Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Who Will Save Your Soul"
Part 31
by Hero of the Day
Disclaimer: Everyone belongs to the WB, except Gaven who will come in later.
Summary: Michael is leaving Maria for Isabel but for a reason he can't explain and only time will make Michael stronger as he searches for what Isabel gave up to save the group.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Liz brought more boxes into the apartment. "I say we take a break" Liz said sitting the bozes. "Beds put together" Max said comming out of the bedroom, "Now we have a place to sleep other than the floor." "I think the sheets are in that box" Liz said pointing to one of her boxes across the room. Max opened the box and dug around. He pulled out some sheets and held them up. "I'll go put them on the bed." He headed to the bedroom. As Max headed to the bedroom, there was a knock on the door. Liz jumped off the boxes she was sitting on and opened the door. "What do you want?" she said defensively. "Hey sweetheart." Steve said. "You are not welcome here." she said sternly going to shut the door. Steve's hand pushed it open. "I wanted to see the new place! Is that the way to welcome your new guests?" "You are not a guest, you are not welcome, now if you don't leave, I will go and get the cop who in my bedroom and he will make it clear that you are not welcome here." Steve stepped back with his hands up. "Maybe I'm not really here to see you Elizabeth...maybe I'm here to see Maxwell." Steve said as he turned and left. Liz watched him leave then shut the door. "Who was that?" Max asked. "Pizza guy...wrong house." Liz lied. Michael poured the spaghetti into the strainer. The steam made his face hot, but not as hot the anger he felt toward Steve made him feel. He put the spaghetti back in the pot and added the sauce. He walked to the bathroom and tapped on the door. "Maria." he said waiting for her to respond. He didn't hear any movement from the tub. He tapped a little louder, "Maria?!!" he said a little more agressive. Still no answer. He opened the door and saw that Maria had fallen asleep in the tub. He lightly stroked her cheek with his index finger. "Hey, dinner is ready." he said as her eyelids fluttered open. Realizing where she was, Maria shot up and covered herself. Michael gave her an odd look. "As if I haven't seen it before!" he joked. He handed her a towel and left the bathroom. Maria followed Michael into the kitchen. She stood in the hallway watching Michael set the table. "Michael" she said in a low voice. He looked up at her from the table. "Ya?" "What would you do if I ever got pregnet?" she asked in the same lowness of her voice that she used to get his attention. He dropped the silverwear "Pregnet?" he repeated. Maria slowly nodded her head. "Um..." he looked at her in shock, "I would um,...well, I would marry you...but not because your pregent, but because I love you,...then um..." his voice was shakey and he felt sort of sick, "I would,-Maria are you pregnet?" "No...I'm just really late." she said heading to the bedroom to change. Michael wiped the sweat from his forhead and he sighed. He bent over and picked up the silverwaer and went to the bedroom with Maria. "How late are you?" he asked trying to keep his voice steady and make himself stop shaking. "a couple of days....I'm just usually on time..." Maria said putting her towl on the bed and looking through his shirts in the nude. "But we haven't done it since I came back from the problem with Isabel....." he said. "I know.." she said putting on a shirt and drying her hair with the towel. "It's Steve." Michael said. "Steve?"Maria repeated. "Ya...I read about it one time in Liz's journal. She said that when you gain too much weight, loose too much weight, or have really big events in your tend to skip. Steve is a big event." Maria was speechless. The phone rang and Michael smiled. Maria picked it up. "Hello?" she asked. "Maria thank god!" Liz said, "We need to talk! If Michael is in ear shot, cough." Maria coughed. Michael figured it was nothing important and went to the living room to watch the hockey game until Maria was ready to eat. "Whats going on Liz?" Maria asked. "Steve is following me." Liz said, "He knows where I live, he followed me home....and I lied to Max about him being here." It was silent. "Maria!" Liz yelled. Maria began to look worried. "I love you Lizzie, your my best friend..." Maria whispered. "Maria whats wrong?" "Michael knows....Lizzie I'm so sorry!" "He knows?" Liz asked. It was silent. "I'm gonna die." Liz said softly, "Maria you killed me, I'm going to die." "No!" Maria yelled, "No you won't. We are in the closest group of friends Roswell has and no one is going to kill you.....I'll kill them first, your my best friend and no one is going to take that away from us." "Now I sort of know how Michael felt when we found out about him." Liz said, "Scared but also releaved that someone else knows your darkest secret." "ya.." Maria agreed. "Maria, from now on, we don't go anywhere alone. I'm going to tell Max...because no one is taking you away from us either. Bye." Liz hung up the phone and jumpped at the reflection in the mirror. "Max!" she said turning around, "You scared me." "What is it that your going to tell me Liz." he asked. Liz couldn't form the words. Like Maria she gave him her hand and he saw. He saw what he had been protecting Maria from and didn't know how Liz kept in all in. He was as pissed as a person can get and stood there and held Liz as she broke down crying for the fist time since Alex held her in his back yard. He felt what Michael felt from Maria and wanted revenge. When Steve hurt Liz and Maria he upset the future boyfriends, the boyfriends who had the advantage of being 'not of this earth'. Liz looked up at him and the blood was drained from his face. "So after all this time he just decides to come back and have a relation with his daughter and make your life a living hell?" Max yelled. "Stop yelling!" Liz shouted. "I'm's just....he hurt you. He hurt my Lizzie..." He carresed her face. "I wasn't your Lizzie at 6-years-old" "OH yes you just didn't know it. From the first day of school 'til that day in the, you were my Lizzie who I could never have." Liz hugged him, "I love you." "I love you too." he said back. Down the street from the Evans/Parker residence sat Steve in his pick-up. He took another swig from his liquor bottle then looked at the picture and files he had in his brief case. His cell phone rang. "Agent DeLuca" he said, "ya...I'm in....oh trust me they know who I they don't know I'm with you." "Agent, you have 72 hours to get those aliens back to the pentagon for research. You are the agent with least years in the field. You get those aliens here and all your dirty laundry will be erased from your fuck up and you'll end up under the knife insted of the aliens." "I'm having a little trouble getting them...but it looks like the blond male will be the easiest target. He's the one going out with my daughter." "Just don't get all carried away in a family reunion agent, they find out who you are your a gonner." he hung up. Steve hung up the phone and looked at the picture again. "Let's hope his buddies E.T. and Marvin the Marshin don't decide to visit tomorrow at work." Steve started his truck and headed back to his hotel room.
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