Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Who Will Save Your Soul"
"Dinner Plans"
Part 11
by Hero of the Day
Disclaimer: Everyone belongs to the WB, except Gaven who will come in later.
Summary: Michael is leaving Maria for Isabel but for a reason he can't explain and only time will make Michael stronger as he searches for what Isabel gave up to save the group.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: R
Max, Michael, and Alex were working in the kitchen.

"Hey!" Liz said as she put an order on the order wheel and spun it. "Michael, dad said he wants you to come to dinner with us tonight!"

"Liz," Michael began, "I don't really feel like have one of his "Son, we need to talk" conversations tonight." he flipped the burgers.

"We are going to the Olive Garden, and we will be by to pick you up later. We'll call you an hour before we leave so you can do something with" Liz said looking at Maria who had joined the two at the order wheel. "And dad said to wear a tie." then Liz walked to the register.

"I don't have a tie! Guess I can't go!" Michael yelled.

"Yes you do. They are hanging up in the closet. You have Spiderman, Snoopy, The Grinch, Grumpy, and the one of the naked woman and the pole." Maria said with a smile.

Max looked at Michael.

"What?" Michael said to him, "Alex got me the woman because the nipples light was a birthday present!"

Max just laughed and flipped somemore burgers, then looked at Alex who was clueless to the conversation and just waved the burger flipper and smiled at Max.

Liz decided to pay a visit to the kitchen.

"How about some Tom Hanks tonight." Alex said to Liz.

"Oh ALex, I'm so sorry,....Max and I are going out tonight.

"Oh..." he said disappointed.

"Why don't you ask Maria!" she suggested with a smile.

"I did, she's going out with Michael tonight."

Liz looked really sorry and gave him a big hug..."I still love you!!!" Alex smiled. "Ditto" he said back.

"If you want, when your shift is over, you can come on up and we'll have some Alex/Liz time!" she suggested.

"No, thats need your time to get ready,..make yourself beautiful. I mean, your already beautiful, you don't need time, you perfect as it is and-"

"Alex your soooo cute!!!" She said cutting him off, "did anyone ever tell you that?"

"You and Ria..."

Liz walked back out to the register then ran back to the kitchen.

"Alex, you should go to Maria's because Michael isn't going out with her tonight!" Liz looked at Michael and he looked at her, "Because he is going to dinner tonight!!!"

"Liz...NO! I already have plans...with Maria..." he said as Maria walked up to them. "Right Maria?"

"Right baby,...bring me home some of those bread sticks!!" she said agreeing with Liz.

Michael's jaw dropped. Maria was agreeing that they NOT go out.

"Wait..." Michael said, "you can't go out with Max tonight! because if I have to go to dinner so do you!! Daddy's little princess dosen't get to get out of it if I can't."

"Is this really about me?" Liz asked sweetly as she looked at Max.

"How about tomorrow?" Max asked. Liz nodded in agreement.

"and for your information Michael, I wasn't going out with Max...he cancled on me!" she said taking a plate to it's awaiting customers.

"Mr. Whitman...Tom Hanks sounds great!! Come over about 7ish?" Maria yelled to the kitchen.

Alex threw her the thumbs up. Liz walked back to the window. Michael hit the bell.

"Order up." he said to Liz and smiled.

"Order up" she mocked as she took the next plate to the customers.

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