FanFic - Unconventional Couples
"Broken Promise"
Part 1
by Lori
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Summary: Michael has broken a promise to Isabel and she can not handle it...
Category: Unconventional Couples
Rating: R
"Isabel, it's time to go," said Max as he touched his sister lightly on the shoulder. Isabel sat on the bed and stared off into space as if she had not even heard him. Max took a breath and tried again. "Isabel, we have to go now. The others are waiting for us." he said gently but firmly as he reached out and touched his sister's shoulder again. Isabel blinked and stood up, not moving forward, just standing still as if lost. Max put his arm around her and guided her slowly to the door. He helped her into the waiting car and joined her in the back seat, his arm around her, her head on his shoulder, eyes unseeing.


They arrived at their destination and Max helped Isabel out of the car and into the building before them. Isabel slowly became aware of her surroundings and a fear grew in her threatening to overpower her, strangling her inside.

Max started to move her forward and realized that Isabel had stiffened her body and refused to move. "Isabel, come on. You know we have to do this. Just hang on to me and I'll take care of you. I promise."

Isabel jerked at that. "I promise." Those were just words she had learned that hurt more than helped. She looked at Max and in a hoarse whisper said, "Don't make promises you can't keep Max."


"Michael, we don't have to get everything in one day," laughed Isabel.

They had been going from store to store all day and she was exhausted. She never thought she would be tired of shopping, but being pregnant made her tire easily.

"I know that Isabel, but I want this kid to have everything I never had growing up. It's going to know that we love it too."

Isabel was touched at how Michael wanted everything to be perfect for their child. He had grown up unloved and needy and was determined that was not going to happen to his child. Isabel put her arm around his waist and leaned into him. "Our child will know it's loved Michael. You are going to be a great father and I hope I'll be a great Mom."

Michael stopped and turned to her and stroking her face and hair said,"Isabel, I promise that I'm going to take care of you and our child and be the best husband and Dad there ever was." He kissed her and they continued walking down the mall stopping at one more store before meeting Max and Liz for dinner.


"I say we wait 5 more minutes and order without them," complained Max to Liz as they sat in the crowded resturaunt at the mall.

"Max, you know they will be here. They probably lost track of time. You know how Isabel gets when she's shopping," said Liz laughing.

About that time up walked Isabel and Michael. "Sorry we're late, but we saw this great crib and we had to stop and check it out," said Michael as they sat down.

Max and Liz looked at each other and burst out laughing at this bit of info from Michael.

"What?" asked Michael, oblivious to why they were laughing.

"You, that's what is so funny. Michael Guerin, getting excited over a baby crib. I never thought I would see that," said Max.

Liz took pity on Michael as he sat scowling at Max. "Michael, I'm sure the crib is great. We are just so surprised that you even notice those kinds of things that's all."

Isabel grinned and put in her two cents worth. "Oh he notices and questions the clerks to death. 'How wide are the slats?' 'Is it following the safety standards?''Which diaper is cheaper with more absorbancy without hurting the enviroment?' I'm telling you, Michael is very involved in all of this."

Max and Liz looked at Michael and grinned.

"What? Can't a guy check things out for his kid to make sure they're safe?" demanded Michael, hateing that he was caught being something other than a stone wall. Max knew that Michael was uncomfortable and took pity on him.

"Michael, I think it's great that you are involved in these decisions. Not all Dads would be."

"Well my kid is going to know that he can come to me anytime for anything and I'll be there for him," said Michael adamently.

They proceeded to order and eat their dinners and spend the time chatting about the baby, and when Max and Liz would be starting their own family. Isabel stretched and said, "I'm really tired you guys. As much fun as this has been, I've got to take this baby home and put it to bed."

They got up to leave and all hell broke loose.


"NO ONE MOVES!" shouted a man waving a gun. Everyone in the resturaunt froze as the gunman ran wildly through the place pointing at any and everyone.

"Oh shit!" said Michael under his breath as the gunman went through the room.

"Just do as he says and stay calm. No powers," said Max under his breath to the others.

"GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR NOW!" the man shouted.

People scambled to do as he requested and tried to go unnoticed in the process.

Isabel was terrified and had a hard time getting comfortable on the floor in her condition. Michael tried to help her the best he could without drawing the gunman's attention.

"Just stay calm Is," said Michael as he struggled to do the same himself. This could not be happening. If anything happened to Isabel or the baby he would never forgive himself.

"YOU!" shouted the gunman at Michael as he noticed Michael put his arm protectively around Isabel. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? TRYING TO MAKE A PLAN TOUGH GUY? TRYING TO BE A HERO?" shouted the gunman.

Max felt dread as the gunman picked Michael of all people to confront.'Just stay calm Michael', thought Max.

Isabel felt her heart lurch into her throat as the gunman singled out Michael. 'Oh God, please let him move on. Just let him not do anything stupid to make Michael mad,' thought Isabel.

Michael took a deep breath and raised his eyes to meet the gunman's. "No man. I just was trying to calm my wife. She's pregnant and scared. That's all I was doing. No problems from me."

"Smart guy aren't you. Ready anwsers. I don't like that. Stand up," said the gunman.

Michael slowly stood up and raised his hands over his head. "Just calm down man. Think about what you're doing. All of these people you're scaring. Is it worth what could happen? Just think about it," said Michael trying to reason with the gunman.

The man looked at Michael and cold as you please, shot him 4 times in the chest.

Michael could hear screaming as he clutched his chest and fell to the floor, his blood splattering over Isabel as he fell.

Isabel, that must be who is screaming. Oh God, what had happened? Oh shit! He'd been shot! OH God, it hurt so damn bad. He shook and struggled to breathe, but the pain in his chest was unbearable.This was not supposed to happen. They had a baby coming, life was going good and he had Isabel to love.

Isabel screamed and screamed as Michael clutched his chest and fell. No! Please God, don't let this be happening! She crawled to him and held his head in her lap, stroking his hair.

A shot rang out and the gunman fell dead to the floor, a gaping hole in his forehead. His eyes stared unseeing at his victim. The manager had pulled a gun from under the bar and shot once while the gunman was distracted.

Max gazed at Michael as if from a dream. No, this was not happening! He needed to help Michael, but with all of these people around them, how could he do it. What were they going to do? Michael would die any minute without his help.

Isabel looked about wildly for Max and screamed at him, "Max, you've got to help him! You've got to save Michael! You've got to save him!"

Max looked at her helplessly and began to cry as he looked at the scene before him, knowing that he could not save his friend and risk all of their lives.

Liz held on to him and cried knowing his pain and that he would beat himself up over not being able to help Michael.

Michael looked at Isabel and slightly shook his head. "Isabel, you know Max can't do anything with all of these people here," whispered Michael, as blood began to fill his mouth. He felt so cold and the pain in his chest was so bad. He never knew that dying hurt so much. He always figured he would die as a soldier fighting for his planet, not in some resturaunt shot by a human.

And Isabel. She was going to be left to raise their baby alone. He coughed and spit some blood as it trickled out of his mouth.

Isabel's tears streamed down her face as she stroked Michael's face and wiped at the blood. "Don't you leave me Michael Guerin! Don't you leave me and our baby!"

Michael closed his eyes and then opened them to look into hers. "Isabel, I'm sorry. I wanted to be here and to raise our child with you. Please tell him about me. Don't let him grow up thinking I didn't love him."

Isabel cried harder and looked about for Max,pleading with her eyes. Max looked away and struggled to keep himself from rushing to Michael before it was to late, and to save his life.

Michael saw Isabel look for, he assumed, Max. "Isabel, he can't. Not this time. It would endanger all of you and then what would be the purpose? Don't be angry with him. He's right not to save me."

He coughed again and a huge amount of blood gushed from his mouth. Oh God, this was it! He was really going to die! He was not going to see his child or be with Isabel again. Please God, just take care of them for me. "Isabel, you," he said in a thready voice ,and he gasped his last breath and relaxed in Isabel's arms.

Isabel stared at Michael's body that was still warm. That was it? Just like that he's gone?She began to shake and moan and then she screamed. "NNNNOOOOOO! Oh God, no...he's not dead!' She began to shake him and pat his face."Damn it, Michael Guerin, you wake up ! You wake up and be a Daddy to this baby! You promised me!" she cried as Max and Liz crying came over to try and remove her from Michael's body.

The room was silent as the young woman wept uncontrollabley and her friends tried to console her. No one knew why the gunman had entered this place or why he had singled out the young man whose life had ended so tragically and needlessly.

The Police came and took statements , and the medical team worried over Isabel. She could lose her baby in the state she was in and they wanted to take her to the hospital for observation, but she refused to go. She had to stay with Michael. Max and Liz were scared for Isabel. She was not thinking clearly. She refused to let anyone near Michael or to take him away. She screamed at everyone and clutched Michael's body to her ,rocking him. Finally Max could take no more and called Alex. Maybe he could help.


Alex arrived to a nightmare with Maria in tow. Maria had been crying non stop since being informed of what had happened and now she stopped suddenly at the sight of Isabel, covered in Michael's blood, clutching his dead body to her.

"Oh my God..." choked out Maria as she covered her mouth with her hands.

Alex wanted to throw up. This was not how life was supposed to be. Your friends don't killed by gunmen. Your friends don't die young with everything ahead of them.

Max spotted Alex and Maria and motioned for them to come forward. He took a deep breath as they approached and told them what had happened.

"Alex, I'm hoping that you can talk some sense into her. She won't let anyone touch him." Max broke down and added, "I just don't know what to do for her. I couldn't save Michael and now I can't help her."

Alex patted Max's shoulder and approached Isabel, kneeling by her side. "Izzy, they really need to take Michael and take care of him now. They won't hurt him. No one can hurt him anymore."

Isabel stopped rocking and turned to Alex. "He's dead, did you know that? That man with the gun yelled at him, and then he just pulled the trigger and kept shooting Michael. Just kept shooting until Michael fell. Why did he do that? Why did he kill Michael?"

Alex's eyes filled with tears at her anguished questions. "I don't know hon. I just don't know. Izzy, you have a baby coming soon, and if you don't take care of yourself you're going to lose it too. Do you want to lose Michael's baby? I don't think you do. You want to have that baby for Michael. Let the people do their jobs and take Michael now."

Isabel sat a moment longer and then allowed Alex to help her up and lead her away. Max and Liz followed,greatful that Alex had managed to get her to leave.


"This is where he is! This is the last time I will ever see him! Oh please let this be a dream! Let me wake up and find it has been a nightmare! Oh God, I'm not waking up!!! This is real! Oh please help me somebody....wake me up and let me see Michael! Let him hold me and tell me it's going to be okay! I need him! He promised me he would never leave, that he would always be here for the baby and me. NNOOOOO....."

Max brushed his hand over Isabel's hair and back as he gently forced her move forward to the room where everyone was waitng. Where Michael was waiting. "Isabel, it will all be over soon. Just hold on to me and we will get through this," said Max.

Isabel gulped as the sobs began to tear through her and she choked out, "It will never be over Max. This will never end." She started down the aisle and felt everyone's stares and pity. She didn't want that. She didn't want this, what was happening to her now. Max guided her to the casket and grabbed her as she almost collapsed in shock at seeing Michael laying there. Isabel gripped the casket and steadied herself. She brushed her hand over Michael's hair and down his cold face. He looked like her Michael only sleeping. Maria had fixed his hair. She had asked if it was okay with Isabel, and Max had given consent because Isabel was into much shock to give it. A suit. Michael would laugh at that. The only time he had ever worn one was at their wedding,and he had done it for her. The baby chose that moment to kick and be active. He had been very active the past few days, like he sensed his mother needed him. She placed her hand on her abdomen and caressed the precious life that lay there. She would raise this baby for Michael and tell their child all about its' Daddy. It was now the two of them. Not three as it should be. Isabel made a promise...a promise...that was joke, but a promise it was. To Michael to raise their child knowing him, and to their child to never let it know pain if she could help it.

Isabel leaned down and kissed Michael's cool lips and said,"I love you Michael. I always have and I always will." And she let Max lead her to the pew so the service could begin. Starting now she would think only of her baby and the life ahead.


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