FanFic - Unconventional Couples
"The Message"
Part 1
by Bandbabe
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine! I'm borrowing the characters for a sec ;-)
Summary: Tess and Max receive a message that will change their lives.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This set around mid-season 2. The lyrics are from a song called "True North" by Fisher.
"This isn't working," Isabel said frustrated. Brody detected an abnormal blurb in Roswell. Ordinarily they wouldn't really be concerned but in light of recent events, it had them a little scared. So they decided to go to the pod chamber and focus their energy.

"We just have to keep trying," Max said. Everyone rolled their eyes.

Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess had been trying for nearly three hours.

"Maybe there's nothing going on," Michael challenged.

"Maybe you're wrong," Max responded harshly.

"This is getting us nowhere," Tess declared.

"Max, let's try again tomorrow," Isabel suggested.

That wasn't what Tess meant but they started to leave. Max shot her a comforting look and the royal four filtered through the exit. Tess followed Max but then she saw a bright light. She turned to look and saw an image forming. From the light an image of a man took shape.


Besides his larger ears he looked exactly like Max. He looked, in Earth years, about 25. His features were sad. His gaze was neither piercing nor stern. He eyes looked towards her warmly but filled with much regret.

"Love," he spoke addressing her. He looked down again, almost punishing himself then said, "Aviera, I hope that you are hearing this message. If you are I assume you are on Earth."

He paused.

"The war continues and as speak we are formulating new plans. It doesn't look our way but we are battling K'var's forces. Just like you wanted," he added with a far way look during the last line.

Max noticed Tess didn't leave behind him. He decided to go back to get her.

"You guys, I'll be right back," he told Michael and Isabel and went to look for Tess. When he reopened the entrance he noticed a light illuminating from inside the pod chamber. It walked towards the direction of the light. It was strange, almost as if he was familiar with it. He heard a voice he didn't recognize and then he saw Tess looking at something.

"That's me," he whispered almost inaudible.

"Aviera, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me," the man said. He eyes were filled with unshed tears.

"For what?" Tess thought but she stood there mesmerized. She didn't notice when Max came in.

"I miss you," he continued. "Every morning I wake up thinking you're there... and you're not." A tear fell. "I love you. I want you to know that more than anything and that's why I'm sending you to Earth. There you have a chance to live again... and to be happy."

Tess was close to tears. Half because of the situation and half because how tortured he was.

"Goodbye. I love you," he said and the image diminished. She cried in the darkness and she never felt so cold. Then she felt some arms wrap around her.

"Max," she said through her sobs. He nodded and pulled her closer. They stood there in an embrace for a few minutes; his eyes also brimming with unshed tears. That message touched them both deeply. Max remembered how he felt when he sent the message. Tess was reminded of a painful past.

After a while Max pulled away and little and looked into her eyes. His eyes consoled her. He searched for the right words to say. He smiled.

"I love you," he said telling her how he felt. "I know I've always had," he confessed.

"I love you too," she told him. They hugged again and broke out in smiles. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Neither had ever been this happy before and they knew that everything would be okay.

If this ever gets to you
Will you know it's from me?
Would you think it was joke?
Throw it back into the sea?

Or do you, do you know
Everything I'm feeling
Or do you, do you know
No one could love you more
My True North

If this ever gets to you
Will you please forgive me?
I was the one who let you down
It's too late for "sorry"

But do you, do you know
Everything I'm feeling
Do you, do you know
No one could love you more
My True North

If I told you then
-I'd made it clear
Would you still be here?

If this ever gets to you
Will you still remember me?

And do you, do you know
Everything I'm feeling
Do you, do you know
No one could love you more

I'm so lost
Never felt so
Lost, oh

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