FanFic - Unconventional Couples
Part 1
by Aubrey
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I'm just borrowing them.
Summary: Tess thinks fondly of a life no one else remembers.
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: G
"'re everything to me." When I heard him say that to Liz, I practically withered away to nothing inside. The reason being that the last time I heard him say those words, were when he said them to me.

It was so many years ago; I've lost count. It was back on our home planet, during the war. The body count had gone up to 5000. The skins were killing everyone, even the women and children. I was a young mother of a three-year-old daughter and expecting another child.

That was why he didn't want to go and fight. Anthel (known in this life as Michael) had come to us late one night, telling us the leader had just been murdered and the army was in complete disarray. They needed Henley (Max) to take over as leader.

He resisted, said he couldn't leave our family. He believed we would be in too great danger. The man that always looked like someone that could handle it all, suddenly looked completely lost. I certainly understood why. He was needed at two places at once.

To calm his fears, Anthel assured him my child and I could stay with his wife and their children. We would be safe, because he had made a point of hiding them deep underground.

Tears poured out of Henley's eyes as he looked at me with apprehension.

"Henley, you were born to lead. It's what's right to do. I will see you again. We will one day reunite. It may be weeks from now; or perhaps months, even years. But we will find one another again."

I hoped my saying that would bring some comfort.

He reached up and placed a hand on my cheek.

"'re everything to me."

Sobs had begun racking his body. I pulled him to me, holding him until he quieted down.

When he stood up, I took my hand into his.

Nodding in response to the question in his eyes, I quietly said; "It's what's meant to be."

We exchanged a silent goodbye, as I felt his hand slowly slipping out of mine.

Anthel touched my shoulder, in order to flash me a visual of where I was to go.

Thank you for taking care of us. I silently told him.

Yes, of course. You, Henley, and little Tosha are like family to me. He answered.

He gave me a look that said good luck, and left with my husband into the night.

I never saw either of them again in that lifetime.

I felt Henley as he died; felt the shock, the intense pain, and finally the guilt he felt for leaving us.

I sent him my feeling of admiration, support and love. I don't know if he felt them, but I'd like to think he did.

Part two(see part one for details) Yesterday I told Max I remembered everything from our life. Right down to how much he loved me.

I was already pretty sure he couldn't recall it. Yet it still broke my heart when he said it himself. He went on to say how this life was all that mattered now.

He doesn't see it this way, I'm sure. But to me it was as if he said that we had never lived before. As if the We that existed once, didn't mean a thing. And as if I meant nothing to him.

I tried so hard to remember every aspect of our life, hoping the happy moments from one life, would replace the painful ones in this one.

I was wrong though. It would be much simpler to live completely in the present, finding a new love, becoming a new person. By remembering, I am always suspended between two worlds, two lives.

A part of me, deep inside, will always be locked underground, Tosha in my lap, holding the son my husband would never know. Longing, forever longing, to know what could have been.

I sit on the back lawn of the Valenti's tonight. I'm gazing at the stars and shedding the tears I had held back as by beloved walked out. Out of the house, and of my life.

In a whisper, I speak to the sky.

"Henley, I know you are still out there. And I need you to know I will eternally love you. I will never give up searching for you. Because, you're everything to me.

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