Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Unexpected Love"
Part 8
by Cathy
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: While Liz is in Paris, she bumps into an old friend from Roswell and as they grow closer, they realize that it might be more than just a friendship they are building.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Anything that is in between ** is a thought. This is my first fanfic, so please leave feedback. Thanks
It was December. Liz and Michael had been together for three months now. And they were going to Roswell for Christmas. They were leaving on the 23rd right after Liz's last final. They had decided to tell everyone they were a couple in person.

"Did you finish packing Michael?" Liz called from her room. "you have to be ready to leave as soon as i get home otherwise we'll miss our flight."

"Calm down, I'm finished. I just have to get the presents together. That will take me two minutes." They had a lot of presents to bring back. They had decided to buy presents individually as a precaution. Precaution to what they didn't know. They just thought it was a good idea.

Liz peeked into his room. "Well, I'm outta here. Wish me luck." He came over to her and kissed her.

"Good luck. But i don't think you are going to need it." She smiled. Kissed him again and left to go take her exam.

Later that night, Liz ran into their apartment. She jumped into Michael's lap, shocking him.

"What!?" he asked with a worried look on his face. She just smiled, leaned in and kissed him, long and hard.

"I aced all my exams." she beamed.

"Liz, that's incredible. I told you didn't need luck."

"I didn;t need luck, because i had you." Michael blushed. "why Michael, are you blushing? She teased.

"No." He looked down and tried to not think about his red cheeks, hoping they would go away. "I've just waited along time to hear those words come from your mouth."

"Michael, I didn't want to say this first, but i have to....I love you Michael Geurin."

"Ditto" He replied. Liz looked at him and laughed. "I love you too, Liz Parker." He put his hands behind her neck and pulled her mouth closer to his. "Now lets get out of here, before we miss our plane." Liz stole a quick kiss then got up laughing. They grabbed all the bags that Michael had waiting by the door and left.

On the plane, Michael slept. Liz was a nervous wreck. She swore that she never was going to go back to Roswell. **Alex was so happy when i told him that I was going to come to Roswell for Christmas. I don't think I would be able to go back alone. Thank god for Michael. Who would have guessed that the one person that hated me the most in the beginning would be my lover, my boyfriend, my best friend.** Liz looked over at him and smiled. ** He has done so much for me these past months. Because of him, i am such a stronger person. And he is not the same person from Roswell. He is not the boy who hated Max for saving my life; he is the man that saved me from losing myself to depression because of losing Max. I'm so happy that I have him. I just hope that it does not effect his friendship with Max. They need each other.** Liz took Michael's hand. He opened his eyes, kissed her hand and went back to sleep. Liz closed her eyes. ** I might as well try and get some sleep. I might not get much in Roswell.**

When the plane landed, Liz didn't move from her seat.

"Liz, babe, are you ok?" Michael asked with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just a little nervous." She stood up and grabbed her bag as Michael passed it to her.

"It's going to be ok, trust me on this one, ok?" Liz smiled at him.

"Ok." He grabbed the other carry on they had and headed off the plane.

"Do you see them?" Isabelle asked Alex.

"No. Not yet. Calm down Isabelle." Alex took her hand and smiled. He was just as nervous and happy to see Michael and Liz as she was. It has been a long time. Michael had been back over the summer to be Max's best man, but Liz hadn't been in Roswell since she Max and Tess got engaged. **It would be really good to see her. ** Alex thought.

"Alex, Isabelle" Liz yelled as she ran over to them. She jumped into Alex's arms as Michael grabbed Isabelle. They hugged and then switched.

"Look at the two of you." Isabelle said, "Europe sure did you good Michael. And Liz, the wardrobe, loving it."

"Thanks Is." Michael replied.

"Well, let's get you guys home, there are a lot of people that are waiting to see you." Alex said.

On the ride to town, Alex told Michael that he was going to be staying with him and Isabelle instead of Max and Tess. That was a surprise to Michael and Liz because they had not known that Isabelle and Alex had moved in together. Liz of course was staying with her parents in her old room. She couldn't wait to sit on her balcony and just stare at the stars like old times. She was hoping that Michael would join her one night. Liz and Michael had decided to tell everyone when they were all together at dinner tomorrow night.

It was already 5 pm, and tonight Liz had promised that she would eat dinner with her parents. Michael was going to have dinner with Isabelle and Alex. Max and Tess were away on business. They were going to be back tomorrow night.

They pulled up in front of the Crashdown.

"All out that is getting out." Yelled Alex.

"that is getting old, Alex, you need to find a new line. It's not funny anymore." Liz stated as she laughed.

"Whatever, Miss "I live in Paris". It's not sophisticated enough for you. Deal with it." Alex replied, laughing. Liz hit him in the arm. "Ow, now i can't carry your bags, you are going to have to carry them yourself."

" I had every intention of carrying them myself." Michael laughed.

"Yeah right." Michael said.

"Whatever, nobody was talking to you Guerin. So stay out of it." Liz glared at him jokingly. Michael grabbed her and put her in a bear hug.

"What'd you just say Liz."

"AAAHHH, nothing Micahel. I didn;t say nothing." Michael let her go.

"That's what i thought. You know what i just realized, i get to spend a whole ten days not sharing an apartment with you. Thank God. I don;t have to listen to you complain anymore." Liz's mouth dropped in shock, but knew he was joking.

"well. i feel sorry for you guys, Michael snores. Really loud. YOU can hear him through walls. Take my word for it." They all laughed.

"Well, we should get out of here. See ya tomorrow Liz." Alex said as he hugged her.

"Bye Liz." Isabelle said as she got in the car. Michael walked over to Liz. He leaned in to kiss her then caught himself. He kissed her cheek and then got in the car.

"Later Parker. See ya tomorrow."

"Night guys." As they pulled away, she stared at Michael as he blew her a kiss when Alex and Isabelle weren't looking. Liz blew one back.

Liz grabbed her bags and entered the Crashdown.

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