Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Vital Choice"
Part 1
by Becky
Disclaimer: I don't own them, etc.
Summary: In this story Tess doesn't exist and the aliens don't know much about their past (no destiny and other crap). At the beginning all three CC (A&I, Mi&Ma, M&L) are dating, but then.something happens.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: NC-17
- Prologue -

"Mom, dad." "Honey, what's wrong?" "I'm pregnant." "By Josh?" "Uhuh." "Annie..." "Dad. Please, don't get mad." "I'm not. I'm not mad. Have you talked about it with him?" "No. I don't know what to do," their girl, practically a young woman, cried and looked at her mother, "mom, I don't know if I'm ready for this. What should I do?" "I know how you feel. I was in a similar situation when I was a couple of years younger than you." "But I thought you and daddy loved each other even before you started dating." "We did. But things are not always that simple." "What do you mean?"

* "We should tell her. We've kept it from her long enough." *

The girl's mother and father agreed to tell their daughter a secret they've kept in their hearts from her birth.

"Ann, what you're about to hear is very important to keep a secret. You must promise not to tell it to anyone. We had to keep it from you in order to protect you. Do you think you can handle it?" "Is it something bad?"

- Present -

"Ok, kiddies, my name is Jerome and in here I'm your God. With the capital G. Do you understand?" he stepped forward and eyed them. They were all strapped to the wall, a couple of feet apart, but still together. Guys on one side, girls on the opposite.

Max felt responsible. How could he let them get caught? He had no idea what happened to them. Their powers were useless against their capturer and no matter how much they tried, they could do nothing to get away from there. He turned his head towards the girls' side and saw Liz standing there scared to death. Maria had the similar expression on her face and for a second their eyes met. Max felt his stomach drop when he once again realized what a mess had they gotten themselves into.

What should he do? Is there anything he could do at all? What's gonna happen to them? He turned his stare towards Jerome and two dozen of his guards. He was still talking something about them being at his mercy and that they had no chance to fight his orders, et cetera, et cetera. Max turned his head to the right. Alex, looking like he was gonna puke or something, and then to his left where Michael was standing strapped, his eyes unsteadily roaming from one of his friends to the other and back again. When Max met his eyes, he could see his soul. He saw his loyalty and steadiness, his face was full of feelings and Max knew that he could count on him not to break. Not yet, anyway. They had to stick together. Max was just sorry that the humans were with them, stuck out there and helpless.

Last but not least, Max let his gaze fall across the room again, towards his adopted sister. She had a determined look in her eyes and wouldn't allow anyone to read her feelings. Well, almost anyone. Max knew better. He could see how scared she really was. But not for herself. For everyone else. She was looking somewhere past him and after a few seconds Max realized her eyes were locked with Michael's. They were just staring at each other and were oblivious to their surroundings. They were talking telepathically again. They've been doing that frequently and Max was sorry he could not make that kind of bond with either of them. Their bond had always been very strong and he envied them on numerous occasions, but at that moment he was hoping maybe they could do something. Get them out, perhaps. He would let them do whatever they wanted and help them if possible.

He once again looked at the love of his life and got almost lost in her brown eyes. Suddenly Liz averted her gaze and Max soon realized why. Jerome had been yelling at them to pay attention. He reproached them the fact that they have not been listening to him at all. His voice was rough and loud and even Michael and Isabel had fallen out of their trance and were now giving their full attention to the man in charge.

"Finally," was Jerome outraged, "who do you think you are to ignore me like that?"

No one said anything, they were either staring at the floor or at the blind spot somewhere ahead. Jerome took a few steps forward and in the next moment he was untying Alex. When Alex was free of the ropes, he looked at Jerome surprised and knew that he didn't untie him without a reason. He was right. Jerome smiled wickedly and said "Alex, right? Yes, I know all of your names and a lot about you. I know about your secret desires and for example, Alex, I know you have the hots for at least one of the girls over there," he pointed towards the girls that were listening. "Hell, you're probably hot for all of them, and you pretend to like this one," he pointed at Isabel, "but the truth is, she's not the one you really want, right?"

Alex didn't know what to say. He didn't have the guts to say a word, so Jerome just continued. "The one you really want," he breathed directly into the girls' faces and stopped in front of Liz, "is standing right here," Jerome finished and allowed himself to lick Liz's chin.

Liz jumped in repulsion and Max almost started yelling when it hit him what kind of intentions Jerome had. Michael's gaze steadied him in the last second and he allowed himself to look what was going to happen while he was helpless to do anything.

Alex's voice was hardly audible when he weakly protested. "No. That's not true. Liz is only my friend." "Is that so?" "Yes." "That's too bad, 'cause, you know, I've got a great power to predict the future. And my power is telling me that in a moment or two you will get your butt over here and give your so called 'only friend' about a gallon of your saliva." Alex looked at Liz who had just gotten the idea of what was Jerome suggesting and in the next moment both Liz and Alex turned to look at Max who was staring back at them. "What are you waiting for, boyo?" was Jerome impatient, "get over here and make her breathless right now!" with that he approached Max and Michael, pulled a knife out of his pocket and put it at Michel's throat. "I'm sure Max wouldn't mind, would you, Maxie?"

Everyone observed as Max was struggling with his feelings and finally managed to say "N-no. Alex, go ahead. K-kiss her." "Did you hear that? Max doesn't mind sharing, so let's see it."

Alex reluctantly took a few steps towards Liz who tried not to look too frightened. Not that she couldn't handle Alex kissing her. She was terrified of the thought what else Jerome might make them or anyone else do. Alex was standing right in front of her and as his eyes averted from her, he said to Jerome "Could you at least untie her?" "What for? It's not like her lips are tied closed or something. Just do it and don't stop until I say you can stop, you got it?" "Yes." With that Alex pressed his lips on Liz's and she didn't want things to get harder on anyone, so she returned his kiss.

"Oh, come on, Alex, that was a kiss for a first grader. Are you a first grader, Alex? Let's see a little more passion or I promise you, you won't like what I'll do to you next."

Alex decided to let all the restrains go and do what he had to, so he cupped Liz's head with his hands and tried again. This time Jerome liked it, this time they made it real for him, they included the tongues and the moans and for a couple of minutes the silence was audible, only interrupted by Alex & Liz's troubled breathing. Everyone was following the orders and looking into their direction, although they were all looking somewhere past them.

Jerome was enjoying their uncomfortable gazes. That was exactly what he wanted. To make them suffer. After what seemed like eternity he approached the couple still kissing, grabbed Alex and roughly dragged him away from Liz. "That was enough for now, lover boy. You'll get another chance later," and he led Alex back to the wall and strapped him again. Alex turned to look at Liz with swollen lips and then at everyone else. Liz, on the contrary, wouldn't meet anyone's eyes. And especially not Max's eyes.

Max was furious. Not with Liz and not with Alex. But with Jerome. He was ready to kill him on the spot for what he was doing to them. Max was very aware of the fact that Jerome had probably already picked his next couple and he was pretty sure it was not Michael and Maria. Jerome approached Liz who was still breathing a bit erratic. "Don't worry, honey. You shouldn't feel bad. Max will get his turn, too. And then you'll get to watch. As a matter of fact, why don't we give him his chance right now?"

Max lifted his head at that and he looked at Liz with regret in his eyes. Then he watched as Jerome moved towards the three girls, saying "Max seems a bit upset right now, so I figured it would be best if I get the girl to him instead of releasing him. Just to be on the safe side," and he marched to Maria and pushed her into Max's direction.

"So, Maria. Do I have to pick one of your friends to cut his head off in order for you to do what I say?" "N-n-no." "Good girl. Now I want you to get over here and give Max a nice big kiss on the lips. You know the drill. "

Maria approached Max and after looking him in the eyes pressed her lips against his and hoped he would react somehow. And he did. He knew he had no choice. To everyone's great surprise, Jerome stopped them soon. They both expected to get the same treatment as Alex and Liz did before.

The other four watched as the couple parted and waited for Jerome to say what happens next. Isabel observed the course of action in front of her. She wasn't stupid. She knew Jerome wanted more. The next step was up. Whatever it was. And she knew that her and Michael would be next in Jerome's mercy. She saw Jerome take his knife and approach Max. Than he started tearing Max's pants apart. From the bottom up. First one leg, then the other and then he pulled and with one smooth motion Max was standing in front of them in his boxer shorts. Maria got a look of panic on her face and Jerome laughed.

"What's the matter, Maria? Don't you like what you see?" She didn't answer, so Jerome persuaded the question. "Answer me!" She took all the courage she could find and said "I think Max has a nice body." "Only nice?" "Yes." "I don't think so, Maria. I believe you can't wait to see what's in his shorts, isn't that right?" "No," she answered firmly. "I don't think I heard you correctly, Maria, what did you say?" asked Jerome again while making an approach towards Liz and Isabel, still holding his knife. He grabbed Liz by the throat and asked, "one more chance, Maria. What were you going to say again?" "He's got a great body and I want to see him without his shorts." Maria blurted out all in one breath. "Well in that case," Jerome released Liz and approached Max and Maria again, "pull his shorts off, will you?"

Max swallowed hard. This had been humiliating enough and now Maria is making an attempt to undress him in front of his friends, his girlfriend included. He closed his eyes and felt Maria standing in front of him. Her cold shaking hand touched his stomach and got a hold of the top of his boxers. Max opened his eyes and Maria whispered "I'm sorry, Max."

With that she pulled his boxers down, exposing him to everyone in the room. Max didn't know where to look. His friends were keeping their eyes locked to his face, and he was grateful for that, but he knew that wasn't the end. He didn't have to wait long. He heard Jerome instruct again.

"Touch him, Maria." "No." "No is not an option, do you really want me to ask again?" Maria reluctantly put her hand on Max's penis and he involuntarily shuddered at her touch. "Look into his eyes, Maria. Don't you see what he wants? He wants you to stroke him." Maria started gliding up and down Max's length and could feel him getting hard in her hand. "Keep doing it, make him come," was the next order.

Michael observed this with concern. Where will all this lead? He knew that him and Isabel would be the next in line. He made himself not to think about what they might be persuaded to do in order to stay alive. He looked at her. She was not looking at Max and Maria. She was well aware of what was going on and suddenly she met his eyes. She wanted to make the connection again, so he allowed her.

* "Michael,.." "Isabel, what are we gonna do?" he didn't need to explain what he had meant by that. She knew exactly what he meant. "Whatever he says, I guess," she answered plainly. "But what if.." "No buts, Michael. I trust you with my life." "I won't hurt you." "I know. You could never hurt me. I love you, Michael. You're one of the most important persons in my life and I know you'll do the right thing when it comes to choosing. I could never let you get hurt either." *

At that moment something interrupted them. It was Max, gasping after he had just orgasmed into Maria's hand. Michael got the idea as soon as he saw Maria's guilty face. Then he looked to the other side of the room where Liz was crying and Isabel didn't allow herself to show any emotions at all.

Jerome took a step over to where Maria was standing and when she saw that he was gonna get her strapped to the wall again, she hurriedly turned towards Max and tried to pull his boxers back up into place. But Jerome was quicker. He stopped her hand and dragged her away. "Nice try, Maria. But let's leave his pants as they are, for now."

When Maria was safely tied again, Jerome moved to Isabel's side and undid her ropes. When she was free, he went to Michael's side and undid his ropes as well. Everyone in the room was observing them while they shifted from one foot to the other uncomfortably.

"Oh, come on, Michael, you knew your turn would come, didn't you?" "Sure." "You're smart, right? So I suspect you know what I want you to do." "Kiss Isabel?" Michael suggested compliantly while Isabel was standing quietly next to him. "Oh, gosh, do I have to draw a diagram to you? We all know that you guys are way past the first base, so why don't we just cut to the chase?" "What are you talking about," Isabel started to argue with him, but Michael put his hand on her shoulder and she stopped. "See, that's what I was talking about. You two getting all cuddly. So, Michael, why don't you do her?"

"Do her?" Michael was afraid that something like that was coming. "Yes. Do her. Get her laid or whatever. I bet she's still a virgin. Can you imagine being the first one to have this gorgeous body?" Jerome reached to touch Isabel's breasts and Michael shielded her with his hand. "Don't touch her!" "Well in that case you better touch her."

Michael looked into Isabel's eyes. She didn't look frightened. She was giving him this reassuring look of trust and he was supposed to sleep with her. He decided in an instant and said. "What's the other option?" "The other option? Michael, are you crazy? You're given the chance to fuck her and you don't want to? What's wrong with you?" "Tell me. What's the other option?" "What do you think? Were you expecting a lollipop? You only have one option. You fuck her or you die." "Me?" "Yes, you." "In that case I have two options and I chose the second one."

Isabel listened to the exchange in front of her and when she heard Michael choosing his death over her virginity, she knew he needed help with choosing the right thing. She promised to never let him get hurt, so she made a couple of steps towards him until she reached him and looked him deeply in the eyes. "Michael, I'm asking you to reconsider." "No, Isabel," Michael was surprised by her action, but at the same time determined to stick to his choice, "I won't reconsider." "Please," she touched his arm. "Now, that is too much," Jerome intervened, "a girl has to actually beg you to fuck her. You must be fucking impotent or something!"

They both ignored him. Isabel took Michael's hand and he whispered, "I promised not to hurt you..." "Nothing could hurt me more than you dieing. I know you'll be gentle, Michael." He didn't say anything else to her after that. His eyes softened and Isabel knew she had made him change his mind.

"Now, that's the spirit," Jerome said enthusiastically, "Come on, lovebirds, follow me," and he led them out of the room, a couple of guards following them. Before leaving, Jerome turned to the remaining four, smiled and said "I hope you'll enjoy the little show."

After that they were left alone. One of the guards made a lousy attempt to dress Max and after completing that task he pressed a few buttons on the wall and a large screen appeared in front of them, showing a full view of a small bedroom with nothing but a large bed in the middle.

Isabel and Michael were pushed inside and the door locked behind them as soon as Jerome had explained that in case Michael changed his mind, there were plenty of guards out there to finish his job.

Michael looked around and immediately noticed the camera pointing at them, following their every move. Isabel noticed it, too, but she decided to ignore it. Michael knew that everyone was watching, so he looked into the camera and mouthed two words. "I'm sorry"

Who was he talking to? Max? Could be. He was gonna make love to a girl that Max held for his sister and his best friend. Maria? Possibly. He always thought that his first time would be with her. Alex? Most likely. He was in a room with Alex's girlfriend and will sleep with her while poor Alex will be watching. Everybody? Yes. Even Liz. He was sorry for having to do this. He was sorry for being put into this position. But he would be damned if he wouldn't get something good out of the situation.

The next thing he knew, he was staring back into Isabel's eyes. She was waiting for him to give her any kind of sign that he was ready. So he kissed her. He got lost in the luxury of her blonde hair, her soft skin, her thin top. She helped him remove her top and they fell on the bed.

They were just tasting each other at first. Michael was determined to make this as painless for Isabel as possible, so he tried to do his best to turn her on the best way he could think of. She helped him get rid of his clothes and after that they finished getting rid of hers. Her bra was the last to go and Michael rolled her underneath him to cover her upper body to the camera's view. She was grateful to him for that and started kissing his chest while he nibbled on her neck and shoulders.

He cupped her breasts, trailing light kisses all over her chest, licking her nipples one after the other, then he moved further down to her stomach, kissing and licking her belly button and soon he found himself at her already hot entrance. She opened her legs for him and he could feel her juices flowing out of her. He rubbed her clit with his fingers and she moaned in response. She started pressing her hot core against his hand faster and as he was watching her respond to his touch, he could feel himself getting even harder as he already was. Somehow she managed to notice that, pulled him up towards her and kissed him. "Michael, it's time."

This was it. The final words. There was no way back now. As a matter of fact, there was no way back twenty minutes ago either. Michael cupped his penis and rubbed it over her lower lips. She opened her legs some more and he started pushing inside of her slowly.

He knew the second he pushed through her barrier. He felt some resistance and she got tears in her eyes. She opened her mouth and he quickly pressed his lips against hers. He felt horrible for doing this to her but her eyes were telling him to go on. Her loud moan was somehow lost in his throat and after a few seconds he felt her relax in his arms.

She started moving herself against him and together they found a rhythm that was satisfying both of them. Their moves were becoming more and more urgent, her soft moans accompanied with his louder ones and suddenly he felt her walls contract around him and that had sent him over the edge, too. He spilled his seed inside her as they started to peak simultaneously, and at that moment something weird happened.

They both felt an enormous amount of energy building up inside them and threatening to explode. They connected again, but on a higher level this time. It was as if time and space didn't exist for them. They literally shared themselves with each other, bodies as well as minds.

They were still joined as Michael slightly recovered from the initial shock of the unknown event, lifted his hand in the air and the camera above their heads exploded shortly after.

Isabel jumped at that, he removed himself from her and she sprang up to a sitting position, staring at him. "What have you just done?" "I don't know. I wanted to get rid of all that energy." "You felt it, too?" "Yeah, right when we." "Uhuh." "That was strange. Are you ok?" "Yeah, I'm ok. You?" "Yeah," suddenly it hit him, "Iz, get up." "What?" "Get dressed. They can't see us." "But they're still out there," she protested, but started dressing anyway. "We sacrificed ourselves for this. I think it was worth it." "Michael!!" "No, I'm not saying what you thought I was saying," he interrupted her before she could get angry, "looks like sex is our secret weapon," at her questioning look he explained, "I've never done any heavy explosions before and suddenly I feel I could blow up this whole building." "I know what you mean. We're stronger now," Isabel finished his thought.

They got up from the bed and they both noticed the bloody spot on the sheets. Isabel shot a quick glance at Michael and then looked at the floor. He noticed her act and took her hand in his. He waved his other hand over the sheets and the blood disappeared.

"We won't give Jerome the satisfaction to see this," he explained and then added, "I'm sorry." "Don't be. Listen, Michael, in case we don't make it out in one piece.Thank you. for everything." "We'll make it, I'm sure. But you're welcome, Iz. And thank you." They walked towards the door determinedly and Michael suggested "Why don't you try to use your new power?" "All right," she lifted her hand and the door burst open in a second. What they saw behind it, left them both speechless for a few seconds, then Isabel managed to say. "Oh, my God! How did I do that?" "Isabel, be careful."


Back in the main room Max, Liz, Alex and Maria were silently waiting for Michael and Isabel to finish their 'mating ritual'. They all tried not to look at the screen too frequently, but they more or less failed miserably. It was hard not to look when the sound effects were so real.

God, they were loud. It looked like they were finally gonna find release and then something strange happened. The picture got fuzzy and the last thing they saw was Michael lifting his hand up in the air. After that the screen got blank and the sound was gone, too.

They looked at each other, confused. "What the hell was that?" asked Alex. "Michael must've done something to the camera", replied Maria, "I saw him hold..- " "Oh, no." Max interrupted her. "What?" asked Liz. "They're making an attempt to get us out. They'll get killed. We should be together." "Max, relax. We can't do anything," Liz tried to calm him down, even though she was more than nervous herself, "they must've seen a chance of success or they wouldn't just try if there was no possible way to make it. They're not gonna get killed, Max. They slept together in order to stay alive so we should be prepared when they come." "You've got a point," admitted Max. "Hey, guys," Alex interrupted, "don't you find it a bit strange that no guards came in here after the incident? I mean, it's been a couple of minutes."

Just as he was finishing his sentence, they heard the door open and they all exchanged worried glances, but recovered quickly as they saw Michael enter the room, Isabel following close behind. "Isabel!" "Michael!" "You get Liz and Maria," said Isabel as she approached Alex and Max and untied their ropes. "Isabel," Alex hugged her and she gave in to his hug, as Max observed them as well as Michael untying Liz and Maria and then Michael hugging Maria. Liz ran across the room to Max and threw herself around his neck. Max allowed himself to breath in the scent of her soft hair and then looked around and noticed that everyone else was watching them. Liz noticed it, too and let go of him. Max turned to look at Isabel and was immediately alarmed by her pale face.

"Isabel?" she looked at him and tears started trickling down her cheeks. She slid to the floor and Max jumped to grab her, but Michael was faster. He supported almost all of her weight while Max attacked him. "What have you done to her, man?" "What do you think? Leave her alone. This had all been too much for her already." "I swear to you, I will..-" "You will do nothing, Max," Isabel intervened, and struggled to stand on her feet by herself "this has nothing to do with Michael." "What then?" "I-I-I can't say it." Everyone turned to look at Michael, waiting to hear an explanation.

"When she used her power to open the door, she killed 18 guards standing in front of it. When we exited the room, they were all dead and then we only had to kill five guards in front of this room. I did that," explained Michael. "But how?" "There's no time for that. We have to leave. Now." "And Jerome?" remembered Maria. "He's gone." "Let's go." ***

They managed to get out of the building without bumping into anyone. As a matter of fact, there was nobody left, but that didn't stop them from being cautious. They didn't talk much, they just kept going. When they finally reached Roswell, they decided to get some rest and then meet at Michael's place the next morning. Even though they'd only been away for half a day, they were all exhausted.

It was 11:30 in the evening when Michael finally lay down in his bed. He'd taken a long shower and tried to organize his thoughts that were all mixed up, but he gave up soon and decided to just get some sleep. When he almost drifted into dreamland, something woke him fully. He listened and he soon heard it again. Knocking that was getting louder by the minute. Someone was in front of his apartment and was getting impatient. Michael jumped up from the bed and headed for the door.

"What is it now?" He opened the door and there she was. "Isabel?" "Sorry to wake you. Can I come in?" "Sure." He made room for her and she reluctantly entered.

"Are you OK?" "No, I'm not OK, Michael. And please, stop being all Max on me or I'll leave." "Hey, don't turn this on me. I'm just trying to help. It was you who came here, remember?" "I know. I'm sorry that I snapped at you. It's just that everything is so." "I know. Here, have a seat." She took a seat on the couch and he joined her a couple of feet away, giving her some personal space.

"What did Max say?" "I used to be able to talk to him about practically everything. But this time it's different. He wants to know every detail. He's asking all those embarrassing questions and I can't talk about it. Not with him." "I'll talk to him if you want." "You will?" "Yes. Tomorrow." She nodded in relief and after a short pause he asked her, "so, can we talk about it or would you rather not?" "All right," she agreed, "we were both there after all, right?" "Right. Look, Isabel. I hope that what happened today doesn't change our relationship. I mean, I don't want it to get awkward between us." "Me neither." "Thank you for doing this for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret that it happened and I know that it probably wasn't a very pleasant experience for you but under the circumstances." "You don't have to apologize, Michael. It was far from unpleasant." "It was?" "Thanks to you, yeah. It was a bit strange, though. Don't you think? In a good way strange," she explained and looked up at him, indicating their strong connection. He only nodded in response, so she decided to take a tiny step further.

"What did you see, Michael?" "You. I saw all of you. And I'm glad you got to see all of me. Because I've always known that I can trust you more than anyone else in the Universe." "Michael," she was genuinely surprised by his admission and tried not to show too much of how flattered she felt when he had said that, "thank you."

"I was thinking, Iz, could we maybe move on and sort of leave this in the past?"

She turned her eyes to him. How much she wanted that. She wanted to just leave it as it was. It happened and it's over. One of those inevitable things that left a mark on her and made her stronger. But this mark might have been more permanent than she would have wished.

Her eyes watered and she whispered, "maybe someday, if.,"she couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence the way she wanted to, "if everything goes well," she said instead. Michael wiped the tears from her face and he knew. He knew what she was telling him.

"Izzy, don't flip out, but I have to ask you something." "Go ahead," she sobbed one more time and made an excuse to go wash her face. He followed her to the bathroom door, took a deep breath and asked silently.

"Do you think I might have gotten you pregnant?"

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