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"Who Will Save Your Soul"
"Sing For Me"
Part 29
by Hero of the Day
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Summary: Michael is leaving Maria for Isabel but for a reason he can't explain and only time will make Michael stronger as he searches for what Isabel gave up to save the group.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
**Lyrics of Maria's song, written by Hero Of The Day** "Isabel," Michael began," .....yes, purple....sorry light violet, it's a fine I don't think it's dorkey..okay maybe a little because purple isn't my color...but yes for you it's great...Iz you have to hang on the phone is ringing" Michael put her on hold and picked up the other line, "Station 52" "Can I speak with Michael Guerin?" the timid voice asked. "Speaking....Maria?" "Michael, Steve is out...I think he's following me...." Maria was almost in tears, "and I think Max is watching the house..he's parked outside." "Maria where are you now?" he asked " called and told Liz to tell me to come home and not leave until you get here..." "Hang on okay?" "Okay." Michael put her on hold, "Isabel. There's a bit of an emergency. I'll call you later. Bye." "Bye." Isabel said and hung up the phone. Michael switched back to Maria. "Maria you there?" "Ya.." "Go out there and talk to Max, let him know you know he's out there, and please, please don't go anywhere until I get home. I can't leave early or I would. Okay?" "Okay." Maria whispered. "I love you." "I love you, too." she hung up the phone and walked outside. Max saw her approch the car and he got out. "Maria, please just go back in the apartment." he asked but she kept on comming toward him. "Maria, please" he asked again, "It's not safe for you to be out here." Maria stood right infront of him. "Why did the station let him out?" Maria asked in a low hurt voice. "We didn't have anything to hold him on....Jim asked me to watch over you.....please go inside, it's not safe for you to be out here." he asked again. Maria gave him a small smile, a real one. "You want some hot chocolate?" she asked. "That would be great." Max said. Maria ran back into the house as Max got in his car. She put some water on to boil and sighed. "I guess I should work on my final as well....I haven't even touched it." She told the water sitting in the pot. While waiting for the water to come to a boil, Maria went to her room and pulled out her guitar, a note book with many papers falling out of it and her recorder. She came back to the kitchen and placed them on the counter. The water was boiling and she poured the water into a mug with one of those hot chocolate packets. She stirred it and took it out to Max. "Thanks." he said putting it in his cup holder. Maria gave her little half smile. "Max I'm really scared." she admitted. "There's no need to be scared wrong move and I'll have half of Roswell's finest patroling around your house....not to mention there is always Michael. Roswell's biggest bad one messes with his pride and joy or he will kill them!" That made Maria smile. "Go on..back in the apartment" Max said nodding his head towards the door. "Okay. If you need anything call the house and I'll come out." "Thanks." Maria ran back in to the apartment. She pulled out her guitar and rewound the recorder. She opened her note book and hit the record button. She strummed her guitar. "Don't tell me what I want to hear, Just because you lost your way my dear. I'm not the one you can lean on anymore, not since you walked right out my door. And you still can't see how you ment everything to me...but that was the last time, the last time I would let you hurt me, the last time I would let you see me...from the inside. And I guess you don't need me any more since you found your own be happy. Was it ever anything more than just a game to you? You came with such a cold Heart that barely melted and no ice pick could break through so say good bye, because this is the last time I'm letting you get away murder.....this is the last time I'm letting you kill my soul, say goodbye and break my heart all over again.....just don't tell me what I want to Hear....because you left me and lost your way my dear...the night is comming so slow and I walk in the dark because my heart wont glow.....but still I wait for you to show up and do it all again...." Maria played the final notes on her guitar and hit the stop button of the recorder. She rewound the tape to fix her mistakes and take notes. The phone rang. "Hello?" she said. "Hey" It was Michael, "How are things?" "I'm okay...nothing weird has happened." "Okay...remember that I get off at 4 and I'll be right Max still outside?" Maria got up and looked out the window. Max waved at her and she waved back. "Ya." "Okay. What are you doing?" "I was working on my final." "are you singing?" he asked. "Ya.." Michael could see her blush on the other end. He didn't know why, after all these years she still blushed in front of him when it came to that subject.f "Sing for me?" he asked. "What? NO, your supposed to be working!" "'s really boring over here and if you sing to won't be so boring!" It was silent, Maria loved to hear him beg. "Maria.." Michael asked. "Okay fine!" "Wait let me put you on speaker phone!" "MICHAEL ALLEN!" "Okay..Okay, I won't put you on speaker phone." Maria held the phone between her ear and her sholder. "Ready?" she asked. "Yep." "Don't tell me what I-" she stopped. "Maria why did you stop?" It was silent. "Maria? Maria whats wrong?" Michael raised his voice. "Michael I think someone is trying to get in the apartment." she whispered. "Put down the guitar, open the door and get Max in there." Michael instructed. Maria put down her guitar and opened the door. Max wasn't in his car. "Michael...he's not there." she sounded worried. "FUCK!" he yelled, "Go out and look around for him, but don't go to far, if the phone breaks up get back in the house." "Okay.." Maria whispered. She stepped out of the house and looked around. He wasn't anywhere. She walked over to his car and put her hand on the hood. "Michael his car is still warm." "Is it off?" he asked. "Yes." Maria herd footsteps comming closer to her. She turned around and screamed. "You scared the shit out of me!" Maria yelled at Max. "Sorry! There was something moving in the bushes around that truck over there." Max pointed to Steves truck. "Maria, whats going on?" Michael asked. "Max just startled me thats all. I'm fine...but um, we have a visitor. Steve is in the area and his truck is parked about three aparment buildings down." "Put Max on the phone." Michael said. Maria handed him the phone. "Ya?" Max asked. "Maxwell you stay in that house until I get home! I'm going to make some phone calls and I'm leaving early." Michael said in a panic. "Michael, I'll take Maria out to lunch, get her out of the house" Max was staring at the empty truck, "and I'll send another man over to keep an eye on the house." "Don't you leave her until I get home!" Michael said making his point stand out. "Michael, I'm not leaving. If we find something, I'll call you. Goodbye." Max hung up the phone and looked at Maria. "Why are you out here with no shoes on missy?" he asked. Maria chuckled. "You sould like my mother." "Lets go inside so you can get some shoes and a coat." "I herd a noise comming from our bedroom, like someone was trying to get in." "I'll look at that." he said as they entered the house. Maria put her shoes on and Max came out of the bedroom a few minutes later. "It's fine. No one was trying to get in." Max said, "Come on lets get some food, I think you mind was just playing tricks on you again." Maria put on her coat and they headed out of the apartment. Steve DeLuca stayed hidden in the bushes. He wrote "December 26, 2001, Maria and Officer leave apartment. Almost got cought breaking into apartment." in his journal and put it in his breif case. He waited until they pulled out to get in his truck and go to his hotel room.
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