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"The Promise"
Part 1
by Dayna
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Summary: Max/Maria
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Life in Roswell hadn't changed much in the two years since they'd graduated from high school. They'd so far been able to keep their identities secret, and had accepted that if any of their own were going to find them, it would be in Roswell. Though Isabelle had gotten restless after graduation, and had talked Alex into going with her to search for other survivors. They would keep in constant contact, in case anything new came up. Maria and Liz had decided against going away to college, both wanting to stay near Michael and Max.

Max had been surprised by Michael's decision to stay in Roswell after graduation. But ever since the incident years earlier in the cave, Michael and Maria had grown closer. Michael had put aside his determination to find home, and instead concentrated on his relationship with Maria. She was his life now.

Max knew how he felt. His relationship with Liz had also gotten more serious, although they still hadn't gotten as close as Michael and Maria had. Max was still reluctant to commit to Liz. He knew he loved her, but there was just something that made him keep a distance.

Life had settled into a routine for the four of them, and it lulled them into a false sense of security. Maybe if they'd been more cautious, they'd realized that they were in danger. But as it was, their first warning of danger was fatal.

Max and Liz had been at his apartment watching television when they'd gotten a worried phone call from Maria. Michael hadn't come home yet, and she was worried about him. Liz tried to convince her friend that he was just late, but Maria had been adamant. It was a special night, Michael wouldn't have been late. She was convinced something was wrong. Max agreed to search for his friend.

Max drove around the city, praying that Maria was just being paranoid. But, a feeling he had in his gut told him that something wasn't right. He knew he had to find Michael, and find him quickly. Max drove around for over an hour before he was drawn to a section just outside of town. He stopped the car and began searching......and it was there that he found Michael. Max rushed to his friends side.

"Michael? What happened?"

Michael's eyes opened slowly, and he gripped Max's hand. ""

"Of course I came. Now I'm going to get you home, and you'll be fine...."

Max stopped as he saw Michael shake his head. "I'm.....dying....Max. You....can'"

"Michael, don't talk like that. I can heal you...."

"No, you....can't. It's...too...late for me."

Max looked down at his friend's broken body, and knew the damage was more then just physical. Whoever had attacked Michael, had known what he was.....knew how to kill him.

"Max.....they know about have to leave." Michael warned.

"Who, Michael? Tell me who did this to you."

"Our people....Max....we weren't meant to survive the crash."

Max stared at his friend in disbelief. Their own people were trying to kill them? Why?

"Max.....warn Isabelle. She must hide."

"I will. Just try to relax, I'm going to get you help."

Michael shook his head sadly. "You can't fix this, Max. You....have to leave....Roswell. They know...who you are."

Max held Michael's shaking body tightly in his arms. He couldn't accept that his best friend was dying.....killed by the very people they'd been searching for.

"Max.....I need you to promise me something." Michael coughed out.


"Maria.....must protect her.....they're after her too."

Max nodded, as his mind flashed to Liz. If they were after Maria because of her connection to Michael, they'd be after Liz too.

"You..don't understand...Max. They know....don't let them.....hurt her. Don't let...them...experiment on her!"

"What are you talking about, Michael?"

Michael closed his eyes as tears fell down his cheeks. He opened them to look at Max. "She's pregnant, Max.....They want the baby....want to examine Maria."

Max sat back shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Max....promise me......promise you'll protect Maria....and our baby. Promise you'll get.....her away."

"Michael, I......"

"Damnit Max.....promise me!"

"I promise. I'll protect Maria and your child." Max said.

Michael relaxed, and nodded his head. Max knew his friend was dying. There was something he needed to know. "Michael, is anyone else in danger?"

Michael looked confused for a moment, then shook his head. "Liz doesn't matter to them....they want Maria....because of the baby.....they have no go after Liz...unless....."

"Unless what?" Max asked worriedly.

"They think.....she can bring...them you." Michael said.

Max closed his eyes. "Michael, what are we going to do?"

"I can't help....not anymore....Max, tell Maria.....tell her how much.....I love her....and our baby....and tell her...I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what, Michael?"

"Sorry I failed....I failed her....I failed our child.....I failed you and Isabelle.....I'm sorry, Max."

Michael clutched at Max's jacket, and Max gripped his hand. "You didn't fail, Michael."

"Protect her....Max......Please!"

"You know I will, Michael. Whatever it takes, I'll keep them safe."

Michael smiled, then closed his eyes. "Damnit Michael....NO!!!!"

End Part 1


In the days after Michael died, Max had been fighting with his own fear. He'd contacted Isabelle and warned her to stop looking for their people. Once he told her about Michael, she wanted to come back, but he'd convinced her to stay gone. As far as they knew, no one knew exactly where Isabelle was. Max warned his sister to stay away. There was nothing she could do. They could keep in touch by cellphones, not regular phone lines. And Max had kept the news of Maria's pregnacy a secret, not even telling Liz. Before saying goodbye, Alex had promised to look after Isabelle.

As Max hung up, Alex's words echoed in his ears, and he was reminded of his promise to Michael. As if he could've forgotten. Everytime he saw Maria's tearstained face, or thought of Michael, he was reminded of his promise. His mind continually ran through how he was supposed to do what he promised. He was fighting an enemy without a face. {Michael, what am I supposed to do?}

Max turned as he heard Liz behind him. She dropped into the chair. "How is she?"

"I'm scared for her, Max. She's not eating, not sleeping.....she doesn't want to live without Michael."

Max turned and looked back out the window. He hadn't talked to Maria since he'd had to tell her about Michael. She had no idea about the promise he'd made to Michael, she didn't even know that he knew about the baby. And from Liz's attitude, he knew Maria hadn't told her friend yet.

"Max, I have to go home for a couple hours. Can you stay with Maria?"

Max looked at Liz's tired face and nodded. "Go ahead. Try to get some rest."

Liz nodded and walked over to give him a hug. "I'll be back soon."

Max stood for a long time after Liz left, just staring at nothing. His mind replayed his conversation with Michael, and it suddenly became clear to him. Max knew what he had to do. And even though he knew it would be difficult for everyone, it was the only way to fulfill his promise.....and keep Liz safe.

Max opened the door to Maria's room. She was curled up in a chair, Michael's jacket clutched tightly to her chest. Max walked over and sat on the bed. Maria didn't acknowledge his presence.

"Maria, we need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about, Max."

"We need to talk about Michael." Max said.

Maria looked at him with tears in her eyes. "Michael's dead!"

Max watched Maria pull the jacket closer, then turn away from him. "Maria, the people who killed Michael are going to come after you."

Maria remained silent. "Michael was afraid that they'd capture you.....and take your baby."

Maria's head turned towards him. "You know?"

"Michael told me. Maria, you know how much Michael loved you, don't you? He was so afraid that these people were going to hurt you and the baby. Michael had me promise to protect you, to keep you and your child safe.

"I can take care of my baby."

Max knelt in front of her. "Maria, Michael thought that by dying, he was failing you...failing all of us."

"That's not true!"

"I know that. The only thing he wanted was to make sure you and the baby you are carrying are kept safe. Let me help you do that."

Maria laid her head back against the chair. "How? We don't know who these people are? Or why they wanted Michael dead? They're your people, for God's sake!"

"I don't know the answers, Maria. That's why we need to leave Roswell. Isabelle and Alex are safe for now, but I need to get you out of town. Michael believed they wanted you the most. They can always kill Isabelle and I, but they want you before the baby is born."

Maria crossed her arms protectively around her stomach. "I'll kill myself first. There's no way in hell I'll let them touch my baby!"

"Then let me help you, Maria. Let me fulfill the promise I made to Michael."

Maria closed her eyes, the tears flowing down her cheek. "What do we do?"

Max let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding. "The first thing is to get out of Roswell as soon as tonight."

End Part 2


Max stood in the living room. He knew that he was taking the coward's way out, but there was no choice. This was the way things had to work out. He looked up as he saw Maria come out. She was dressed in faded jeans, a t-shirt, and Michael's jacket. In her hand, she carried a single bag.

"Do you have everything you need?" "I guess. Some clothes, some personal items, some pictures. God, how pathetic. All I have left of Michael are some pictures."

Max walked over and gripped Maria's shoulders. "You have alot more then that, Maria. In your mind you'll always have your memories, in your heart you'll always have the love, and you carry the proof of his love. That baby is a part of Michael, Maria."

Maria leaned against Max. "God, I miss him so much, Max."

"I know, so do I."

They stood silently for a few moments before Maria pulled away. She wiped away the tears and picked up her bag. "Guess we better get going. Is Liz meeting us here or are we picking her up?"

This was the part Max had been dreading. "Neither. Liz isn't coming with us."


"Maria, right now, Liz isn't in danger. It's you they're after. To protect Liz, we need to get as far away from here as possible."

"What if they go after her?"

"They won't. They'll be too busy looking for you. This is the only way, Maria."

Maria couldn't believe she'd be leaving her best friend behind. But if Max was right, she didn't want Liz put into any danger because of her.

"Does she know?"

Max grabbed his jacket. "She will."

Max led Maria out of the apartment. They hopped into the jeep, stopping only so that Max could grab some clothes. Then Max and Maria drove out of Roswell.

"Max, I'm back."

No answer. Liz threw her coat on the chair, then walked into the bedroom. There was no sign of Max or Maria anywhere. Where were they? As Liz walked back into the living room, she saw the envelope with her name on....written by Max. With shaking hands, she reached out for it. She sat down on the chair as she pulled out the letter and started reading it.


I'm sorry to do this, but there were no choices. I know I should've been man enough to face you and tell you these things, but I can't. I don't think I could stand watching your beautiful face, when I told you that I had to leave Roswell.

My staying here would only put you in danger. You see, the people who killed Michael...*our* people...well, Michael wasn't their only target. They made it clear to him that they also intended to kill Isabelle and myself. And I know they wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who got in the way. I love you too much to let them hurt you. For now, Isabelle is safe. And with me gone, you'll be safe too.

As for Maria, she's in more danger then Isabelle and I right now. These people want Maria.....want the child she carries. Michael's child. And they've already proven they're willing to kill to get her. Before Michael died, he made me promise to protect Maria and their child. The only way I know to do that is to get her as far away from here as possible. I considered bringing you with us, but decided against it immediately. You deserve better then living like a hobo, running from place to place. I want you to have a normal life, Liz.

But also, I need to focus all my attention and energy on protecting Maria. I can't allow myself to become distracted. One lapse in concentration, or one mistake, could mean death....or worse. I made a promise, Liz....and I can't do anything to jeopardize their lives. I can't fail Maria...I can't fail Michael. I won't!

I'll try to let you know that we're safe. Liz, I hope you can forgive me someday. I love you, Liz.

Love, Max

The tears streamed down her face as she laid the letter on the table. She'd been so happy lately, and now all of that had been destroyed in less then a week. Michael was dead....Isabelle and Alex were in hiding......and Maria and Max. Her heart broke as she thought about them. Maria had lost the man she loved, and now was forced to run to protect her unborn child. And Max......she knew Max would do whatever he had to do in order to keep his promise to Michael. And as much as it killed her to lose Max, she prayed for his safety and hoped that someday, it would be safe for him to come back to her.

Max drove down the deserted highway, every once in a while glancing at Maria. Thankfully, she had fallen asleep. He knew that she needed to keep her strength up in order to make it through this. But, Maria was tough. She would do what she had to in order to survive. To make sure her child grew up safe.

Max knew that he and Maria would have to work together. Eventually, they'd probably meet up with Isabelle and Alex, but until then, they were on their own. As he glanced at the sleeping woman, Max realized that he really didn't know Maria all that well. Yes, he'd known her for years, and trusted her to keep their secret, but he'd never really sat down to talk to her. Liz and Michael were always there, but now they weren't. Michael was lost to them forever, and Max knew that Liz was too. His heart told him he'd never see Liz again.

End Part 3


Max sat in the hotel room, staring out the window. He knew they'd only be safe there for a few hours. In the two months since they'd left Roswell, he and Maria had been on the run. Twice they'd nearly been caught. The first time they'd escaped fairly easily, and had gotten a look at those who were hunting them. His people.....Max still couldn't believe that their own people wanted them dead. For what possible reason?

The second time had happened just days ago. And Max knew it had been his fault. He'd been thinking about his phone conversation with Liz, and wasn't paying attention to the car following them. They'd pulled off to get gas, and he'd gone inside, leaving a sleeping Maria in the jeep. As he was paying for the gas, he heard Maria's scream and ran outside. The sight chilled him. He saw Maria being pulled towards another car, tears were running down her face, and she was screaming at them to leave her alone. Luckily for them, a couple truck drivers came out to help. As Max rushed to Maria and pulled her into his arms, he caught the attention of one of the men who'd tried to take her. The look the man gave Max confused him, but he didn't worry about it then. The only thing that mattered to Max was getting Maria somewhere safe. After thanking the truckers, Max had driven off.

They'd found this out of the way motel, and pulled in for a few hours. Max knew the experience had scared Maria, and at three months pregnant, she needed to rest. He looked over at the bed, and was thankful she was sleeping. As he watched her sleep, Max realized how close he'd come to messing up. He'd let his mind wander, and it had nearly proven fatal. Max knew then that, no matter how hard it was, he'd have to let go of Liz completely. He couldn't risk having anymore contact with her. It was too dangerous. So, he'd have to say goodbye.

Max walked outside, and pulled out his cellphone. He closed his eyes as he waited for her to answer.


"'s me."

"Max, thank God, I was so worried about you. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. But, something did happen. Liz, I can't call you anymore."

"Why not? Max, please, you can't do this." Liz begged.

"I have to, Liz. Hanging onto the past isn't good for either of us."

"It isn't the past, Max. We love each other, and as soon as this is over, you can come home."

Max leaned back against the building. How could he tell her it would never be over?

"Max, are you there? Say something."

"Liz, I won't be coming back. Ever."

"WHAT!? Max, don't say that."

"I'm sorry, Liz, but you need to accept this. I don't know if this will ever be over. None of us will be able to return." Max said.

"Then tell me where you are. I'll come with you. Max, I don't want to lose you."

Max closed his eyes as he leaned his head back. A part of him wanted to have Liz with him, but he knew that wasn't the right thing to do. He couldn't drag her into this. Besides, he knew that it couldn't work. He wouldn't be able to protect both Maria and Liz. And his priority had to be Maria.

"I can't do that, Liz."

Liz was speechless. She'd been sure Max would agree. "Why not?"

"Because of Maria." Max replied.

"Maria? What does she have to with it? Max, I don't understand."

"Liz, Maria is in alot of danger, and I need to do everything in my power to keep her safe. I wouldn't be able to do that if I was worrying about you too."

"But once you meet up with Isabelle and Alex........."

"That's not going to happen either. At least not for quite a while. We've decided its safer for all of us if we stay apart for now. We don't want these people to have an easy time finding us."

"Then I could help you."

"No Liz, it would give them just one more target. We need to make a clean break. You have a bright future ahead of you, but you need to forget about me."

"What about your future? *Our* future?" Liz asked.

Max hated hearing the pain in her voice, but this was the way it had to be. "We don't have a future together, Liz. And my future," Max pictured the woman lying in the room behind him, "my future is Maria and her baby."

"Max, don't do this! You belong with me, not Maria!"

"But Maria's the one I need to be with."

Max could hear her crying. "I hate Michael for doing this! Send Maria to Isabelle and Alex, they can take care of her."

"Don't say that! Michael did what he had to do in order to protect those he loved. And I won't let him down! Maria's my responsibility, and I take that seriously. I won't let anyone hurt her!" Max yelled angrily.

Max listened to the silence on the phone. "You love her, don't you?"

"Of course not, but I do care about her." Max replied.

"There's more to it then that, Max. I can hear it in your voice. How long have you felt this way?"

"Liz, I told you......."

"You can deny it all you want, Max. Is she the reason you kept your distance from me? Why we never got as close as I wanted?"

Max didn't respond. Liz's words were sinking in, and he realized that she was right. A part of him had probably loved Maria for a long time, but he'd buried it beneath friendship. He knew how happy she and Michael were together, and he loved Liz. But, it was probably his feelings for Maria that kept him from completely committing to Liz.

"I guess that's my answer. Have you told her yet?" Liz asked.

"No. It's too soon. She just lost Michael."

He could hear Liz taking deep breaths. "Don't wait, Max. You don't know when you could lose her. Goodbye, Max."

Max heard the click as Liz hung up the phone. He went back into the room, and laid down on the bed. His gaze rested on Maria. Max couldn't tell her now, there was too much going on. And he wasn't ready to face it himself. He didn't want to think about betraying his best friend.

Later in the night, Maria began thrashing about on the bed. Max reached out and pulled Maria into his arms, soothing her as the nightmare subsided. As her breathing slowed, Max continued to hold her. Holding her felt right, and he wasn't ready to let her go.

As Max drifted back to sleep, his arms securely wrapped around Maria, neither of them were aware of the solitary figure standing outside.

End Part 4


Max and Maria were getting ready to leave when they heard someone knock on the door. "Who is it?"

"Someone who can help you."

Max looked back at Maria who shrugged her shoulders. Max motioned for Maria to go into the bathroom, then he cautiously opened the door.

Standing in front of him was the man he'd seen earlier....the one who tried to take Maria. Max tried to slam the door closed, but the other man pushed the door open. He entered the room, then closed the door behind him. Then he leaned casually back against the door. Max backed up, eyeing the man.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Max asked.

"You already know who I am.....and what our people want."

"Well, it's not going to happen. I won't let you hurt her!" Max yelled.

The man eyed Max, then shook his head. "You really think you can stop us? You don't have a clue what's going on."

"I don't care! I know you killed Michael, and I know you want Maria and the baby. And it's not going to happen!" Max yelled.

The man was silent for a moment. "Michael chose well."

"What?" Max asked.

Max watched as the man walked over to sit down. "You can have Maria come out. I'm not going to hurt her."

"And you expect me to believe that after I saw you try to kidnap her?"

"What difference does it make if she stays in the bathroom or comes out here? If I was going to do something, it wouldn't matter."

Max called Maria out, and heard her gasp as she saw the man. Maria stood behind Max, holding onto his back. "What's going on, Max?"

"I have no idea."

The man motioned them to sit down. They sat on the bed, keeping a distance from the stranger. "Why don't you quit playing games and tell us what you're doing here?"

"I already told you. I'm here to help."

"Excuse me if I find that hard to believe." Maria said.

"Sorry about the other day. But you were never in any danger."

"Didn't seem that way to me." Maria replied.

"Look, I knew those truckers were there. And I knew they wouldn't just stand by and watch a pregnant woman be kidnapped. Our people tend to be a little full of themselves, not believing anyone can stop us. It was easy to manipulate the situation."

"Why would you want to do that?" Max asked.

The man leaned forward slightly. "Because, I don't want to see Maria or her baby hurt. And, I don't want to see you and Isabelle killed. It's my job to make sure that doesn't happen."

Max and Maria shared a skeptical look. "But why? Michael said it was our people who were trying to kill us."

"It is. They got to Michael before I could."

Max felt Maria shaking as they talked about Michael, and reached over to pull her into his arms. "I don't understand any of this. Why would you want to help us when the others want us dead? And why do they want us dead? What did we ever do to them?"

The man stood and looked out the window. "Our race isn't any different then others. We have those in power who decide what we can and can't do. And we have those who oppose our leaders. People who don't believe in what's happening. The ship that crashed in Roswell was carrying people who opposed our leaders. They thought they'd find a better life on Earth. However, there was no way our leaders would allow that to happen, so they sabotaged the ship. No one was supposed to survive the crash."

"But we did survive. Why come after us now?" Max asked.

"Because the three of you were the last of the survivors. We knew where you were, so you were last on the list. The others needed to be destroyed first. When they were eliminated, we came back to Roswell."

"And you murdered Michael!" Maria yelled.

"Our people did, but I didn't. There is still a group opposed to those in power, and I happen to belong to that group. I was given the job of keeping the three of you safe. But, I was delayed, and Michael had already been killed. And I learned the rest of you had split up. I've already sent someone to protect Isabelle and Alex, while I came after you two."

"Why is it so important to you that we survive?" Max asked.

"You and Isabelle are proof that we can live among the humans. That our people can live normal lives here on Earth. And Maria is proof that our two races can coexist, and reproduce. You are the hope for our people to live free. That's why those in power want you dead......and the reason you must survive!"

"Wh....why do they want my baby?" Maria asked.

"Your baby is a half-breed. They want to study it."

Maria wrapped her arms protectively around her stomach. "They can go to hell! I'll never let them touch my baby!"

The two men watched as Maria ran into the bathroom. "She's a brave woman."

"Yes, she is. What did you mean when you said Michael chose well?"

"He chose you to protect Maria and the baby. I've seen how you are with her. You'll protect her with your life. Maria would die to protect her child, and you'd die to protect Maria. That kind of devotion is foreign to our people. You learned to trust humans, to love them. That's something our leaders claim is impossible. They tell us that to come to Earth would mean our death. We were told the crash was caused by humans, but most of our people don't believe it. Earth isn't advanced enough to destroy one of our ships. But we had no proof that we could survive on this planet. You are that proof."

"So what does that mean?" Max asked.

"I've sent transmissions back to the ship. Proof that you survived the crash, and have lived among the humans since. Evidence that you existed peacefully with humans. That you found love and acceptance with humans. As soon as my group receives the information, it will be passed on. The truth will be exposed and there will be an uprising. Things will change."

"And what about us? Do we run forever?" Max asked.

"No. Once our people learn the truth, those who ordered your death will have more to worry about then you. It would accomplish nothing to kill you then, and they'll be worrying about their own lives."

"How long will that take?"

"A month, maybe a little longer. You and Maria just need to stay hidden until then. Find someplace away from here, and stay put. I'll produce evidence to show you went in the opposite direction. That will you keep you safe until the uprising has started. After that, you'll be able to live in peace. Return to Roswell if you want."

Max watched the man walk out of the hotel. He didn't know why, but he trusted the stranger. "Is he gone?"

Max turned to Maria. "For now."

Maria walked over to Max, and he held her tightly as he told her everything he'd learned. She was skeptical, but also hopeful that their life on the run would end before her baby was born. As Max held her in his arms, he wondered about what the man said. Did Max want to return to Liz?

End Part 5


It was two months before they heard from their visitor again. But true to his word, Max and Maria had been safe. They'd never caught sight of anyone coming after them. When he came and told them they were free to return home, neither Maria nor Max knew what to do. With the uprising throwing Max's people into a civil war, they were assured they were safe. The truth was out.

Max had immediately called Isabelle. She was thrilled, but she'd made it clear that she and Alex weren't going to return to Roswell. The problems with their people may be solved, but there was still Sheriff Valenti and the FBI to worry about. She and Alex were happy where they were.

After he hung up, Max went for a walk. When he got back, he found Maria waiting for him. She begged him to let her say what she had to say without interrupting her. Max listened as Maria told him that she had feelings for him, and that she couldn't return to Roswell with him. If she had to start over, it couldn't be in Roswell. There were too many memories there, and she couldn't move forward if she had to watch him with Liz everyday.

As he thought about life without Maria in it, the future seemed bleak. He pictured a life where he'd never see Maria again, never see the baby she carried. In the months they'd been together, he knew a bond had developed between them, and he already loved that baby. And it was then that he realized this is what Michael would've wanted. Michael knew he wouldn't be able to be there for Maria and their baby, but Max could be. Maybe Michael had known of Max's hidden feelings all along.

Max pulled Maria into his arms, kissing her. Her arms wrapped around him, and she knew she was where she belonged. She had loved Michael with all her heart, and she'd never forget him. But, he had given her Max. She believed that this is what Michael wanted.

Maria hadn't been sure of Max's feelings, and was afraid he'd decide to return to Liz. But his actions were telling a different story. He was staying with her. {But is it because he cares for me.....or because he feels obligated because of his promise?}

Maria pulled back slightly. "Max, is this what you want? I don't want you staying with me because you think you have to. You've fulfilled your promise."

Max pressed his fingers against her lips. "This has nothing to do with the promise. I want you in my life, Maria. You and the baby are the most important things in my life."

Maria's tears ran down her cheeks as she was pulled into Max's arms. The two of them stood for a long time, content just to hold each other.

Liz sat in her apartment, reading the announcement. Tears threatened to fall as she looked at the photo. The photo was of Max and Maria, holding their baby daughter. Alex and Isabelle stood next to them as godparents. The announcement read:

Max and Maria Evans proudly announce the birth of their daughter, Michaela Guerin Evans.

Liz lovingly traced Max's face in the picture. She still loved him, but she knew they'd never be together. Liz had wanted to blame it all on Michael, but she knew that wasn't fair. She knew he'd done what he felt was right for the woman he loved. Liz hoped Maria knew how lucky she was......she'd been loved by two very special men. But looking at the photo, Liz believed that Maria knew exactly how lucky she was.

And despite the pain of losing Max and having him and Maria live so far away, Liz knew this was probably how it had always been meant to be. Even River Dog, years earlier, had said she'd have to find her own path. While the others had to leave to follow their paths, Liz had to stay to find hers.


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