll all sleep better. So it's over. You can go home now.
(Michael looks to the area where he dropped the orb)
Max: We'll come back for it.
Liz: Max.
(Sheriff Valenti notices something in the ground and picks up the orb)
Max: Nice job, Michael.
(Nasedo, disguised as Doctor Margolin, drives to a secluded area and shapeshifts into a hiker)
(At another part of Buckley Point, Topolsky is waiting for Michael to show up with the other communicator in hand)
Topolsky: Michael? Michael? Michael, over here! Michael.
Agent Pierce: Good work, Agent Topolsky. You led me right to them.
Topolsky: They have nothing to do with it.
Agent Pierce: That's not your concern anymore, Agent Topolsky.
Topolsky: No. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Nooooo!
(Scene fades out with Topolsky pleading for help in the back seat of the car as it drives away)

#116 Crazy - Music

Angela Via - Picture Perfect *
Album: Picture Perfect [CD-SINGLE]
Scene: This song plays in the first scene in the crashdown, when Liz and Max see each other.

7th House - Gypsy Queen *
Album: 412
Scene: Alex and Isabel are talking at the beginning of the episode.
not available
Everything But The Girl - Low Tide Of The Night *
Album: Temperamental
Scene: Liz and Max in the car scene at Buckley Point
Lori Carson - Take Your Time *
Album: Stars
Scene: This song plays in the background of the Maria and Michael couch scene.
www.loricarson.com | www.myspace.com/loricarsonmusic
Radford - Don't Stop *
Album: Radford
Scene: When the delivery boy gives Liz the flowers.
not available
Wayne Wesley Johnson - Rumba Azul
Scene: Liz unwittingly meets Topolsky at Seņor Chow's.
not available
Getaway People - She Gave Me Love
Album: She Gave Me Love
Scene: Plays when the four go on their double-date.
not available

#116 Crazy - Quotes

Added by Lena

Tess: I always hate the first day at a new school.
Isabel: Done this before?
Tess: Only about a hundred times. Everyone's always so ... nice.
Alex: Is that a bad thing?
Tess: Well, the guys are usually nice because they wanna jump my bones, and the girls are usually nice because they wanna find out if I wanna jump their boyfriends' bones.

Michael: I'm serious, Max, things are getting frosty. She went to the French Club meeting today instead of meeting me in the eraser room. The French Club. What the hell is that?