Fanfic - Unconventional Couples
"Unexpected Love"
Part 6
by Cathy
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: While Liz is in Paris, she bumps into an old friend from Roswell and as they grow closer, they realize that it might be more than just a friendship they are building.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Anything that is in between ** is a thought. This is my first fanfic, so please leave feedback. Thanks
"So you think they watched the video yet?" asked Liz.

"And if they did?"

"Come on Michael, they are going to think that something more is going on."

"And why would they think that." He just looked at her and smirked.

"Ok, what would you think if you got a video from two old friends, saying oh yeah by the way, we've been living with each other for the past three months and decided now to tell you. I'm sure that Max was there. Your best friend, my ex-boyfriend."

"But Liz, there is nothing going on between us. We know that and I am sure that they believed it when I said it." ** Not that I don't wish that something was going on.**

"I know, I'm sorry. I guess that I'm just worried..."

"That Max is going to be hurt."

"I know that I shouldn't care, but part of me can't help it." ** Besides I would rather have told them that we were living together and involved. Like that is ever going to happen.**

"What are you going to do. It's your first love. I understand that you are going to be worried." ** Hopefully one day you'll care about what I think.**

"So are we going out tonight?"

"Yeah but I had a different place in mind."


"Cause tonight we are going to celebrate and get drunk and not care about anything."


"Why do we need a reason. I just want to go out a celebrate. We can say it's for Isabelle's birthday."

"Ok. Whatever. Is Katrina coming?"

"um, no." He said abruptly and walked out of the room.

About eight hours later, Liz and Michael were drunk and dancing at this new club that opened up.

"I thought that you didn't dance?" Liz yelled.

"I don't but I'm too drunk to care." Michael yelled back. They both laughed and fell into each other. "whoa, are you ok."


"Yeppers?" They broke into another hysterical fit of laughter.

"maybe we should sit down for awhile?"

"After you m'lady." Michael gestured for Liz to go first. Liz grabbed his hand and led him to the only free table, in the corner. Liz leaned into him, so she could talk

"I'm having so much fun. This was a good idea." she said

"See, I did good for a change." ** God, she smells so good.**

"This isn't the first time you did good, Michael. You have helped me a lot since we met up 4 months ago. Who would have known." She went to give him a kiss on his cheek at the same time he looked at her. Shocking the both of them, the kiss landed on his lips. Liz pulled away and looked at Michael. He looked back then leaned in slowly and kissed her again. Liz went to pull away, but then changed her mind and started kissing him back. Michael opened his eyes in shock when she started kissing him back. They both gasped for breath when they parted lips.

"Wanna get out of here?" Liz asked seductively. Michael smirked.

"What do you think?" He replied. With that Liz stood up and grabbed his hand and they left the club.

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