Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Who Will Save Your Soul"
"That's Only What He Knows"
Part 9
by Hero of the Day
Disclaimer: Everyone belongs to the WB, except Gaven who will come in later.
Summary: Michael is leaving Maria for Isabel but for a reason he can't explain and only time will make Michael stronger as he searches for what Isabel gave up to save the group.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: R
Everyone except Alex sat in the Crashdown after hours.

"I made a mistake.."Michael began, "but I have to tell you, something inside me it wasn't really me who-" he looked at Maria, "it wasn't right...someone's messing with my head. It's like she forced me to do what I did, but at the same time she didn't."

"I feel so bad for Alex!" Liz began, "He thought she really came back...and she didn't.

"Do you have an address where we might find her?" Max asked.

Michael pulled out his wallet and handed Max a piece of paper, "I don't know if she's still there or not,...and for once I really don't care." He looked at Maria and tried to smile. She just looked at him then looked down at the ground.

"I have to try." Max said shoving the paper in his pocket.

"I don't believe that Isabel would just do something like that...."Liz began, "I mean, sure Isabel is cold hearted and a little snotty at times, but she was so in love with Alex...I know someone is behind this, Max...I can feel it. Somethings not right."

"I agree." Maria said, "Isabel and I never really got alone but I know that A) she looked at Michael as a brother and B) she was really in love with Alex. I'm with Liz on this subject."

"It almost sounds like she pulled a Tess." Max said, "I mean it's almost like Isabel palyed with Michael's head, but not really mindworping him,....almost like she,...I don't know dreamwalked him while he's awake or something."

"But why?" Liz asked, "There has to be a reason, Max...why would she rip apart her and Alex and Michael and Maria like that....she could have done it a million different ways, but she chose to have a baby with Michael. Why?"

"We have to find her." Maria said in a low voice, hurt my the mentioning of Michael and Isabel's baby.

"Maria's right." Liz said, "she has way too much going for herself to get pregnet...and Michael, you were almost done with your course. You were gonna get your firefighter badge in a couple of weeks. We have to find her."

"My badge." Michael said looking at Maria, "guess that won't be happening for a while!"

"Actually," Max began, "I talked to your cheif and he said all you have to do is make up the time on the training feild, you academic area of the course is fine."

Maria poked his belly, "Have to get back into shape, Spaceboy!"

Everyone chuckled.

"Michael?" Mr.Parker said from the doorway, "Is that you?"

Michael looked at him. "Ya." he walked over to his dad and gave him a hug, "Ya, it is."

"Michael, come up stairs son,..your mother and I need to talk to you."

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