FanFic - Unconventional Couples
Part 1
by Lori
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"Isabel, I don't like this color of paint," complained Michael, as he looked down at the bland cream color Isabel had brought to paint his apartment.

Isabel looked down at the can. In the store it had looked nice, but here in Michael's apartment, it was clear that cream was not the way to go. She waved her hand over the can several, blue, white, taupe...nothing seemed quite right.

"You're right Michael, cream doesn't work. What color do you want?"

Michael really didn't want to paint his apartment at all, but Isabel had insisted that it needed help in the looks depatment. She could really nag a person to death if you didn't watch her.

Michael looked around. "Well, how about dark blue. Then it will always look like night time. I could paint some stars here and there," said Michael beginning to warm to the idea.

Isabel watched him begin to get excited. This was the Michael she liked to see. The one that didn't come out very often. Isabel knew that Michael loved to paint, and the night stars seemed like the perfect idea.

"Okay, dark blue it is," she said as she changed the paint to blue. They grabbed the cans and brushes and set about painting the newly stripped walls. The paper had been hard to get rid of the human way, so they had used their powers to strip and prep the walls.

Isabel had insisted that they paint them in the human way. Michael didn't know why, it was messy and took time. But if Isabel wanted to do it, so be it. Isabel used clean strokes to paint her section of the wall. Michael was all energy and messy. His strokes were wild and care free. Isabel watched him for a minute before smiling and saying,"You know Michael, you get more paint on the wall if you actually let it get there and not drip everywhere."

Michael stopped his frenetic painting and looked at her. Then he looked at her neatly painted section of wall. He bent down casually and wet his brush. Rising he watched as she resumed her painting . Then he flicked his full brush at her. Dark blue paint landed on Isabel's hair ,face, and clothes in globs.

She shrieked as he smirked. "Michael! How could you do that!" she cried out, wiping paint that was dripping from her bangs.

Michael went back to painting as if nothing had happened. "I don't know what you're talking about Isabel. I'm just painting my wall, nothing else," he said with a straight face not looking at her.

Isabel looked at him and then a slow smile broke across her face. He wants to play that way? Okay, let's play. She wet her brush and flung paint at him.

Michael felt the globs hit the side of his face and drip down into his ear.Isabel had hit him with paint! She had actually retalliated against him!

Michael turned and looked at her gloating face. "So it's war is it?" he said with a grin.

"I don't know what you're talking about. My brush just slipped and the paint went flying. I'm innocent," she replied with an not to innocent air.

Michael took his brush and walked over to her and quietly painted her clothes.

Isabel giggled and started to paint Michael's chest. They were soon rolling on the floor ,paint everywhere, tickling on another. Their laughter was high and full of fun as they enjoyed being together.

But that laughter soon turned serious.

Michael stopped, and looked down at Isabel. He had her pinned to the floor, and she never had looked more beautiful to him. He bent down and took her lips with his own. The kiss surprised and yet pleased Isabel.

She didn't know Michael felt this way about her. She had feelings for him that she had kept to herself, but to have him kiss her was more than she had ever hoped for.

Isabel's response to Michael's kiss left him feeling heady. She hadn't pulled away. In fact, she had wrapped her arms around his neck as he released them, and had thrust her tongue into his mouth greedily.

They pulled back from the kiss and looked into each others eyes.

"I didn't know you felt this way Michael," said Isabel huskily.

Michael swallowed and said," I've felt this way for sometime, just didn't know you felt the same way."

"So what do we do now?" she asked him.

Michael kissed her again and then said,"I think that we get this paint off of us, and then spend time doing other more pleasurable things." He kissed her again and ran his hand over her wet breasts.

Isabel moaned and kissed him back. Then she pulled away.

"Michael, we need to go slow on this. I mean we declare our...feelings for each other, and then bam! We sleep together? I don't want it to be cheap between us. Okay?"

Michael hung his head in quiet frustration knowing she was right, but his body was aching from wanting her.

He got up and helped her up. Still holding her hand he looked at her and said, "I'll do what ever you want Isabel. I'm not going to lose you just because I'm hard for you. We'll go slow and take things as your ready." He touched her sticky head and glanced about the room at the mess they had made.

Isabel looked at the mess to and waved her hand. The paint disappeared. She waved her hand over their clothes and bodies and the paint also disappeared.

"Let's finish painting. Then we can spend intimate learning time together," she said. At his quizzical look, she grinned. "Translated that means,'make out'," she said laughing.

Michael smiled and nodded. He grabbed their brushes and handed her one. They went back to work painting the walls and this time they did so with energy as they anticapated the evening of 'making out' that awaited them.

The End

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