FanFic - Unconventional Pairings
"Thinking of Home"
Part 1
by Ashley
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I sometimes wish I did, but I don't.
Summary: Isabel Thinks.
Category: Unconventional Pairings
Rating: PG
I think about home a lot. I have since we landed in Roswell. Life here is good, but I can't help wonder about my real home. How is it different from earth? What are my people like? But most of all I think, I'm a related to Max in any way? On earth we're brother and sister. Not biologically, just because the Evans adopted us both.

I've been in love with Max since the night we found each other in the desert as little kids. But nothing can ever come of that because to others we are brother and sister. I've always tried to get him to notice me, to get him to think of me as more than his sister. But he never has. He's always loved Liz Parker. Not that I mind. Nothing can ever happen between Max and I.

But that's another reason why I've started caring so much about our real home. Maybe there Max and I were destined to be. Maybe there we wouldn't be related. Maybe there my love for him wouldn't be frowned upon.

I hope to one day get there. See what it's like. But of course as punishment for who I am down here and how I treat people I would still not be able to express my love for Max. There would still be a compromising position that would enable me to speak of what I desire.

Many nights I lie awake wishing that it were Michael who had grabbed my hand when we saw the lights instead of Max. That way it would be okay for me to love him.

I think about home a lot. And wonder, if we had never come to earth would I still know Max? Would we have ever met wherever we came from? I happen to think we would have.

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