#114 Independence Day - Information

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Paul Shapiro
Production Code: 1ADA14

First aired: February 16, 2000

Guest star: Garrett M. Brown (Phillip Evans), Diane Farr (Amy DeLuca), Mary Ellen Trainor (Diane Evans), Robert F. Lyons (Hank Whitmore), Amy Kate Connolly (Teacher), Fernando Negrette (Hispanic Man), Eddie Kehler (Driver), Robert Katims (Judge)

Description: Michael has more and more problems with his insupportable foster dad. It comes to a violent argument between the two and Max and Isabel try to merge Michael into their family. Then Michaels care father suddenly disappers without a trace. Liz and Maria are shocked after finding out that the Sheriff and Maria's mother Amy are spending time together.

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#114 Independence Day - Transcript

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(Maria and Liz are talking in a hallway at school)
Liz: I don't even know how to explain it, Maria, but listen. Are you listening to me?
Maria: I'm listening.
Liz: When Max kissed me, it was like, I don't know. Ok, it was like I saw things, all right? I...I could like, feel the universe...
Maria: Ok, ok, stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Liz: What?
Maria: All right. I have just the thing for you, all right? Open your mouth.
Liz: What?
Maria: Just open your mouth, ok?
Liz: Ok, fine. Oh, that...that's really gross. What is it?
Maria: What is it? It's grief relief.
Liz: What?
Maria: I got it at my mother's shop. It's this herbal remedy that shocks the body back into reality when the mind's gone into overload. Veterinarians use it to calm wild animals.
Liz: Oh, well that...that's great.
Maria: Here, you can have this, and any time you feel yourself spiraling out of control, put 4 drops under your tongue, ok?
Liz: Ok.
Maria: Now would be a good time.
(Max walks towards Liz)
Liz: Hey.
Max: Hi. What's that?
Liz: Oh, um, it...it's nothing. You know, Max, the other night, when...when we kissed, I, um...
Max: Yeah.
(Isabel walks up to Liz and Max)
Isabel: Hey. Something's up with Michael. He's acting weird.
Max: Weirder than usual?
Isabel: Yeah, no, I just saw him at the other end of the hall, and he just went the other way.
Max: Well, maybe he didn't see you.
Isabel: No, he was ignoring me. He practically ran into the bathroom. Will you just go in there and see what's going on?
Max: Right.
Isabel: THank you.
Max: I'll see you later. Sorry.
Liz: It's ok.
(Max goes into the boys bathroom, where Michael is trying to avoid face contact with Max)
Max: Hey, Michael. You all right?
Michael: Yeah, I'm fine.
Max: 'Cause, uh, Isabel thought...
Michael: Can't a guy get some privacy?
(The class bell rings)
Max: I'll wait.
Michael: Max, just get outta here.
Max: You can't stay in there all day.
Michael: Max, I'm serious. Just leave me alone. I'll be out in a second.
Max: Fine.
(Max walks over to the door, pushes it open, and lets it close by itself. He then waits for Michael to come out of the stall and is immediately concerned when he sees Michael's black eye)
(Opening credits)

(Max and Michael are discussing Michael's black eye by some train tracks)
Max: How did it happen?
Michael: He was drunk.
Max: Hank? Has it happened before?
Michael: Couple times. This was the worst, though. Never left a mark.
Max: Michael...
Michael: Don't. I don't want you feeling sorry for me. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me.
Max: Everyone's gonna ask.
Michael: Not if it's gone. Fix it. Please. I tried, but I...
Max: And what about the next one?
Michael: There won't be a next one.
Max: Michael, you don't have to protect him. He's not even your real father.
Michael: No kidding.
(Max restores Michael's skin, taking away the black eye)
Michael: I don't want anyone else to know about this.
Max: Michael, you can't just...
Michael: Maxwell, it's between you and me.
(Maria is giving Liz some advice at the Crashdown)
Maria: You and me, Liz. We've got to stick together. All right? Hold our ground. No matter how much they try to charm us, they are like a drug, and we have to just say no.
Liz: Maria, I try and stay away, but I...I can't help myself.
(Max walks into the Crashdown and looks around for Liz)
Liz: He obviously feels the same way.
Maria: Ok. Do you remember that commercial? When the girl takes the pan and bashes up the kitchen? Ok. This is your brain on Max.
Amy: Hi, girls! I have pies.
Liz: Wow, that's a lot of pies!
Amy: Yes! I have chocolate, banana, rhubarb, strawberry, and coconut.
Valenti: Did I hear someone say coconut? How'd you know that was my very favorite?
(Amy chuckles)
Maria: Excuse me while I go and throw up.
Amy: I only made one. Sorry.
Valenti: That's a shame, cuz that looks awful good, and so do you, Amy.
Amy: Oh, well. I'd make you another one, but it'd probably just go to waste, considering on our last 2 outings you didn't really make it to dessert.
Valenti: Ah. Work called.
Amy: Mmm. Yes, but see, when I make a pie for someone, I expect it to get eaten.
Valenti: Well, how about this evening, then? I'll tell you what, Amy. If you make it, I'll eat it.
Amy: Hmm. Fine. Just remember, Jim, in this state we have a 3 strikes law now.
Valenti: Yes, ma'am.
(Max and Isabel sit at a table and discuss Michael)
Isabel: Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Max: Calm down, Isabel. I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone.
Isabel: Then why did you tell me?
Max: Cuz I'm worried about him. I don't...I don't know what to do.
Isabel: Ok, Max, you can't just tell me something like that and expect me to do nothing.
(Michael comes in and overhears the last part of what Isabel says to Max)
Amy: Ooh! My favorite little wrestler!
Michael: Hey.
Max: Hey.
Isabel: Hey.
(Michael looks at Max and Isabel for awhile, his eyes probing the looks on their faces)
Michael: You told her.
(Michael gets up and starts to leave)
Isabel: Michael!
Isabel: What are you gonna do? Pretend it didn't happen? You have to do something.
Michael: Like what?
Isabel: Tell someone. Report him.
Michael: Yeah, who? Valenti? Yeah, that'd be a smart idea, wouldn't it?
Isabel: Max told me this has happened before.
Max: Look, I'm sorry, but I had to tell her.
Michael: Look, everybody's got problems. If it wasn't this, it'd be another thing. I'm a big boy. I can handle it.
Isabel: Maybe you could talk to my dad. He's a lawyer. He could help. He once told me about this...this case he had where he helped a minor get permission to live on his own.
Michael: Forget it, Iz. The last thing we need is for me to go to the courts and bring all this attention to us.
Isabel: Well, if he hurts you again, Michael...
Michael: He won't.
Isabel: You could use your powers.
Michael: I had to stop myself last night. I can't control my powers like you and Max. You guys know that. Especially in the state of mind I'm in. If I did anything, I'd probably kill him.
Isabel: Well, all I know is you can't go back there. So stay with us. At least until Hank calms down.
Michael: Fine, if it's gonna shut you up.
(Michael leaves)
Max: How are we gonna explain this to mom and dad?
Isabel: I'll think of something.
Max: Are you sure this is a good idea?
Isabel: Yeah. In fact, I think it would be good for Michael to be part of the family.
(At the Evans home, everyone is seated at the table for dinner. Michael starts helping himself to all the dishes, giving himself 2nds before anyone else has touched the dishes)
Isabel: Michael, we usually wait till everybody's sitting before serving ourselves.
Michael: Why?
Isabel: It's polite.
Diane: Mm-kay! Who wants some of my famous green bean delight?
Max: Mmm. Sounds good.
Diane: Michael?
Michael: Well, I really don't see any beans in here.
Diane: Oh, they're in there. They're chopped into the cream of mushroom soup.
Michael: I don't know. Looks kinda...
Isabel: It's delicious. You should try some, really.
Michael: I don't want to. THank you.
Diane: So, Michael, how long is your father away?
Isabel: Oh, just a couple of days, actually.
Phillip: What does your dad do again, Michael?
Michael: He's not my dad. He's my foster father.
Isabel: Actually, he's in, um, marketing.
Phillip: Isabel, are you gonna let Michael answer a question?
Diane: You know, in all the years you've been friends with Max and Izzy, I don't think we've ever met him.
Michael: No great loss.
Isabel: Well, um, what Michael means is that, um...
Phillip: Why don't you let Michael tell us what he means?
Michael: I didn't mean anything.
(Liz and Maria go to Maria's house to study)
Liz: Oh, I am so wiped out. I don't know if I'm good for any studying tonight.
Maria: Here. Sugar rush. Always works for me.
Liz: Ok.
(Liz looks around and spots a half-eaten coconut pie)
Liz: Maria.
(Maria walks around and accidentally sits on Sheriff Valenti's hat)
Maria: Huh!
(Liz and Maria look around the room and hear muffled laughing)
Liz: Oh, my God!
Maria: I know, come on.
(Liz and Maria tiptoe back to the front door and open and close it)
Maria: Mom! I'm home!
(Amy appears from the bedroom looking a bit disheveled)
Amy: Hi, girls! Uh...what are you doing home so early?
Maria: It's 10:30.
Amy: Oh, my God! I must have lost track of time. Uh, you want some pie?
Maria: No, no.
Liz: No, tHank you.
Maria: Um. Uh, we...we're...we're gonna go in my room and study, and you should go to sleep, cuz you've got a really big day tomorrow.
Amy: I will.
Maria: Soon?
Amy: Very.
Maria: Alone?
Amy: Of course! I'll be right there.
(Sheriff Valenti walks out and his clothes are quite ruffled)
Amy: Uh, right after I say good night to the sheriff.
Valenti: Evening, girls.
Liz: Hi, sheriff.
(At the Evans home, everyone is playing Monopoly together)
Isabel: All right. As long as I'm back on Park Place, I think I'll buy a hotel.
Phillip: Ho, oh, you're killing us here, Isabel.
Max: She's ruthless. You gotta watch out for her.
Phillip: Man, oh, man!
Diane: Ok, let's regroup. Uh, it's Michael. Your turn.
(Michael rolls the dice and lands on a property owned by Mr. Evans)
Phillip: Ok. Ah! Let's see. Atlantic Avenue with 4 houses. That's 975 you owe.
Diane: Ohh! Ouch. Ouch, ouch. Wow, a lot.
Michael: How about I just catch you next time around?
Phillip: You'll catch me on the next time around?
Diane: That's a new rule.
Max: Michael, we...we usually pay on arrival.
Isabel: That's ok, I'll lend it to him.
Phillip: Oh, Isabel, no. No lending except from the bank. Uh, but he doesn't have any houses to mortgage, so...
Michael: Just rub it in, huh?
Phillip: I...I'm not trying to rub it in, Michael.
Michael: What's the big deal? Why can't she just lend me money? It's a game.
Phillip: Well, the deal is, in this house, we play by the rules.
Michael: Well, I don't want to play anymore.
(Michael gets up from the table and starts to leave)
Diane: Michael, wait.
Isabel: Michael. Michael! You didn't have to be so rude to my dad.
Michael: Rude? He was sticking it to me for no reason.
Isabel: It was a game!
Michael: He doesn't like me.
Isabel: He doesn't know you.
Michael: I don't want him to know me.
Isabel: He could help you. You just have to speak up and tell him the truth.
Michael: And what, be a poster child for domestic abuse? It's not gonna happen.
Isabel: You have to do something, Michael. Please don't just pretend it didn't happen. Please.
Michael: See ya.
(Michael walks off)
Max: He's not easy, Isabel. Never has been.
Isabel: I know that.
Max: You can't push him like that.
Isabel: He was acting like a child.
Max: Maybe. And maybe you need to stop treating him like one. He can't make up for in one night what he's never had in a lifetime.
Isabel: I'm really scared for him, Max.
(Michael goes back to Hank's trailer)
Hank: Where the hell have you been?
(Michael goes to his room and closes the door, lies down on his bed, and sighs)
(Maria's mom knocks on Maria's door and enters)
Amy: Maria. I need to ask you for some space. I can't feel like you're judging me all the time.
Maria: I'm just trying to look out for you, mom.
Amy: What are you so worried about?
Maria: I just don't want you to rush into anything.
Amy: Anything? Or Jim Valenti?
Maria: I don't trust him, okay, and I don't want him to use you. So...
Amy: What would he be using me for?
Maria: Well, for the same thing all men want.
Amy: Right. Maria, there are like 3 single guys in all of Roswell and 2 of them live in the Desert Inn retirement community. Ok? Jim is a nice guy. He has a good job, he's responsible, and he's fun.
Maria: He's a cop. And you're a hippie.
Amy: Well, opposites attract. I don't know.
Maria: The man's got a lot of baggage, mom. He's been married once.
Amy: Who hasn't been these days?
Maria: No, but he's that type, you know? That guy, that tough guy who, like, can't open up, or admit he has emotions or, you know, admit that he needs you, you know? Those are the most dangerous of them all, I promise.
Amy: Don't worry, honey. Michael will come around.
Maria: Mich...what?!? Michael, I was not...I didn't say one thing about Michael.
Amy: Sure you didn't.
Maria: I meant hypothetically.
Amy: Whatever, honey.
Maria: Just...just take it slow, all right? Once they get physical, you know, once they get what they want, they disappear.
Amy: I hope you're not talking from experience.
Maria: Just yours.
Amy: Oh.
(At Hank's trailer, Hank is arguing with Michael)
Hank: Told you to do the wash.
Michael: I'll do it later.
Hank: Today.
Michael: I'm not your maid.
Hank: Oh, you're right. You're good for nothing. Do the wash now.
Michael: Go to hell, Hank.
Hank: No wonder your parents left you out in the desert. Who'd want ya?
Michael: Who are you, father of the year? You're a man who keeps me around just to collect the monthly check!
(Max enters the trailer followed closely by Isabel)
Michael: What are you guys doing here?
Isabel: We heard some yelling.
Max: What's going on?
Michael: Just get out, all right?
Hank: Well, hello, dolly.
Michael: Shut up, Hank.
Hank: Yeah. Wanna have a drink with me?
Michael: She doesn't want a drink.
Hank: Who the hell are you, her lawyer?
Michael: Leave her alone, Hank, all right?
Hank: I asked her a question. I'm waiting for her answer.
Isabel: Here's your answer.
(Isabel throws Hank's drink all over him)
Isabel: If you ever touch Michael again, I will kill you!
(Hank grabs his gun and points it at Max)
Hank: You're gonna kill me? I don't think so!
Max: Just take it easy. We're going.
(Michael steps towards Hank and unleashes his power towards Hank. A chair moves across the room and slams into a wall, shattering it to pieces. The refrigerator doors open and close. Hank's gun starts to have a mind of its own, pointing in different directions and discharges)
Hank: What the hell?!? Oh, you little bastard. You're a freak. I always knew it. You're a freak!
Max: Michael, let's go.
Isabel: Michael, we have to go. Now! Michael!
(Max, Isabel, and Michael run off, leaving Hank dazed)
Michael: Congratulations, you made it worse. Now he knows.
Isabel: Michael, Hank was so drunk, he's not gonna know what he saw and he sure as hell isn't gonna remember it in the morning.
Michael: Isabel, I can't go back there.
Isabel: Good.
Michael: You just don't get it, do you? I know Hank's a jerk, but that's the only thing I had, and now you guys screwed that up for good.
Max: Look, just come back with us for now.
Michael: Max, for how long? I mean, 2 days, 3 days...what's that gonna do? I...
Max: We'll figure something out.
Michael: Max, I don't belong there. I don't belong there, I don't belong here, I don't belong anywhere.
Isabel: Michael, we understand why...
Michael: No, you don't. Isabel, you don't understand.
Isabel: So you got a raw deal, no one's saying that you didn't. But, God, Michael, you finally have a chance to change it. Would it kill you to ask for help, just once in your life?
Michael: Yeah, you know what? It would.
Max: Where are you going?
Michael: Doesn't matter.
Isabel: Michael, wait.
(Maria is combing her hair. She goes to the window and looks outside and sees Michael standing in the rain. She thinks she's probably hallucinating so she takes some "grief relief", looks up, and sees Michael still standing there. Michael walks over to her window)
Maria: What are you doing out there? No, you can't come in. No. I know why you're here. All right, I know what your plan is, I know what you want, but it's not gonna work this time, mister, ok, no matter what you say. My answer is no. No, no, no, no, no.
(Maria has let Michael come in and he is dripping wet and shivering)
Maria: God, you could get pneumonia. Here, take your shirt off. Hold on. You're shivering.
(Maria wipes away a tear from Michael's cheeks)
Maria: Come here. Shh, it's ok. You don't have to tell me, it's ok.
(Michael starts to cry as Maria hugs him closely)
(It's morning, and Maria's mom is waking Maria up so she won't be late for school)
Amy: Oh, Maria, honey, you're gonna be late.
(Maria's mom suddenly panics when she sees Maria sleeping with Michael)
Amy: Oh, my God!
Maria: Oh! Mom...
(Maria's mom stops bopping Michael on the head)
Amy: Get out! Get out of this bed! Out of this bed! Out!
Michael: Take it easy.
Amy: Get outta my house!
(Michael makes a quick exit)
Maria: Wait! Mom! Mom! Mom...
Amy: Maria! Kitchen, now!
(Maria is sitting on a chair and her mom is pacing around the kitchen)
Amy: My baby girl's having sex.
Maria: I am not having sex.
Amy: Then what exactly did you do?
Maria: Nothing. We just slept.
Amy: Yeah. I know that one. I've used that one.
Maria: You act like I have no self-control.
Amy: Oh, yes, because teenagers are known for self-control. Especially teenage boys.
Maria: Michael is not like that, ok? Well, sometimes he is, but...
Amy: What?!?
Maria: But not last night, all right? He was upset about something. I don't know what he was upset about, but sex was like the last thing on his mind.
Amy: Oh, tHank you. There is a God.
Maria: That's why I let him stay.
Amy: Oh, yeah, and what exactly were you thinking letting him stay here, young lady? And besides, why is it ok for you and not ok for me?
Maria: I'm 16...
Amy: Yes, you are 16-years-old, and no 16-year-old daughter of mine is gonna have sleep-overs with boys, got that?
Maria: Whatever.
Amy: No, not "whatever". Maria, as you so subtly pointed out last night, my history with men has pretty much been a train wreck. And I don't want you to make the same mistakes. Now, I can't go back and change my life, but I will be damned if I watch yours go down the same way. I love you too much.
(In class, an exam is going on. Someone knocks on the door asking for Michael)
TEACHER: Michael.
(Michael gets up and leaves with the man)
(Michael is sitting in Sheriff Valenti's office)
Valenti: Neighbors heard gunshots.
Michael: I don't know anything about that.
Valenti: But you were there last night?
Michael: Went home to get some stuff.
Valenti: What time was that?
Michael: Um...does it matter?
Valenti: You were the last person to see him.
Michael: What do you mean, I was "the last person to see him"?
Valenti: I called the plant. He never showed up for work.
Michael: Maybe he's passed out somewhere. I don't keep track of him.
Valenti: Neighbors also said they heard an argument. And then, later, more sounds. Screaming. Crying. Tortured sounds, like an animal. Almost inhuman, they said.
Michael: What are you talking about?
Valenti: Where were you, son?
Michael: Out.
(Liz and Maria are talking at the Crashdown)
Liz: You know, what you said really made sense, and I've been sticking to it. And you would be so proud of me. I mean, just last night even, I said it really clearly. No. Of course, Max wasn't there...but when he is there, I'll be ready for him. Are you even listening to me?
Maria: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry.
Liz: What's wrong?
Maria: Oh...well...
(Isabel walks into the Crashdown)
Isabel: Have you guys seen Michael?
Maria: Maybe.
Isabel: Come on, Maria, you have to tell me. It's really important.
Maria: Well, if it's that important, then you tell me. I'm worried about him, too.
Isabel: I can't.
Maria: Ditto.
Isabel: All right. Michael's in trouble.
Liz: What...what kind of trouble?
Isabel: It's Hank. He's, um...he's been hurting him, and Max and I are trying to help.
Maria: Oh, my God, Isabel.
Isabel: Michael made us promise not to say anything.
Maria: He was with me last night. All night.
Liz: What? He spent the night, Maria? What happened to "no"?
Maria: He never told me what was wrong. We just slept. And then...in the morning, my mom came in, and he took off, and I haven't seen him since.
(Max walks in and walks up to Isabel)
Max: Valenti's got Michael.
Isabel: Why?
Max: Hank's gone, and they think he had something to do with it.
(Maria is waiting for her mom as she comes home singing a song)
Amy: And she said...
Maria: Hi. Um, you know the boy that I slept-but-didn't-sleep with?
Amy: Unfortunately, the shock has indelibly printed his face on my brain.
Maria: He's in jail.
Amy: Oh, this just gets better and better, doesn't it?
Maria: He didn't do anything, ok? Your good friend, Sheriff Valenti, is holding him because he can't explain his whereabouts last night. And personally, I think it was very noble of him to protect my dignity.
Amy: Oh, yeah. How very Bonnie and Clyde of him.
Maria: Anyway, since the Sheriff seems to like you so much, I thought maybe you could tell him where Michael really was.
Amy: Well, I could.
Maria: Mom, I know maybe he didn't make the best impression on you this morning...
Amy: No, Maria, this has nothing to do with him. This is about you and me. I need to be able to trust you.
Maria: Then trust me. I swear to you, he's a good guy, and he's in trouble. I wouldn't ask you otherwise.
(At the Sheriff station, Maria's mom has explained what happend to the Sheriff and he lets Michael go)
Amy: Wait for me outside.
(Amy turns to the Sheriff as Michael and Maria walk out)
Amy: I appreciate you doing this.
Valenti: No problem.
Amy: I'm telling you the truth, Jim.
Valenti: Well, if you say he was at your house, then he was at your house.
Amy: But you wouldn't have believed Maria?
Valenti: Well, she's 16. She'll say anything to protect her boyfriend.
Amy: But she's not just any 16-year-old...she's my daughter.
Valenti: Amy, I'm just doing my job.
Amy: Yeah, but it seems that your job keeps coming between us.
Valenti: Where's this coming from?
Amy: I like you, Jim...you know I do. But Maria's at that stage now, and you know that stage.
Valenti: That I do.
Amy: And I...I have to keep an eye on things. I can't get distracted, and you're a distraction.
Valenti: Well, then, don't give me up.
(Michael meets up with Max and Isabel)
Max: So, everything's ok?
Michael: Oh, yeah, great.
Isabel: Michael, about Hank being missing, you didn't...you didn't do anything to him, did you?
Michael: No. What...you thought...
Isabel: No no.
Max: So, what did Valenti say?
Michael: Well, he said he was gonna find me a new foster situation. Not a home. Situation.
Max: I'm sure he meant...
Michael: No matter what home I get, it's a substitute for the real one.
Max: Michael, you can't just run away.
Michael: Watch me.
Isabel: Where are you supposed to go?
Michael: Anywhere but here. You two can stay in your nice little world with your pot roast and your monopoly games, cuz it's pretty clear to me you're not interested in finding our real home. But I'm going to. I'm gonna find Nasedo. He's my family.
Isabel: And what are we? You want to know what I think, Michael? I think it's time you either put up or shut up.
Michael: Very poetic, Isabel.
Isabel: You act like a 5-year-old. When are you going to grow up and stop blaming everybody else?
Michael: Is that what you think, Max?
Max: I think it's not safe out there. I think Nasedo is dangerous, Michael.
Michael: You don't know that.
Max: You heard what Hubble said. He's a killer, a shape-shifter, and he's out there. He could be anyone. Now, we need to stick together now more than ever.
Michael: You're wrong, Max.
Isabel: Go on and run, Michael, it's what you do best.
(Liz is watching the stars with her telescope on her roof when Max stops by)
Max: Liz, I'm sorry. I...
Liz: No. It's ok.
Max: I know we've been needing to talk.
Liz: Yeah, there's...there's some more important things to talk about though, and...I heard about Michael. Are you ok?
Max: Not really. I've just never seen him so upset. I have this weird feeling that...he's just gonna leave without even saying goodbye.
Liz: You know, maybe, because if he did...he wouldn't be able to go through with it.
Max: I can't lose him.
(Isabel is in her room rummaging through Nasedo's stones)
Isabel: I thought I locked that door.
Max: Uh, yeah. Yeah, you did. What're you doing?
Isabel: You see this? This is all I know about who we are. These stones that River Dog gave us at the cave when Michael was sick. They're the only thing we have from the place we came from. It was the first time I reaLized we had a home somewhere...a real place. They don't mean anything...not without Michael.
(Max goes to the trailer park in search of Michael and walks in on him as he's packing)
Max: Packing?
Michael: You could call it that. Everything I have fits in this bag.
Max: You have me. You have Isabel.
Michael: Say goodbye, Max.
Max: I can't.
Michael: We'll keep in touch, all right?
Max: It's not good enough.
Michael: Well, it's gonna have to be, all right? So say goodbye.
Max: I can't.
Michael: Max...
Max: I know what you're scared of, Michael.
Michael: No, you don't.
Max: You keep telling me how lucky I am...to have a great home, great parents. But in one way, it's harder for me, because when I screw up, I have no excuses. But you, you can do and say anything you want because you have Hank, and you can blame it on that. But what happens without him? It'll all be on you, that's what.
Michael: Well, leave it up to me to still screw it up, huh?
Max: It's ok, Michael, because if you do, we'll all still be there for you. Maybe you have to start thinking about someone other than yourself, Michael. The 3 of us belong together. There's a reason that we're together. We're family. So, go if you want to, but no matter where or how far, we will always be connected. Isabel and I wanted you to have this. It means nothing without you.
Michael: See ya.
(Michael takes off)
(Michael is at the side of the road trying to hitch a ride and a guy driving a pickup truck finally stops for him)
Driver: What a joke.
Michael: Huh?
Driver: Roswell. Wouldn't bother, but it's on my southwest route. Sell a lot of soda in these tourist towns.
Michael: Yeah, right.
Driver: I don't know why in the hell they come here. Aliens, I guess.
(Michael opens the pouch that Max and Isabel gave him and the stones fall into his open hand. He moves them around in his hand for a little while, thinking of their significance)
Trucker: Ain't no aliens in that town. Let me ask you something. If you were an alien, you can go anywhere in the world, would you pick Roswell?
Trucker: Trust me, there ain't nothing in that town.
(Michael starts seeing the flashbacks that he saw during the balance ceremony, of him and Max and Isabel together)
(It's morning in the Evans household and Isabel comes down to the kitchen to find Michael making breakfast)
Isabel: What are you doing?
Michael: Making an omelette. What does it look like?
Isabel: I didn't know you could cook.
Michael: Yeah, well, uh, there's a lot you don't know about me.
Isabel: Yeah. You're full of surprises.
Michael: Yup.
Isabel: THanks.
(Mr. Evans comes into the kitchen)
Michael: Good morning.
Phillip: Hello, Michael.
Michael: I thought I'd cook breakfast for the family.
(Mrs. Evans comes into the kitchen)
Diane: Ah. Well, well...what's going on here?
Phillip: Uh, Michael is making breakfast for everyone.
Diane: Hmm. Looks good.
Michael: Uh, there's another thing, sir...
Phillip: Yeah?
Michael: Uh...I was wondering if you could help me. Uh, I wanna...I wanna find a way to live on my own, and I was told that it could be done.
Phillip: It's complicated. You'd have to file a petition for emancipation...go before a Judge.
Michael: You know, I'll do whatever it takes. I've thought about it, and I want to take control of things. And I think I'm ready to do that now, so...
Phillip: Why don't you come by my office this afternoon and we'll talk. I'd like to know more about your situation.
Michael: Yeah, this afternoon then.
(Max and Isabel are standing in a Judge's inner chambers, looking on as Michael and Mr. Evans present a petition for emancipation to the Judge)
Judge: And does the minor, Michael Guerin, pledge to take charge of his life as an adult from here forward?
Michael: I do, your honor.
Judge: And do you understand that you will be solely responsible for your financial, educational, and medical decisions as they may arise?
Michael: I do, sir.
Judge: And I might add, young man, that you are fortunate in having these folks here today...who have an interest in your future...and have shown a confidence in you that is reflected in my decision. I hope you can live up to that faith.
Michael: I'll try, your honor.
Judge: I hereby grant your petition for emancipation.
(At the Sheriff station, Hank walks into the Sheriff's office)
Hank: Heh heh heh. I heard you put out an APB?
Valenti: You heard right.
Hank: Heh heh heh heh. Here I am.
Valenti: In all your glory.
Hank: So, you can call off the hounds.
Valenti: Where you been, Hank?
Hank: Down in Carlsbad. Landed in a bar. Met a lady. What can I say?
Valenti: You wanna tell me about the gunshots?
Hank: Oh, uh, well...never clean a gun while you've been drinking.
Valenti: Uh-huh.
Hank: Anyway, got an offer from a plant over in Las Cruzes. My lease is up next week, so...I'm hitchin' up the trailer and I'm gone. Thing is, I'm goin' alone...so if I need to sign some papers about that boy, or anything...
Valenti: Won't be necessary.
Hank: Oh?
Valenti: And Hank...make it soon.
Hank: Aw, don't worry, Sheriff. I'm already gone.
(We see Hank driving at night. He drives up to a tree and walks behind to the trunk. There, we see the real Hank who has been dead for some time. Nasedo drags out Hank's body and buries it. He then goes back into the car and he uses his power to shapeshift into someone else. He eats some pills, and the scene fades out as he drives off into the night)

#114 Independance Day - Music

Jars Of Clay - Hand
Album: If I Left the Zoo
Scene: In the first scene when Maria and Liz are talking about boys.

not available
Euphoria - Delerium
Album: Euphoria
Scene: This song plays in the background at school, when Maria and Liz are talking.
not available
Bis - Detour
Scene: Maria and her mother have an conversation about "men and boys" in Maria's bedroom, while she's doing her hair.
not available
Collective Soul - Run *
Album: Dosage
Scene: Plays in the rain scene, when Michael stands in front of Maria's house.
Radford - Closer To Myself *
Album: Radford
Scene: Did the sheriff got Michael? Isabel, Max and Liz are gathering.
not available
Bush - 40 Miles From Sun *
Album: The Science of Things
Scene: Plays when Michael hitchhikes.

#114 Independence Day - Quotes

Added by Lena

Driver (to Michael): If you were an alien and could go anywhere in the world, would you pick Roswell?

Maria: You know the boy that I slept but didn't sleep with? Amy: Unfortunately the shock has indelibly printed his face on my brain. Maria: He's in jail. Amy: Oh, this just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Maria: He's a cop. And you're a hippie. Amy: Well, opposites attract.

Amy: Maria, there are like three single guys in all of Roswell. And two of them live in the Desert Inn Retirement community.