FanFic - Unconventional Couples
"between fire and ice"
Part 1
by Diana
Disclaimer: I donít own any of the characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: Ever felt something so cold that it burns?
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: R
Authors Note: This is my second UC story ever. I love Michael and Maria to death, but sometimes itís fun to play around with the characters and make them do things theyíd never really do. *Diana grins evilly* Thanks to everyone whoís sent me feedback on my other stories. Feedback is always appreciated. :-D
Heís never liked me. To be truthful, I donít think any of them really like me except Max and Maria. Isabel doesnít like me because I was the one who put them all in danger in the first place. Tess doesnít like me becauseÖ wellÖ sheís been over Max for years but I donít think sheís ever gotten over the fact that I was the one who he fell in love with, not her. Kyle doesnít like me because I fell in love with someone else while I was dating him. I donít think heís over that either. Alex likes me most of the time, but I donít really know if heís ever forgiven me for lying to him all those months. Max loves me. Maria might as well be my sister. ButÖ heís never liked me. He only puts up with me because of Max and Maria. He was the one I ran to. I think thatís because even though he didnít really care about me, he was the only one who understood me. I felt Maxís heart break when he saw Kyle and I in bed together that one time. I felt it. Max and I have always been connected like that. I know how heís thinking. I know how heís feeling. I can only pray that the connection doesnít go both ways. I knew what I had to do that night. I had to make Max fall out of love with me, for his sake. Loveís a funny thing, though. Even though Maxís heart was broken, even though he thought Iíd betrayed his trust, even though he thought I slept with someone who hated him, Max still loved me. I could feel that too. Heís never really liked me, but heís always intrigued me. After I got involved with Max, my intrigue withÖ my intrigue intensified. I donít know what it was about him. Have you ever seen a moth dance around a flame? The way it seems like it almost doesnít want to touch it, but canít help itself and has to try? And even though the flameís too hot and even though the moth will get burned and knows it will burn, it just keeps coming back. I think thatís how it was. I was the moth. He was my flame. At the time Mi-- he was having problems with Maria. She thought he was sleeping with Courtney. Thatís almost funny, isnít it? In the end, Courtney wasnít the one Maria should have been worrying about. I donít know how we ended upÖ I still donít know how that happened. I had to hurt Max, make him forget me. Oh, it hurt to think of what I was putting Max through. I loved him, you know. So I had to make myself forget too. I had to hurt Max. I wanted to hurt Max. Then, I wanted to forget Max. I wanted to make myself forget. I think thatís how he felt about Maria. He wanted to forget her too. Not that sheíd ever let him, but he had to try. He thought he hurt her too much; that sheíd be better off without him. I think he wanted to make her forget him. Naturally, he had to do something that would make her want to forget him. And he had to forget her too. I showed up at his door. I was his escape. I was the one whoíd make him forget. I kissed him. I didnít pretend he was Max. Somewhere between my unzipping his jeans and his slipping his hands under my bra, I realized that I hadnít been pretending he was Max. I was ashamed. I was supposed to be in love with Max and there I was with his best friend and we wereÖ I dropped my eyes and moved my hands away from the waistband of his boxers. I felt my cheeks get hot. And my blush only deepened when I realized that I didnít care that I wasnít pretending he was Max. That I wanted him and not Max. And when I realized that I would have wanted him regardless of if I were with Max or not. Iíd always wanted him. I moved my hands back to the waistband of his boxers and looked back up. He was blushing too. But when I looked at him, I realized that it had been because he had been pretending I was Maria. He didnít kiss me at all. Maria told me that she was the first girl heíd ever really kissed. I guess that explains why he didnít kiss me. His kisses were saved especially for her. Even though he was trying to stay away from Maria, he couldnít get away from her. And even though he was having sex with her best friend, he couldnít disrespect her. I think that was kind of ironic. Or contradictory. Maybe thatís a better word for it. I didnít stay afterwards. There was no cuddling, no spooning, no pillow talk. These things, if he ever did them at all, were also probably saved especially for Maria. When we were through, I pulled my panties back on, pulled up my pants and left him there with his jeans undone and his shirt still torn from when Iíd tried to pull it off of him. I didnít say goodbye; I just let myself out. He said nothing. I think he cried. The second I shut the door, I heard little, muffled, whimpering sounds coming from inside. I know thatís what it was. Itís what I should have been doing. I didnít cry because I didnít regret it. Iím not sure if I do now or not. He and Maria were back together two days later. He probably went back to her that same night. She probably argued with him and bitched him out for a day or so. Then she took him back. Thatís the way they work. He screws up, he pushes her away, he screws up again, he goes back to her, she pretends not to want him, she takes him back. Thatís the way it is. It took Max and I about a year to find each other again. He was worried I didnít want him anymore. I was worried he wouldnít take me back. Thatís the way we work. We always worry. We never just go for something. There is nothing spontaneous about Max and I. Spontaneity: thatís one of the things I admire about Maria. About Michael. Itís as if it never happened. Heíll never tell Maria. Iíll never tell Max. He doesnít act any differently towards me. But the first few times I saw him afterwards, I felt it again. That heat. I felt my whole body get hot and all I wanted was to touch him. I didnít even care if I got burned. His eyes brought me back to reality. Maria says that he runs hot and cold. She said that when heís angry, or when he touches her, or when he tells her that he loves her, his eyes flicker like fire. When he looks at me, his eyes are like ice. I learned that it was better to forget it ever happened. Everything worked out eventually. Now, Isabel has Alex and Tess has Kyle. He has Maria. Max has me. Weíre all happy now. Michael and Maria bicker more than ever. Maria swears that she loves him more than ever. I know he feels the same way. I can tell just by the way he looks at her. Iím glad that he makes her happy. She deserves that. Our lives are so different now. We donít have to look over our shoulders every five minutes. Weíre not letting some mother from another life determine our fates. Courtney was gone long ago. Kyle and Max are almost friends. Michael doesnít have a reason to run from Maria anymore and Iíve done my job. I saved the world, for Maxís sake. I donít have a reason to try to push Max away anymore. They have three children. Two little girls and a boy. Mariaís pregnant again. She wants another little boy. She said that since Iím the godmother, I could name this one. I would name him Michael. Max and I have been happy for years. I fall asleep in his arms every night. I wake up in his arms every morning. Itís perfect. I never thought I could be so happy. And when I wake up shivering in the middle of the night, I let Max think that itís because Iím cold. I hardly think about it anymore. Itís as if it never happened. Iím happy with Max. I donít have to stay away from him anymore. He is mine and I am his. Always and forever. I donít need anything else. And when I get too close to him, when I get close enough to see myself reflected on the icy surface of his eyes, I just have to remember to forget that anything happened between us at all. I just have to remember not to think about how cold his hands felt against my skin. I just have to remember not to let myself burn.
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