FanFic - Unconventional Couples
Part 1
by Diana
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: Liz has a perfect life with a perfect husband. But who does she dream about at night?
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Okay, Okay. I’m usually Michael/ Maria all the way. But you just have to wonder why good girls like bad boys. Feedback is always appreciated... Thanks to everyone who's sent me feedback on my other stories :-D
Her life was perfect. She had the little house with the white picket fence and two cars in the driveway. She had a wonderful, satisfying, high-paying career. She had two-point-five kids and an adoring husband. Life was absolutely perfect. She came home at six every evening. The twins, a son and a daughter, would come downstairs to kiss her and put away the dishes from their after-school snack, usually apples and peanut butter and milk. They’d go back upstairs to do their homework and she’d go upstairs, change out of her work clothes, change into her house clothes, and be back downstairs in time to hear her husband’s keys rattling in the lock. He arrived at six twenty every evening. He’d kiss her, change out of his work clothes, and come back downstairs to help her start the meal. Dinner was on the table by seven fifteen. Dessert was served at seven forty five. Dishes were cleared and in the dishwasher by eight. The kids watched TV until nine forty five and went upstairs to bed by ten. Her husband watched TV with the kids while she was on the phone with her best friend. Her best friend did not have a perfect life. Her best friend had the tiny apartment with one dying red Jetta and one semi-new black truck out in the resident parking lot. Her best friend was going to school part-time, and working for an advertising agency the other part of the time. Her best friend was six months pregnant and common-law-married to the baby’s father, who incidentally happened to be her husband’s best friend. Her best friend’s life was full of confusion and disorder. It was nothing like her life. It was not nearly as perfect. She was off the phone and her husband had finished watching television by eleven. They were both upstairs and in bed by eleven ten. They kissed goodnight and the lights were out by eleven fifteen. They were both asleep by eleven thirty. She used to dream of her husband before they were married. She used to dream about the life they would have together and the children they would have someday. Some nights, she would dream that he would come to her. He’d take her in his arms and kiss her and kiss her until she woke up in a sweat. She stopped dreaming about her husband years ago. Now she had the life she dreamed about, she had the children, and she had the husband who would come to her whenever she called. She didn’t have to dream about it anymore. Her best friend was lucky. Her best friend still had things to dream about. Her best friend had a baby on the way and someone waiting for her at home who was not a husband. He was nothing like her husband. But her husband and her best friend loved him dearly. She didn’t think he liked her. He hardly talked to her. All he did was look at her through those cold, dark eyes. She dreamed about those eyes. In her dreams, she was not married and her best didn’t exist. Her dreams were all the same now. He’d come to her in her dreams. He wouldn’t even say anything, just stare at her with those dark eyes of his. It made her uncomfortable but it made her feel so… She’d walk up to him. He’d put his hand to her throat and she wouldn’t know whether he was going to pull her closer or snap her neck. He’d run his hand up the side of her face and rest it on her cheek. She’d look up at him and he’d kiss her. He’d kiss her. He’d touch her face and her hair. She’d touch his chest and loop her arms around his neck. He’d kiss her and all she wanted was to be right there with him for always. He’d kiss her until their kisses became more urgent and her hands and his hands would be everywhere and he’d break the kiss and lay her down and look at her. She couldn’t help calling out his name. “Michael…” His dark eyes flashed and he’d lean in to kiss her again.

*** Her husband woke her the next morning. “Come on sleeping beauty, you’ll be late for work.” It always took her a moment to realize that she had been dreaming. “Oh… Max. Good morning, honey.” “Morning, Liz. You must have had some really good dreams last night. You were smiling in your sleep.” He grinned at her. She’d have to disengage herself from her husband’s arms. “Oh… yeah. It was just a dream, though. I can hardly remember it.” Her husband would kiss her forehead and get out of their bed. “Still… must have been a good one.” They were up and dressed by seven. The family ate breakfast together at seven fifteen. The kids had eggs, toast, and milk. She and her husband had eggs, toast, and coffee. The kids caught the bus at seven thirty. Her husband kissed her and left for work at seven thirty two. By seven forty five, she was in her car, on the way to work, thinking about what she could serve for dinner that night. Her best friend, Maria, and her whatever-he-was, Michael, were coming over for dinner that night. At seven fifty, she remembered her dream again. But she shrugged it off. It meant nothing. After all, it was only a dream. She pulled into her designated parking space by eight.

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