FanFic - Unconventional Couples
"Crossed Wires"
Part 4
by Pinaypoet
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Summary: In the aftermath of Destiny, Max and Maria find solace and love in the last place they expected to
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: PG-13
Max and Maria had a wonderful time at the concert. Maria’s mom had gotten them great seats, front row center. Maria didn’t really know many of the Counting Crows songs but Max seemed to know every single one of them. And she was happy just being there with him. She laughed as he sang along to all the songs and he laughed as he saw Maria trying to dance to songs she didn’t even know. He loved that about her, how she could just let go, make a fool of herself and have fun. But they both had a great time, the first time, in a long time, that neither had thought about their estranged love lives. And it felt good.

After the concert they were both driving back in the Jetta. Max offerred to drive since he could tell Maria was a bit worn out by all the dancing she had done. There was a comfortable silence between them as they drove back to Roswell, and each was reveling in the incredible feeling they were both experiencing, contentment. Content that they didn’t have to worry about anything right at that moment. Content that they didn’t feel nervous or scared around each other. Content that they could pretend, even for just a while, that they were normal teenagers just going out on a date.

All the excitement made Maria a little drowsy and she began to doze off a bit. As he drove along the dark desert road, Max turned to her and smiled. He looked over at her sleeping form and couldn’t stop looking at her face, the peace and happiness he saw there. It was a look that he hadn’t seen on her face for a long time.

Then he asked himself, “Is this look because of me? Did I really make her feel that way?” At the thought of it, Max could feel a warm glow growing in his stomach, realizing that he had done that for Maria. And he almost felt a little guilty because all this time Liz had not even interrupted his thoughts once. Was this a sign that he was getting over her? Was that possible? All this time he thought he was supposed to be pining away after Liz. Or maybe somehow, somwhere the wires got crossed and it was supposed to Maria he saved that day in the Crashdown. Maria was supposed to be the one he was meant to be with. Destiny had messed up once, it could mess up again.

He thought to himself, “ I mean isn’t this what love is supposed to feel like? No doubt, no fear, but peace.” But Max didn’t want to think about it right now. He realized that he thought about things way too much. For now he just wanted to enjoy the moment, live in it. He had thought about the future too much these past couple of months.

They made it back to Roswell in no time, and Max had driven straight to Maria’s house. He figured he would just park her car and walk home, since it was only about half a mile away. They finally stopped in front of her house. Max turned to Maria and realized she was still asleep.

He gently shook her shoulder, “Hey, we’re here. Wake up.” Maria just mumbled something and fell right back to sleep with a goofy grin on her face.

“Wonder what she’s dreaming about” Max thought to himself. He slowly got out of the driver’s side and went around to the passenger’s side. He slowly opened the door,unbuckled her seat belt and gently lifted her out of the car. She instinctively put her arms around his neck and laid her head against his shoulder, all while still sleeping. This simple motion made Max feel good, like a protector, a savior, a . . . boyfriend?

Maria’s mom was out of town again, at some convention in Santa Fe. He maneuvered his hand to unlock and open the door while still trying to carry her. Once inside he carried her up to her room and laid her down on her bed. He took off her shoes and tucked her into her covers. He took one last look at her face and was about to leave when he heard her speak.

Groggily, Maria spoke. “Max? Where are you going?”

He whispered, “I’m just gonna walk home. Go back to sleep.”

“But I’m wide awake now, don’t leave.” She pleaded and tried to shake the sleepiness out of her voice and rubbed her eyes to make them open.

“But its late. You should get some sleep.”

“Yeah and tomorrow’s Sunday. So I say we stay up!” She was really wide awake now and practically shot up out of bed.

“Besides I’ve been craving ice cream since the concert. What d’ya say? Up for some hot fudge sundaes?”

He turned around almost grateful she had woken up. He had such a good time and really didn’t want the evening too end, not yet. “Well, as long as you’ve got”

She held up her hand to stop him, “I know tabasco sauce. No problem. You guys and your dietary quirks!” She quickly jumped out of bed and dragged Max by the arm down to the kitchen.

After many rounds of hot fudge tabasco sundaes, doritos chips, and marshmallows Max and Maria plunked down on the couch stuffed to the seams with junk food.

Maria rubbing her small pot belly, “I will never look at ice cream the same again.”

Max quipped, “No it was the marshmallows that did it.”

“Oh god the marshmallows” she said as she bent over and made fake wretching noises. Max laughed and they both fell over completely exhausted. Max fell on top of Maria and he had his head rested in her lap. Maria instinctively began to stroke his hair and massage his head. Max started to hum softly like he was a little baby being rocked to sleep.

“Max. . . Can I ask you something?”

“Hmm?? Go ahead.” His eyes were still closed and he was enjoying the pampering he was getting.

“What’s going on here?” her tone suddenly turning serious, “I mean I know we’re friends, and stop me if I’m wrong but I felt something a little more than friendship between us tonight.”

Max knew this was coming, he had felt it ever since the fight with Michael earlier. He knew he wouldn’t be reacting so defensively unless he was beginning to feel something for Maria.

Max sat up and turned around to face her. “Look Maria, Michael is my best friend”

“And Liz is my best friend. That doesn’t matter Max. Tell me how YOU feel.”

He turned away, unsure of what he was feeling, or unsure that he wanted to admit what he was feeling. Maria gently took his chin in hand and turned his face towards her. He could see how vulnerable she was right now and how much anticipation was on her face. “Max, please answer me.”

He looked at her with just as much vulnerability, “What do you want me to say Maria? That I have an amazing time when we’re together, that you make me forget all the bad things in my life, that I want us to be together?”

Maria was shocked at his honesty, something she could never get Michael to be, especially when it came to her. “Is that how you feel, how you really feel? Because, believe me Max, I don’t think I could take anymore heartache right now. So just be straight with me.”

Then everything started to go in slow motion, her face, her lips, everything. He could see her face getting closer to his and he felt powerless to stop it, just like Michael described it. Michael, damn...that one thought. Then Max felt claustrophopbic all of a sudden, and got up off the couch. “Look it’s late. I should really get back home.” He headed for the door and began to put his jacket on.

Maria quickly followed behind him and got in front of the door, blocking his way. “No way mister, you aren’t getting out of this that easily. You owe me an answer.” She clearly was determined and was not going to get out of his way until she got what she wanted. Max had to stop and smile at her persistence. It was one of the spunky qualities he admired in her.

Maria noticed the small smile forming on his face, “What am I funny or something? I’m being serious Max.” And although she was being serious, she just couldn’t help a little grin creeping up on her face as well.

He noticed it too, and said, “Look Maria, I thought we were both sick of this Dawson’s Creek drama crap. We had a good time. Let’s just leave it at that and we’ll deal with the rest as it comes.”

“But Max” he interrupted her and gently placed his hand over her mouth.

“Goodnight, thank you for an amazing time, and I’ll see you tomorrow. I WILL see you tomorrow, okay?” He gave her a hug and kissed her gently on the forehead. She seemed satisfied enough so she let him pass and he walked out the door on his way home.

As she closed the door, she closed her eyes and leaned against it. She smiled, and realized that Max was right. There was no need to turn this all into drama right? No more issues that require tissues in my life. So resolved to take Max’s adivce she went upstairs and went to bed, happy, content.

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