#106 River Dog - Information

Writer: Cheryl Cain
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Production Code: 1ADA06

First aired: November 17, 1999

Guest star: Mary Ellen Trainor (Diane Evans), Steve Hytner (Milton Ross), Julie Benz (Agent Kathleen Topolsky), Toochis Morin (Native American woman), Richard Anthony Crenna (Agent Baxter), Richard Schiff (Agent Stevens), Tod Thawley (Eddie), Michael Horse (Deputy Blackwood), Ned Romero (River Dog)

Description: Someone broke into Max and Isabels home and stole all the documents they found in the dome. Only a necklace with a symbol, which they all seem to know, can be rescued. In order to find out what's behind this symbol, they drive into the Mescalero Reservation. There, an old indian, named River Dog, gives them some information. The Sheriff finds a connection between a disappeared writer and an unidentifizierten body with an extraterrestial silver handprint on his cheast - while Michael and Maria continue their awkward flirtation attempts.

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#106 River Dog - Transcript

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(Start off with the same scene from the end of previous episode)
(Michael is rummaging through the small room grabbing papers and stuffing them into a box)
Michael: Whoever's up there looking for us isn't gonna stop until they find us. I'm gonna find out everything I can before they do.
(Maria and Liz observe a rat crawling around in the room and Liz finds a tunnel leading out of the room)
Liz: Max. Max.
(Everyone starts to leave through the tunnel)
Liz: Come on! Come on!
Max: Go, go, go, go, go.
(Isabel is drawn to a necklace and is lost in deep thought for a brief moment)
Max: Isabel! Isabel!
(Isabel grabs the necklace and goes into the tunnel. Everyone gets into the jeep and the jeep drives off just as Topolsky's head pops up at the tunnel exit)
(Opening credits)

Voiceover: All logic is gone. Here were my plans last night - finish my shift, dinner with the parents, half hour of talking to Maria on the phone, then dive into this issue I've been having with geometry, and hopefully finish in time to watch this A&E biography on Madame Curie. Instead, I took off in an open-air vehicle that probably shouldn't be allowed on the road to begin with, broke into a house, essentially stole things from it, and engaged in general bonding with aliens. Welcome to my world.
(Michael and Maria are driving back in Maria's car)
Michael: What?
Maria: No, it's just kind of funny how surprising things can get. All this time that I've known you, I've just always thought of you as, like, this guy, you know. Like this weird guy from the other side of the tracks going nowhere in life, which, of course, you know, you still are that but...what i didn't reaLize was that there's this whole other side to you.
Michael: What, that I'm from--
Maria: Well, clearly there's that, but putting that aside, underneath that, um, weird, poorly bathed exterior, there's, like, this whole...deeply wounded, vulnerable guy.
Michael: Listen, all right, in terms of what happened yesterday between us, that was just we were on the road. All right, we talked. That's all over.
Maria: Of course. Wait. You think something happened between us?
(Isabel searches through old photo albums and picks out a photo)
Max: What is it?
Isabel: You remember when Mom and Dad took us to Florida that summer?
Max: Sure. You had sunstroke all of August, and I sprained my ankle on the shuffleboard court.
Isabel: Before that. We were on the beach one day, and we drew this thing in the sand, this symbol together. Do you remember that?
Max: Symbol?
Isabel: Think. We had never seen it before, but somehow we drew it together. We both knew what it was supposed to look like. Why did we both know that symbol, Max?
Max: Isabel, what is this all about?
Isabel: Draw it.
Max: What?
Isabel: Close your eyes and try to draw it.
Max: But I don't remember it.
Isabel: Draw it.
(Max draws the symbol and Isabel shows him the photo she picked out from the photo album, which matches his drawing)
Max: What made you think of this?
Isabel: I found this at Atherton's house.
(Isabel shows Max the necklace which also has the same symbol on it)
Mrs. Evans: Hey! Where is everybody? You kids ready for some breakfast?
Isabel: Morning.
Mrs. Evans: You two look exhausted. How late were you last night? I didn't even hear you come in.
Max: Sorry. We lost track of the time cramming for that math midterm.
Mrs. Evans: Well, just do me a favor, huh? The next time you're studying that late, will you do it here? Ok, let's get a move on. I don't want you to be late for school.
Isabel: Ok, we'll be right down. I hate lying to her.
(Maria and Liz talking at school)
Maria: The thing about Michael is that he's weird but surprisingly interesting.
Liz: He's interesting?
Maria: Not interesting for me, obviously.
Liz: Oh, yes, obviously.
Maria: I mean, it can never be. There's a number of obstacles. His hair, his personality, the fact that he was hatched.
Liz: Can you please tell me what happened in that motel room?
Maria: I told you, Liz, nothing happened.
Liz: Are you sure?
Maria: Nothing physical, although it wasn't very verbal, either. What Michael and I share, well, it's non-verbal. Michael is the type of person my mom likes to refer to as a vibrator.
Liz: A vibrator.
Maria: You know what i mean. Someone who communicates by, you know, sending vibes out into the atmosphere.
Liz: What kind of vibes was he sending you?
Maria: Vibes that are, you know...
Liz: Oh, I have to go talk to Kyle.
Maria: Oh, the stalker. Good luck with that, Lizzy.
Liz: Thank you.
Maria: So, um, I guess I'll see you at Max and Isabel's later.
Liz: Um, Max and Isabel's?
Maria: Yeah, you know, to go through the files. Michael said they'd pick me up after school, so...
Liz: Oh. Uh, yeah, I will be there.
(Liz walks over to Kyle's locker)
Liz: Hi.
Kyle: Miss Texas.
Liz: Can I talk to you for a second?
Kyle: I can't imagine what you'd want to talk to me about.
Liz: In private.
(Liz and Kyle go into the janitor's closet)
Kyle: Oh, this is weird. To be in here in the janitor's closet. It's, um, ironic. Our first kiss.
Liz: Oh.
Kyle: Last day of school last year.
Liz: Yeah. That was, um...that was a great day.
Kyle: Liz, don't even try.
Liz: Kyle, I just wanted to make sure you were ok. That you didn't get hurt last night.
Kyle: I see. So that's what you wanted to speak to me about?
Liz: Yes.
Kyle: In private.
Liz: Mmm-hmm.
Kyle: Well, I'm ok.
(Kyle starts to leave)
Liz: No, Kyle. Um...I just need to make sure that you're not planning on telling anybody about...about where we were that day.
Kyle: Oh, I see. And here I was thinking you were just concerned about me. Liz, what the hell were you doing out there last night?
Liz: I can't talk about it.
Kyle: Just gimme a hint. Is it drugs? You part of some cult, or is it just about sex?
Liz: Kyle...
Kyle: Don't worry. I...I won't tell anyone.
Liz: Thank you.
Kyle: Not until I have something on him that will destroy him.
(Topolsky is exercising while talking with Agent Stevens of the FBI)
Topolsky: Things are very much under control, Sir.
Stevens: Agent Topolsky, do you understand the assignment that was given to you?
Topolsky: Yes, sir, I do.
Stevens: Repeat it.
Topolsky: I'm sorry?
Stevens: Your assignment. Repeat it to me.
Topolsky: The assignment is to observe the subjects and determine whether or not the theories about them are substantiated.
Stevens: You're forgetting something, Agent. The word covertly. To covertly observe the subjects to determine whether or not the theories about them are substantiated. Covertly!
Topolsky: I've been acting covertly.
Stevens: Drop-kicking the sheriff. You call that covertly?
Topolsky: The sheriff was endangering my operation.
Stevens: Your operation?!?
Topolsky: Our operation.
Stevens: Wrong again, Agent. Not your operation. Not our operation. My operation! Mine! I think I have a piece of my bagel permanently lodged in my esophagus. New orders, Agent Topolsky. See if you can follow 'em this time. Whatever those kids took from that house, I want it. Get it. Whatever those kids are doing right now, I want to know about it. Do you understand, Agent Topolsky?
Topolsky: I understand.
Stevens: By any means necessary, Agent.
Topolsky: Yes, sir.
Stevens: Don't waste my time, Agent!
Topolsky: I'm all over it.
(Max's Boss, Milton, is talking about UFO spacecraft at the UFO Center)
Milton: You are now looking at an actual piece of an alien spacecraft. This metal, which matches none of the 92 trace elements known on the planet, defies the properties of all metals known to man. When bent, it bends back...on its own. It cannot be melted. Nor does it have--
Valenti: Can I talk to you for a second?
Milton: Uh, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be right back with you. Um, study this slide.
Milton: How can I help you, sheriff?
Valenti: You know a guy named James Atherton? Wrote about aliens?
Milton: He was one of the first to publish on the '47 crash. Alleged crash. He authored several books, most notably "Among Us", published in 1955.
Valenti: You wouldn't happen to know if he's still alive?
Milton: That's, uh, anyone's guess. Disappeared.
Valenti: Disappeared?
Milton: Vanished right off the face of the earth. Supposedly he was on to some amazing discoveries right before his disappearance. Direct contact. That sort of thing. Legend has it that he was abducted by aliens. He disappeared in 1959.
Valenti: '59?
Milton: Sheriff, as a concerned citizen and as an extraterrestrialist, I'm compelled to ask. What's this all about?
Valenti: I think your slide's on fire.
Milton: Oh, oh! Stay seated, please. Please stay seated.
(Sheriff takes out the picture of the corpse from 1959 that he hid under his desk and compares it to the picture of Atherton in the "Among Us" book, when Deputy Owen knocks on the door)
Valenti: Yeah?
Owen: Sheriff, we have a situation.
(Max, Isabel, and Michael in jeep heading to Evans home)
Michael: So there's kind of a lot of stuff to go through, huh?The files.
Max: We'll do it piece by piece, the 3 of us.
Michael: The 3 of us...right. 'Cause there's some other people that might wanna help out with that stuff.
Isabel: Some other people?
Michael: Yeah, you know, that Maria girl.
Isabel: That Maria girl?
Michael: But it should just be the 3 of us.
Max: Probably.
Michael: Yeah, that's what I figured. Actually, I sort of told her we were gonna pick her up.
Isabel: Michael!
Michael: You know, she pushed it. She's got this whole thing. She's a real vibrator. She sends out these vibes. It's...
Max: Michael, she can't come look through the stuff. It's us, that's all.
Michael: I know. I know. I'll call her. Do you have your phone?
Isabel: Fine, but don't let her blather too long, ok, because I'm desperately low on minutes.
(There's a lot of commotion outside the Evans home)
Isabel: What's going on?
Max: We'd better go find out. Michael, get out of here.
Isabel: Wait. Are you sure we should go in there?
Max: It's where we live. We don't have any choice.
Michael: Nah, I don't like this.
Max: We'll meet you at the Crashdown later.
(Michael takes off)
Valenti: Mr. Evans. Isabel. I'm afraid i've got some bad news for you.
Isabel: Mom.
Mrs. Evans: Oh, Izzie. Max. Kids, they robbed the house.
Isabel: The sheriff told us. When did it happen?
Mrs. Evans: This morning, I guess. I stopped at the house on my lunch break, and whoever did it was already gone.
Max: Are you ok?
Mrs. Evans: Yeah, just a bit shaken.
Max: What did they take?
Mrs. Evans: The tv, the stereo. I haven't even checked the bedrooms yet. I called your dad. He's on his way.
Isabel: We're gonna go check our rooms.
(Max checks for the files they took from Atherton's dome)
Max: Gone.
Isabel: Oh, my God. They didn't come for the TV, did they, Max? Someone knew what we had here. Someone wanted it.
Valenti: Sorry. Wow, I can only guess what it must be like to have your house broken into like this. A real violation.
Isabel: Yeah.
Valenti: So what'd they take from in here?
Max: Actually, nothing seems to be missing.
Valenti: That's odd. This place has been ransacked worse than the rest of the house. Almost as if they were looking for something.
Max: They didn't take anything.
Valenti: How about from your room?
Isabel: I haven't, um, looked there yet.
Valenti: You checked out your brother's room before you checked out your own. Why is that?
Mrs. Evans: Sheriff, excuse me, but why are you interrogating my children? We're the victims here.
Valenti: Ma'am, I apologize. I didn't mean to interrogate anybody. I just wanted to make sure that we do a thorough investigation. Sometimes seemingly meaningless details can be important.
Mrs. Evans: Right. I understand. I'm sorry.
Isabel: I'm gonna go and check my room.
Owen: Miss Evans? I'm sorry. I just need to take a statement. I can come back later.
Isabel: Ok.
(Deputy Owen's eyes are drawn to Isabel's necklace)
Owen: Where did you get that?
Isabel: At the mall. Kind of like the retro look. Why?
Owen: I just haven't seen anything like that since I left the reservation.
Isabel: Well...maybe they're branching out.
Owen: Right.
Isabel: Which reservation?
Owen: I grew up on the Mescalero reservation just outside of town.
(Michael enters the Crashdown from a backdoor and runs into Maria)
Michael: Never do that again.
Maria: I didn't do anything.
Michael: You startled me.
Maria: I startled you?
Michael: Yes. Did Max and Isabel get here yet?
Liz: Why? Were they supposed to be here? Oh.
Max: We need to talk somewhere. In private.
Michael: I can't say for sure I was being followed. I just had a feeling, that's all.
Max: What did he look like?
Michael: I don't know. A man in a suit. 30-35. Tall. Brown hair. He looked suspicious to me. What can I tell you?
Max: When we were on the road, there was a guy who might've been following us. I didn't say anything because I didn't want anyone to get worried.
Isabel: I can't believe what's happening here. Someone broke into our house. Someone's following us. It's too real.
Max: It's gonna be ok.
(Michael stares at Isabel's necklace)
Isabel: What?
Michael: I know that. I know that. How do I know that?
Max: The 3 of us know it. We think it's from the past.
Isabel: Pretty wild, huh? I found it at Atherton's.
Michael: This has to mean something.
Isabel: You know that native american deputy? He said he recognized it from the Mescalero reservation.
(Michael shoots a glance at Max as if to say "We've got to go!")
Max: We can't go anywhere right now. We can't make any suspicious moves.
Michael: Come on. We gotta go.
Max: No one's going anywhere. Not right now.
(Sheriff pays a visit to Topolsky at school)
Topolsky: Who is it?
Valenti: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Topolsky: Of course not, sheriff. You're always welcome. So, what can I do for you?
Valenti: I just needed your assistance on a small matter.
Topolsky: Certainly. What is it?
Valenti: There was a...a break-in at Max and Isabel Evans' house yesterday.
Topolsky: I hope no one was hurt.
Valenti: No. No one was home when it happened. And I was just wondering if you could tell me...
Topolsky: My whereabouts, sheriff?
Valenti: Of course not. No. I was just curious if there'd been any trouble with any of the students here at the school.
Topolsky: I don't know of any of my kids who would do anything like that.
Valenti: Right. Well, it's just a thought. I know you keep a close eye on your students here.
Topolsky: That's my job.
Valenti: I can see you're a person who takes their work seriously. Take it home with you. Take it on the road with you. I woke up with one hell of a headache.
Topolsky: Must've had your head in the wrong place.
Valenti: Yeah, must've.
(Sheriff tips his hat)
Valenti: Ms. Topolsky.
(Max hears a knocking at his window and goes to open it)
Max: Michael, we're not going--Liz, what are doing here?
Liz: Can I come in?
Max: Sure. Yeah. Of course.
(Liz trips as she climbs through the window and falls on Max who steadies her)
Liz: Ohh!
Max: So...what's going on?
Liz: Um...I really didn't wanna say this before because I didn't want anybody else to get involved, but...I'm going to the reservation.
Max: No...no, you're not. We're being watched.
Liz: Maybe you're not just being watched, you know. Maybe it's more than that. Max, today they came for the files. What if tomorrow they come for you? If there's anything there, any possibility at all that this means something, we need to find out.
Max: Thanks for the offer...but no.
Liz: Max, you saved my life.
Max: What does that have to do with it?
Liz: It's what started all of this. People suspecting you. If anything happened to you...or Michael or Isabel, I just...I couldn't live with that. Let me do this one thing.
Max: Liz, I already told you no.
Liz: Max, I didn't come here for permission. I came here for the pendant. If you don't give it to me, I'll just draw it. I'm going.
Max: Hey. First moment anything weird happens, anything at all, you come back.
Liz: I promise.
(Liz arrives at the Mescalero Indian reservation late at night and browses through a trinket stand)
Peddler: A beautiful bracelet for a beautiful lady.
Liz: Oh. Yes, it is really lovely. But I was actually...looking for something like this. I was just wondering if you've seen this symbol before or if you know what it means.
Peddler: It means "tree of knowledge."
Liz: Really?
Peddler: Actually, I have no idea what it means, but it looks old.
Liz: Right. Yeah. Do you know what...
(A hand reaches out and grabs Liz's arm. The hand belongs to a native american named River Dog whose eyes are drawn to the necklace that Liz is showing the Peddler)
Liz: Who was that?
Peddler: Stay away from him.
Liz: Hello?! Is anyone there?
(Liz is about to open her car door when River Dog comes up to her)
River Dog: Give me that.
Liz: Who are you?
River Dog: Please.
(Liz lets River Dog examine the necklace)
River Dog: Where did you get this?
Liz: We just found it.
River Dog: We?
Liz: No. I found it.
River Dog: Who else knows? How many know? Tell me.
Liz: No one else knows.
River Dog: How did you know to come here? Were you followed?
Liz: No, I wasn't. I...what does this mean to you? Please tell me.
River Dog: This is dangerous. It brings death.
(At the Crashdown, a native american is talking to Liz)
Liz: Can I help you?
Eddie: I think I'll try the redskin basket.
Liz: Oh, yeah, I've been trying to get that off the menu for months.
Eddie: Thanks for the effort. My people are indebted. My name's Eddie.
Liz: Hi. I'm Liz.
Eddie: I have a message from River Dog. He'll meet you at 10 o'clock tonight.
Liz: Tonight.
Eddie: Come alone.
Liz: Out where?
Eddie: The reservation. Someone will meet you.
(Michael, Max, and Isabel are driving around in the jeep, looking back periodically to check if they're being followed)
Max: Is he still following us?
Michael: I don't know. I think so.
Isabel: I can't believe this. I--I just wish things would go back to the way they were.
Michael: I still think this plan bites.
Max: Michael, the plan does not bite.
Michael: I'm being used as a pawn. I want to go meet this River Dog guy.
Isabel: Michael, relax, all right?
(They drop Max off at the movies and then drive off quickly to try to lose the agent that's following them)
Michael: Here we go.
Isabel: Go!
Michael: I'm going!
(Max and Liz go through the theatre walkways to a pre-arranged place to meet up with Maria)
Max: Uh, Liz?
Liz: She'll be here. Don't worry.
Max: I'm not worried.
Isabel: This is a nightmare.
Maria: I am so sorry. My mom's acupuncturist appointment ran late. I'm so sorry.
Liz: No, it's ok. It's ok.
(Max and Liz drive off in Maria's car)
(Topolsky pulls over and the sheriff pulls up behind her)
Valenti: Did you lose something?
Topolsky: What about you, sheriff? Do you always chase cars when you're off duty?
Valenti: Only when they blow through 3 red lights, 2 stop signs, and do 70 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. Ms. Topolsky, you are a walking, talking, moving violation.
Topolsky: I'll take that the best way I can.
Valenti: Now, I could bring you in, hold you overnight, while I'm at it, do a thorough background check to find out what our new guidance counselor is really up to, or we could just have a nice conversation.
(Max and Liz arrive at the reservation)
Max: Where do we go?
Liz: He just said to come back tonight. That's all he said.
Eddie: Who's this guy?
Liz: Oh, uh, he's my friend.
Eddie: I invited you, just you.
Liz: Yeah, I know, but this is really important to both of us.
Eddie: Sorry.
Liz: Wait, you can't just leave.
Eddie: Why not?
Max: Because I know this symbol. It means something to me.
Liz: Please, it's important.
Eddie: There will be a test. If you pass the test, River Dog will answer all your questions.
Liz: Let's go.
(Eddie walks away a few steps, then turns back to Max and Liz)
Eddie: Are you coming?
(Isabel, Maria, and Michael are waiting at the Crashdown for Max and Liz to return)
Michael: What do we do?
Isabel: We wait. They've only been gone a little over an hour.
Michael: I'm telling you, the plan sucks the big one, all right? They're out there on my vision quest, and I'm sitting here in the kitchen with 2 girls yakking.
Maria: Interesting, um, Michael. You know, some women of the, uh, 20th century might find that last remark just a tad bit offensive.
Michael: Why?
Maria: Why?
Isabel: Welcome to Michael-land.
(Michael is helping himself to some cake)
Maria: I hope you intend to pay for that.
Michael: I do not.
Maria: Well, then that's theft, buddy.
Michael: Arrest me.
Maria: Ok, so what's with the Tabasco sauce?
Michael: Sweet and spicy.
Maria: Sweet and spicy?
Isabel: We all like things extremely sweet mixed with extremely spicy. It's our little dietary quirk.
Maria: Well, I'll have to, uh, keep that in mind.
Michael: You do that.
Isabel: Are you 2 flirting? God, could my life get any worse?
(Max and Liz are following Eddie up a hill and are panting a bit from the effort)
Liz: Um, Eddie, how much...how much further is it?
Eddie: It's very close.
Liz: Max, I don't think this is a good idea anymore. We've been walking for too long.
Max: Eddie, um, where exactly are you taking us?
Eddie: You're here.
Liz: We're where?
Eddie: Good luck.
Liz: No, Eddie, Eddie. You can't...you can't just leave us here.
Max: Hey!
Liz: We...what are we gonna do?
Max: Friggin' Eddie.
Liz: I cannot believe this.
Liz: No, Max, Max. Look.
(Liz motions towards a cave opening)
Max: What was that?
(In the darkness, Liz is grabbed by someone)
Max: Liz!
Liz: Let me go!
Max: Liz...Liz, where are you?
(Max creates some light to penetrate the darkness of the cave)
Max: Let her go. Who are you?
River Dog: You have passed the test.
(Sheriff Valenti and Topolsky are chatting at a bar)
Valenti: I've never taken you for a drinker.
Topolsky: Why is that?
Valenti: You seem like the healthy type. Working out at the gym, shopping the health food aisles.
Topolsky: How long have you been following me, sheriff?
Valenti: A while now.
Topolsky: Observe anything unusual?
Valenti: Well, besides an FBI agent being assigned to our local high school, yes, I have. That's a hell of a kick you've got going. It about gave me a concussion. It's a good thing I'm not the sensitive type.
Topolsky: Aren't you? It seems to me a man who spends his entire life trying to avenge his father's mistakes could be considered sensitive.
Valenti: Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about my father's mistakes if I were you, Agent Topolsky. It seems you've made a few of your own.
Topolsky: Such as?
Valenti: Well, such as letting them slip through your fingers.
Topolsky: Them?
Valenti: Whoever it is you're after. Such as exposing yourself to the local?
Topolsky: Maybe we're taking the wrong tack here, sheriff.
Valenti: It's funny how everybody agrees they've taken the wrong tack when their cover's been blown. Well, anyway, I just thought I'd give you a heads up before I call your superiors and let them know you've been made.
Topolsky: Sheriff. Look, if my superiors find out about this, I'm off the case. Gone for good, and where does that leave you? Isn't there some other way we can work this out?
Valenti: Why, whatever could you be thinking, Ms. Topolsky?
Topolsky: I probably have information that you would like to have, and you have information that I might want. Maybe we can work together here.
Valenti: Let me think about that.
(River Dog is talking to Max and Liz about the alien from 1959)
River Dog: I once knew someone like you. I didn't know where he came from or why he was here. He stayed pretty much to himself. He befriended me and everyone here. He began to trust me.
Max: Do you know where I can find him?
River Dog: I haven't seen him for 40 years. Besides me, the only man he trusted was Atherton. The man gave Atherton his necklace, the one you had.
Max: What happened to him?
River Dog: Atherton was murdered.
Liz: Who killed him?
River Dog: The man killed him.
Max: Maybe he was defending himself. Atherton was some kind of UFO nut. He could have been trying to expose him, hurt him.
River Dog: I was too far away to see what happened, but when I reached them, Atherton was dead.
Max: When was this?
River Dog: November 1959.
Liz: Max.
River Dog: I have one more thing to show you. This way.
(At the Crashdown, Maria starts to get very anxious because Max and Liz haven't returned yet)
Maria: This is taking too long. They're in trouble.
Michael: Cool your jets.
Maria: We should go out there.
Michael: They'll follow us.
Maria: What are we supposed to do?
Michael: We wait.
Maria: You know, now I know why Isabel left. You are obviously the last person to be around in a crisis.
Michael: We were told to sit here and wait until they come back, all right, and that's what I'm doing. I'm not the one freaking out. You're freaking out.
Maria: I am not freaking out.
Michael: You keep pouring sugar from one container to the other and then back again. Quit it, it's driving me insane!
Maria: I just...I wish you would say something.
Michael: Say what? What do you want me to say?
Maria: I don't know what. Just say something, you know, to make me feel calm, to make me feel like it's gonna be all right.
Michael: Maybe it's not gonna be all right.
Maria: Thanks, that helps a ton.
Michael: What do you want me to do?
Maria: I don't know.
Michael: Shut up, then!
Maria: I...I hate you!
Michael: Ditto!
Maria: You know, all I ask of you is just to try to make me feel better, you know, be a guy or whatever. Forget it. I have obviously tried to bark up the wrong tree.
(Michael kisses Maria)
Michael: That was to calm you down.
Maria: Thanks.
(Michael and Maria walk off in opposite directions)
(In the cave, River Dog shows Max some drawings on the cavern wall that the alien from 1959 drew)
Max: Did he draw this?
River Dog: Yes. He said someday you would come.
Max: It seems familiar, like I know what it means, but I can't remember.
Liz: It must be some sort of language.
River Dog: He was afraid they were going to kill him.
Max: Who was?
River Dog: I don't know. He felt they were close to finding him, so he had to leave. I promised I would never share this information with anyone unless they passed the test.
Max: Has anyone else come? Has anyone passed?
River Dog: No, no one.
Max: So this has some type of meaning. It's some kind of message for us. Maybe it's some type of warning. I don't know.
River Dog: It's time for you to leave.
Max: Can we come again?
(River Dog shakes his head)
River Dog: I've completed my promise. There's nothing more I can tell you, nothing more you can learn.
(As Max and Liz turn to leave, River Dog reaches out and grabs Liz's hand)
River Dog: Wait, wait. You're not one of them.
Max: Liz?
River Dog: Make sure he deserves your trust.
Max: Let's go.
(Scene fades out as Max and Liz walk out of the cave hand in hand)

#106 River Dog - Music

Bachelor Girl - Blown Away *
Scene: Maria and Michael are talking in the car. This song plays in the background.

not available
Finger Eleven - Quicksand *
Album: Tip
Scene: When Eddie comes to the Crashdown to meet Liz.
Crash Test Dummies - Get You In The Morning *
Album: Give Yourself a Hand
Scene: You can hear this song during the scene in the Crashdown. Isabel, Michael and Maria are waiting for Max and Liz coming back from the reservation.
Bramhall - Snakecharmer
Album: Jellycream
Scene: Ms. Topolsky and the Sheriff are flirting in the pub.

#106 River Dog - Quotes

Added by Lena

Maria: Ok, so what's with the Tabasco Sauce?
Michael: Sweet and spicy.
Maria: Sweet and spicy?
Isabel: We all like things extremely sweet mixed with extremely spicy. It's our little dietary quirk.
Maria: Well, I'll have to, uh, keep that in mind.
Michael: You do that.
Isabel: Are you two flirting? God, could my life get any worse?

Maria: Michael is the kind of guy my mother likes to refer to as a vibrator.

Michael: That was to calm you down.
Maria: Thanks.

Sheriff Valenti: I woke up with one hell of a headache.
Mrs. Topolsky: Must've had your head in the wrong place.